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October 14, 2009

Hipster Grifter's Next Career Move: Porn?

bucky_to_ja.png ja_to_bucky.pngIf a series of tweets between Animal's Bucky Turco and Burning Angel's Joanna Angel are any indication, the Hipster Grifter is allegedly looking to make a little career move after serving her nine-month sentence in a Utah jail and do some porn, er, pose nude.

Now, she's been published nude before after some photos were leaked on a blog during Hipster Grifter-Gate earlier this year, but this is different. This would be THG posing for Burning Angel, a site that is self-described as, "Alt, Emo, Tattoo, Goth, and Punk Rock hardcore porn at it's best with video, pics and blogs."

For Kari, this is a fantastic development. THG the brand is only getting edgier, and if she keeps sending these letters from a Utah jail that Animal's been publishing, her tattooed star will only shine brighter. And as Bucky tells us, "It can't hurt her resume and she is going to need a job when she gets out."

The correspondence:

Bucky Turco: @JoannaAngel Hey Joanna. The Hipster Grifter once again asked about a photo shoot when she gets out. Do you have an answer for her?

Joanna Angel: @buckyturco yes i would love to have her on the website.

Bucky Turco: @JoannaAngel Cool. I'm gonna print out your tweet and mail it to her. Thanks!

Fly, little USPS delivery man, and send along the printed tweet of news! The media world awaits the impending stream of hotdogs and hallways.

UPDATE!!!1!!: Bucky noticed I missed a rather important tweet in this whole shi-bang, from one Joanna Angel: "@buckyturco tell her I would love to fuck her on camera... I think we'd have a lot of fun =)". Joanna Angel. Wants to fuck. The Hipster Grifter. On camera. Good night, and good luck.


October 02, 2009

A Letter To Kari


Bryan sent Kari a letter in jail. You can too. And to construct your own Hipster Grifter paper foldable, go here.

October 01, 2009

Write to the Hipster Grifter in Jail!


Our beloved Hipster Grifter wants letters! She wrote a real letter to Bucky at Animal!

Kari Ferrell’s hand-written correspondence reveals what prison life is like for America’s favorite tattooed tiny Asian criminal. She tells us about her sentencing, her cellmates, the media’s portrayal of her and wonders how much she could get for her dirty jail underwear on eBay.

You can probably send her postcards to the following address (via Gawker):

K. Ferrell Inmate SO#: 295558
Salt Lake Correctional Facility
3415 South 900 West
Salt Lake City, UT 84119

That'd be nice of you. It's getting a tad cold out there to be just a lonely hot dog in a hallway.

August 13, 2009

Coming Soon To A TV Near You: The Hipster Grifter Law & Order Episode

Oh how we've missed her. From Gawker:

The show is said to be seeking Asian females, 25-29, to play a character who mirrors Ferrell's penchant for using sex and faked medical conditions to elicit sympathy and cash from gullible guys. [Note: we took out the specifics from the description because our tipster is afraid that revealing details might cost them their job] ....

there's "no word yet on whether or not she will be giving Jack McCoy a hand job with her mouth."

image: The Hipster Grifter paper foldable

May 06, 2009

Sam Temple's Band

sam-temple.jpgHe helped the cops apprehend the Hipster Grifter. Here's his band, Hermit Thrushes. Since Sam is clearly a hero for ridding our streets of the menace that is Kari Ferrell, the least we can do is give them a listen.

May 05, 2009

The Hipster Grifter Lied!


Surprise, surprise. She lied again. She didn't really turn herself into the cops. City Paper has the true story of how she was captured. [via]

A must-see video of Kari on Philly's local news after the jump...

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May 01, 2009

She Lives!

Of course we were hoping to hear her use her catchphrase, "I want to give you a hand job with my mouth." No such luck. She's does offer up a tired "seacrest out," right after accusing Vice of not paying her. Oh, and nice Disney tits Marilyn art. AnimalNewYork has some new pictures too.

April 27, 2009

'Super Cool' Rockers, Dancers, Hip Nerds & Graffiti Types Needed

Some hep cat looking for wacky trendsetters in Williamsburg, just sent us this. From the mailbag:



LES Types
Williamsburg Types
Street Artist
Graffiti Types
Hip/Nerd Look

And all other super cool folks!

Impossible Casting ( is seeking the coolest New Yorkers for upcoming paid advertising campaigns. E-mail us some pictures at submit (AT) About US: Impossible Casting is NY's premier casting companies. We cast models, actors and real people for TV, Film, commercials and Print. We also find a lot of our best people right off the street.

They forgot about grifters, bearded neo-hippies, and this dude, who is definitely rocking his own style:

image via

Who are the latest locals rocking their own style? We haven't seen the above or the Goth Pilgrim in a while. Let us know in comments, and please... SEND US PIX!

April 22, 2009

Korean Abdul-Jamar [sic] in GRIFT

Coming soon to a theater near you...


But one thing. It's Korean Abdul-JABBAR man. Get your hipster grifter shit straight. And can this be the last we ever mention her? Now that the meme has reached street art status I think we can pack it all up in our fanny packs and call it a day. Spotted in W'burg by Delete Yourself.

April 20, 2009

Hipster Grifter Bingo


April 19, 2009

The Grifster Scavenger Hunt


April 17, 2009

Another "Grifster" Story, This Time With Pirates


The hipster grifter is getting so much press, clearly she needs a nickname. From this point onward, she's the "Grifster."

Here's yet another tale of Kari Ferrell's exploits detailing her fondness for the phrase "I wanna give you a handjob with my mouth." Turns out some dude named Chris Giganti made out with her, despite finding her a bit chubby and pimply, not to mention sketchy and borderline insane. But what do you expect, when you post a personals ad that says "Semi-professional buccaneer looking for pirate girl with eye patch and glasses for adventures including, but not limited to, commandeering ships, burying and subsequently digging up treasure, drinking, and other general swashbuckling," as Chris Giganti apparently did.


Being new to New York, I decided to post a personals ad on Craigslist pretending to be an unemployed pirate looking for a three-eyed hipster girl (glasses plus eye patch = three eyes) [read the ad here - Tim]. I wrote it with a mixture of sincerity and ludicrousness, with the secret hope that someone interesting and attractive might actually come across it and respond.

Most of the responses were from porn sites looking for subscribers. But then I got this very well-written note from someone named Korean Abdul-Jabar, listing about seven reasons why I should want to get to know her, signed Kari.

And I have to admit, they were pretty compelling reasons. She talked about being into music and science, and she said she had a degree in physics. She attached a photo, and the tattoo on her chest of a phoenix was nearly as enticing as the pixie crop and the mild look of benevolent disdain. She included a line indicating her enjoyment of giving handjobs via mouth -- a phrase already on its way to Brooklyn infamy -- that was both provocative and hilarious in its directness.

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April 16, 2009

Your Authentic Hipster Grifter T-Shirt

Picture 3.png

It was only a matter of time before we got the Hipster Grifter t-shirt in our inbox (just $21.95!). And of course, no Hipster Grifter e-mail is complete without it's very own personal story attached! We've got a new one for you. In this tale, we hear from another actor in that mini-sex cop video who was interviewed by Kari for that "job" at GoldenVoice, a few lies about cancer and of course, Radiation burns! Click through to get grifted...but here's your preview: "She had a bunch of red lines on her wrist. 'Cutting yourself?' I joked. 'Radiation burns' she said. 'From the chemotherapy pills.'" Eesch...

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Hello Hipster Grifter

It seems new york's newest obsession was a free williamsburg reader. She left a comment on this post back in March, signed, of course, Korean Abdul-Jabbar. Good find Gothamist.

Kari, if you'd like to write an explanation to the world from your home here in W'burg, email me.

April 15, 2009

I Want To Give You a Hand Job With My Mouth


My my my. This story is so goddamn juicy I don't know what to do with it. Here are the basic facts, after that, I highly suggest you go find this Kari Ferrell and turn her in to the Salt Lake City Police Department (wanted poster here). It's full of sex, con artists, drugs and more sex, and most of it takes place right here in sunny Williamsburg. Here's a summary, but you really need to carve out fifteen minutes and read it at the Observer. Gawker also has a quick run-down.

1. 22-year old Utah con artist with "a cute pixie haircut" lies her way into a job at Vice.
2. After coming on to a co-worker there, he googled her, and she popped up on the Salt Lake City Police Department’s Most Wanted list. Fired!
3. She banged a dude after a Girl Talk show and then stole his cell phone.
4. She lied about having cancer, being pregnant and so forth. She smoked pot.
5. She went to the Beadruary event, was photographed next to a ton of beards, then said she was doing a book for Vice.
6. She gave the Union Pool bartender a note that read (t-shirt alert): “I want to give you a hand job with my mouth,” and was signed “Korean Abdul-Jabbar.” Nice!
7. She also passed along a note to someone at Fabiane's on Bedford that read: "I want you to throw a hot dog down my hall.”
9. And so, so much more.

If someone wants to design and sell that t-shirt (the hand jobs one) on Cafe Press or something, let us know we'll feature it right here, provided we get a few freebies.

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