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April 24, 2010

Today: Bikes, BBQ and Bushwick

Do you like food? Do you like bikes? (come on now, of course you do). Well the Brooklyn Bike Shop is teaming up with activist/artist/musical collective Band of Bicycles for an all-organic cookout and screening of the film No Impact Man as a fundraiser for the Bushwick Farmers Market/Ecostation: NY and the Bushwick Food Co-Op. Go stop by -- it's gorgeous outside, and you look like could use a little sunshine.

Bushwick Rocks The Bike Shop

When Sat, April 24,4:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Where Bushwick Bike Shop, 1342A Dekalb Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn (map)
Admission $10 suggested donation
Bushwich Rocks the Bike Shop is a benefit, cookout film screening, and concert. Proceeds benefit the Bushwick Farmers Market/Ecostation: NY and the Bushwick Food Co-Op. The organic cookout will be from 4:30 to 7, followed by a screening of "No Impact Man." Suggested donation is $10.

May 28, 2009

Bushwick the Board Game?

The young, tired, broke, identity-craving, huddled masses continue their surge eastward along the L line... and the inherent humor of Brooklyn's gentrification has been nearly extinguished by a neverending slew of lousy hipster commentary. Case in point: This "Bushwick the Board Game" video, which is kinda marginally funny. Maybe it's just that the voice-over is super annoying, but we're left to wonder WTF is coming next.


“NullSet Films has evolved into a full-blown empire, with the creation of NullSet Games and its inaugural release of Bushwick the Board Game. The game has evolved along with our ever changing neighborhood and is now ready for you...

“Visit an art show, attend your bands gig, take a ride on the L and take home a handsome stranger. Roll the dice for the trip around the board to gather cards and coins. Physical challenges include tasks such as calling a former lover, spinning the bottle, and additional feats of strength. The first to end up at their new pad in the wick (and is able to pay rent) wins. Simple. Hipster tested, unanimously approved."

May 27, 2009

Homework Assignment for Better Veggies

Print & put in your building. Or just sign up.


May 08, 2009

Claw Money in Bushwick


Claw Money -Solo Exhibition-
May 8th-May 12th
Opening reception
7-10pm Friday May 8th 2009
43 Bogart Street, Brooklyn, NY

From Eastern-District:

Claw Money is a legendary Graffiti Artist, best known for her signature icon, a paw with three claws. This paw could be spotted all over New York during her days rolling with the prestigious graff crews, TC5, 5C, and her own crew, PMS. Until 2008, she was the Fashion Editor for Swindle Magazine[...]

Keeping up with Claw these days is no easy task. Between maintaining her eponymous clothing and accessories line, which has a celebrity cult following (M.I.A., Kayne West, Amy Winehouse, Santo Gold, Pete Wentz, and Cameron Diaz, just to name a few) and writing furiously for her irreverent fashion blog Blogue[...]

Some of Ms. Money's recent projects include Doug Pray's 2006 graffiti documentary Infamy and her first monograph, Bombshell: The Life and Crimes of Claw Money, published by PowerHouse books. The 2007 book, which archives a collection of graffiti, high style, and wild times, is already in its second edition printing. Most recently Claw has been on a world tour promoting two collaborative sneakers with athletic giant, Nike. The two styles, a peacock feather-adorned Vandal and lace-infused Blazer are Nike's first artist releases for women by a woman, setting a new precedent for female streetwear collaborations in an extremely male dominated market segment[...]

Sponsored by Belvedere Vodka, keepin' it classy!

May 03, 2009

3rd Ward Green Bikes Birthday Party


Yep, this is still going on today. It'll just be indoors now.

2 to 8 p, FREE admission and Colt 45

RSVP [email protected]

On our 3rd Anniversary in Brooklyn, we announce Green Bikes! Starting in May, when you sign up for a 3rd Ward membership you get a free custom-designed bike! To celebrate we've taken over Stagg street for a day of mayhem. Compete in a drag race, bring a t-shirt for live screenprinting, take a workshop, or just come for the fun.

Live Music: The Wild Yaks, Pterodactyl, Afuche, Aa, Lam, DJ Drew Heffron, DJ Grizzly Spears

Festivities: BBQ from Chef Stephanie Sugawara, Summer drinks, Bike competitions & performances, Films from Empire, Music videos from Moviehouse, Photobooth, Badminton, Selena Kimball in the Gallery

Free Workshops: Bike Repair, Reclaimed Lumber, Furniture Design, Welding Basics, Experimental Video Presentation, Building Green, Jewelry Workshop: Flocking, Fabrication: Alginate Casting, Leather as an Art

February 20, 2009

Going Postal in Bushwick


As I procrastinate another drab trip to the USPS location on South 4th St. (seriously -- why is that place the black hole of the 'hood!?) I'm fondly reminded of the days I toted around a neon pink sticker book under my arm, glittery unicorn and all. Martha Cooper, who you may know from her efforts in 1984's Subway Art, tells the Village Voice what we're all thinking. Or, at least, what we wish we were cool enough to think:

"What I really like about postal stickers is the idea that the U.S. government is participating in street art," Cooper explains from a counter stool in a 14th Street coffee shop, a knitted scarf and matching OBAMA-print hat tucked into her bag. She's simultaneously eating a whole-wheat doughnut and examining a sticker that demands, "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY MOONCAKE?" This conveniently works as a thought bubble, but it's actually scrawled on a page in the sleeved album she's brought along, to show off just a few of the "couple thousand" stickers she has spotted on foot since 2003, shot digitally, then carefully detached with an adhesive remover that lives in her backpack. "It's like a little treasure hunt, when you're walking around, to always have your eyes out."
So, Tonight at 7:30pm, go check out the launch of Miss Cooper's new book Going Postal, celebrating this special kind of government funded art at Ad Hoc with FREE drinks, of course. Oh, how I love thee, broken economy.

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