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An Interview with Indie Sensation, Smoosh

by Alexander Lauence
Bands are getting younger and younger these days. Smoosh are two sisters from Seattle who are ten and twelve years old. Their names are Asya and Chloe. With their combined ages, they are still younger than Joanna Newsom. Asya sings and plays keyboards. Chloe plays drums. ROCKRGRL describes them this way: "Imagine a stripped-down version of the first side of Pet Sounds (before Brian Wilson gets cynical) and you have some clue to Smoosh's sound. Musically they more than hold their own." Their effortless talent and imagination is astounding. This is a band that relies on instinct and plays music because it is fun. Needless to say, they're unaffected by the demands of indie cool.

Thus far, Smoosh has played shows with Pearl Jam, Cat Power, Death Cab For Cutie, Sleater-Kinney and Rilo Kiley.

Smoosh started about four years ago, when Chloe's drum teacher, Jason McGerr, the drummer of Death Cab for Cutie, encouraged her to begin playing more seriously. Her sister just happened to have some songs and energy. Years later their demo got around and was played on the radio station KEXP. Soon they were signed to record label Pattern 25. Their album came out in September 2004. I spoke to them on the phone during a lull before touring and recording their second album. I had to call them at 4pm because they didn't get home from school before then.

Their album, She Like Electric is out now. There have been rave reviews in Blender, Tigerbeat, and Alt Press. Their album was The Village Voice's #1 most overlooked record of 2004. Look for the band on the cover of magazines and TV this Spring. They are going to be on CNN with Wolf Blitzer very soon. I spoke to Asya and Chloe right before their big tour with Mates of State and high profile gig at Noise Pop 2005, in San Francisco.


AL: Hello.

Asya: Hello.

AL: I am Alexander. Who's this?

Asya: Asya.

AL: I am calling from Los Angeles.

Asya: Alright. Cool.

AL: I bought your CD a few weeks ago, loved it, and that's why I am calling you.

Asya: Thanks.

AL: How long have you been playing together?

Asya: Probably about four years. I have been writing songs all my life. I started when I was about five years old. Chloe got her drum set when she was six. She started to get better and she needed to play with another person. So that was the earliest time we started playing together.

AL: Did you take piano lessons before that?

Asya: No. I never took any piano lessons. I learned to play on my own. But after a while I tried to learn how to read music so I could take lessons. But I quit taking lessons with a teacher after a month each time because it wasn't very fun.

AL: You write all the songs in Smoosh?

Asya: I write all the lyrics and piano parts. After I do that Chloe kind of makes up her piano parts. We both contribute to every song.

AL: What are your songs about?


Asya: I never write songs about a person that I know. That has never happened. I just write about things that are around me. I write about going out and not being afraid to try stuff. That is what the song "Rad" is about. Some songs are sort of sad, like "About A Picture."

AL: Is that just because it's a ballad and it sounds more serious?

Asya: Yeah.

AL: What other bands have you played with?

Asya: Let's see. We have played Pearl Jam, Death Cab For Cutie, and Sleater-Kinney.

AL: I heard that Cat Power was dancing around onstage and lip-synching one of your songs.

Asya: That was last year. She was dancing around to "Rad."

AL: Did you see it?

Asya: No I heard about though.

AL: Did you meet Chan Marshall?

Asya: Yeah. She was pretty cool. She was really nice. I like her.

AL: Where do you live?

Asya: We live in Seattle by the University.

AL: Is there some club that you play a lot?

Asya: We like to play at the Showbox. That is our favorite place to play.

AL: At some clubs, you have to be 21 to get in.

Asya: Yeah. We have played at some bars. We have also played at some all ages clubs. When we play at the adult clubs we have to stay backstage the whole time while the other bands play. At all ages gigs sometimes we stay around a little bit and watch the other bands. We don't stay up too late.

AL: Do you know the Trachtenburg Family? There is a girl in the band and I think she is nine or ten years old now.

Asya: Yeah. We know her. She probably wouldn't remember me. She used to go to the same drum school in Seattle as us.

AL: What do you think of their record?

Asya: They are pretty cool. It's a different style of music. It's not what I would listen to.

AL: There are not a lot of people who have done a record who are your age. Bjork did a folk record in Iceland when she was ten. There is the girl in the Trachtenburg Family. Do you know of other bands?

Asya: Yeah. There is a band called The Black Peppercorns. They are from Oregon. There is a high school band called Capitol Basement.

AL: So you are in the Seventh Grade and Chloe is in Fifth Grade. What do people you go to school with think of the band Smoosh?

Asya: Some people think it is really cool. My friends ask me about it all the time. I try to not talk about it a lot or brag. Some people are not interested and act like they don't care. Some people don't like the band.

AL: They are jealous?

Asya: Yeah. I don't think about it too much.

AL: Do you plan on doing a lot of records?

Asya: Yeah. I want to.

AL: Some people in Junior High might think that since Smoosh already has a CD out, they better start hurrying up and get their own band together.

Asya: Yeah. It's possible.

AL: You have two other younger sisters?

Asya: I have three sisters including Chloe. One is a small baby. The other one plays bass guitar. Her name is Maya.

AL: Does she want to be in the band?

Asya: I think that she wants to be in a band. Maya doesn't always play the bass guitar. She does other things.

AL: You don't write love songs? What's up with that?

Asya: I don't feel comfortable writing about that. Some people might get the wrong idea. We are little kids. If I wrote a song about that people would be asking about it.

AL: You are playing a bunch of West Coast shows with Mates of State. Is this the first tour you done?

Asya: It will be the first real tour. We did play two shows with Rilo Kiley. That wasn't a tour, but that was the end of a longer tour fro them.

AL: Have you played anywhere else besides Seattle?

Asya: We have played in New York and in Los Angeles.

AL: Okay. So I have a few questions for Chloe.

(hands phone to Chloe)

Chloe: Hello.

AL: I was reading something about Smoosh in an article. It said that you had a Hilary Duff poster on the wall or something like that. So who do you like better: Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan?

Chloe: I am not sure. They are kind of the same. If I had to choose I would probably pick Lindsay.

AL: What do you think of their music?

Chloe: I have never heard Lindsay's music before.

AL: What bands do you like?

Chloe: I like Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Death Cab For Cutie, Interpol, Smashing Pumpkins, and Arcade Fire. Bands like that.

AL: Do you like Hip Hop Because some of your songs like "Rad" and "Bottlenose" seem like they are Hip Hop inspired.

Chloe: I like all types of music except country.

AL: Why is the song called "Pygmy Motorcycle?"

Chloe: The title has nothing to do with the song. Asya was thinking about a song name after we recorded it. In school they were learning about animals that week. So when the recording guy, Jason, asked what the title of the song was, she said "Pygmy Marmoset." And Jason said "Pygmy Motorcycle? Okay."

AL: Why is this song called "La Pump?"

Chloe: We have a CD by this band called La Pump Group. They are funny. There's a guy with bushy purple hair and this girl. We were so into it that we decided to call our song "La Pump."

AL: What songs do you play live?

Chloe: We play "Massive Cure," "Pygmy Motorcycle," "Make It Through," "About The Picture," "La Pump." We have a new song we call "Rock Song." We don't have a real title for it yet. Our Dad calls it "Rock Song." He wrote it down. Asya said just call it that so we can remember it.

AL: What do you think of Meg White of The White Stripes? Do you like her drumming?

Chloe: Yeah. I like a lot of drummers. My favorite girl drummer would be Janet Weiss from Sleater-Kinney. I like Jason from Death Cab For Cutie. I like the drummer in the Presidents of the United States.

AL: What do you think of George Bush, the real president now?

Chloe: I don't like to be mean but I think that he has some really strange thoughts that are not really good.

AL: What is your favorite part of being in a band?

Chloe: I don't think it's amazing. I think it's normal. It's just want we do. I don't think it's a big deal that we are kids and there are adults playing. All that matters is that you are playing music. It doesn't matter how old you are.

AL: Well, people might go see Death Cab For Cutie or Mates of State, and they don't know Smoosh is opening for that band. They see you and wonder about these two girls who are ten and twelve. They might think it's a curiosity.

Chloe: I don't like it when people are walking around at a show. They see us playing and go "Those are kids!?"

AL: I was listening to a bunch of CDs last night. These are records with no musical talent and the people can't even sing. Smoosh is a lot better than these people who are twice your age. (laughs)

Chloe: Thanks.

AL: So it should matter what age you are. It's all about present the music and having fun.

Chloe: Yeah. If you are not having fun doing music, you shouldn't do it. You shouldn't do it for money either.

AL: How many records do you think you will do?

Chloe: We are getting ready to do our second one. Well, I don't know. I hope that people like our newer songs. There are a lot of bands whose first album is good and they are really popular and then they are not popular anymore.

AL: What do you think you will be doing in twenty years? Do you think that you will still be doing music?

Chloe: I am not sure. I'll be kind of old. I am not sure if our music will be popular anymore.

AL: Do you think about the future?

Chloe: I do. I will still be in a band in ten years. In twenty years I will just be staying around.

AL: You'll be old. Have you traveled a lot?

Chloe: Yeah. We have been around the United States. Our Mom is Swedish. We go to Sweden every year. We have a lot of fun there. I like it but the ants are big and they will sting you.

AL: Do you like any Swedish bands?

Chloe: I like Abba.

AL: We have been talking a while. That is pretty much all the question I have.

Chloe: Cool.

AL: Thanks for talking with me.

Chloe: Bye.

-----SMOOSH TOUR 2005-------
w/mates of state
2-19 - Los Angeles, CA - The Knitting Factory
2-20 - Long Beach, CA - Koo's
2-23 - San Francisco, CA - Slim's
2-25 - Portland, OR - Meow Meow
2-26 - Seattle, WA - Chop Suey

Downloadable Smoosh photos and mp3s
Live video up at
Noise Pop:


--Alexander Laurence


Man, I am really not sure about this. What age will it stop at? Before long will we be listening to 5 year olds singing?
meditation music

Hey i recently got the Smoosh cd and i thought it was aweosme! I loved it so much!! the girls have some real talenT!! keep u the good work!!

Cute interview, but why no contractions?

Do the girls actually talk like Damon Runyon characters, or was there a problem with transcription?

-- BC

Wow, good job being vulgar and disgusting on an interview involving small children. Ever thought that they may come into this site and possibly read this? Who cares who they like, listen to, and so on? They're kids. I'm sure the crap some of you listen to now isn't the top of the line in sophistication, and having said that, I won't bother to assume what kind of junk you were interested in at age 10.

i luv u lynsey lohan u rok so dos hilary duff i luv u both the same!

I WANT SOME OF THAT SHIT Hilary Duff and Lindsay Lohan im doing both of them

I think they are cool they have real talent. So why dont you people just stop swearing and listen to their albumb. They might not be the best but they are pretty young for how far they are.

"So who do you like better: Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan?"

"I am not sure. They are kind of the same. "


smoosh is cool!Its cooler than all the other bands!

oh wow, nice job on the commenting guys.
who cares what they listen too? they're young, they're forming their own opinions.
i heard about smoosh from a friend who saw them open for mates of states. i think they're pretty kick ass for their age. they've got some real talent. so why don't you guys just stop making immature comments and show people you can handle yourselves as well as those girls do.

To the dizzle of the fizzle kazizizzllle chickenwing drizzle to the dizzle of my krizzle, yo!


Marry me, Lindsay

Oh yeah, my unborn child has been collecting Pixies albums before I was a twinklie in my daddy's eye. SO HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

Hey Paris, sweetie, that pot is bad pot. You will die in 7 minutes. It's laced with a NUCLEAR BOMB. Take that! That's because you let my information get all over the web. Now every 12 year old boy this side of Mars is calling my diamond-encrusted cell phone and asking me to their school dances or to fuck or something. DIE, WHORE, DIE!

Oh, yea, and your sex tape is SO amateur! I fucked Hilary Duff w/ a red bull (no underrage drinking here) while Wilmer filmed it and that was fucking hardcore! Top that!

I am very high right now.

why come their web site does not have a countdown ticker to der 18fth birfday. mmm hmm. real sweet. i liked dem.

You were looking at another girls boobs?! You bastard! Did Angelina make you?! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU BANANAS!

Ah! But you can. My 8 year old cousin is a PIXIES addict. She's FAR too punk rock for Hilary Duff. Tsk, tsk. Don't patronize the age group, my friend.

of course they like hillary duff. they're but wee lasses. you can't expect them to be collecting out-of-print pixies bootlegs at this age.

I was into Smoosh since day one. You are a poser. I like them because they are like models. They never take any bad photos. Every day is a good hair day. I saw the girl in the Kills recently and I think her boobs sag. Get it fixed.

Fuck you, sugar.

don't diss hillary or lindsay, they are very talented individuals.

Lynsey Lohan? Hillary Duff? Smashing Pumpkins?

Shit... I thought these little pint-sized kids were cool... Tsk, tsk.

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