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An Interview with "Mr and Miss Williamsburg" Pageant Creator

Misha Calvert (image c/o YourNabe)

A few months ago, 25-year old Williamsburg resident Misha Calvert was arrested for stealing two 40-ounce bottles of Colt 45 from a local bodega. After being sentenced to the standard amount of community service, she managed to pitch the idea of a "Mr and Miss Williamsburg" contest to the judge, who approved to make the contest part of her community service. Her hope is that such a contest will counter apathy and create a uniting force in the Williamsburg community, because after all, she figured "why not put together something about a subject a lot of us are most passionate about: ourselves".

At first glance, this all seemed a bit fishy. Colt 45? Hipsters? A beauty pageant? Viral marketing...cased closed. But strangely, Misha denied any and all rumors of any sinister marketing ploy behind the show. After the jump, see the gchat interview complete with entry requirements, her denial of a viral marketing ploy, and how you can sleep your way into the title of Mr and Miss Williamsburg 2008.

The contest will be held September 5th at 10 p.m., at Supreme Trading (213 N. 8th Street). Visit the pageant's page on Going or join the event page on Facebook for more information. Want to enter? Email!

GChat Interview with Misha Calvert, creator of the "Mr and Miss Williamsburg" Pageant, by Brian Ries

FREEwilliamsburg: So first things first, what qualities do you think makes someone "williamsburg" enough to wear the crown of 'mr or miss williamsburg', and... why a beauty pageant?

Misha Calvert: It's not just about looks. Contestants will be judged on personal interview and talent as well. but like most situations we are judging each other, beauty does play a part. Why a pageant? Because they're awesome.

FREEwilliamsburg: fair enough...and this all started because you stole a couple 40's, right? what's that story? i saw how u pitched the judge, but more on the actual theft is what amuses me.

Misha Calvert: i'm embarrassed for the whole theft. i mean for getting caught like i did.
i tried to smuggle them out under my clothes but i was only wearing a hoody and hotpants. clearly not the best getaway outfit. the bodega owner was very understanding, very charming about the whole thing. and then phoned the police anyway.

FREEwilliamsburg: can u promise it's not viral marketing for colt 45? Also, your pic is american apparel'd out... so i have to ask, which american apparel clothing item are you and why? if dov charney entered, would he stand a chance?

Misha Calvert: hah. okay wow there's a lot to work with here.

Misha Calvert: I don't know what kind of evidence one could provide to support this, but i cross my heart and triple swear this is not a marketing campaign for colt 45. Because then they would be paying me...and I could afford to shop at someplace better than American Apparel. But, if I WERE an item of American Apparel....hold on a sec (I hold) i'd probably be this one: But i'm getting confused between what i'd be and what i want to buy. how poetic.

FREEwilliamsburg: Yea, isn't that just a snapshot of the American dream…

FREEwilliamsburg: So, speaking of buying things, can i buy my way into the competition? Oh - any celebrity judges ala kickball celebrities, local bloggers, etc. etc.?

Misha Calvert: well i don't know if you can buy your way in...but speaking of dov charney you can DEFINITELY sleep your way in. in that vein direct all requests to my personal email. i'll see it gets to the "right person".

Misha Calvert: celebrities, we'll have a few. I'm not releasing names yet though.

FREEwilliamsburg: Lastly, this seems like something Gawker would latch onto... are you worried about falling victim to their snark or would you rather for the free publicity?

Misha Calvert: Both the competition and myself have already fallen victim to some pretty creative criticism in the blogs. which is great! everyone that snarks about it is lending legitimacy to the satire that's being created.

Misha Calvert: And that's why I love Williamsburg. we can't take ourselves seriously enough.

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I had to come back here to see those faceless tits again.

the power of sunglasses...its great isn't it?

As a professional hipster scout, I have assessed this message board and concluded that everyone who submitted a negative comment about this event is actually a hipster of the maximum caliber and therefore, the most qualified candidates for the Crown. Furthermore, I recommend that they should all be automatically entered into the competition and forced to act out scenes from Blue Velvet.

you guys need to chill out. whats it to you if she organizes a beauty pageant- dont go. and in terms of viral marketing who here hasnt indulged in a little colt 45 while greasing up your legs before squeezing them into your american apparel slacks.

Oh I get it now. This is a viral campaign for American Apparel under the guise of a Colt 45 viral. I hope your eggs fall out Misha.

This is ridiculously stupid. I can't wait till all the yuppie towers are finished, even though I hate the yuppies just as much.

good thing for her she's running the thing and not participating in it

I have run a court-ordered community service program in NYC and I assure you that no judge would agree to this as a condition of sentencing, let alone hear the defendant out about such a proposal in a courtroom.

u know she got the crabs

Her hand to breast ratio is incredible.

But she promised.

"I don't know what kind of evidence one could provide to support this, but i cross my heart and triple swear this is not a marketing campaign (for colt 45)".

According to reliable sources at Gothamist, this is a sham and is just a publicity stunt. Thank god, what a miscarriage of justice this would be.

I am sorry did the chk not clear that week from mommy and daddy... poor little misha and her hot pants. i hope you fall onto the L train tracks.

lousy fucking bitch-cunt

I know the interview was through a gmail chat window, but, seriously...


It was cute when Prince did it, and only when Prince did it. It's been like 30 years. What the hell is wrong with you?

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