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The Gutter Punks Have Arrived!


Now that Williamsburg has turned into a post-apocalyptic-halted-condo-construction wasteland it's attracting a nasty infestation: Gutter Punks. From The Daily News [via]:

Heroin-addict hobos from around the country are overrunning hipster haven Williamsburg - living in stalled luxury condo projects in the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood.

The squatters, from middle-class families, hop freight trains to the city, where they can earn up to $150 a day panhandling in Manhattan. At night, like plenty of other borough commuters, they return to their homes: grubby hideaways inside boarded-up lots that pock the once-booming neighborhood.

"I've got to sleep somewhere, and I might as well do it in Williamsburg," said Stuart, 22, a Florida college dropout.

The admitted alcoholic and heroin user makes $15 an hour panhandling in Union Square, holding a sign that reads "Traveling Broke and Sexy."

"The girls here like it that I'm dirty and I ride trains," he added.

The vagrants - who also call themselves "crusty punks" - swarmed into Williamsburg this spring, drawn by open-minded young people and vacant lots.

Packs of punks and their mangy dogs clog Bedford Ave. in the evenings. They sprawl drunkenly on the sidewalk and heckle hipsters for money and cigarettes.

"There's a big crowd of us here," said Sethry, 20, of Portland, Ore., lounging near North Ninth St. one recent night. "Every night it's a party with all our friends."

Ew. Can we fumigate? Given the excess of crusty-ass beards and plaid in the neighborhood, it's no wonder they feel at home.

Williamsboard has a huge thread on this nasty phenomenon.

Williamsburg's very own Gutter Punks, "BB Guns" (l.) and "Robert" (r.): If you see these two don't give them money and, it should go without saying, but don't give them sex either.


fuck you crusties and your mangy dogs you offend me with your bo seriously fucking clean your skank armpits smells like chlamydia and it goes without saying nice iphone I'm writing an app for you dumpsterspy

ok so i have been living the homeless life for some time now. i don't believe in spare changing people myself. i rather play music or sell something. however, i think its wrong to hate on an entire subculture that this author obviously doesn't know much about at all. i feel sorry for the close-minded. i love my lifestyle and wouldn't change it for anything. and by the way i know the guy in the bottom picture and hes good people in my book.

Wow you guys totally misunderstand us punks
im not gunna rant but every thing they do is for a cause sum are addicted to drugs but it dint start like that

As someone who spent a good amount of time living that life, Let me clear up a few points for the rest of you. Did you just assume that we just spontaneously come into existence? we don't. We're made the way we are. By the way not all of us are alchys or drugies either, in fact me and my friends drank moderately and used drugs never (except for one who used weed, but he was the exception and used it to help with a mental illness he suffered from). For another thing, I have found more compassion and loyalty amongst the so called "trash" than I ever experienced in the company of the "respectable" people (mind you I was one for a good long time too). These people may have their issues, but they're sincere in who they are, and what they're about. I know of no one who is "normal" who can look into their hearts and say the same.
Yeah, we got problems but let me tell you, yours are worse.

I hope they die of a overdose.

fuck you yuppies maybe if you chilled with them and lived the life you'd ether like it or get shanked. and on top of that thanks to your shity poorly thought out blog your gonna have to look at one more crusty smelly gutter punk. look out willamsburg here comes the BEAR. fuck you and give me all your change.

People who pay big bucks to look poor are pissed off that actual poor people have moved into their neighborhood. HOW DARE THEY!

you are all fucking faggots. it brings joy into my life that some real people have taken over your hipster bullshit town. hail satan. :)

Only thing worse is all you poser hipster who fucked up Williamsburgh. Move back to the suburbs with your tight jeans and you gay haircuts. Your pissed at these developement it's cause you fake artist hipsters destroyed the real art community of the Burgh and now you complain. What nerve!

Wow. I didn't think Williamsburg could get any worse. As much as I hate them, I have to give the gutter punks credit on that one.

i found this cartoon about the douchey crust punks:

Yes, their authenticity scares me. I like Tom Waits, but their utter lack of irony is bothersome. It's one thing when prep school kids pretend to run with another class and drink cheap beer. It's an entirely different thing to be harassed by poor people who've never ridden in a Saab. Is that how black people feel about us being in Brooklyn? Weird... this should be our place.

'Squatters said 510 Driggs Ave. is a "shooting gallery" - a hot spot for heroin.'

Gives new meaning to the thrift store right next door, 'Junk'.

I always chuckle when I see young kids dressing exactly like my high school friends (c. 1983), who I made fun of back then, btw.

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