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G Train to Connect Williamsburg and Park Slope


Despite The Brooklyn Paper's headline which made us slightly queasy: "MTA finally finds your G-spot with extended service," we're delighted this is finally happening. I guess we should expect more headlines like this, now that Murdoch is running the show. As our friend Kevin pointed out, it could have been worse: “Marty Markowitz finds your G-spot with extended service.”

From Brooklyn Paper:

The G train will be extended to Church Avenue in July, creating the first direct link between trendy Williamsburg and posh Park Slope.

The service boost, scheduled to go into effect on July 5, became necessary because of planned track work along the elevated section of the F and G lines in Carroll Gardens and Park Slope.

This is of course very exciting news and worthy of a much better headline. So, SUBMIT YOUR OWN IN COMMENTS.


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Make the G connect at Atlantic station? Are you really that lazy? It's a block and a half walk from the Fulton G stop to Atlantic.

"hipsters in shock due to access to greenspace/prospect park"

come on - having more options is a nice thing

It was already incredibly easy to walk or take the F to Smith/9th. Believe me, neither of the two neighborhoods truly want anything to do with each other or there'd already be people making the treks.

G Train service extended; Park Slope Moms finally have access to new Grizzly Bear album


Battle of fixed-gear bikes versus baby strollers begins in earnest: G train to connect Williamsburg and Park Slope

the G train can't even connect to itself. how about just increasing service? Right now a train comes like every 30 minutes, even in the day time. Horrible...

when the heck will they make the G connect at atlantic station!

G Train to connect Brooklyn's Two Whitest Neighborhoods!

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