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Who Is Dick Chicken?

We ask because he/she is suddenly everywhere. I can't remember the first time I saw the tag (late last year?) but in recent days there seems to be a Dick Chicken tag on every block in Williamsburg and Bushwick. He even has a girlfriend who's making the rounds: Pussy Ham.

Now, in our favorite appearance yet, an homage to Dick Chicken by Justin Mair just made an appearance in our inbox. It's a long exposure photo, shot in McCarren Park Pool. Mair says he uses flashlights to draw his "light graffiti" and didn't use Photoshop to embellish:


Check out more light graffiti by Mair here and a gaggle of Dick Chickens after the jump.









Will the REAL Dick Chicken PLEASE STAND UP!

I love the dick chicken. Here's a piece I peeped in my hood...

The original caption on this was "Cock, Accept no substitutions" and a sticker of this tag can be found on N 11th and Whyte.

I think it’s hilarious! Kinda like taking a stab at dildos and strap-ons.. hahaha

yo what a fag




Its someone trying to make money off fake "GRAFFITI", using graff as a tool to become the next empty art idiot!
They use a penis and a stencil, its retarded.

What's funny is if someone posted comments saying "Dickchicken" all over sites we all frequent, we would call him/her a troll.
But you spraypaint it all over the neighborhood, and suddenly you're acknowledged as a celebrity by the local blogs.
More than likely, Freewilliamsburg is friends with him/her and they have a show of their "art" coming up. Way to whore yourselves, FW.

"amazing use of light??!"
really, were you around 10 years ago when peeps were first doing this? And WAY better than what's here? DickChicken: Quantity does not mean Quality. Even in the street sense. I guess enough of it, will get you some time on a local blog or two, cause that REALLY means you've made it as a great artist. Shape up or get out of my hood.

Every time I see this douchebag's "art" I want to cross it out and write "try harder."

i think light art died with the Sprint "speed of light" advertising campaign. way to do something original...

i also find it sad that dickchicken was deemed worth of a blog post. there are far better bombers in this city...

I have been wondering this for some time now as well. I spotted Dickchicken in Chelsea last friday on 26th street on the base of a streetlight. Does anybody have any information on who "I Dream" is? Usually as a little balloon along with the phrase...

"It's fowl!"

the bouncer at Crash Mansion did tell me he was dickchicken the other night.

word on the street is, dick chicken is a bouncer at crash mansion...

You can purchase Dickchicken originals here too!?

email me at if you are interested in purchasing any prints. thank you!

Love this picture. Its an amazing use of light - I'm very impressed! Where can I buy it?

that light graffiti is awesome!

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