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FREEwilliamsburg Showcase Q&A with Organs

(left to right) Dan Baranello, Brian Chillemi, Ryan Heil

Next up in our slew of Northside showcase interviews is rockabilly garage trio Organs. Recently signed to self-distributing indie folks Puta! Records (releasing a single and cassette EP by the end of summer), these boys play the kind of songs that let your drunk head sway, or remind you why you were drinking that whiskey in the first place. Their regular appearances at neighborhood favorites Bar Matchless and Don Pedro's always buzz eery with prohibition era vibes and memories of joyfully simple Rock 'n Roll taboos.

An emotional drone of harmonica on tracks such as "Don't Wanna See Me No More" or singer Brian Chillemi's longing wails on "Need Your Love" present us with why people make music in the first place-- to dance and feel and fight and, well, get you to want to take your pants off. If you're a fan of any combination of those things, read the rest of the interview with Brian after the jump for a little insight on 20th century girls, the importance of good shoes, and Union Square drug dealers.

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Your myspace page says you guys sound like "If Hank Williams listened to the Stooges while fucking Little Richard". How did you land on this style/sound? Or is it just a musical wetdream of yours to get all those dudes in one room?

The Stooges are the sickest rock n roll punk band ever, Hank Williams is the god father of country music and Little Richard is one of most primal performers in the history of rock n roll. We're striving to integrate those three the best we can... and fucking isn't a bad way to get people integrated.


Where does the name of the band come from? Does the word Organs have any specific significance?

Umm... It's a nice sounding word, it's simple and it could mean internal organs or the instrument I suppose.

Organs play a monthly show at Don Pedro's that you organize, making you guys sort of like their house band. How did this come about? And where/how do you find the bands that play?

A complete love for Jake Noodles who manages and books the place. We set up a few successful shows and it just became what it is- the third Friday of every month. We book all kinds of bands, many are friends or acts we've stumbled upon and dug. The main thing is that we book people we want to listen to and know that they will make the show a real cool time.

Who are some local talents you guys are inspired by right now? Out of the bands you've played with, who would you like to see blow up on the BK scene?

Everyone, The Back CC's, Highway Gimps and The Men are all really great.

But one band that we really love is the M.K. and Magda Experience. Their really pushing the limits and breaking new ground. Keep an eye out for them!

The songs have a sort of raw & truthful angst. What, from your personal experiences, inspires you when you write?

I don't really get specific. It's more just about feelings that everyone has like lust and longing. You know its good when people understand it and there is a universal reality and timelessness to it. Least that's what I like about good pop songs anyway.

If you could resurrect a couple of your favorite musicians to form a band, who would they be and what would you call it?

I guess we could just list a bunch of musicians we think were great but they were great cause they did their own thing. Super-groups are lame...

You have a lot of old school influences, how do you think music is different now from the peeps mentioned above?

Music is not as fun or naive... whatever happened to gettin' people to dance with each other?!


You've got your hands in some film stuff too, right? Tell me more about that.

I'm working on a series of period shorts. I'm in post-production on two and pre-production on the other two. It's called 20th Century Girl. It's the same story of four girls in four different decades, taking place during each of the four seasons and how their lives are drastically different despite being from the same country and century. Two decades before WWII (20's and 30's) and two decades after (50's and 60's)- based on a specific musical aesthetic such as 60's girl groups or Appalachian folk music.

I have a Bolex 16mm camera from 1959 and a small group of friends that help. Dan, our bassist, is a hairstylist so he has come in real handy!

I've heard you have a knack for scoring women's dresses on Ebay. Other than these, what's the most prized item in your wardrobe?

We all say shoes, shoes, shoes...

The band recently went thru some member changes? How long have the three of you know each other, and was it just meant to be?

Dan has known Ryan for about three or four years and I've known them for about 2 or 3. Ryan is here to stay for sure; things are much better since we were all friends. We went through a couple drummers but the third times a charm.

So it's gotta be tough being a musician/filmmaker during these economic times in NY-- do you have a day job? What's the most ridiculous thing you've done to make rent?

Ryan works at a wine shop and Dan is a hairstylist. I don't have a day job, just do random things. Probably the most ridiculous was selling my little cousin's iPod to a drug dealer in Union Square.

[Photos by Crystal Lopez]


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Just want to point out that the download link above for the Organs record is incorrect. It should be:

Highway Gimps rule. I saw that crazy singer guy fighting in the street. I love drugs. ROCK & ROLL!!!!!

Highway Gimps rule. I saw that crazy singer guy fighting in the street. ROCK & ROLL!!!!!

this is the sexiest band there ever was.
oh yeah and their music is good too.

The MK + Magda Experience loves the Organs forever. I'd write that inside a heart in wet concrete somewhere if they ever repaved anything in Bushwick.

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