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Bright Eyes, Dumb Ass


From Dallas Morning News:
This is beyond messing with Texas

Bright Eyes' Conor Oberst, it seems, isn't a fan of Texas. He startled a sold-out audience at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth by slurring, "I don't know if you know this, but I hate your fucking state. I'd put a fucking gun to my head before I'd live in your state." Must have been kidding. Nah. If you went to see him, you weren't a "normal Texan," he continued, because "if you were a normal Texan, you'd probably be roping steers and raping Indians." Pretty strong stuff for a 24-year-old from Nebraska. Go shuck some corn.


I'm not a democrat, nor am I a republican. I live in Texas, and love Connor's music.

I think it's stupid to judge people by where they live- but, I mean, who gives a shit? He's just some singer. I love his music, not him. I appreiciate him for occupying me with his songs, but I could really care less what he thinks of my state, or of me.

Everyone takes things so seriously. It's not like he's directly talking to you. He'll never even know your face or name. He can go on being the elitist he probably is and it will never majorly impact you- unless you over react.


all i have to say is that conor oberst = god in my book...the only people who care about his texas comment are texans. he is AMAZING. and he wasn't really judging the people, he was juding the government. go democrats :)

all i have to say is that conor oberst = god in my book...the only people who care about his texas comment are texans. he is AMAZING. and he wasn't really judging the people, he was juding the government. go democrats :)

are some of you people fucking crazy?!??????! ARE SOME OF YOU PEOPLE FUCKING CRAZY?????? anyone who would judge an ENTIRE state, and judge that EVERYONE in that state thinks alike can and should fall of of a fucking cliff. a fucking cliff.

i love this guy's music, but what a little fucking whiny liberal punk. siiiiiiiiigh

fuck texas. i completely agree with his comment. and every resident is a drunk or a rapist.
bush has nothing to do with my hatred; it has to do with the abortion of a place texas is.

yeah, its something about texas probably pertaining to what h said(maybe). but yeah, blood being thicker than water....she plays instruments and sings too. and if he's afraid, then he'll just continue to beat himself up. *scratches head*

Bright Eyes deserves some respect, Conor's a great writer, and Texas does suck. I live in Kansas too and I have no problem with people saying it sucks even though I love it too. But I also hate it, because politically it does suck - big time. A lot of people here are ignorant, sexist, racist assholes. There's great people here too, but in general the culture sucks. Texas is probably like Kansas, yeah it blows, but worthwhile if you dig around for the underground culture and great people. Conor was probably just venting his hatred of Texas politics and what most of the people stand for. I'm all for it, have at 'er. We should stand up for what we think, and I hate all bible belt states even though I live in one.

bright eyes is great man. if Connor got the ballz to take money and say shit to em then that is great. it's his own opinion. 1st amendment. the people that bought ticket to his show should have know his political background since he made several anti bush songs and other stuff. If not then they're ignorant.

If you don't like him for this, you think he give a crap?

Hahaha. Conor. Oh my. He was drunk who cares. We've all said stupid shit. If that's his opinion. Well.. that's his opinion. Don't take it so hard. One thing though. I really do think Conor is an amazing song writer. I mean just look at this lyrics. They are so emotional and just amazing. I can't even describe it.

Conor is pretty cool I guess. Hi guys out there! : )


I was at that Ridglea show. It pissed me off. Not so much that he hates Texas(even Austin), but the fact he told a sold out theater he hates their state...and made ignorant comments about Texas. I left not long after...cause he kept on saying stupid shit. I think he was drunk. Texas is has one his largest fan bases. Yep, Texas has a lot of pussy scenesters as well.

And I don't like Bright Eyes. Whoever compares this Bright Eyes guy to Dylan must hate dylan.

There's no such thing as "true hipsters". How valid is your existence when you call yourself one? I wonder.

Well, Texas is one of the worst states in America, regardless, it was pretty disturbing that Conor would make a comment like that, but really it doesn't matter, because it's the truth, whether you like it or not. This debate about how awful Conor is all started because the young, teen girls that go to his shows and obsess over him because they're all going through that age where they need to be depressed, and sad, put this all into simple terms; emo. This is what I'd like to call the Emo's pathetic, yet also amazing, because the music some of these people are listening to is great, and the artists have a truckload of talent; exhibit A: Bright Eyes, but some of the music is pointless and whiny; exhibit B: Hawthorne Heights. So, really, those who hate Bright Eyes are probably just all sick of the lame Emo/Scene kids going all over the net being idiots wearing excessive make up and cutting their wrists, I don't think it's Conor or any other musicians that are the morons, but the kids. Though, the music can influence, and encourage the kids to be so stupid, but if you're smart you wouldn't expose yourself as something you'll regret being. I'm a big fan of Indie music, and I don't go around dressing differently, trying to be creative - but ending up looking like everybody else - I dress and act like who really I am. Just my opinion...

I would have got a gang together and beat him up for saying stuff as ignorant as that, if i lived in texas. but i dont and if i did, i wouldn't have been at the show in the first place because bright eyes is about the faggiest band ever. his vocals are some of the most annoying to be recorded. i know theres worse...but still. how he got so popular is beyond me. this whole faze of shitty music and shitty emo kids needs to come to a stop. and the so called "indie" scene needs to stop to. ska ska ska ska ska

this man is so completly awsome, i as a awsome californian, understand the man. W came from your state and so did the goddam longhorns, FIGHT ON USC!!!

i saw bright eyes in nashville and they sucked. what a waste of $70 (for 2 tix). the whole bright eyes experience is better on CD than live. his band was just too loose and sounded uninspired. i would pay to see conor solo because he is a great songwriter and acoustic guitar player but wouldn't pay more than $10..

hahahaha, oh how I love Conor. You know, he's right. "Real Texans" are fucking douche bags. I know zounds of them and they are all assholes. I agree Conor, I would rather kill myself than live in that piece of shit conservative war-mongering hick ass fucking state. So all you "Real Texans," go shove that hard-on for war up your neighbor's ass; for all I care, you can go fuck yourselves, piece of shit state.

The irony is that you are all defending texas and saying that he is stereotyping, and then you go off and stereotype the 'people who listen to him.' Get a clue you ignorant twats.

but Feist was good.

Conor, is a moronic, blabbering, boring, alcoholic. I saw Bright Eyes LAST NIGHT and they suck. His show is boring, his music is repetitive, and he is an asshole. Which would mean that most people that listen to them are assholes, people who think that they are better then everyone else because they picked another fashionable style to conform to. 98.5% OF PEOPLE AT THAT SHOW WERE FAKE, BORING, FLAKEY, DRONES, AND ASSHOLES who dont know any better. Sad.

PS. I went because my girlfriend wanted to go.

I agree with you the way you view the issue. I remember Jack London once said everything positive has a negative side; It is also interesting to see different viewpoints & learn useful things in the discussion.

Amen. What a wasteland !

conor makes some pretty damn good music, but when he says shit like this while piss ass drunk, it completely turns me off to him. learn some class asshole.

I'd say that you can't really call a singer/songwriter talentless.. talent comes with the title.

And I'd say it's not smart to piss off cowboys, but why not, eh?.. he's just doing what he can.. by saying what he feels.

Emoting isn't bad.


The band Bright Eyes is awesome. And for Conor Oberst, he is an amazing musician and songwriter. And he has the authority to say anything he wants about anybody or anything. Just listen to his music and the lyrics, he is incredible, nobody comes up with lyrics like him. How can somebody say that Bright Eyes isn't working??!!? i don't know if you have checked lately but anybody that has a good taste in music, likes Bright Eyes, and they are getting more popular as time goes on. And do you really think that Conor cares about Texas? Saying that kind of stuff won't affect his career at all. It is not like he depends on Texas for his career to survive. I am just glad that there are still people like Conor in this world that still say what they think while not being afraid of hurting someone's feelings. Bright Eyes IS the best band ever!!!

I agree with everything hes every said, honestly.. and I live in Texas.
He IS god!

texas faggots and republican cunts---that's what populates the faggot landscape of bUSH. What a bunch of floating shit-logs, steaming their stupidity into the gash of the Rio "Grande". Bunch of fucking dumb cunt assholes--ALL TEXANS! Go fuck yourselves and the horse you "rode" in on, you pervert cowboy faggots. Suck my cock you pussies! Everything of Texas stinks of shit covered dicks! Rot in hell all of you!

Oh, and the Boston thing... Stop it. Boston is one of the best cities in America, and the people that live here are more genuine than in most places I've been. We may talk with an odd accent, and we complain a lot about the weather, and we drive horribly, but we're proud to live in a city that prides itself on its intelligence, beauty, and sweetass oceanfront location. Generalizing is really immature, as in saying "I hate all people from Boston." Hipsters seem to have the same maturity issues that adolescents have- a lack of security, and a willingness to bash- except the immaturity is accepted because it's masked by a hip costume and 5 years of aging.

First of all, I have to say that people who like Bright Eyes are the same people who fawn over, and idolize other artists to the extent that they forget that they're human. Bright Eyes really is trying too hard, and it's not working. He's pretty atrocious, and once this precious, darling hipster idol thing passes on, people will realize this, and will be embarassed.

Second, I think the people bashing Texas have most likely never been there. It's a large state, and places with so much rural area are bound to have some insular, conservative people, which is totally understandable. W panders to these people, and they buy it. If you really try, it's not hard to see how he's so appealing. I'm not saying rural people or Texans are naive, because they're not, they just find a strong figure they like, and they stick to him. W works for them, unfortunately. In all, Texas really is a beautiful state (at least West Texas is), and I think it's too big a place to attach such negative character descriptions to. I wouldn't want to live there, but it's really much better than you'd think. Hey, they even had a democrat female governor before W- we've never elected a female dem. governor even in Massachusetts, home of gay marriage and 12 trillion elite, liberal colleges.

First of all, I have to say that people who like Bright Eyes are the same people who fawn over, and idolize other artists to the extent that they forget that they're human. Bright Eyes really is trying too hard, and it's not working. He's pretty atrocious, and once this precious, darling hipster idol thing passes on, people will realize this, and will be embarassed.

Second, I think the people bashing Texas have most likely never been there. It's a large state, and places with so much rural area are bound to have some insular, conservative people, which is totally understandable. W panders to these people, and they buy it. If you really try, it's not hard to see how he's so appealing. I'm not saying rural people or Texans are naive, because they're not, they just find a strong figure they like, and they stick to him. W works for them, unfortunately. In all, Texas really is a beautiful state (at least West Texas is), and I think it's too big a place to attach such negative character descriptions to. I wouldn't want to live there, but it's really much better than you'd think. Hey, they even had a democrat female governor before W- we've never elected a female dem. governor even in Massachusetts, home of gay marriage and 12 trillion elite, liberal colleges.

dont we all get drunk and say stupid things sometimes?

Well... I saw Conor live for the first time this week, when he played in DC, And he didnt have a whole lot to say about anything, maybe he just fucking hates Texas, and, SO WHAT? I hate Boston. If I was in a room full of people from Boston, know what Id do? Id say hey, ''I hate Boston, I hate the mojority of people Ive met from Boston, and quite possibly, I could hate you.'' And then Id play my music because thats what the hell Im there for. WHAT THE HELL. So what. Get your panties out of a god damn twist.... or to put it into the context of the masses, ''get a sense of humor'' Because really, if anyone got offended, Id know why. Because the guilty bastards most LIKELY epitomize everything that one might hate about said state. Remember, invariably, you can only truely generalize yourself. If a statement that general offends you, it doesnt have a damn thing to do with the generalization. -It has to do with where you think you fit into it. So, in conclusion; -Step one in how to make someone cringe: say words that theyre afraid of, i.e I hate INSECURITY, for the sake of a rather broad example and, the sake of course, of the infamous ''pun.'' Theres no racism in the remark, although I am clearly stating distaste for something observable and universal, I am not pin-pointing any single human being. I am not saying, I HATE YOU, but this is what you will sub-consciously relate my statement to, if you yourself, both a)agree that insecurity is worthy of distaste, and b)believe yourslef to be insecure, Hence, you too, are just as guilty as the individual in which you so adamentally disagree with, if not more so. When it comes out prejudicial ears come out, Self-reflective-speculation takes over. Insecure Ears hear a bit of a ring to the word, the syllables, they-speak-to-them.I just dont think words are bad or good. Nor personal opinions, nor the expression of them, in general . Furthermore, We are not responsible for anyones emotional reaction but our own. So it is with everyone -Even Conor Oberst. -Even you.
So go ahead and try and generalize, and attatch some lame ass stereo-type to everything I've said, Some tired cliche.
I wont lose any sleep.
And youll only prove that we, as in, both you and I, hate you.

wow. not a smart carreer move for Connor!
way to be a dumbass.

I would just like to say that I live in Dallas, and im sorry to report NO indian rapes from where I can see. and I, personally have never 'roped a steer' So, I guess that makes me abnormal?

massive respect for conor
id realy agree with him on this one

plus lets not forget our freedom of speech

What the hell is this? High school?!?!?! I mean Christ people! I feel like everyone is standing in little groups across the gym.... I mean come on. What happened to being original... I am my own person, I have my own beliefs, my own thoughts, and my own ways of doing things... No wonder why everything is being dummied down for society today... because believe it or not... you're all sheep... *BAAAAA* If you like oberst... FINE! Like oberst... if you hate oberst... FINE! Hate oberst.. If you think you're a hipster, FINE.. do that, if you dont think you're a hipster GREAT.. Good for you. I am me and if you all have a problem with *GASP* Thinking for one's self and being diffrent... BITE ME. Just had to add my 2 cents, I have better things to do then sit here waiting for someone to reply... Here's a thought... Suck it up, believe what you believe in and let it go. I don't HAVE to defend or explain myself to anyone..why should you? Later sheeple

hahahaha i fucking love conor....he says what he feels and if you have a problem fuck you!
he came to my country (canada), and said he prefers it to his own :D

I personly love Bright Eyes, and most of the time Conor Oberst has something inteligent to say! Conor!
WTF man? You seem to contradict the crux of everything you preach in your songs! Free our minds from stereotypes, don't hate on people, we are all original let us know this and not try hard to be original! AHH the Paradoxial philosophy of the Hipster!!! Conor, I am waiting for my apology, I am from Dallas, Texas and I know it has it's fair share of conservatives, but bro, you live in a Red state too! You have to have some friends here, and you must know that diversity is everywhere! Conor if you don't have any friends here, and if someone was rude to you here in the past, I am sorry, I will be your friend... I hope you were drunk, someone was rude, and upon thinking about the bullshit you said are regretful and will repent!!! FUCKING REPENT! I will be seeing you June 5! I am pumped please don't let all of your faithful fans down! We love you man, and we forgive you because we know you are a passionate person and you got carried away in your
anti-Bush feelings... believe me, millions of Texans feal the same way, AND WE LOVE INDIANS! shit my best friend is 1/6 native american!

anyways OPEN YOUR MIND! being a hipster is paradoxal and I spent too much time on this...

Oh my god, people. Honestly, what is with the hating on Texans!? I've never even heard Freebird before, I hate country, I don't drink beer on a daily basis, I'm attending Rice University, and I've never been cowtipping.

Stop making generalizations before I start making them about you.

Conor is an amazing singer/songwriter. He's in a position to speak out to public i think it's great that he is. SO FUCK TEXAS!!!!!!!

I also live in Omaha. I don?t have any complaints living here.

And as far as Connor hating Texas, all of you offended Texans who think that Nebraska is the place where style and culture go to die can relish in the fact that you don?t live here.

Connor hates Texas = You hate Connor. Even now?

Maybe everyone ranting and raving about the scene and the hipsters should take a deep breath and remember that not everything is as bad as you?re making it out to be. Everywhere you go there are going to be people who want to fit in and who are willing to conform. But who cares. Just be glad you?re not them. Or are you them and you?re just in denial about it?

But hes an amazing artist.

I grew up in the Southeast and spent a year living in San Antonio, TX for military training. I absolutely loved the music scene there (Gruene, Austin, etc....). Texans are great people and the State offers a hell of a lot of experiences. I've now been living in Omaha for nearly 4yrs. The music scene here is not very good, but the people are very friendly and it's not a bad place to live. This is a great country. I never understand it when people try to bash an entire State or entire group of people...........damn Elitist! I also think that at the tender age of 24 we all had/have a lot more to learn about the world around us before passing such generalizations. Oh well, I'm drunk right now anyway....what do I know.

I get it. I'd put a gun to his head too.
What a douche.

LOL oh conor, i love you. He must have been having a bad day...

Hey NYU "hipster" -

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago is actually one of the most reputable art schools in the United States. It is an entirely different entity than these "Art Institutes" you see advertised on TV and in the Village Voice. They definitely do not have guaranteed admission and a 2 year MS program. In fact, I think they have a relatively selective admissions program.

I didn't even go to an art school, but I certainly know about this school. Maybe you should check your facts before you start bitching.

Youe absolutly riht.
hat's ES?
Lyk lesssbiannnss?
A! Tat's o sily!

As a native Texan, my experience is that most Texans are ok people, even if I don't understand their politics.

As a current resident of the LES, my experience is that most hipsters are similarly ok, even if I don't understand their hair.

Live and let live, I say...


Do you feel better about yourself now? Feel like a big boy? Good. Glad we could help. :)

Bright eyes is a fucking joke, albeit a bad one. Connor Oberst is not an artist- his "music" is garbage, and that really is that. End of discussion! Sorry people! Saddle Creek is fuckin CACA! All these shit-ass retro-revivalist bands have about as much originality and innovation as Milli Vanilli.

As for hipsters, you are all fuckin lame as shit- every one of you pre-faded jean wearing, $100 dollar vintage t-shit buying poseurs are simply insecure, uninspired ho-hum twats with nothing going for themselves but a false sense of arrogance, undeserved pride, and an insatiable desire to fit in- sounds like a recipe for a fuckin shit sandwich to me!

The cRapture, DFA, black dice, LCD soundsystem... every second of my life during which I've had the misfortune of listening to this sonic diareah is a second that could have been spent doing something (ANYTHING) better... sigh.

I always thought bright eyes sucked, regardless of his tasteless and not needed remarks. He's from a red state himself, hah. Yes, George Bush is the worst thing to happen in recent years, but it doesn't mean he needs to stereotype a state while insulting his fans. He needs to grow up. And I've never read the book because.....who cares?

bright eyes=dumbass

my respect for bright eyes just went up like a million times.

this site reminds me of... CRAIGSLIST rants and raves.

sorry, freewilliamsburg...

Hey Joe,

Why don't you get that cock out of your ass...or mouth, you communist pig. Instead of picking on pop artists from the Grammy's, you fag, why don't you masturbate some more to Bruce Springsteen and pray that John Kerry runs for the next presidental campagine.

And Tommy, you couldn't be more correct about Brooklynites or "hipsters". And in case you didn't know, Brooklynites, it's the Hispanic commuhity that you live right next door to that voted for Bush along with those "cow tippers". Get over yourselves.

So, hipsters, take another dump on a canvas and call it art, shitheads.

Texas (esp. Austin, Dallas, Houston) are cool. If the Matrix is real, Texans live in Zion. We'd kill anybody before we'd lose our freedom!

Hipsters are pretentious white assholes who USED to be cool BEFORE they forgot the NUMBEROUS blacks and latinos that they live right by but NEVER speak to.

BECAUSE they're not hipsters (and they're not WHITE)!

They're worse than PREPPIE PEOPLE!!

Bright Eyes is awesome. Fuck you.

Texas is fucked.

Hipster Handbook might be "satirical" but that doesn't mean it isn't bullshit.

41 - Oberst has no lips

this is the 40th post re: oberst. i have nothing to say, i just wanted to be the 40th post. have a nice day.

I always thought conor was a hottie.

Ok, bush is an idiot--you voted for him--you all cow tip for fun.
Conor writes other songs than your favorites FREEBIRD and whatever the hell country you conservatives are into

Is this a problem putting thought into music? God forbid you open your eyes to something other than gone' out to shoot me some dinner or im as free as a bird now

go drink some beer and think about your future in your community college

Readers who enjoy the book are self described "hipsters"- so of course they like it- they relate to it. But what do I know? I'm just a UC-Davis grad...we state schoolers are dumb as fuck

I like the book. only people who don't get the irony and satire of it didn't like it.

NOW READ THIS!!! Bright Eyes is good (because I say so), The Hipster Handbook was ironic AND satirical (because I say so), and blah blah blah...why is everyone on this message board arguing? Is anybodys point-of-view correct? Everybody feels the need to come on here and state their opinion. Like "yeah, the Hipster book SUCKS! And Bright Eyes, well, he's alright." As if there's some universal truth, like "oh....ok. NOW I get it. So the book DOES suck." Aside from that I must leave, for this entire message contradicts itself as well as the point I'm trying to get across. Goodeve.

Yeah. He sucks. I'm writing a column on it for my school paper. What a douche.

i like bright eyes.

Partisan Sanchez chuckles at the near absence of politics in the commentary so far. "How can you comment on Conor's comments," exasperated Sanchez spits out, "without addressing the giant, um pink elephant in the room?"

(Freudian Slipping Sanchez realized only late in that sentence the appropriateness of the metaphor).

The reason why cutesie Conor can utter such dangerous, brave, daring things about Texas has everything to do with "Blue" state cooler-than-thou antipathy towards GWB.

Giggling pro-lifer Sanchez rubs his belly with delight! The utter unanimity of opinion espoused by brave hipsters is a realer version of American fascism than is the Patriot Act. 100% of the attendees of Conor's shows are Kerry-voters. "How fucking boring and hegemenous is that?" diversity-loving Sanchez asks rhetorically.

At least when Sid Vicious made his anti-Texas comments at a Texas show almost THIRTY YEARS AGO, he made them to a bar full of real cowboys, not the Rock-for-Changers that would pay twenty dollars to stand without beer and listen to Conor emote.

I am the original hipster doofus. Williamsburg kids - you're too late!

re: proud to be southern...

Don't you know? Texas is the stupidest state in the world?? Like, I bet there isn't even a Diesel store there....nor a starbucks. Can you imagine?????

Just kidding. Only hipsters/liberals hate on southerners..because it's so much easier and takes a hellauva less brainpower to jump on that bandwagon. Seriously, if you want to fit in Brooklyn, just slap on a pair of diesels, get some ink done, say you work in the "design" field (it really doesn't matter which, you can take a shit on a canvas and declare it art, if you'd like), and get a job at Kinkos. Because man, there is no other lifestyle more original than that.

Now that it has been mentioned- the hipster book does suck ass- it's too ironic on the authors behalf to be considered satire.

I thought that book was really clever, Keifer. Bright Eyes is talentless dipshit- the type of guy that the book satirized. Oberst is cute though

My Western NC perspective:

I had a girlfriend who told me, honestly, that she and her friend were hipster's and the relationship took a steady decline from that point on. I dumped her cause I'd rather be alone than with someone that insecure. In my opinion "hipster" and "scenester" are both totally condescending terms. Calling yourself one of these would be like calling yourself a trustafarian. But what do I know. I'm just an ignorant redneck.

Yeah, that hipster guide totally sucks.Hipsters suck at life, Brooklyn is so over, all art institutes suck (even the "presitigous" one, ahem)and bright eyes sucks.


the art institute of chicago IS prestigious....


Bright Eyes has said a lot of stuff lately that makes me hate him cus he's obviously let things go to his head. I love/hate him the way I secretly love/hated NSync haha. Yeah. kinda sad. Oh well.

I like living in Williamsburg cus as some journalist said "it's slicky, yet folksy" and that's precisely how I see it.

But who should give a damn

Didn't that book come out like a year ago? It was funny, but maybe you people should move on.

Bright Eyes is talented but what an asshole!

The whole "hipster" thing is a fiction. What the hell is a hipster? Not a genuine individual, if the trendsters and trustafarians you see running around everywhere are any indication.

The Beats were the last hipsters. Then came hippies. Now we have Urban Outfitters shoppers. Which is fine, really. But, go shave that ironic moustache, boy!

The Hipster Handbook was funny. Good satire of the insipid "scene." That's all.

Oberst is not a hipster either. Just a brat.

The second someone says they are a hipster, they aren't, and the book came out years ago so why are people still ranting about it?

oh, how i wish conor would stop putting those painted toes in his mouth.

and to the nyu student who ranted about the hipster handbook: take some of that $30,000 you're dropping every year on tuition and buy yourself a sense of humor.

I mean, b/c they're both in Williamsburg...

I only bought the hipster handbook so I could tell hipsters from hasidic jews. I don't know why, but I had the hardest time with that. I mean, once I asked James Murphy this question I had about the o man, faux fuckin' pas...

"Bright Eyes, Dumb Ass"
This is the best article title ever

Giddy Sanchez delights in Conor's Courage. "Imagine!" trembling Sanchez imagines, "Bad talking the Home of Bush to an audience of skinny, effeminant indie-rock boys and sixteen year old girls with black nail polish who write poetry in the journals!" Conor sure has rock-star balls, satisfied Sanchez assents.

Rapidly-aging Gen-X Sanchez pats his jiggly belly and reminisces, "Remember Palace?" Bright eyes isn't a poor man's Dylan (Springsteen, natch). Bright eyes is a poor man's Oldham!

Minus lyrics. Minus Appalachia.

Conor *does* hail from Omaha, red-state familiar Sanchez notes (even tho the lad can be seen without fail emoting and brooding poetic-like any night of the week in the East Village's St. Dymphna's). Maybe it was his fucked-up Nebraska education that got him confused, thinking that instead of biting Will Oldham's style, he was really biting Dave Pirner's! Otherwise, balding Sanchez notes, why would Conor be making out with over-thirty and boobs-sagging Winona Ryder?!

um, texas is stupid, it had one of the highest margins of victory for b*sh in the last election. right on connor.

one day hipsters will realize that there are people who are actually proud of being southern, who aren't total assholes. and he's some news for oberst: "W" isn't even a Texan; he's a Connecticut Yankee playing at being a cowboy. i'm not here to defend the south's legacy of racism or its other cultural shortcomings, but i believe that nearly every place is about as shitty or not as anywhere else. oberst's commentary is the kind of fantastically naive cultural misogony that i've really come to resent, being a well-educated, conciencious, progressive liberal southerner. there's more of us than most realize.

Anyone who took that Hipster guide book seriously needs to reevaluate things just a little bit. I knew when it first came out that the author most likely (at least I hope) attempted to show how sheep-like people can be and sat back and watched how soon they would begin to adopt all the things he taged as being "hip". It worked like a charm and let me tell you, it was an ingenious social experiment. Just goes to show you how easy it is to manipulate minds out there, especially those who have no minds of their own.

I agree...the hipster guide is a satire...too bad some took it as a bible. If it isn't a satire (which I highly doubt), then we are in more trouble than I ever thought.


Who the hell sincerely refers to themselves as a "hipster"? I swear the American mind & soul further rots. I never seen such desperate longing to want to fit in with a certain group. It's amusing to me how such "enlightened, free-thinking" people seem so concerned about being viewed as a real or a phony hipster. What the hell is THAT about? It's as if NYC, this tiny sliver of the planet Earth, is the end all/be all of existence. (It is a big world out there...with lots of interesting things and people and ideas)

Here's a novel idea: LIVE your life YOUR way. Forget about definitions. Forget about how others may think of you. Don't try to fit in with a peer group. Make up your OWN mind about things.

Seems this is a forgotten art these days...

With regard to Bright Eyes: Typical transplant elitist bullshit who needs to see more of the world and meet different kinds of people and open his mind before opening his mouth. The maxim is true: Better to have people thinking you're an idiot than opening your mouth and proving it.

Real Hipsters like myself would never listen to Bright Eyes. Only you fake hipsters do. Williamsburg is fake. It's so over.

oberst is a douchebag. The Dylan comparisons are ridiculously generous. I read the hipster book. It's obvious it was a joke and making fun of them. I saw the author in an interview. he said that the book (which is funny) was a satire. Get a sense of humor, the book was meant to make fun of people like Bright Eyes

I was inclined to be annoyed by breathlessly emotional Oberst already, but this really does it for me. Texas ain't all bad, not by a long shot, and his hometown of Omaha's got its own indian rapers and urban sprawlers.

Now, re: the anti-handbook screed - take it easy, man. Take it easy on the parentheses, semicolons, and everything else in your grammatical bag of tricks. Next time you write a piece that communicates strong emotion, make sure the reader has an easy time navigating it, or they'll just give up.

brilliant self-promotion strategy, according to little conor: go out and offend the people who buy your music.

yes, i know that you-know-who comes from texas, but if i were a touring performer, i would never shit on an entire state - especially not on its residents who shelled out money on my record and show.

what a moron.

I wasn't a big fan of Bright Eyes but the new record "I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning" is really good.

my respect for bright eyes just went up like a million times.

I'm not commenting on any of your bullshit editorials, however, I was just at the NYU bookstore (yes, I am an NYU "hipster") and happened to pick up a copy of some hipster book/guide apparently written by the same people who are responsible for this website. I just think it is soo funny that a group of loser "hipster" wannabe's could come out with a guide such as this. I love how the author is so condenscending about state colleges and universities, yet, uses an Art Institute of Chicago student as a model hipster. An Art Institute? A school which advertises and promises instant admission, plus a "bachelor of science degree" in 2 years, on the WB during the daytime/late night in between reruns of Montel? Real prestigious. I got a better quality art education from my AP painting class at a public high school.You could have at least said that she went to Mass College of Art (sigh, a state college).

This guide gives all true hipsters a bad rep: "artists" (i.e art institute/other non-accrediated art schools/trade school graduates or vo-tech high schools)who ring up the registers or dress up mannequins at Diesel or Marthe Gibaurd, while faking some conversation about the impression Jack Kerouac (you might have actually read his stuff if you didn't go to an art institute) made on post-modern american culture.; or "artists" who work at the strand, or some coffee shop; live in brooklyn cos they can't afford Manhattan (will scorn Manhattanites under their breath, however wish oh so badly to have a little loft in SoHo, but Brooklyn is hip, right?); bashing on Bush because hating America is cool and you've been to France for a few days a few years ago, and it was amazing!; shop at the salvation army and hate on corporate america but buy diesel's because those little Laotian children can make a kick ass or deck pair of jeans for less than a penny a day for wages. It's one thing to be a hipster, but you've contridicted yourself so many times in that bullshit guide of yours. Keep telling yourself your cool, dude, maybe it'll happen one day.


what a tardo

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