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My New Favorite Way to Procrastinate

The Fake Albums Group. I found this little gem of a facebook meme today. Here's the rules:

1: Go to "Wikipedia." Hit “random... Read More”
or click
The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.

2: Go to "Random quotations"
or click
The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.

3: Go to Flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”
or click
Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.

4: Use photoshop or similar to put it all together.

5: Repeat until your term paper is late, your boss is angry, your library books are over due, etc.

ok, so maybe i added step 5, but anyway... here's mine:

oddly enough that looks like an album i'd probably buy.

upload yours to the comments, i want to see!


Who?-Both sides of the same side

Awesome. Here's mine.

Tbet - overalls and looks like work

im so painting this.

Cover: A woman covered in blood

Band Name: Aberdeen F.C.

Title: an old and worried face



band name: I, Lucifer
album: Tormenting the Respectable Man


shouldn't have done this around the holidays!

really cool
ontario power authority
nicomachean ethics


Here's Mine:
Governor Of Puebua - Judging People By Appearances


fun. :)

Benjamin Franklin - Make It Worth The Effort


Benjamin Franklin - Make It Worth the Effort

This was so cool!
Thanks for sharing!
Here's mine:

Love mine ... I might have to go start a band now

Lol this was fun but I spent wayyyy too long on it XD

But thanks - I've been home sick the last few days and it gave me a way to alleviate my boredom =P

Haha, these are great. Here is my addition.

Artist: Pseudounipolar Neuron

Album: the sort of things they like

Here is the album cover complete with artist and albumb title

It would be cool if these were all lined up as a thread :) I made five, and I'm too lazy to post them, but all of them turned out quite amazing.

it's uncanny I say here's mine:

"Answering Questions That No One Asked" - By EPC
and the album cover is

Band name:

Album title:
The Opposite of People

Cover art:


William Norris

A Contest of Principles

fun great good time waster ABSOLUTELY AMAZING !!!
To Lie and Cheat

I'm a horse

My band is Pino Torinese.
Album is "Out of Focus"

album cover -

Band name: Afdhere Jama
Album Title: Useless to Seek it Elsewhere

DAHH! mine turned out great!
I am FELIX RAILWAY STATION and my album is LISTENING TO REPETITIVE MUSIC check out my new album cover!

Name: List of fictional locations in The Simpsons (??)
Album: Whether They Live or Not

Well, that was interesting.

John Raven
Adventure In Forgiveness

Heres mine:

band : it ain't nothin' but the blues

album : your own version in return


Trypeta hexachaeta's brand new album!!!

Of a Clock

Sorry OP, this isn't a "facebook meme"
A friend of mine discovered this YEARS ago.
But it is a really fun time-waster ^_^

Examples of Everything

The picture is pretty sweet too... A picture of an old bicycle with a 'taco'ed front wheel...

Good one!!!

Band: Glycine Cleavage System
Album title: Do Not Fear Death

Dreadfully Like Other People by Benedict Cumberbatch
Free to Do Anything by Eagle Peak

So much fun!

Aşağı Apu - A Text Easy to Misread.


random wiki page was an aussie band called dakuta. doh! will try later

Album Cover
We Are Smarter Than Me's new hit album, Merely Stupid.

The Adventures of Mabel - The People Who Acknowledge Us

Ok, coolest internet time waster EVER!

Check out my new album:

This website made it supereasy:

Band: Religious Education
Album: They usually imitate each other


Tarahi - Give up our Prejudices

this is way too entertaining.

here's mine:

Band: Aleph One
Album: Privileges Above Principles
Album Cover:

This is a awesome idea. Here was my first album.

Band: Merlara
Album: Suddenly in the Mist

Album cover:

There'd be no crime by integration consortium

This was fun!

HIV Exceptionalism - Stop Giving Them Things


WOW, it sounds like something richard simmons would like

Fly Tyer: "Snore and you sleep alone".

My album cover is this:

Under One Roof - "End of Your Arm"

this is my album cover

So, my band name is Wierzbiny, Warmian-Masurian first album will be called I don't get it and the album cover will be this image...

Achangi - "The Liberty of Appearing"


Stand and drink at the bar...

I just decided to learn how to play guitar and start a band....!!!!


i actually did this for my album. Well, the album name generate bit.

i got 'and you command everybody...'

so there we have

available from itunes soon!

We had a lot of fun with this on the best music message board in the world. Ever. Check the URL for more.

Also, this website does all of the dirty work for you:

you need to add a step in there to determine the genre of music your band plays.

ok, so apparently you have to post it as a link, not as an image.

My second favorite album would have to be "Pool Party: Those Who Talk Badly" ;)

I just wanted to promote my favorite band, called "Canadian Xtreme Paintball League". Their album "Knock, and it shall be opened to you" is stellar. Look for the album cover of an HDR shot of a crumbling abandoned fireplace. Finest music ever recorded.

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