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I'm From Barcelona At The Brooklyn Masonic Temple


This promises to be a great show. The temple is amazing and I'm From Barcelona are a ridiculously fun live band. The show is May 1st at 7:30 and tickets are available at TicketWeb.

Best of all, we have A PAIR OF FREE TICKETS available via Boost To win, be the fifth person to email us with the subject line "I'm from Barcelona." [we have a winner]


Nice. Perfect show for the changing weather. I didn't see Southpaw show, but the show at the Pool last summer was hilarious and fun. It was soooofun. I was so amped afterwards even Blonde Redhead couldn't put me to sleep with their set after.

They will make you feel glad to be alive unless you hate fun and life. Where is the Masonic Temple?

This is going to be awesome!!! These guys are the best, so much fun, so much fun son unpretentious, a breath of fresh air from all of the snobby uptight hipster nerds out there

southpaw. last summer. un-fuckingbelievable!

see y'all there

i had sooooooo much fun at their southpaw and pool party shows last year. forget your album preconceptions. live they are absolutely joyously, fucking amazing!!!! bring on the party. yay!!!

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