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It can't be racist if it's in New York Magazine

Is "Kurt Andersen" a pod person?

Kurt, my boy... what the hell happened to you?! We loved Spy magazine. We even endure your phony, affected, NPR-ass-plug-enunciation every Saturday to listen to your marvelous WNYC show, Studio 360. Nevertheless, your recent writing for New York Magazine has been unforgivable. Have you been taking the red pills the GOP sends you in the mail? Have you castrated your way into the Upper East Side reclining chair of Yuppiehood? Have you been hanging out with Dennis Miller? Shame on you, we used to love you.

"Kurt Andersen" on the Iraq war:

Each of us has a Hobbesian choice concerning Iraq; either we hope for the vindication of Bush's risky, very possibly reckless policy, or we are in a de facto alliance with the killers of American soldiers and Iraqi civilians.

"Kurt Andersen" on being afraid of women in black burkas [via Catch]:

But still, I felt a little guilty the other afternoon in Foley Square, walking between two big federal buildings, when I darted off the sidewalk the moment I saw a woman approaching in a full black burka. I wanted to get beyond her killing radius as quickly as I could. It was silly, and slightly shameful, but reflexive: In the summer of 2005 in New York, ostentatiously pious Muslim = potential suicide bomber.

Her killing radius? Christ. It can't be racist if it's in New York Magazine. In the summer of 2005, we give up on you, "Kurt Andersen."


O Allah, what petty, sanctimonious tripe! Preserve us thy prophet, Kurt Anderson, and may he wage eternal jihad on Williamsburg until its disbelieving inhabitants are brought to their senses by his characteristic wit and erudition. Amen.

(Sergio's correct, imo. cheers.)

Johnny: You're at least consistent. You are one of the rare few that I've run into that will speak unfavorably about Christians AND Muslims.

The usual thing that happens is that one will get all twisted out of shape about a christian fundamentalist but will jump down someone else's throat if they condem muslims for their beliefs.

I just don't understand the hypocrisy of some, that's all.

Regarding Kurt Anderson: He should relax just a little bit. Like I said, a muslim suicide bomber isn't going to come at you in a burka or with a long robe and a beard. He will look just like anyone else around you...and he/she may not even be an arab. Remember, the musliim extremist can be of many different nationalities, including American. It isn't necessarily the race or nationality. It's the adherence to religious dogma that makes them dangerous

folks, I wouldn't try to divine the greater meaning of Kurt Anderson's weirdness as displayed in the second example. It's bizarre, paranoid behavior. What are we talking about here? He ran away from a (perhaps) Muslim woman in traditional dress. He wrote about in an attempt to be semi-endearing to his readers. Really though, his reflexes are keyed into admittedly shameful, inaccurate, overly dramatic stereotypes. But he's pretty clearly into sweeping generalizations (see first quote).

I don't agree. Speaking unfavorably about Christians and Muslims is acceptable.

I agree with Sergio. All religions are equally evil, can't we all agree on that?

Oh, this is just too funny. Comment unfavorably about a Muslim and all of a sudden it's "racist" or "intolerant". Speak unfavorably about a Christian and it's perfectly acceptable.

What gets me about the so-called Liberals (or left or whatever you want to call it) in this country is that they will rail against the "fascism of Christian fundamentalists" but railing against Muslim fundamentalists is absolutely off limits.

Is this guy just a little hysterical? Yes. (A muslim suicide bomber will mostly likely come at us NOT dressed in traditional clothing anyway) But give me a break, huh? Why is condemning and profiling muslims as terrorists racist and intolerant but profiling christians as fascist religious fanatics acceptable?

The last time I looked ANY religious fanatic is dangerous, whether it's christian, muslim or jewish.

I love the way people pick and choose what is acceptable and what isn't.

What a pussy

I read that too. Its amazing how hysterical Anderson sounds. If he doesn't like diversity, maybe he should leave New York and go somewhere where he is surrounded by white people wearing Brooks Brothers clothing.

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