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Hugs: No "Baggie" Jeans, No Long White Tees

Photo via Ben5000 on Flickr

Hugs. What are you, uh, trying to say here, buddy? I might be going out on a limb but it appears that you have turned your bunker-like bar into an exclusive tree fort that excludes "certain patrons," as Gothamist puts it.

No fitted hats? No sports attire? No long white t-shirts? No hoodies? No baggie [sic] jeans? No Timberlands? Being "selective"????? Are you serious?! Everyone, please, go to Hugs this weekend wearing all of these things and let us know what happens. Stay tuned to Gothamist in case Hugs answers their phone calls.

update: the sign has been removed, so says an internet commenter.


I went to "The Cove" formerly known as Hugs. Same racist vibe. This place is terrible. The service is horrible. The management is rude and the there is no order to anything. a stranger checked our id's and the bouncer had to "catch" him. It was just a mess. I wouldn't advise anyone to go there. If you want to be abused, I'm sure there are better ways.

Hugs sucks, and your all fags. done deal

you wish-

i think you intended to respond to me, lkjlkj. it's understandble to confuse the poster names, the way this is set up.
anyway, as far as getting the memo about frequenting this blog, it is irrelevant what this blog cares, it's only relevant what Hugs management cares.and when it comes to running a buiness, what other bars around you are doing is not always relevant. you have to think about liability. one bad incident can put you out of business in a night.
as far as "most patrons are college educated"... i worked in clubs and bars in Boston for many, many years. The education level there is pretty damn good as well. Nonetheless, as racist as you might interpret it to be with your 5 minute analysis, the fact is that years in the business will tell you that most of your biggest problems will originate from patrons dressed as this sign indicates. Whether they are black, white, hispanic is irrelevant What is relevant is this tends to be the popular mode of dress for subcultures who glorify violence and statistically most often partake in it in bars and clubs. almost every club i worked at in ten years had a sign like this, and when we didn't when was people got really, really hurt.

whatever the "nyc standard culture" is becomes irrelevant real quick when youre a business owner that has everything youve worked for threatened by a re-occuring group of kids. just like you can say the kids around here with skinny jeans like radiohead, you can reasonably stereotype that the ones dressed as the sign indicates might staert a problem.

i think my real underlying irk here is knee-jerk political correctness- i think this is a great example of the times us, on the left, will react and scream without thinking, like the right does with gay marriage. EVERY issue, no matter how seemingly obvious, deserves thorough, individual evaluatiion. and i see this as an example of where that has lacked. We, as the left, have a responsibility to always be the rational, dispassionate ones.

Hey Tamy, ever been to NYC? There is NO dress code for most bars, specifically any bar a w'burg hipster would go to.. which is why this sign is egregious.

Did you not get the memo when you started frequenting this blog that nobody around here gives a fuck about proper attire - or lack there of - and that this discrimination against one's clothing seems - on the surface, and in print - not to be about w'burg folks but instead is slightly racist and/or prejudiced, and unjust?

Your post is ignorant and silly. It's a bar, get over it - there shouldn't be a sign, that's why people are upset.

And, by the way, most of the "people" (hipsters) which patronize this establishment are college educated, some of them highly, and are most likely spending money at Hugs to help simulate local business... even though they should be paying it to Sally Mae.

Well, if you live in N6th and have to deal with the SEA crowd, you'd understand.

Seriously? have you all never been out to bars or clubs or restaurants before?
It's called A DRESS CODE. Have you seriously never seen this? This has been a common, standard business practice for SEVERAL DECADES, ALL OVER THE WORLD. Unbelievable. This is probably the most ignorant thing to complain about- you seriously must have graduated high school within the last 8 years or never, ever gone out anywhere outside of NYC in your life for this to strike a nerve with you. Seriously, I'm not exaggerating when I say this is the most absolutely moronic thing I've EVER heard of someone getting upset about.

And by the way, David is 100% right.

When the fuck did this blog get balls deep with people with lobotomies?

Like, do you just have a compulsive need to have something to get upset about, even if.... it's not even there?

ANYONE who thinks this sign is racist IS A RACIST themselves, because you automatically assume that a person that wears these clothes is a minority. First of all, its a HIPSTER bar, therefore, they want HIPSTERS patronizing it. Last time I checked, HIPSTERS came in ALL different colors as do THUGS. I am hispanic and DO NOT wear baggy jeans or any of the other attire listed and I've been to HUGS MANY times without incident. You're right, they don't want a certain type there, THUGS. But it has NOTHING to do with someone's color. And if you believe that ONLY BLACKS or HISPANICS are THUGS then YOU ARE A RACIST!

who likes that hell hole anyways??? take the Thugs away and you are left with a bunch of douchebags trying to relieve their frat boy days... so racist sign or not this fucking place blows.

No Puerto Ricans Allowed, just say it Hugs.

I am constantly amazed at the subtle racism of my neighborly hipsters commenting on this blog, NYC = melting pot, you don't like it, go back to Ohio. FW, I agree, that sign is f-ed up!

I've been to this bar a couple times, and saw the types of people wearing these clothes... I wish they had kept the sign. I heard it used to be a hip hop club or something so I guess they get the old patrons.

Have you ever been in or worked at a bar with some of Williamsburg finest Southside gangstas?

They will fight or threaten you at the drop of a hat and they don't spend any money. They get high before walking in and just intimidate everyone until they leave.

I'm with Hugs on this one.


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