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Who's "Warped?"

In response to this article

Dear FREEwilliamsburg
As always, I LAUGH at how "hip" assholes have to be Democrats. The most negative, disgusting, hateful BS ALWAYS comes from the left-wing(Democrats). The fact that you can put "PIG Fucker" to describe the President of the United States truly is disgusting and shows many just how hateful and warped YOU ARE. Of course, the hypocrites of neighborhoods like Williamsburg-usually brainwashed, non-thinking WHITEBREAD post-college "liberals," always somehow manage to find neighborhoods that are as WHITE as snow. They rant about George Bush and conservatives while knowing full well Bush and crew will NEVER be in their liberal shithole and really don't need their votes one way or the other. I am quite happy to see Ralph Nader run for president. Despite your fake appeal to "democracy," you get mad when Nader is looking to run. I guess a "true" excercise of democracy gets you pissed? Well, f-you. Perhaps you know your own PIG FUCKER KERRY is a weak, two-faced, say-nothing, wealthy, hypocrite, bought off, stone faced, potential BIG LOSER. Yeah, I think that is EXACTLY the problem. If you want to do something REAL for a change and not talk of people who you will never deal with, write about the third-world thugs who demolish the local schools. The hip-hop wearing, foul mouth spewing, thug loving degenerates who EVERYDAY walk right by you scared liberals and you don't say a THING. I know. F-that. FAR EASIER To talk about George Bush. That is safe. You "lovers of democracy" are such liars. Nader for President? Now he is evil. Bush? A Pig fucker. Ilegal alien lawbreakers everywhere? Too scared to say a thing you cowards. I am not a fan of George Bush but I will sure as HELL NOT vote for that cardboard candidate Kerry. No way. I will vote for Nader or write in a candidate like Tom Tancredo. You have no logic-just hate. Kerry is for NAFTA; Kerry is SUPER RICH; Kerry is not for working men and women; etc. He is just not Bush. He is not a Republican. And that is the ONLY reason you have such disgusting venom against the President. You pitiful, brainwashed dickheads. Your "bravado" against Christian, white, Republican men is disgusting. Speak your BS on gays, blacks, puerto ricans, Jews,etc. Yeah, just what I thought. Too damn afraid to say a thing.

--Bob Macron-bklyn


We were going to comment, but you've already made yourself look stupid enough.

Not so Keen on Keane

I'm sorry that you and your friend "L" were compelled to make ugly faces at each other while viewing my show. I would guess your faces registered a sour expression, as you realized any contemporary painter worth a damn is not taking prescriptions from Clement Greenberg.

For some reason, critics of my work seem to latch onto the same generic and obvious mode of attack. They can't seem to get passed the "candy coated surface". They get really hung up on the technique, as if during the 3-6 months that it takes me to do a painting, I hadn't thought that might be the case. I expect more from my audience, myself, and art (I felt compelled to tell you how long it takes me to do a painting, probably for the same reasons that you deem it necessary to constantly remind us of how much you drink). I digress.

The novice who scuffs at something like a Duchampian toilet is certainly not my audience. They see my work, they like it, they go home, whatever. The real goal for me is to challenge the expectations of those who seriously look and think about art. To preach to the choir, a much needed reminder that art can still provoke and be ugly. How? In this case, by showing them pretty pictures. This is not a tongue-in-cheek act nor is it something entirely new but rather something more instinctual. I'm not interested in "parodies" or "ironic gestures". I feel that's more suited for mediums such as film, television, and theatre. I am however, interested in a conflicted reading of the work.

To me, the paintings are at once; beautiful and seductive yet obvious and repulsive (something you touched on), numbing (like TV) yet art historically savvy, crafted with technical proficiency yet conceptually rigorous, smart and stupid, push and pull. While I appreciate your bare knuckled attempt at being critical (as we all know often times reviews are nothing more than verbal blowjobs and palm greasing), your Greenbergian litmus test is just silly. Why anyone would want to be in the fray with such outdated theology is beyond me. And on top of that, your elementary use of his ideas comes off as nothing more than kitsch and -- what he has been for last 50 years -- already digested.

--Cheers, Tim Wilson

I actually gave Tim's show 0 Greenbergs but the editor mistook it for 1. My bad.



Anybody know how to translate this?

Dear FREEwilliamsburg,

I was originally going to send my email to J. Stefan Cole, who wrote the piece What's Eating Williamsburg. I'm just disappointed because this has been repeated all over the place, and it's not necessarily your fault. You have a translation of a poster that supposedly reads "How long did it take the Twin Towers to fall? 8 seconds. How long will it take to save Williamsburg from the artists?". This translation has circulated with an apparent total disregard for accuracy. I work at the YIVO Institute, which is a world-renowned Yiddish library and archives. While I don't speak yiddish, I showed a number of people this poster and they all said the same thing, that the poster doesn't refer to any 'artists' at all. In fact, everyone thought that the poster most likely refers to the fact that terrorist plans were revealed to have been made against Williamsburg and other Jewish neighborhoods in Brooklyn

--Jesse Cohen

And people accused us of having too much time on our hands

Dear FREEwilliamsburg

By now, everyone knows that Janet has had her nipple(s) pierced for a while - what your picture shows is probably an extra piercing, in from the front, to take a spike which screws into the crossways barbell. This used to be common with burlesque showgirls, who used the extra piece to clip on their tassels, to make them spin more easily. Once the fuss has died down, perhaps Janet will agree to having some better quality pictures taken, and explain all of her piercings. I live in hope.



A letter from Arnold land

ok...so i'm from la and obviously i'm biased....but i'll give you that L train thing. that was just horrendous. honestly. god i'm so ashamed right now.



Dear FREEwilliamsburg,

my name is _____ from Leipzig in germany.
I work in Media Business for Discotheques. (Websites, Press, anything else...)

Now we have opened a new Discotheque in Leipzig.

The name of the Location is: "Hipster" (The Idea came from a article in the 'People Magazin')

May be you could send me any informations about the "Hipsters", i have not so much about. Only the Handbook and the Info's from the Websites.

Thank you for Help ;-)

Leipzig, Germany, Name Withheld

According to polls, it's no longer half the population:

Dear Free Williamsburg,

I was interested in your web site until I happened on your Bush nonsense. It is one thing to oppose and another to vilify. Reminds me of the Clinton haters. There will be an election in 04 which will determine if the voters want Bush as president. In the meantime you might concentrate on the good things about your web site instead of alienating half the population. Please grow up and cease contributing to uncivilized behavior.

--John Kerr

Our Reply:

Shouldn't you be watching Fox News or making fun of gays instead of wasting our time?

His Reply:

I think gays are just fine, especially Carson and the Fab Five, and I watch all the news networks, and I have never voted for Bush. There you go attacking people again. You must have an empty life, consumed with hatred like some Rush Limbaugh of the left. Itís a pity you decided to pollute an otherwise informative and fun web site.

--John Kerr

Bands Against Bush

Dear Free Williamsburg,

Your concept is Juvenile and silly. If I throw down more than $30.00 for a ticket, I don't want to hear the performers' rants and raves. Please consider more respect for the audiences, and please consider what you may be doing negatively to the career of some musician that considers it hip to support causes that he knows little about. Don't forget what happened to Danny Glover.


--Sincerely, Gary L. DeClue


Dear Free Williamsburg,

FYI: dizzee rascal didn't get shot [as we suggested] he got stabbed in ayia napa alledgedly by c-one from london collective north star entertainment, who was apparently under the influence of so solid crew's asher d, who was a bit pissed that dizzee had 1: become popular, and 2: pinched so solid crew's lisa maffia on the bottom. how rude. hope that was helpful,




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