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Inside the Bushwick Trailer Park (Video)


A small crew out in Bushwick have taken to living in a "artist community/trailer park" warehouse, which they lovingly call "The Nut Factory," and yes, they're looking for new tenants just like you!

For just $590/month, one gets access to a one-bedroom camper, a darkroom, recording studio, performance stage, gym, storage screen printing room and workshops for ceramics, metal and woodworking.

They say it'll be non-smoking and pet-free, but community overlords Hayden Cummings and his two business partners have already broken that rule with their dog Murray and cat Buddy. Socialism is never fair! (I kid, this isn't socialism. There's nothing more American than people living in trailers, in a warehouse, in Brooklyn, communally, with a limit on dogs, and a monthly fee, and overlords.)

From Craigslist:

Here's the story: A few individuals with a rooted commitment to providing affordable studio space for artists have signed a lease on a 6,500ft2 space with access to a huge backyard. The indoor space will accommodate a number of shared facilities (darkroom, recording studio, screen printing room and workshops for ceramics, metal, woodworking, etc.). The backyard will have 25 campers that will be rented out as private artist studios. Imagine your own mini-building with windows on all sides! Rent for a private camper will include access to all shared facilities. Located just off the Montrose [L] stop, it's in the middle of the East Williamsburg/Bushwick hotbed of creativity.

And here, a look inside:

Further class reading: Rented Spaces, h/t Gawker


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not to be a damp camping blanket but this cannot be legal for living in this city

Lee Mandell hosts a green dinner at his urban farm in Bushwick. At Boswyck Farm all the ingredients are local produced.

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