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The Blair Witch Project was a poplular favorite in 1999 that premiered at Sundance.
The Sundance Film Festival is one of the largest and most prestigious festivals in the world. It is a place where young filmmakers dream of striking gold, meeting a new agent or just frying their brains on free host party booze and catered food. Now Sundance has become a winter retreat for the elite of the Hollywood and New York film worlds. It is part of the circuit and a not to be missed occasion.

Freewilliamsburg decided to get a mid-game report from Kyle Creason, screenwriter and journalist from North Carolina. The weather in Park City over the past week has been cold with high's in mid-20's and snow almost everyday. But the festival goes on.

Q: What is the best part about Sundance? Is it "over" as some critics say as far as a real opportunity for independent film making?

A: Sundance is a celebration of story. Yes, there are 8,000 vapid, wanna-be directors who don't read books or scripts but there are also, a number of inspired, disciplined and talented people who are on vacation and a camaraderie develops. I've met and hung with Richard Linklater who's here with two films, Darren Aronofsky, Gus Van Sant, Charles Burnett, and a number of screenwriters but of course no one knows screenwriters names.

Q: What is the best movie you've seen this year? Anything interesting or unusual in terms of perspectives, techniques, or technology?

A: A film that is already a known entity in New York because it ran off-Broadway for 4 years is Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It was developed at the Sundance Labs and is a great movie. John Cameron Mitchell's performance is transcendent. Another gender bending picture, Southern Comfort, about transsexual relationships down south is an incredibly powerful film and hopefully will get picked up, I've heard HBO. Jump Tomorrow is a sweet romantic comedy that is funny and swart without being smarmy or sentimental.

Q: Best party? What makes a good party at Sundance? Fashion faux-paus?

A: The South Park boys Lap dance parties are always fun, at least for the skin on display. The entertainment is what usually what makes the parties worthwhile. I've been hanging a lot with The Roots because a good friend of mine hooked them up with what they need so the two parties they've played, opening night of Slamdance, and a show at Harry O's (Scary Ho's to locals) were amazing. Tonight Radiohead is playing a party and Beck on the 27th. The condo parties can be fun but it's usually a lot of skinny people from LA looking around for something that's never going to come, like Cameron Diaz in heat or brains.

A: Craziest incident?

Q: Last night I witnessed a woman leap like an antelope out of a Park City bus and in true Matrix fashion freeze in midair. She then excised the entire contents of her gullet into a long arm of vile intent. The night pulsed around us in bands of psychic white heat as the long arm bent and winked at me. Needless to say, I stopped drinking for the evening.

Q: Best way to fight the cold weather?

A: Any good Southern boy knows the best way to fight off Jack Frost is by inviting brown evil into you're life. Jack Daniels whoops Jack Frosts ass every time, except maybe for the little wounded antelope of last night. Good thing no hungry lions were lurking around because that one had surely broken off from the pack.

- Charles Waters


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