Ultra Lady and Princess Perilous have uncovered evidence of
Super Heros Living All Around Us!

Take a look at the Survey Results below to see their Super Profiles...

The Freshest Winged Kanobi

30 slacker by day, superhero by night

Superpower: time travel & the ability to get out of any ticket.

Fights for: "More of the Good stuff, ie. Sandwich, Love, Coffee,"

Fave superhero memory: "Power puff girls defeating the Pimp of Dorkness"

Da' Ho


Superpower: see through things

Fights for: Ass


31 coal shoveler by day, superheroine by night

Superpower: electricity from my hands

Fights for: moms of the world

Fave superhero memory: "the six╩ million $ man crash landing"

Mr. Punx

19 physicist by day, superhero by night

Superpower: "full power of quantem energies"

Fights for: Balance

Non Violent But Really Tough-Woman

24 rock star by night, superheroine by day

Superpower: mind reading

Fights for: gun control

The Redeemer

25 social worker by day, superhero by night

Superpower: metal skin

Fights for: true social justice

The Lisp Eliminator

22 coffee girl by day, superheroine by night

Fights for: people with communication disorders

Fave superhero memory: "Watching the superhero's cartoon in my wonderwoman underoos."

The Caped Cantaloupe

20 sell goldfish by day, superheroine by night

Superpower: "I would fly!!!"

Fights for: PEZ for everyone

Richard the Peacemaker


Superpower: to control the minds of everybody so it would be no racism, or violence.

Fights for: World peace, legalization of (I don't give a f - - - !) weed! Unity!

Fave superhero memory:"When superman died, because I made a bet with a friend he would be killed."