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Confusing Bike Lanes Leading to W'Burg Bridge


The bike lane situation is looking pretty confusing at South 4th Street, with blatant signage leading bikers up on the sidewalk and onto the bridge. A couple of riders wrote into Gothamist today with stories how the lane led them right into the open arms of a few cops. Naturally, our lovely NYPD wrote them tickets for biking on the sidewalk. Entrapment? Duh.

John at Gothamist poked around about and learned that the DOT is "in the process of designating the sidewalk along South 5th Street as a shared bike/pedestrian path." They "will soon add appropriate signs and directional bike stamps along the sidewalk (see example), and [we] are reaching out to the local precinct with additional details about the project, which is not yet complete." DOT, hurry the f'k up with that, our bikers are getting tickets! See more details on this silly bureaucratic fart at Gothamist.

Oh, I should note, aside from the whole woopsie-daisy ticketing situation, this bike lane is great and safe and needed, so thanks DOT. This is just rough love. Keep at it.

picture via gothamist, too.


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wow. some people really are idiots. first of all, after living on south 4th for over ten years, ALL the hundreds of cops who have descended upon the southside ever since the supposed slashings will tell you they are they due to gang warfare. they will also tell you how dangerous the neighborhood is. then they will write up a billion tickets to bikers. i've witnessed at least 20 poeple being ticketed on their bikes (and I'm not joking). FUCK THE NYC POLICE. THEY ARE ASSHOLES.

my next comment is directed to assholes who talk trash about people who ride bikes: cars kill people and pedestrians pay less attention to the laws of the road than cars or bikes.

I don't get it, what is a biker? Regular people ride bikes sometimes. I am a person and I have a bicycle but I'm not, a biker. I don't know what that means. Everyone rides bikes sometimes, no? Its like a normal thing in life. I drive too sometimes.

The bicyclists are not terrorists or victims.

They just happen to ride just as shitty as drivers drive and equally unlawfully the way pedestrians walk.

New Yorkers just aren't good at following public transport laws, regardless of their mode.

really? you're going to claim that bikers TERRORIZES others? is it AWFULLY SCARY when you see those two wheels coming towards you at 15 mph, being forced to stop for the dented car plowing through a stop sign? are these the people who are so drunk at 7pm that they have to yell at us riding back from work because they were surprised when they turned around and a bike was within 100 feet of them? did a bicycle rape your sister or something?!

"eff the bikers - most of them are either too stupid or too inconsiderate to obey traffic laws that keep them and pedestrians safe.

it's really hard to sympathize with a population that terrorize others and claim they are the victims."

What are you talking about? It's great that we live in a place like Brooklyn where we can bike everywhere and it would be nice if the biking lanes make sense. Jack sounds like a jerk BUT it's true about S 4th. I live right there and the guys who put down the bike lane this week didn't look like they knew or cared what they were doing. There were so many cops around here busting people for riding on sidewalks so they made a lazy and crap attempt to accomidate everyone.

eff the bikers - most of them are either too stupid or too inconsiderate to obey traffic laws that keep them and pedestrians safe.

it's really hard to sympathize with a population that terrorize others and claim they are the victims.

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