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Sports Bar, Bro


Shawn Muholland, co-owner of Williamsburg's lone sports bar Muholland's, spoke with Gothamist about gettin' drunk with hipsters, gettin' drunk on Saturdays in the rain, and the one time he saw a drunk chick shit on a bar.

It was packed, I mean you couldn't move at all, and a female customer took a shit... while standing at the bar. True story!

Natch this wasn't at Muholland's, but at another bar, probably the one featured in Michael Cera's Infinite Stroll Around New York. But, Muholland's really does deserve some credit as the lone outpost of testosterone in a battlefield of irony-plagued liquor establishments. It's too literal of a sports bar for non-sports loving hipsters to go there to hilariously wear Yankees shirts, only to ironically get drunk and then get wings just to smile and laugh at the fact that they're drunk and getting wings at a sports bar. So Muholland's, hats off to ya. It takes a bro to stand amongst the brahs.


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i've been going to mulholland's since i randomly stumbled in there the night they opened. the crowd has indeed gotten less tolerable, thanks largely to obnoxious azn lakers fans and a rotating cast of classy alcoholic b&t broads, but i'll be damned if the mere thought of their wings doesn't make me salivate.

This shithole is DOUCHEBAG CENTRAL... been there a couple of times and yes it pretty fucking lame... aargh just to think about it pisses me off!

maybe if they turn down the douchebaggery to a 5, i'll go back.

I guess because its the only sports bar in the Williamsburg area and Williamsburg is flooded with ppl who originate somewhere else it's not necessary to cater to native New York sports fans.

During the NHL Stanley Cup Finals the few hockey fans that were watching the game out back had the channel changed on them mid-period. Now we were all forced to watch the NBA playoffs (not FINALS, PLAYOFFS) on every TV but 2 in the back near the fireplace.

When asked if he could change it back to the hockey game the douchebag owner wouldn't do it...claiming more ppl want basketball then hockey (and apparently the 18 TV's showing the NBA game isn't enough for them). God forbid a native NYer came in and wanted to watch a Yankees or Mets game, also playing, that night but not on a single screen. According to the genius who owns this place, "the rule is front TV's on NBA back TV's on hockey". I was in the back asshole you can't get anymore back then your outdoor area... Plus WTF is up with "THE RULES". Any NY sports bar worth its salt has only one rule: THERE ARE NO RULES and sports bars with 20 TV's should show a different sport on every fucking screen even if it's shot put!

Such a shit hole and not that the owner cares but I warn every native and sports fan with ears to steer clear of this joke of a "sports" bar every chance I get.

this bar sucks. the food sucks. the beer sucks. the atmosphere sucks. the people, i would assume, suck, if any of them ever went in there.

i've been twice, unfortunately. once was because we thought there was a cuban restaurant there. happened to be free beer night, but nonetheless we were the only people there. the second time was to catch the end of a yankees/mets game after brunch at lodge, and we were the only ones in there that time, too.

lots of bars have TVs. lots of PEOPLE have TVs. i don't see how nine screens all showing the same thing and a selection limited to bud, bud light, and coors enhances my sports experience.

high def + alcohol = sports bar. sean has the right formula and i couldn't be happier to call the place home on sunday afternoons four months out of the year.

high def + alcohol = sports bar. sean has the right formula and i couldn't be happier to call the place home on sunday afternoons four months out of the year.

this place is pathetic.

if you really want to see a game/fight/ufc etc, go to RED STAR in greenpoint.

Only sports bar in Williamsburg and its terrible!!

Food is bad, service is worse... Prices are outrageous. They have the potential to be a great bar but other then sowing sports they have nothing going for them. Wake up and offer some deals for us true sports fans

Mullholland's is the better one which i like.

Mullholland's was better when it was The Pub.

the food is miserable at that place, but if your looking to watch a game its a great spot for it. During the NBA playoffs they had a good crowd (including some sports loving hipsters) and some good drink specials.

as far a sports bars go, mulhollands sucks. at least get your wings right, bro.

turkey's nest is the best place to watch a game - hands down. who the eff would put mulhollands ahead of the nest?

an idiot would.

Mulhollands is great. I searched high and low for a "sports bar" in Williamsburg to watch the Cavaliers during the NBA playoffs, and Yelp led me to this place. Some tasty food too.

Mulhollands is great. I searched high and low for a "sports bar" in Williamsburg to watch the Cavaliers during the NBA playoffs, and Yelp led me to this place. Some tasty food too.

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