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June 08, 2010

Senator Charles E. Schumer & The Pool Party Negotiations: Behind the Scenes

Photo by Michael Rusch for c/o the New York Times

The Times takes a long, hard look at just how Senator Charles E. Schumer came to back Jelly's Pool Parties as they faced contract renewal problems following last year's shows. It reveals there actually came a time when park officials grew frustrated with Jelly and began looking for alternative promoters.

But Schumer put the kibosh on those talks by "insisting that Jelly be part of the concerts series for this year, that there be no discussion with other people," according to Steve Hindy, chairman of the Open Space Alliance (and Brooklyn Brewery president). After a winter of negotiations, Jelly finally signed a contract last week for seven free Sunday concerts this summer. The bands have yet to be announced, but hopefully we'll get word soon of who's playing.

Like all upsides to a story, there is a downside. Bowery Presents, the promoter behind the Music Hall, Brooklyn Bowl, and a majority of the other venues here in the city, feels left out. Joe Lentol, our state assemblyman, thinks Senator Schumer got a little muscley, getting "a little more involved than he should have." But once he was in, it was all-in for the Senator. Lentol adds "when Chuck Schumer gets involved in something, it doesn’t matter if it seems to be small for a United States senator. He will not let it go until he’s resolved it.”

The first show will be July 11th.

June 07, 2010

Delorean Kicks Off Summer at Glasslands


PopGun kicked off their incredible summer lineup Saturday night with a sold out show of the best stuff out there in dance-pop right now... and one lucky reader was there thanks to, well, FREEwilliamsburg. Here's how the night went down, in the words of the ticket winner himself:

MillionYoung, two gentle youngsters from Florida, make squeaky clean guitar-driven electronica. To augment the precision, the vocals were washed with more fuzz and echo than perhaps any band I've seen save a beach-pop act or two that sparked up last year. THIS is chillwave riding its crest. Marco Diaz has crafted an early version of the future sound of pop, and would have played a spectacular set but for the "William Jean"-pegged MJ cover at the end that, sadly, just didn't work. Nonetheless, I look forward to more.

Restless People, yet to release an album (the self-titled EP is due mid-September), got the crowd dancing with their Tropical Rock-tronic sound. Recently signed to IAMSOUND Records and partially composed of our beloved Tanlines, the two tracks floating around, "Days of our Lives" and "Victimless Crimes", are furthering the dance rock that is coming to define this summer. Stereogum links them to another "sunny, globally minded dance-pop group... Delorean, zeitgeist-nailers making a lot of people sweat in 2010."

But Delorean is nearly a class unto its own, and this Barcelona fourtet drew a packed, sold out crowd. Almost as if The Avalanches finally achieved that perfect dance album, "Subiza" is becoming the sound of Summer '10. Tinged with the tongue-in-cheek cheesiness of the House music they surely grew up on, Delorean oozes a danceably hazy feast of pop sounds that also recalls fellow Spaniard El Guincho's pension of an Animal Collective aesthetic. "Simple Graces" and "Come Wander" are my jams for the hot days, but each track appealed to its own crowd as Delorean rocked the international hip scene they drew.

--Claiborne McDonald

More photos from Saturday night's show after the jump...

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Yeasayer Opens The Beach at Governors Island: Lines, Boats, and Coconuts

FW_YEASAYER_GOVERNORS2.jpg photo via mybrokenmouth on flickr

Yeasayer kicked off their summer-through-fall 2010 tour opening The Beach at Governors Island Saturday night. The music was fantastic, as expected (Yeasayer setlist). The logistics of getting thousands of sweaty hipsters out to an island accessible only by boat, on the other hand, were insane. Kudos to Bowery Presents, Highline Ballroom and Mad Dog Present for even trying, and thanks for keeping the taxis and music free.

It all started with a very long line, as such things do, that spanned from the gates of the Water Taxi building allll the wayyyy to Battery Park. Almost everyone behind me never even made it to the show as the island hit capacity about ten minutes after 7:00pm. The spot itself is awesome -- right there on the Governors Island "beach" overlooking the East River and NYC skyline. Best of all, they have dayglo fake palm trees.

Opening bands Keepaway and Delicate Steve were the openers, Yeasayer the main event. All rocked it solidly, but let's talk logistics, after the jump. In the meantime, here's Yeasayer performing O.N.E., via eyots:

Gone to Governor's - Yeasayer from The Big Secret on Vimeo.

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June 04, 2010

Belle and Sebastian To Play The Williamsburg Waterfront (tickets at noon)

You can get your twee on at noon, that's when tickets go on sale.

Beloved twee-pop cult heroes Belle and Sebastian haven't played a show on American soil since 2006. But this fall, the Matablog reports that the band will breeze through North American venues on a way-too-brief tour that'll include a pair of Mexican dates.

This announcement comes on the heels of news that the band is back at work, writing songs in Glasgow and recording in Los Angeles. According to a Friday news update on the band's site, they're currently in "the final stages" of recording a new album. They'll also tour through Europe and Asia in the coming months, and also promise some UK dates and "a trip to South America" before year's end. And they'll curate and headline the Bowlie 2 festival, which takes over Butlins in Minehead, England December 10-12. Taking twee global!

More information here.

June 03, 2010

The Ladies of Mountain Man Are Magical

[Thanks, Georgia!]

May 29, 2010

Major Lazer Plus La Roux = Lazerproof


The Major Lazer braintrust (Diplo & Switch) put this mixtape together for La Roux while working on new material in Jamaica. It features a bunch of JA-inspired blends, special remixes, dubplates and more but you don't really need to be sold on this thing - we are giving it to you today for FREE.
Grab it here.

May 24, 2010

Tuesday: Imogen Heap at Hammerstein

Screen shot 2010-05-24 at 5.09.32 PM.png

Imogen Heap is playing this Tuesday, May 25 at Hammerstein, and we've got a pair of tickets just burning a hole in our inbox. Who wants 'em? Head over here and leave a comment, or tweet as @freedubya, and you're entered to win. We'll announce a winner tomorrow morning!

May 21, 2010

Win New York Dolls tickets for Saturday at Warsaw

Hey everybody! Quick, go comment on this FB post to enter to win one of two pairs of tickets to see the New York Dolls play at Warsaw Saturday night.

A Friendly Neighborhood Service Announcement

Pavement tickets go on sale at noon for the Williamsburg Waterfront!

May 19, 2010

Ticket Giveaway: LCD Soundsystem @ Terminal 5!


LCD Soundsystem's latest, This Is Happening, finally hit stores this week (grab a digi-copy here), so this Thursday's sold out show at Terminal 5 will be absolutely bouncing. It's the first of four sell outs for James Murphy, the gang, and their openers Holy Ghost!.

Want to go rock it but having trouble scoring tickets? Us too, but fear not! Free Willy's got your back. We've got a pair of tickets up for grabs and you can put your name in our proverbial hat by doing one of two things...

1. Follow us & Tweet something like: "Hook it up @freedubya for LCD tickets @Terminal5! RT to enter."

2. Fan us over in PrivacyLand and leave a comment on this update.

That's it! We'll announce the winner around 2pm tomorrow. Good luck!

[photo by the talented ryan muir via flickr]

Kids Cover Deerhunter's "Nothing Ever Happened" [Video]

Good effort by these budding indie rockers on "Nothing Ever Happened," who even got noticed by the band they cover, which wrote, "This made all of us really happy." The solo bit around 4:00 is pretty sick, and the full video pan around 4:20 shows you the entirety of the situation.

May 18, 2010

Interview: Birmingham's Deluka Have Love for Brooklyn


Last year, the UK's Deluka came crashing into Brooklyn with local label Vel Records and haven't been able to stop the momentum since. The indie electronica band has found a special place for themselves with sonic references to anything coming out of Italians Do It Better and fellow UK rockers The Joy Formidable... and like their bio says, 2010 is the year Deluka just may well become your favorite band.

Deluka will be taking over NY for the next few nights with shows starting tomorrow at Ella Lounge followed by performances at Cameo, Piano's, and Nublu (in that order). We've got a pair of tickets for one lucky reader to check them out on 5/20 in Williamsburg at Cameo Gallery, all you have to do is go comment on our Facebook thread for a chance to win.

FREEwilly got Deluka to answer some questions about their Brooklyn faves, how danceable songs can have melancholy lyrics, and that Franz Ferdinand is still kinda cool. Check out the rest of the interview after the jump, as well as the video for Deluka's "Cascade"

First things first-- the band is named after a hooker. Why?

Kris Kovacs: Well, as Bobbie Gillespie once said; “Everyone’s a Prostitute”…and musicians, well they’re the biggest whores out there. Oh, and we needed a band name. One of us had just caught Pretty Woman on the TV, and we’d never noticed before, but Kit De Luca had ‘casually’ spent all the rent money on drugs! I mean, it’s not even made a big deal of, barely even touched on, which we found strange. Plus she had all the best one liners, and was generally more bad-ass than Roberts’ character. Like, who shouts after a friend “work it baby, work it!”? Genius!

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May 17, 2010

Interview: DFA Rockers Free Energy


I have to admit when I first heard Free Energy's "Dream City" I was enamored by it's T.Rex-ian opening, and also a bit annoyed by the bubblegum flavor. But after finding itself on almost all of my playlists last summer, I decided my subconscious was trying to tell me that DFA's Philly-based rocker boys were a crew to keep an eye on.

Since then, the band has released their debut full-length, Stuck on Nothing, and I've accepted that I want my classic 70's rock to come back in a modern way (à la high-waisted everything). The bottom line is, Free Energy knows who they are and exactly how they want to sound-- bringing classic rock hooks and guitar riffs together with the pangs of indie-pop. No summer BBQ or nap in McCarren Park would be complete without them.

I got a chance to chat with two-fifths of Free Energy after they opened for the legendary Iggy Pop at last week's Ray Ban party at Music Hall of Williamsburg about rock 'n roll mythology, Bob Seger, and how it's nice when buzz bands are actually good.

Check out the rest of the interview, as well as Free Energy's video for "Bang Pop" which premiered on Myspace today, after the jump... And be sure to catch them at Bowery Ballroom with Jukebox the Ghost on 5/29.

If you had to explain your music to someone who has never heard it, what would you say Free Energy is all about?

Paul Sprangers: I just tell people Rock 'N Roll or Classic Rock, I guess.

Geoff Bucknam: It's kind of back to the air of Rock 'N Roll as an expression of joy and lust and love. I think it's Rock 'N Roll stripped down to emotional drive. No? [looks at Paul] Is that too much for you?

PS: I mean, it's pretty slick. It's pretty composed and thought out, but as far as what we tell people it sounds like or what we describe it as... It's just Rock 'N Roll. Like, that's what I tell my mom. I wanna add, too, that moms really like this band.

GB: And we love moms.

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R.I.P. Dio

Ronnie James Dio, balls-out amazing metal vocalist, passed away after a battle with stomach cancer yesterday May 16th at 7:45am.

We here at FREEwilliamsburg are very saddened by the loss of such an awesome guy to such a terrible illness. So lift up your hand in devil horn salute to Dio, and enjoy this great video of him from 1983 singing Rainbow In The Dark.

Ronald James Padavona was born in 1942 in New Hampshire and raised in Cortland, NY. In an early act of metal bad-assery, he changed his surname to Dio after mobster Johnny Dio and began using it professionally in 1961. He was offered a scholorship to Julliard but passed on it to pursue his true calling: Rock.

While performing with his early band Elf, he caught the attention of Deep Purple's Richie Blackmore. Blackmore later joined forces with Dio and other members of Elf to form the band Rainbow. Medieval-themed hard rock awesomeness ensued.

After leaving Rainbow Dio famously replaced Ozzy Osbourne as the frontman for Black Sabbath. It was here that he popularized the Devil Horns hand gesture known to metalheads the world over. Dio claimed that the sign came from his old-world Italian grandmother, who often used the symbol to ward off the evil eye.

In 1982, after revitalizing Black Sabbath's career, Dio spontaneously left the band and formed his solo project, simply entitled Dio. In 1983 they relased their platinum-selling Holy Diver record, featuring one of Metal's most beautiful songs, Rainbow In the Dark.

Dio continued with his solo endeavors, also founding the heavy metal incarnation of Band Aid/U.S.A. for Africa, called Hear N' Aid, raising money for starvation in Africa. He briefly rejoined Sabbath for 1992's Dehumanizer record, but eventually returned to his solo work, which he continued with for the rest of his life.

He is survived by his wife Wendy, who posted the notice of his death on his official website.

We will miss you Dio!

- Amanda Mottur

May 13, 2010

Of Ke$ha, Elephants, and the American Indian

The director of Ke$ha's “Your Love Is My Drug” music video provided Flavorwire with some exclusive scene-by-scene commentary. It's fantastic! Like this, for starters:

“It was sweet the way Ke$ha bonded with the elephant, so we didn’t have the heart to break it to her that elephants and American Indians never co-existed.”

Ke$ha’s “Your Love Is My Drug” Video with Director’s Commentary

Hipster mp3-mart eMusic Wants Your Questions for The National


eMusic is interviewing The National this week on the heels of the release of their latest album, "High Violet," and they want you to submit your questions.

To submit, just tweet your question to @emusic w/ the hashtag #AskTheNational by 5pm today.

May 07, 2010

Primus / Gogol Bordello At Williamsburg Waterfront, Also... Weezer

This is perhaps one of the more bizarre pairings we've ever heard of, but blast-from-the-past band Primus will be performing with Gogol Bordello on July 30th at the Williamsburg Waterfront. Presale begins at noon.

Also, Weezer is slotted to play July 16. Tickets go on sale for that show tomorrow at 10:00 AM.

Gogol Bordello- "Start Wearing Purple" - March 09, 2010 @ The Fillmore / Irving Plaza, New York

May 05, 2010

Celebrate Brooklyn 2010 Schedule Released, Includes Sonic Youth, the Roots, Sharon Jones & the Dap Kings

Prospect Park will once again be home to live music this summer, as Celebrate Brooklyn is back with a line-up that includes both free and ticketed benefit shows.

Full schedule is listed below the jump, via Brooklyn Vegan.

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May 04, 2010

Who is Iamamiwhoami?

We're gonna go with The Knife:

More videos and the back-story on Buzzfeed.

May 03, 2010

Peter Gabriel Is Cooler Than You, Alan Palomo

This is pretty fucking rad. Via Stereogum:

The Dø Make Our Day, They Do

May 02, 2010

Konono No. 1 to Rock Prospect Park in July


Konono No. 1, the “Congotronic” rhythm combo with the killer likembé sound, is returning to New York City for two nights in July, Free Williamsburg has learned. The African octet will be celebrating the release of "Assume Crash Position," the group's much-anticipated second studio album set for release June 8.

The new full-length finds Konono No. 1 refining its epic thumb-strummed dance-pop—a modern take on traditional bazombo trance music—while maintaining its signature propulsive vigor.

The band touches down at Prospect Park on Saturday, July 17, to perform as part of Celebrate Brooklyn. The Konono crew crosses over into Manhattan the next night, Sunday, July 18, to play Le Poisson Rouge.

Vinyl junkies looking to catch up with Konono No. 1's recorded output and the Congotronic sound of Kinshasa generally might want to consider investing in the colossal, limited edition six-LP "Congotronics Vinyl Box Set" out now on Konono No. 1's label Crammed Discs.

Die Antwoord And M.I.A. To Perform At Governor's Island!

We couldn't be more excited about this show. Tickets are on sale now.


Age: All Ages
Doors Open: 5:00PM EST


April 28, 2010

People Of The North: Album Review


Check out this mind-blowing album review from our local record store maven Diana Kinscherf. Disclaimer: she loves it but hey it's Oneida's side project so get down on it in the groovy spaced out way!

People Of The North are here! (No, not the Canadians!) Back in February 2009, half of Oneida decided to record Deep Tissue, a four track LP on Oneida's own Brah label. Graduating from an Oneida song title to band moniker, People Of The North bring you a delicious high without having to blow your hard earned money on copious amounts of drugs.

Begin the trip on the flip...

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April 26, 2010

Market Hotel To Go Legit as "Spiritual Home" for Indie Rock


Organizers and residents of the Market Hotel put out a call for volunteers to come get involved in the ominously named "Market Hotel Project." This Project is a not-for-profit organization created with the aim of reopening the Market Hotel as a "non-commercial 'spiritual home' for independent rock music and indie art." The all-ages venue was shut down earlier this month after police officers raided a show and Todd P wrote it "got into some police trouble."

They write:

MARKET HOTEL PROJECT is a new not-for-profit organization dedicated to swiftly reopening and improving the Market Hotel space, by making the venue more viable, comfortable, safe, and better able to weather legal attention. Especially in these days of ever-encroaching commercialism and corporatism in “indie rock,” we envision a space that is a non-commercial “spiritual home” for independent rock music and indie art - but also is sustainable and sanctioned enough to expand indie horizons and open our doors to music and art from the rest of our diverse Bushwick community.

The first volunteer orientation meeting will be tomorrow night, Tuesday 4/27, at 8 pm at the Market Hotel (957 Broadway).

photo via eyebodega on flickr

New M.I.A, Video 'Born Free'

What better way to easy into a Monday morning. This thing is definitely NSFW:

April 20, 2010

April Smith and the Great Radio Show

Last Saturday, Mr. Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion strayed from its home on the range to broadcast the 10th Annual Talent Tee-Off battle of the bands from the New Jersey Performing Arts Center. The grand prize was awarded to Williamsburg/Bushwick based April Smith and the Great Picture Show. (Thanks to my mom, actually, for bringing the show and April's regional relevance to my attention!) If you want to listen to the show, go ahead and click here.

The retro outfit's radio hoopla helped spark some contemporary success; their newest release, Songs for a Sinking Ship, had a commendable run on the iTunes charts. (Note: may make a good present for parents)

April 16, 2010

Future Islands Through the Eyes of a Rude Dude

Just in case you needed more convincing, here's the video for Future Islands "Tin Man" directed by one part Rude Dude, Jay Buim:

Future Islands - Tin Man from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

April 15, 2010

[PICS] Ra Ra Riot at Bowery Hotel 4.14.10



[PICS] The Low Anthem and Timber Timbre at Bowery Ballroom

IMG_0069.jpg Last night, The Low Anthem played their first of two New York shows at Bowery Ballroom along with Timber Timbre and The Woes.

Strolling in on the middle of Timber Timbre's set felt more like an unwanted intrusion with the lights so dim and the crowd so quiet. The hushed setting was the perfect backdrop for Timber Timbre's eerie folk music and heavy bass drum. (It was however the worst backdrop for shooting any photos.) The changes from gentle violin and minimal guitar to the booming kick drum was genuinely startling but extremely engaging. The crowd was so absorbed I thought I heard the ice shifting in plastic cups and it felt inappropriate to be a little bit buzzed from dinner.

Low Anthem perpetuated this feeling of soothing and minimalist folk rock with their emotive group vocals and harmonies. The diverse instrumental sounds courtesy of Mat Davidson who moved from singing saw to drums and back round again enriched the entire romantic experience. Opting for newly written songs, The Low Anthem set did however include their fan favorite, "Charlie Darwin." The entire set was a beautiful collection of folk songs performed to showcase the genuine musicianship and band's cohesiveness.

Catch the Low Anthem's second show tomorrow night (April 16th) with Timber Timbre at the Bell House and more pictures after the jump!

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April 14, 2010

Plants and Animals take us to La La Land


At Union Hall last night, Plants and Animals treated the audience to a whole bunch of new tunes from their forthcoming album "La La Land," a worthy follow up for fans of their critically acclaimed, but perhaps under-appreciated, 2008 debut, Parc Avenue. Opening with the lead single, and album start-off, Tom Cruz (which you can stream, along with the rest of the album ), the band powered through 8 of the 11 new tracks, reaching into their back catalogue just once to pull out Faerie Dance. The tiny basement space was packed with a sold out crowd, and some of the most lush, dynamic guitar-rock I've ever heard from a 3 piece. I had my camera in tow to capture some pictures, and a video of one of my favorite new tracks, Undone Melody. Looking back, it seems the in-cam mic was almost as blown out as my ear drums, but hell, if you want to see and hear some new Plants and Animals, this is what I've got for ya.

More pictures and just a few more words after the jump...

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April 13, 2010

Sightings Interview


In honor of Brooklyn's own Sightings record release today, Diana Kinscherf caught up with guitarist/vocalist Mark Morgan on the how's and why's of a different kind of rock band and what it's like to have Andrew W.K. as a roommate...

What made you deviate from a regular rock sound into something noisier?

I remember when I was ten years old and hearing certain sounds and I was really excited by them. I wasn't inclined to punk rock or any other off-kilter music; I was really isolated in this suburban town of Detroit. There was this thing on MTV in 1983 or 1984 called "Closet Classics"; they played a lot of 60's acts like Jefferson Airplane, the Rolling Stones, and "Summertime Blues" by Blue Cheer and I remember thinking, "This is really amazing!". I never really woke up one day and thought I was going to oppose everything that's going on.

What did you grow up listening to?

The first tape I ever bought was Van Halen's 1984 when I was nine years old; by all rights, it should have been Def Leppard. It didn't occur to me to buy a record, so my parents bought me a boombox. The second thing I bought was Crazy From The Heat by David Lee Roth. Then I lost touch with modern music, when I was eleven I decided I was going to listen to classical music. I don't know why I thought that; it was really ridiculous. I remember when I was twelve, some guy came up to me and said, "Do you like the Beastie Boys?" "No...I only listen to classical music". I was into a lot of pop-metal stuff like Dokken, the aforementioned Van Halen and Ratt. When I was thirteen, my next door neighbor played the Doors for me. I got really into the Doors, at fourteen, fifteen, that was how I got into the Stooges. It was hard to understand how earth-shattering it was to me.

The extended interview after the jump...

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Hank Williams Gets Pulitzer

And it's about time!

The Pulitzer Prize Board awarded a posthumous special award to Williams, who died in 1953 at 29, for his lifetime achievement as a musician, praising the country legend for "his craftsmanship as a songwriter who expressed universal feelings with poignant simplicity and played a pivotal role in transforming country music into a major musical and cultural force in American life."

The board, chaired by Miami Herald Executive Editor Anders Gyllenhaal, decided on the "special citation" after a confidential survey of experts in popular music.

"The citation, above all, recognizes the lasting impact of Williams as a creative force that influenced a wide range of other musicians and performers," said Sig Gissler, administrator of the Pulitzer Prizes, in a statement. "At the same time, the award highlights the board's desire to broaden its Music Prize and recognize the full range of musical excellence that might not have been considered in the past."

April 10, 2010

HEALTH Premiere "We Are Water" Video

This video by the awesome Eric Wareheim may ruin your day:

HEALTH "We are Water" from Eric Wareheim on Vimeo.

April 09, 2010

Tonight: 90's Sing-Along at Legion


The 90's sing-along is back at Legion tonight with what organizers promise will be some of the best, some of the worst (but "so bad they're awesome") music videos for people to sing their hearts out.

No microphones. No requests. It's like Communist Karaoke! Just sit back (or stand up and dance) and let your voices combine to relive some 90's hits and hidden treasures that You, You, You Oughta Know. Don't be a Loser, Baby come Jump Around and Vogue to some Good Vibrations or you'll be Tearin' Up My Heart but it's ok if you Linger because I Will Always Love You.

9pm // Legion (790 Metro) // FREE

Video: LCD Soundsystem @ Music Hall "Drunk Girls"


LCD Soundsystem photo by underwhelmer.

Video of the band playing "Drunk Girls," a song Rolling Stone notes could be "an early single-of-the-year contender," at the Music Hall of Williamsburg via Music for Perfect People after the jump.

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April 08, 2010

Video: Freelance Whales "Generator 2nd Floor"

Queens-based Freelance Whales debuted their new video for "Generator 2nd Floor" today. Check 'er out and DL the mp3 here.

Tonight: NYC Discusses Waterfront Plan, Go Make Noise for Waterfront Concerts


There's a kick-off meeting tonight for Vision 2020, a year-long initiative that plans to outline the future of New York City's waterfront properties. This is your best chance yet this year to show up and advocate for a permanent place on the water for concerts & events.

As Jelly wrote in their recent Jelly Roll, "This is a great opportunity to make some noise and demand the park we were promised in the 2005 Waterfront Rezoning agreement - and believe it or not, when people show up en mass it makes a big difference."

A source there noted the reason a skate park exists at the McCarren Park Pool is because skaters made some noise at a planning meeting for the pool. So, it works.

Tonight's meeting is at Murry Bergtraum High School (411 Pearl Street, Manhattan) from 6:00 to 8:30 pm.

If you can't make that, State Senator Dan Squadron is looking for community input "on legislative and community priorities" this Sunday, April 11th from 2:00 to 5:00 pm at the Borough of Manhattan Community College (199 Chambers Street, Manhattan). His district covers lower Manhattan, which is why the meeting is there, and parts of Brooklyn alongside the East River from Greenpoint to Carrol Gardens, give or take.

Learn all about NYC's waterfront initiatives at

April 07, 2010

LCD Soundsystem Announces Music Hall Show, Tix Sell Out Immediately

In case you weren't paying attention to your Twitters at 9:01 am, a secret, last-minute LCD Soundsystem show went on sale and sold out mere seconds later (my guess, the ticketmaster page was gone by the time I got to it, now it's just plain sold out). They play T5 in May, so as Sound of the City says, "have faith little guy!"

April 05, 2010

Bear In Heaven: 'Beauty'

It's a bit lo-fi, but we've been enjoying this video by Bear in Heaven. Check them out April 9 at the Music Hall of Williamsburg where they will be performing with Cymbals Eat Guitars. [Thanks Christina]

Are NYPD Funds Best Spent Busting Underground Shows?

A commenter on the Market Hotel bust:

wah, a hipster party go broken up--at the intersection of bushwick and bed-stuy, where there is plenty of violent and drug-related crime that should be keeping the nypd busy. the police often (but not always, i know) look the other way at lesser crimes like, say, open containers or noise complaints so they can attend to relatively more pressing concerns.

with the nypd facing budget cuts and drastically reduced ranks, last night's raid at market hotel begs the question: why were valuable and limited police resources used to break up a harmless, docile party, instead of addressing the serious crime that persists in the area--the kind that most taxpayers want their money spent on?

I think A. It's easier for the police to target a large gathering of folks than drive around patrolling an area and B. there's money in them thar raids. But yes, this is nothing new. I'm sure anyone who's spent time in a town with a crime problem anywhere else in the country has seen the whole "cops unfairly targeting rich people drinking" headache persist for years.

April 04, 2010

Police Raid Market Hotel

verbthecops.jpg UPDATED 1:18 PM - SEE AFTER THE JUMP

Last night approximately ten, mostly "undercover" police officers (wearing hoodies and jeans but still managing to look a lot like cops) raided a show at Market Hotel. The coppers were out to put an end to a sordid affair which begun with up and coming band Big Troubles, who were missing their drummer because he had a lot of homework and couldn't couldn't come home from college to play the show. When the men in blue (hoodies) arrived, Darlings had just finished a set of sugar sweet pop and the crowd was waiting on Golden Triangle who never got a chance to take the stage. Chicago's Smith Westerns were to headline, four menaces to society who have managed record an album and tour the U.S. before even turning twenty.

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March 31, 2010

Listen: The Notorious XX by Wait What


Wait What is a 24-year old DJ employed at a San Francicsco tech company who is having one hell of a week. Last week, on the 13th anniversary of Life After Death, he released his debut album The Notorious XX, which, as the name suggests, combines Biggie and The XX into a union one wouldn't expect to sound as right as it does. It's an instantly iconic CERN-like mashup of indie rock and hip hop that totally works. The atoms are colliding!

He writes:

the notorious xx began as an idea in my sister’s apartment, where I was trying to figure out what it would sound like hearing juicy over vcr, and since then expanded to include all 11 tracks of the xx’s debut album chopped, sliced, and mashed up with biggie’s vocals. I made it over the span of a few weeks in boston, williamstown, albany, chicago, aspen, denver, and san francisco, and then mastered over 10 days in zurich, zermatt, london, san francisco, dallas, baton rouge and new orleans.

Stream it here, and after the jump check out the video for juicy-r [the notorious b.i.g.'s juicy vs. the xx's vcr] (mashup).

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March 30, 2010

Moonmen on the Moon Man and Saucy Jacks impress at Silent Barn

On Sunday night I trekked to outer-Williamsburg and Silent Barn (I think the domain name is still available if you're curious) where I had the good fortune of catching Moonmen on the Moon Man, The Saucy Jacks and The Nymphets. A band called Sleepies opened the show but due to the incomprehensible trend of shows starting on time I only caught the last couple songs of their set. The show was my first chance to see Moonmen and Saucy Jacks, the latter band being in town from San Francisco, where the show's promoter Popjew met them and put Sunday's bill into motion.

(Moonmen on the Moon, Man; image by Dominick Mastrangelo)

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Nas & Damian Marley Playing Williamsburg Waterfront July 31st


Looks like the OSA has booked a second benefit show in addition to Faith No More at the Williamsburg Waterfront this summer. Nas & Damian Marley are playing the 'front (can we call it that?) on Saturday, July 31st at 7pm. Tickets go on sale this Thursday 4/1 at 10:00am, so get on it!

Brooklyn Bowl Accepting Summer Interns

Brooklyn Bowl is looking for summer interns, er, "social media and live music ninjas." Email [email protected] if you want to get in on that sexy action.

March 29, 2010

Small Black Debut "Despicable Dogs" Video

This is the moment we've been waiting for... and it single-handedly made me super excited for the summer, which would be a lot cooler if we could just hang out with Uncle Matt the whole time. Via The Music Slut:

March 24, 2010

Baumbach, Murphy, Greenberg, and Greenberg - Friends in Art


Herein lies select responses and some commentary following a roundtable interview with James Murphy, LCD Soundsystem frontman, and more importantly for the sake of this interview, the original score artist in writer/director Noah Baumbach's newest film.

Wantonly neurotic, fresh off of a mental breakdown, and finding himself once again in his family's Hollywood hills mansion after having a pre-mid-life in Brooklyn (or, because he has to be more specific: Bushwick) - Roger Greenberg, of Noah Baumbach's newest, Greenberg, rarely feels comfortable operating in the present tense, preferring instead to relish in the comfort of nostalgia. A similar sentimentality runs through many of the songs by James Murphy and his celebrated electro-rock outfit, LCD Soundsystem.

Baumbach, who got to know Murphy musically and emotively after he first heard “New York I Love You.” It isn't a stretch to imagine a character like Roger listening to a band like LCD Soundsystem. When the director started to consider what kind of soundtrack would be appropriate for Greenberg, he called up Murphy. What began as mutual respect and admiration between the two artists quickly became an amicable (and kind of adorable) professional relationship.

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DIY Bushwick Music Festival Opens Tonight


The DIY Bushwick Music Festival kicks off tonight with a free show at Eastern District at 5pm followed by a slew of shows and parties at venues all across Brooklyn.

Seven venues, including Brooklyn Fireproof, Bushwick Music Studios, Don Pedro, Easter District, Goodbye Blue Monday, Northeast Kingdom, and Party Expo all start tonight at or around 7pm, with bands like Shinobi Ninja, Pearl and the Beard, and Aviation Orange on the bills.

The inaugural festival will feature Brooklyn-based bands, DJs, and artists performing in alternative Do-It-Yourself spaces just a walk or a bike ride apart. Admission prices range from free to $10 with an average ticket price of $5. Festival passes will be available online for $20, with Friday/Saturday passes available for $10. This is part of an effort by festival organizers to make sure that the events are accessible to all.

For a complete list of bands, venues, and shows visit DIYBushwick.

March 23, 2010

WOXY.COM Suspends Operations Due to "Current Economic Realities"


With the passing of SXSW,, the awesome & popular web-based rock & roll music station has suspended operations as of this morning.

In a statement posted on its website, they blame "current economic realities and the lack of ongoing funding for WOXY's operations."

Here's the full statement:

WOXY Listeners, Fans and Friends...

Due to current economic realities and the lack of ongoing funding for WOXY's operations, we've been forced to suspend our live broadcasts as of March 23rd. We're continuing to explore options to keep The Future of Rock and Roll alive. For business inquiries, please contact Bryan Jay ([email protected]) or John at Future Sounds ([email protected]).
Thanks for your years of dedicated support.

- Mike, Shiv, Joe, Paige, Brian and Bryan Jay

Bummer. Here's hoping they find those options.

March 18, 2010

Alex Chilton R.I.P.

Crushing news from the Memphis Commercial Appeal: Alex Chilton, the legendary singer, songwriter, and performer who created music with the Box Tops, Big Star, and as a solo artist, died today. Chilton was in New Orleans and was scheduled to play in Austin this weekend with the reunited Big Star as part of SXSW. According to the paper, he complained of feeling ill and was taken by paramedic to the hospital. Cause of death has not been confirmed, but the Commercial Appeal reports that it is believed to be a heart attack. Chilton was 59.

March 17, 2010

Hot Chip's Boy Band Video for "I Feel..."

Hot Chip - I Feel Better

Hot Chip | MySpace Music Videos

March 15, 2010

Devendra Banhart Premieres Psychedelic "Baby"

Ok, so it's not really psychedelic, just kind of weird. But, we get it Devendra, you like to be "different" all while looking extra cool-- even though the new album is a corporate packaged version of all your previous work. It's ok, we'd still probably sleep with you even if you like to space travel in a suppository. Via Pitchfork:

In the adorably tripped-out new video for Devendra Banhart's lilting "Baby", Devendra and his bros (including MGMT's Andrew VanWyngarden and the Strokes' Fabrizio Moretti) travel in a cigarette-shaped spaceship through what looks like a planet's butthole, whereupon they party with animated aliens, a baby, and GZA, the latter of whom is dressed like an interstellar pharaoh. And yet the weirdest thing about the clip may be the ill-advised mustache/soul-patch combo that Banhart is currently rocking.

March 12, 2010

Yeasayer: O.N.E. [Secretly Canadian]

March 11, 2010

Hello Brooklyn

It's OK to like this. We won't tell.

March 10, 2010

Report from the Scene: "I was almost captured by MGMT"



From Lola, a tipster: "I saw a Brooklyn Vegan thing about it. Said it started at 5 so I just went down there. Over. I got a button that says 'I was almost captured by MGMT.' There were a few other disappointed fans. On my way home along South 2nd St. I saw a circle of hipsterized high schoolers flirting with their buttons on. And I thought, twitter, you have failed me. You have failed me hard."

She took these pics, first of their sidewalk chalk writing, "MGMT WAS HERE 4.13.10," and second, the button. That date is the day their album drops. Not to be confused with the day their testicles drop. This "stunt" was lame, MGMT. Muchos lamos.

Update: And here's a report from someone in the van. "I was captured, we drove around listening to congratulations then they gave us tshirts. The album was surfy psychedelic." He continued, "it was literally a white van with a random limo driver, two girls running the whole thing and me +8 other people that showed up."

MGMT May or May Not Be Playing Glasslands Today and the Password May or May Not be Kitten.

img via and via

This all according to speculation on the twitters. At 5pm. In like, 5 minutes.

Update: "Actually the MGMT event is NOT a show. It's just an "event". Stay tuned."

Update 2: Or maybe you'll just get to hang out in a van? WTF..."Have the opportunity to ride in a specially adapted passenger van in and around his or her Contest Location (“MGMTmobile”) and have the opportunity to be a part of a unique MGMT fan experience; and receive a limited-edition “I WAS CAPTURED BY MGMT” tee-shirt."

Faith No More to Play Williamsburg Waterfront for OSA


Faith No More will be playing their first east coast show in ten years on July 5th, as a benefit for the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn. It'll be part of a series of benefits for OSA. Tickets go on sale Friday March 19th at 12:00pm EST on Ticketmaster, and its unclear at what price as of this moment (although other for-profit shows are listed at $42.50).

Brooklyn Vegan notes, "This is the first Williamsburg Waterfront concert announcement of 2010 and the first time a show at the space will cost money. Last year I don't think they could get the details worked out in time."

Keep in mind, this isn't a Pool Party show, but a benefit, much like the ones McCarren Park Pool used to host (ie. Devo).

March 03, 2010

The Naked Heroes

naked-heroes.jpgIn the past couple of years the power chord duo, The Naked Heroes, have become a New York staple. If you haven't caught them live, do yourself a favor and check them out. No one rocks harder in Brooklyn. To commemorate the release of their new video, "Sheila," George Michael Jackson and Merica Lee were nice enough to answer a few questions.

Who would you say you relate to more, George Michael or Michael Jackson?

GMJ: George Michael for sure. George Michael doesn't give a fuck, he got caught with crack cocaine while cruising for random ass with strangers and when he got caught he told the press "It's who I am." Nobody else has the balls to say that, they all apologize, beg for forgiveness and act like total pussies. Also, I'm a big sucker for that Wham Christmas song.

ML: Ya, Wham.

What's it like being in a band with your spouse?

GMJ: It's pretty much the best thing ever. It feels like one big interconnected Jenga game of life and rock 'n' roll.

ML: Totally! But, I can't help thinking GMJ longs for the decadent rock slut days of the 70's and 80's. All of a sudden being on tour with your wife doesn't sound so cool...

She doesn't mind you singing about "Sheila?"

ML: Are you kidding! Sheila is such a Rock 'n' Roll... concept. Sheila means "musical" in Celtic. There's the Smiths song "Sheila take a bow." Fucking awesome Sheila E. and of course, Ready For The World's "Oh Sheila".

GMJ: Are you stoned?

Who leaves more hair in the shower?

GMJ: Merica's extensions definitely get caught in the drain.

Where are you and Merica from. How long you been in Greenpoint?

GMJ: I've been in Greenpoint for 10 years now. I love it here. I wish I knew some Polish though, you would think I would have picked some up but I haven't at all. Our deli guy Sam is Palestinian and speaks fluent Polish and about 5 other languages. Sam is my language hero. By the way, our deli on the corner of Diamond and Nassau is the best deli ever. Sam, Moe and all those guys are great. Sam even made a cameo in the "Sheila" video.

ML: Plus, 99 Diamond is a little Rock Oasis.

Excluding The Naked Heroes, who rocks the hardest in Brooklyn?

GMJ: Born Loose. Larry May is a consummate frontman and entertainer. I saw those guys rock The Charleston at 1am a few months back and part of my face is probably still in a dirty corner somewhere.

ML: Ya, Larry May. I saw him barf onstage once!

Pick one: Mastodon, Lightning Bolt, High on Fire.

GMJ: Mastodon.

ML: But the dude from High on Fire is so freakin' hot.

What's your favorite place to hang in the hood.

The Palace is by far our favorite. Jerry and Johnny are hilarious awesome dudes and you can guarentee you will hear some Dio or old school Metallica when you're there. Just don't ever go in the back room or they will drag you onto the street

When can we see you perform next?

GMJ: We are releasing a limited edition picture disc vinyl 12" of our record "99 Diamond" on Drug Front Records and will be having a release party for that soon but we haven't nailed down a date yet. Our next show is March 31st at Trash Bar with Runny / The Whores and The Heartpunchers. Ken from Runny directed our video for "Sheila" and he rocks the stage like no other.

ML: But, stay tuned; we play Brooklyn all the time.

March 02, 2010

Bowlive with Soulive Starts Tonight


Tonight marks the start of Bowlive, a ten-night run at Brooklyn Bowl by the juicy and sweaty and funknasty band Soulive. The residency includes special guests each night, and will only set you back $10 on weeknights and $12.50 on weekends. To make me say this extended event is highly recommended would be an insult to both your intelligence and honor. You know I'll be there.

Soulive + Brooklyn Bowl = BOWLIVE! 2 Week Residency!




Tues 3/2 Vernon Reid of Living Colour
Wed 3/3 Raul Midon
Thurs 3/4 Ryan Zoidis & Sam Kininger & Christian Scott
Fri 3/5 Sam Kininger and Tash Neal (London Souls)
Sat 3/6 TBA
Tues 3/9 TBA
Wed 3/10 Oteil Burbridge and Kofi Burbridge
Thurs 3/11 TBA
Fri 3/12 Marco Benevento
Sat 3/13 DJ Logic

$10.00 WEEKNIGHTS // $12.50 WEEKENDS

Keith "Guru" Elam Recovering

We wish him the best! From Spin:

Keith "Guru" Elam, the MC for Brooklyn-based, jazz-tinged outfit Gang Starr, who suffered a heart attack over the weekend, is recovering after treatment in a New York City hospital.

The news about Guru, 43 -- first reported by hip-hop blogger and Hot 97 radio personality Miss Info -- broke late Sunday night, as well as word that the rapper had slipped into a coma. But Tuesday morning, Guru's Gang Starr partner DJ Premier posted this update on Twitter: "Good news: Guru surgery was successful, keep sending him love."

The impact of Keith "Guru" Elam transcends quotable rhymes or dope records or his notable outreach between hip-hop and jazz musicians. Starting with his and Premier's stupendous 1989 debut single "Words I Manifest" (watch the video below), which profoundly flipped a sample from a Miles Davis and Charlie Parker recording of "A Night in Tunisia," the resolutely adult murmur and hum of Guru's lyrics gave the group a vast authority.

March 01, 2010

Remembering the Good Times

Thank you videogum for this gem. If anyone needs us, we'll be busy searching for this dance party. (Suggestions welcome!)

February 27, 2010

Die Antwoord: Enter the Ninja

We can't get enough of these guys. [Thanks Kevin]

February 20, 2010

Download Rude Dudes Mixtape, Release Party Tonight

Our favorite DJ duo is back at Legion tonight, and this time it's not just to make you shake your ass-- Rude Dudes are celebrating the release of their super awesome mixtape, Oui Be Jammin'.

And since the Rude Dudes love you, and we love them, FREEwilly has got the exclusive download of the mixtape in its entirety.

Check out the cover art and tracklist after the jump...

Flyer and Cover Art by Behold the Destroyer

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February 17, 2010

MGMT Debuts Album Cover Art


It was painted by "lowbrow" artist Anthony Ausgang, who met MGMT while they were recording "Congratulations" at a very large house in Malibu.

Not being a musician I was occasionally left to my own devices so I would sit around and draw on pieces of paper then leave them there when I went home. I got along well with the band and gave them copies of my book, Vacation From Reality. Later, Josh Cheuse, the art director from Sony, contacted me once the recording was finished. The most important thing was that MGMT wanted the "look" of my style of painting and gave me only a few points that I had to hit. (ed: itchy & scratchy. surfboard. 8 eyes. go?) Naturally the process took some time but they were always cool with the criticisms. A lot of people who commission a painting only know what they don't want; fortunately MGMT knew what they wanted and let me do it my way.

Pitchfork adds, "According to insiders, Congratulations features flutes, at least one 12-minute song, and is generally out there. And, according to this pre-order page, the special edition of the album features a "scratch off front cover with custom metal coin." We're pretty sure these dudes are just fucking with us at this point."

Here's hoping for a scratch-n-sniff sticker on the plastic.

Boing Boing

February 16, 2010

Phantogram on the Big Ugly Yellow Couch

For the third installment of couch sessions over at Big Ugly Yellow, Phantogram made the trek from the L train in the snow to deliver some tunes to warm us up with:

When I'm Small by Phantogram from Big Ugly Yellow Couch on Vimeo.

Be sure you let us know who you wanna see next on the couch in the comments, and we'll make sure the kids over at Big Ugly Yellow get the message.

February 15, 2010

Should Have Known Better

This totally legit cover was playing in Blackbird this weekend. I tipped my stoney waiter accordingly.

February 14, 2010

Interview with Die Antwoord

Maybe these guys are a joke, but we still love them.

February 12, 2010

Last Night: Metric at Milk Studios



February 10, 2010

Recommended Twitter Hashtag: #WebBands

Sometimes there are Twitter hashtags that leave me "out of the joke" and make me want to go hide. This is not one of them! With #WebBands, I can feel smart AND sassy! Go have fun.

February 08, 2010

ARMS on the Big Ugly Yellow Couch

[via our lovely friends over at Big Ugly Yellow]

Home Life by ARMS from Big Ugly Yellow Couch on Vimeo.

February 07, 2010

Hot Chip and French Horn Rebellion at Music Hall


A shameless night of dancing and sweating is what I would call last night's sold-out Hot Chip show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. It's rare to see a massive crowd so willingly succumb to dance beats, but Hot Chip (and the happy hour specials) were able to entrance the crowd for their hour and a half long set. Having already sold out two shows at Terminal 5, these tickets were hard to come by, but those who got in were captivated by the British electro-pop's seemingly flawless set. Earlier this week Hot Chip celebrated the digital released their fourth studio album, "One Life Stand." The British ensemble performed tracks from their latest release as well as crowd favorites including, "Over and Over" and "Ready for the Floor."

Hot Chip drew a massive crowd of skinny jean wearing hipsters who all seemed to be surprisingly impressed by the opening act, French Horn Rebellion. The Brooklyn-based electronic duo drew a large crowd away from the downstairs bar to serve up a batch of hot beats, a dash of drama and one killer french horn solo from the balcony.

See more pictures after the jump!

--Christina Lang

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Sunday Afternoon Walk

鎮座 Dopeness : Mogu Mogu from Shane Lester on Vimeo.

What afternoon walks should sound and look like.

via MBV

February 04, 2010

The Death Set, Japanther Playing Station 171 Tonight, Yes, There Is A Shuttle


Best part of the already set-to-be-awesome show at Station 171 tonight with Leaders, Boogie Boarder, Cerebral Ballzy, The Death Set, and Japanther? A free shuttle to take you from the corner of Union Ave and Conselyea St. to the venue!

February 03, 2010

Straight Outta Cape Town: Die Antwoord

These guys are total freaks. We can't wait to hear more. UPDATE: Die Antwoord Is "Fake," And So What?

Dinosaur Feathers Debut “Fantasy Memorial” @ Fort Useless Tonight – A Party of Listening

dinosaurfeathers-fantasymemorial.jpgFrom 7 p.m. to midnight tonight, you can check out Brooklyn-based-band-on-the-up-and-up Dinosaur Feathers’ debut LP “Fantasy Memorial” for the first time during a party at Fort Useless, with a mass listening (9 p.m. sharp!), live special guest performances throughout the evening, and, oh yeah, according to the Facebook event, “Free Miller High Life starting at 8pm – while it lasts!”

If, like me, you’ve been feeling particularly S.A.D. recently, the breezy, up-tempo, tropico-rock songs that Dinosaur Feathers so charmingly deliver may just serve to be sunbeams bursting forth from the speakers. The actual release date of “Fantasy Memorial” is March 2nd, just two weeks before they head down to Austin to play a slew of SXSW dates and make waves that will be felt outside of the boroughs.

Dinosaur Feathers - Vendela Vita, from “Fantasy Memorial”, via Poptarts Suck Toasted
(Don’t you feel warmer already?)

Another new tune, Teenage Whore, is available on the Dinosaur Feathers Myspace.

[Event - via StereoactiveNYC]

Introducing the Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra (& their fantastic covers)

The Williamsburg Salsa Orchestra hit the internets hard yesterday with their cover of "My Girls" by Animal Collective. It's great! But you thought that was it? You thought that's all they had? Their percussionist Gianni Mano just uploaded a few more songs to YouTube, including "Alala" by Cansei de Ser Sexy (CSS), "Wolf Like Me" by TV On The Radio, and "Lloyd, I'm Ready To Be Heartbroken" by Camera Obscura.

Check out TVOTR's "Wolf Like Me" below, and click through for the others.

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Pool Parties Def Back on the Waterfront, Agreement Signed, Slip N' Slide May Return!


Jelly just confirmed what Colin wrote and Gothamist reported yesterday, as they officially announced the return of the Pool Parties this summer, revealing that Senator Chuck Schumer and "the good people at OSA and State Parks" granted their wishes to hold the concerts right there on the waterfront for a second summer.

Also, the slip n' slide might make it's return! Maybe? They write: "If the slip ‘n’ slide does indeed get to come back, we officially invite you guys to take the inaugural dive!!"

Here's the rest:

"We are pleased to announce, with confidence, that thanks to a great deal of help from Senator Chuck Schumer and the good people at OSA and State Parks, we have a signed an agreement to keep Pool Parties at East River State Park this summer! We are looking forward to spending the fifth year anniversary of Pool Parties back on Williamsburg Waterfront and trust that we have some MAJOR surprises in store for you! Come visit us on the waterfront from July 11th—August 29th and let's celebrate 5 big years of free fun in the sun!!!"

And with that, Schumer has successfully locked down the hipster vote.

photos by clarissa

February 02, 2010

Ticket Giveaway: Taken By Trees at Union Hall

taken by trees.jpg

From the first moment Victoria Bergsman made way into our hearts with her backing vocals on Peter Bjorn and John's "Young Folks", we've been hooked-- and the Animal Collective cover just set our love in stone.

Taken By Trees recent release on Rough Trade, East of Eden, was recorded with musician Andreas Soderstrom in Pakistan and delivers a beautifully enchanting mix of music fit for a Mahārāja, or just some Brooklyn kids lounging around in their loft (i.e. me right now).

We've got a pair of tickets to see Victoria's Taken By Trees on Sat. February 13th at Union Hall, before she takes off on tour with El Perro Del Mar. Just RT this to win, or comment on our Facebook thread for your chance to win!

Take a looksy after the jump to remember why you wanna go to this show so bad...

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January 29, 2010

Music Happening Now-ish


You on the Cover of the New F*cked Up 7"


From Matador Records:

What do you get the Fucked Up fan who already has everything? How about a custom made, one-of-a-kind copy of their new, only-available-at-fine-indie-retailers, Couple Tracks 7″ with YOU on the cover art? If you win this contest, we will add your photo to the outlined area of the cover art above and ship this one of a kind record to your door. Kinda cool, I know.

So how then do you get yourself immortalized on this 1 of 1 Couple Tracks 7″ cover? Simple. Gather together all your Fucked Up singles and display them in some way. Sure, your collection can be laid out on your bed but we’ll look favorably upon people who go the extra mile here. What’s the “extra mile”? Hard to say. Impress us. Feel free to take inspiration from Extreme Ironing. Prove yourself to be worthy of this honor.

Send your submissions to [email protected] by Feb. 6th

January 28, 2010

Also, This Makes Me Wanna Dance


Download the track that's been making me want to jump on my bed in bad 90s sitcom fashion here. Montreal's We Are Wolves will be opening at Hot Chip's record release party on Feb. 6th at Brooklyn Bowl, and they drop their own album, Invisible Violence, on Feb. 2nd.

Try and tell me "Blue" doesn't sound like a young Ozzy singing on an old !!! (Chk Chk Chk) track? It's the goods.

Local Natives Haunt Your Grandma with Airplanes

Local Natives released the video for "Airplanes" a few days ago and I haven't been able to stop watching it-- maybe not with the same grossed out hypnosis "Brothersport" induced, but hypnotizing none the less... in a if-a-ghost-with-great-taste-decided-to-mess-with-your-grandma's-house kind of way. Finishing the prank with the explosion of a garbage disposal, of course:


Local Natives | MySpace Music Videos

Local Natives are currently gearing up for a spring tour for their debut LP, Gorilla Manner, out on Frenchkiss Records, February 16th. We'll be sure to let you know if any New York dates pop up... Maybe even some free tickets from your friends here at FREEwilly...

Video: Yeasayer Records "Ambling Alp"

Check out this great behind-the-scenes video from P4K of Yeasayer recording Ambling Alp. In it, you'll see that they, like all bands from time to time, worried Chris Keating's vocals might come off as too Jagger, or that the band's back-ups were going too Queen.

Yeasayer's new album Odd Blood comes out February 9th, and it's fantastic. (preorder)

Tegan & Sara at Music Hall, Tix on Sale Friday


Tickets are on sale tomorrow at noon for An Evening with Tegan and Sara at the Music Hall.

"we've decided, quite spontaneously, to offer an opportunity for some of you to spend an intimate night with us at the Music Hall of Williamsburg. perhaps it's worth noting that my use of the word intimate only applies to the small-ish size of the venue and the stripped down nature of the material we will be performing. i wouldn't call it an acoustic performance so much as a night of reinterpretations of the well worn and well loved album versions you've come to love.

we realize it's short notice, and we know the tickets will go fast. to those of you who miss out on the opportunity to share your post valentine's day loot with us, do not fret! we will return to your neck of the woods sooner than later. big announcements coming soon!"

Get 'em here. Photo via

January 27, 2010

La Belle et La Beache - Beach House @ Bell House

Beach+House+Teen+Dream.jpgThere was an air of significance before Beach House’s show at the Bell House last night that carried the weight of the sold out crowd’s collective excitement for the official release of the new album, Teen Dream. But thanks to the rusty spigot that we call the internet, there was no suspense as to whether Teen Dream could compare to Beach House’s previous two albums; it’s already garnered near universal praise, and a good portion of the audience already knew the songs well enough to “ah-ah-ah” along with front woman Victoria Legrand’s breathy hooks.

The Bell House show caught Beach House poised on the brink of what will inevitably be broader success with audiences outside of the indie circles that have made them as popular as they are. And thus the crowd’s anticipation wasn’t just of seeing what Beach House had already done, but rather of learning just how far Teen Dream will propel them.

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January 26, 2010

Oh No Ono - 3 Nights Only!

Fans of the up-beat, off-kilter, Danish indie-pop-rockers Oh No Ono, rejoice! You have three (3!) consecutive nights to catch the act perform their lustrous tunes starting tonight at 7 p.m. at Sound Fix Records for free ($0.00!). The show tonight celebrates the US release of their second album, Eggs, out today on Brooklyn’s own Friendly Fire records.

Check out the music video for their first single "Swim" if you need plans for any of the next few nights:

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January 25, 2010

Just Announced: moe. Playing Brooklyn Bowl Tuesday Night

Bad Girlfriend was supposed to play a free show with TV Baby tomorrow night, but that show's now being rescheduled as moe. is stepping to play 2 sets. Doors are at 6, show's at 9. Tickets: $25 at the door. There will be no advance ticket sales, so as @Moelinks says, you'll want to be there around 6 to get tickets. moe. fans are nimble.

January 22, 2010

10 Questions for DJ Rob Swift

robswift1.jpgHip hop DJ and Queens native Rob Swift, late of the pioneering turntablism collective X-ecutioners, is set to release next month his newest and fourth proper album, “The Architect,” on Faith No More front man Mike Patton’s heavy freak-rock record label Ipecac.

Solo since 2005, Swift continues to uphold the traditional, manual approach to hip hop beat creation—that of deft twelve-inch vinyl beat juggling and supernatural groove fusion.

Having traveled the world as a true ambassador of hip hop and rocked with heads old and new, Swift has much to say about the state of the hip hop DJ. Swift answered 10 questions for in advance of his two upcoming Brooklyn shows—a star-studded show tonight at the Knitting Factory (8 p.m.) and a set at Savalas on the 30th.

Free Williamsburg>> Your new solo album merges classical music with hip hop beats and overall funkitude. What moved you to fuse the two sounds?

Rob Swift>> Blame the initial inspiration to compose “The Architect” on my girlfriend. She recently introduced me to classical works from composers like Chopin and Mozart. Although I've heard such types of work in movies and commercials in the past I don't think I was really ready to appreciate just how amazing the genre of classical music is.

She sat me down and was like, ‘listen to this,’ and I was finally prepared to take it all in. I immediately fell in love with it all and I began taking little excursions into vintage record stores throughout the city finding as many works from these composers as I could. My main goal was to soak up as much of the genre as possible.

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January 19, 2010

Help Haiti: Upcoming Benefit Shows at Brooklyn Bowl, Union Pool, & Bell House


It's been said that the best thing we can do is get cold, hard, cash in the hands of those leading the relief effort in Haiti. To help make that happen, a few local venues have stepped up to offer benefit concerts in the upcoming days. Here are three. Feel free to leave any others you know of in the comments.

Tonight at Union Pool, Joe Driscoll, Living Days, Pagoda, and Sam Bisbee will perform at the Chances for Children Benefit for the Creche De L'Enfant Jesus Orphanage. It's $15. They have an eye-roller on Gawker today with the quote, "Show the world that hipsters care," which makes me cringe but whatever, just suck it up and donate for the children. Here's the story: "The orphanage lies on the outskirts of the city, but because of the devastation in the Haitian infrastructure their food and water supply will be depleted by next week. New Yorkers, Duke and Lisa Scoppa, are in the process of adopting two children from the orphanage and are now heading this fund raiser to get the orphanage the supplies they need to survive." Aside from door proceeds, all taco truck proceeds will go to the Red Cross, so go hungry.

Tomorrow night, Robert Randolph and the Family Band will be playing "a very special jam session" at Brooklyn Bowl as a benefit for the Red Cross & Wyclef's Yele Haiti. This one's $25 and 100% of the event's proceeds will go to organizations. You can also bid on a package that includes eight tickets and three hours of bowling on lane 6 ("best sight lines in venue") at Charity Folks.

The Bell House is hosting Strength Through Unity: A Benefit for the Victims of the Earthquake in Haiti next Weds., Jan 27th at 6pm. It's $50. Jimmy Fallon, The Walkmen(!), the Cold War Kids, Sondre Lerche, and a few more bands are set to perform and 100% of the proceeds are due to go to Save The Children and Partners in Health.

image via BBC

New Toro Y Moi Video: "Blessa"

We've been devouring this record. Here's the first single:

January 13, 2010

Holy Sh*t! Jay Reatard Found Dead

Jay-Reatard_BXmiHUvaA8Ux_fu.jpgThis is just awful:

Memphis musician Jimmy Jay Lindsey Jr., better known as Jay Reatard, was found dead in his Midtown home this morning, according to family and friends.

Memphis police have opened a death investigation, spokesman Jennifer Robinson said. Lindsey was found around 3:30 a.m. in his bed, Robinson said.

"Yeah, it’s true," said Alicja Trout, a friend and former bandmate. "I don’t know much about it yet, because I haven’t been able to get in touch with the police."

Added Eric Friedl of Goner Records: "Yeah. He was found at his house. That’s all I know right now."

On the Web site of Goner Records, the following statement was posted this afternoon: "It is with great sadness that we report the passing of our good friend Jay Reatard. Jay died in his sleep last night. We will pass along information about funeral arrangements when they are made public."

January 11, 2010

Shinobi Ninja iPhone Game: Battle Hipsters on the L

Shinobi Ninja plans to release an iPhone game called "Shinobi Ninja Attacks." In it, users can play as a band member as they battle from Brooklyn to Club Babylon, fighting “evil hipsters named 'Larry,' douchebags from the Jersey Shore and angry subway bums."

The game is set to release on January 28th in the app store, coinciding with a show that night at Le Poisson Rouge.

It's inspired by their song, Brooklyn To Babylon. Video below, which def features a Mr. Bungle t-shirt:

January 05, 2010

Tonight: Real Estate, FREE Show At Brooklyn Bowl

We hesitate to mention this, only because we don't want it to get too crowded. More info here.

January 04, 2010

Contra Stream

Speaking of Vampire Weekend, you can listen to their entire album now on MySpace.

2010: Year of Best Coast?

In case you missed it, we named Best Coast's Make You Mine the Best EP of 2009, not to mention, according to my iTunes play count, "When I'm With You" off of the Black Iris 7" was the track I listened to most this year-- which is a pretty big deal considering it didn't drop until November. But when I hear a feel good jam with the right amount of sadness, I tend to play it on repeat (just like I haven't stopped playing the new Beach House record since it arrived in my mailbox).

There's something to be said about the fuzzy delivery of Best Coast leading lady Bethany Cosentino's beckoning 60's inspired pop. The dizzying effects of heavy reverb combined with her girlish timidity float us away to the cavernous beach coast of California at the very first blink of an eyelash. I'm a New Yorker born & raised, but Bethany's Beach Boys and burritos make me long for a warm winter, all while successfully playing as a foreground soundtrack for Brooklyn snow days. And with two more 7" to be released before the end of February, including a split with Jeans Wilder, as well as talks about an upcoming full length-- 2010 just may be "the year of Best Coast!"

FREEwilliamsburg caught up with Bethany before the end of the year about what the future brings, the things we have to be thankful for in our 'hood, and how awesome Stevie Nicks is. Check out the interview after the jump!

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December 29, 2009

I Love Ortego Taco Sauce it Makes My Taco Pop

It's time you clicked over to this wonderful remix: Taco Sauce vs. Peaches, compliments of the YTMND community.

December 23, 2009

FREEwilliamsburg's Best in Music 2009

In Brooklyn, 2009 will be remembered as the year that musicians got naked in videos, hipsters continued growing their beards, bloggers overused the term "glo-fi" — 297,000 hits in Google — and every person in Williamsburg and Bushwick transformed their loft into a DIY music club. It will also be remembered as the year music really got interesting again in New York. FREEwilliamsburg opened our doors in 1999 and ten years later we've never been more excited about the music scene in this city.

With so much great music available, compiling our annual 'best of' was a daunting task this year. These things are always pretty damn subjective, but we've done our best to put together a definitive list documenting all of tastes over here at the FREEdubya headquarters in Cripplebush. It's amazing how many of the below bands call Brooklyn their home. It's a great time for music in New York, and there's no better place to be than Brooklyn — the official epicenter of today's indie music scene. Let us know what you think in our comments section (like we need to ask) and keep on making music ya'll.

Happy Holidays. Check out our picks after the jump.

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December 11, 2009

O'Death Playing The Music Slut's Party @ Brooklyn Bowl

Photo of TheMusicSlut.jpeg

From The Music Slut's Twitter...surprise!

O'DEATH are playing a surprise show at our party tomorrow at your venue! Settime, 6pm, FREE! RETWEET!

Go forth and retweet this communication, for this show shall rock your pretty little faces off! This is a free show from a great local music blogger. So, naturally, go party. Doors are at 12:00, show starts at 1.

Kill Yourself or Die Trying's First Last and Only Show

Screen shot 2009-12-11 at 4.18.22 PM.png

Kill Yourself or Die Trying, a collaborative performance art piece by Brooklyn painter Kevin Fey and musician Pablo Douzoglou (Sigmund Droid, Apes and Androids), has released a few EPs written in one day sessions over the past few years. Tonight, they are playing their first, last, and only show at Coco 66 with The Falling of the Bright. There is indeed an emo-y dress code of black or blue jeans for boys and a red top for girls.

Ólöf Arnalds Covers Johnny Cash

From La Blogotheque's Take Away Shows:

December 10, 2009

Mountain Man / Alex Bleeker


On Friday December 11th, Mountain Man, Alex Bleeker, Liam the Younger, and Luka (No Demons Here) will descend upon the majestic Lutheran Church of the Messiah in sleepy Greenpoint, Brooklyn for a night of quiet, unamplified ballads and hymns. It's a real pleasure to host this show in the amazing Church, which has previously been host to performances by Mt. Eerie, Marissa Nadler, Calvin Johnson, and Kria Brekkan, among others. The intimate venue, along with a heaping of blankets, should make the Church basement feel more like a coffee house, or house show, which, in my opinion, is the only way to absorb real, honest to god Folk music.

Here's a good feel of what Mountain Man will be like live:

BYOB (The B stands for Blankets, and Bourbon).
There'll be cider, but you'll have to bourbon it up yourself on the down-low.
It is a show at a church, ya know.


|| Mountain Man
|||| Alex Bleeker
|||||| Liam the Younger
|||||||| No Demons Here

129 Russell St | Greenpoint, Brooklyn | Next to McGolrick Park
G-Nassau, L-Graham | 8pm | all ages | BYOB

Toro y Moi live on Public Access TV


Neon Indian's Alan Palomo

by Janice Chou

image via

Neon Indian is the musical side project of Alan Palomo from the 80's inspired synth-pop band VEGA. Despite sharing a key component (namely, composer Alan Palomo) Neon Indian is a musical deviation from VEGA. Neon Indian's sound blurs grinding guitars and synths and old samples underneath somber lyrics with a dance hook.

What started as an apology song astutely titled, "Should Have Taken Acid With You," Neon Indian has flourished into an audio/visual wonder as Palomo partnered with video artist Alicia Scardetta to contribute to Neon Indian's live visuals. Neon Indian attempted to remain anonymous and successfully alluded the public before their popularity caught up to them.

Since then Neon Indian has received the prestigious, "Best New Music" merit badge from Pitchfork and has gained serious notoriety for two Grizzly Bear, "Cheerleader" remixes dubbed: Sega Genesis P-Orridge and Studio 6669.

Alan Paomo discusses with Free Williamsburg both VEGA and Neon Indian and his artistic plans to stimulate and fascinate (the drug addled and sober alike) New York crowd at his upcoming shows. Neon Indian will be playing at Brooklyn Bowl on Thursday, December 17th with openers Tigercity and Awesome New Republic. Doors at 6PM, show at 9PM. Cover is $5.

1. Does your music with VEGA influence your music as Neon Indian? And vice versa?

It definitely takes a bit of coordination. The initial desire to conceive separate projects tends to be kind of compulsive to begin with so most of the planning and distribution of time happens after the fact. I'll get majority stoked about the concept behind it, write some songs and make a band page for it before having that realization of, "Oh shit! I gotta play this live." That definitely happened with Neon Indian.

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December 09, 2009

Jonathan Coulton at MHoW Tonight

Geek rock icon Jonathan Coulton is playing his last show of the year tonight at the Music Hall. He is the man. You should probably go see his show if you aren't already planning on going.

Here's arguably his most famous single, Code Monkey, in which he sings about a "code monkey," (dev guy who writes code) trying to get a girl. It's cute, catchy, and all that. He's also friends with John Hodgman!

Ticket are still avail for $24, but maybe if you hit JonathanCoultonhim up on Twitter he'll guest list you in. Or maybe he'll just say hello. No promises.

December 08, 2009

Another Tuesday, another remix

I always respect a download link so I don't have to go hunt for the track.

December 01, 2009

Liars Debut Sisterworld

It may be too late by now, but...

Seminal Brooklyn band Liars will release their next record Sisterworld in early 2010. Are you in New York and want to catch a sneak preview of the record tomorrow evening? You’re in luck: We’re giving away 25 tickets courtesy of Mute Records.

The first ones to e-mail win; just drop us a line at [email protected] with “Liars Contest” in the subject heading and we shall provide, granted you were quick enough on the draw. (We’ll let you know the location if you're a winner.) Go for it!

One man's take. Good luck! Let us know how it was.

November 24, 2009

New Major Lazer Video is Ass-id Trip-tastic

Major Lazer is back with another outrageous music video for their super catchy track "Keep it Going Louder," courtesy again of Eric Wareheim (from Adult Swim's "Tim and Eric Show"). The clip shares a lot in common with "Pon De Floor," their previous video foray into hallucinogenic rump shaking, Diplo quasi-dancing and Skerrit Bwoy contorting his face while flying through various stages of raunch.

I think it's safe to say this is the party anthem of Thanksgiving '09, ideally to be projected onto the nearest white wall in your Aunt Suzie's living room. Kids these days.

November 21, 2009

The Bloodsugars

cdreleaseflyer.jpgTonight, indie-pop rockers The Bloodsugars will celebrate their album, “I Can’t Go On, I’ll Go On” release at The Studio at Webster Hall with Savoir Adore and Project Jenny Project Jan.

Melding inspiration from garage, new wave and pop rock, The Bloodsugars shine above their contemporaries by keeping their inspiration just that: inspiration and don’t attempt to revive (or knock off) the iconic sound of any one genre. The Bloodsugars are an elating gem that stand out in both their recordings and their earnest live performances. On record and live, The Bloodsugars confidently and comfortably hold their own in the indie scene as a tight ensemble fantastically arranged and self aware.

Lead singer Jason Rabinowitz discusses with Free Williamsburg The Bloodsugars’ album, the sentimentality he hopes his listeners will take away from his music, and how his personal connection to the album exceeds more than just its musical content.

Interview after the jump:

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November 19, 2009

Guy Fantastico's "Nom De Guerre" Video

Directed by the dude who brought us Hipster Job, Thomas De Napoli, Guy Fantastico's "Nom De Guerre" was shot in our 'hood- well, Greenpoint.

November 18, 2009

No Agreement In Place for Jelly Pool Parties, "End Could Be Near"

Screen shot 2009-11-18 at 3.14.05 PM.png

Updated w/ a comment from Sen. Schumer...

Could our beloved Jelly Waterfront Pool Parties actually really for realsies dry up? Gosh, we sure hope not, but that's the word from Jelly's mouth today. From an email we just received:

The future of the Pool Parties at the East River State Park could be in jeopardy. After a very successful 2009 season with 8 weeks of free performances including Grizzly Bear, Girl Talk, The Black Lips, Dirty Projectors, Deerhunter, Dan Deacon, No Age, Mission of Burma, Beach House, and Simian Mobile Disco, news came from the New York State Parks Department and the Open Space Alliance that the East River State Park may not be available to JELLY for the 2010 season. This will ultimately put an end to the flourishing free summer series.

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, a Brooklyn native, is now leading the fight to save the JELLY Pool Parties. The Senator took the stage at the last Pool Party in August 2009 and pledged that the free concert series would return to the waterfront in 2010. Senator Schumer and his staff have been campaigning for the Pool Parties to remain at the East River State Park, speaking to other state and city officials to ensure JELLY's free summer series will be back for a 5th year.

So what can YOU do to keep the pool parties alive? Call or email your Senator! Chuckie hung out at the parties last summer, you might have seen him. He gave a speech before Grizzly Bear promising to pass health care with a call to keep the parties coming. Let's hope he lives up to his word. Here's Jelly's:

JELLY is reaching out to the community to call Senator Charles Schumer at (212) 486-4430, or via email [email protected] to show their support and express any concerns on behalf of this tremendous free community program. The Senator will relay the public opinion to the NYS Parks Department and the Open Space Alliance.

H20 Shows.

The New York Times has a quote from Schumer who says he'll do everything he can to keep them around.

“I happened to pass by the Jelly concerts when I was riding my bike through Williamsburg and was amazed at the thousands of people who lined the streets to come to the concerts,” the senator said on Wednesday. “People from every part of the country who had made their way to Brooklyn, enjoying music and one another’s company – it’s the best of New York. When I heard that the concerts might be canceled, I couldn’t understand why, given that this is exactly what our parks are supposed to be for, and I am going to do everything I can to see that they continue.”

New Girls Video: "Substance"

One more version after the jump. Via The Awl.

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November 14, 2009

FYI: Buzz Band BOAT Playing Bruar Falls Tonight


BOAT, who dropped their Setting The Paces LP on October 27th, are a band that you either know, or you don't. Whenever I drop a mention of these Real Estate-gone-Hot Hot Heat sexing it with Adam Green tunes (yeah, I said it), I either get an excited affirmation or Scooby Doo ears. Anyway, they're awesome, so check out the show tonight.

Doors @ 8pm- If anyone has more info on when they go on, please drop your knowledge in the comments.

Also, they remind me a bit of a little local band we've been loving...

November 13, 2009

A Serious WTF Video From A Band We've Never Heard Of...

Thanks Perez!

New Video For Animal Collective's "In The Flowers"

Directed by Abby Portner, sister of Animal Collective's Dave "Avey Tare" Portner

Friday the 13th Strip Club Massacre!


From our homies at Roberta's:

Brooklyn Grange is throwing the fundraiser from hell. There will be food, there will be booze, there will be music, and there might even be strippers. Come dance, play and kill for a good cause.

Music from Team Robespierre, Anamanaguchi, and Wild Yaks

**$10 Admission
**Food by Roberta’s
**Shot and Beer Specials
...and it’s all to raise funds for Brooklyn Grange, our 1-acre rooftop farm

Starr space, 110 Starr St, Brooklyn, Doors at 8pm

November 10, 2009

FREEwilly Exclusive: Jihae’s “My Love”, Album Out Summer 2010


I think that's the first time I've officially typed out the numbers 2-0-1-0 side by side and it just really freaked me out. So here's a jam from the future, y'all.

One of the best things about New York is that everyone's a somebody, we're all artists-actors, writers, and musicians all at the same time. But then there are those that make it look so damn easy (while looking especially hot doing so)! Lucky for you, we think of making things easier for our readers as well. Here is the exclusive premiere (*also available for download*) of Jihae’s “My Love” off of her upcoming LP, Fire Burning Rain, due out in July of 2010. Seriously, I just want to sing that to the tune of "In the year 2000..."

Interview: Small Black, Big Sound; Play Bell House TONIGHT


Seems Small Black became a big deal overnight. And we're not surprised.

This duo's hazy layers have been echoing strong through speakers in Brooklyn these last few weeks. More than just the en vogue sound of what OhMyRockness pegged best as lyrics sung through a "Fisher-Price microphone", these Long Island gone Brooklyn boys bring the noise, in a lovey dovey sort of way.

They killed it at Market Hotel on Saturday night, and will be doing the same TONIGHT at Bell House with Free Energy. No shows are listed until mid-December, so I'd get off your couch, put down the PBR and Ben & Jerry's and head south.

For more things Small Black check out the rest of the interview with Josh Kolenik after the jump, who sings lead on these romancing tech-infused melodies.

Reverb heavy lo-fi has been quite the craze as of late, although there's something about your sound that stands out-- what do you think it is?

I think lots of people have been making reverby lo-fi music for a long long time, just people have decided to pay attention to it a little closer over the past year or so. It seems like a natural response to the pristine production of digital music that has been floating around this decade. But I wouldn’t say that our music is lo-fi. The production style is very complicated and layered. Maybe some of tones we use are a bit cruddy, but when you put them all on top of each other, I think it’s something that is a bit more unique than a 4 track recording

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That New York Magazine Article: Brooklyn's Sonic Boom

splash091116_lead_365x275.jpgNew York Magazine has a long-overdue cover story on the Brooklyn music scene and the thing is pretty epic. The article discusses the latest wave of a-list indie bands—Animal Collective, Grizzly Bear, Antlers, TV on the Radio—and canonizes the Dirty Projectors as "the most risk-taking" group of the crop:

Bitte Orca, it turns out, is Dirty Projectors' real New York album, an urbane and sophisticated outgrowth of the most fertile new-music environment the city has seen since the CBGB heyday of the seventies. It is no coincidence that it came out within months of beloved albums by two giants of the local scene—Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion and Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest. These three bands do not sound alike. Animal Collective layers lush, romantic harmonies on top of kooky, heavily sampled orchestrations, a sound that is equal parts madness and impeccable logic. Grizzly Bear has a much more down-to-earth, folky approach, reveling in the pure pleasure of melodies and the ways they can be turned inside out and upside down. But the three bands all embrace many of the same virtues: fearless sincerity, devotion to craft, agnosticism about digital technology (which is to say, they use it but don't fetishize it), profound musical curiosity, ingenuity at using the human voice as an instrument, and an uncanny ability to reproduce their complex material in live performance (in no small part because this is where the money is).

The author was kind enough to include a quote by yours truly:

Meanwhile, a more studious, art-focused scene was coalescing around a Williamsburg band called TV on the Radio, which released its label debut EP Young Liars in 2003. "They had art-punk, gospel, freak folk‚ everything interesting that was going on in Brooklyn," says Robert Lanham, the blogger, who has lived in the neighborhood since 1996. "TV on the Radio was just a completely different organism."

And later, they deem FREEwilliamsburg one of the "Five Voices That Matter in the Music Blogosphere." Yahoo!

Critics will of course say this article came a tad late, but the real arguments will revolve around their Brooklyn Top 40 list. (We were happy to see it included zero Hold Steady songs—hipster frat rock). Still, it was nice to see New York paying respect to the amazing music scene that has emerged. As I told the reporter, it's the most exciting time to be making (and listening to) music in the city since the late Eighties.

November 07, 2009

Autumn Mix


My good friend Jables released this mixto go along with these changing autumn days. If you are working on a Saturday night that is full of fun things to do, much like the position I find myself in, this mix will make the pain go away.

November 06, 2009

Steel Phantoms Playing Secret Show Tonight

Steel Phantoms are going on at 2am for a late night secret set at Coco66 in Greenpoint. You should go! Unless you already have tickets for the secret Yeah Yeah Yeahs show...

Grizzly Bear "Ready, Able" Video

Happy Weekend!

Directed by Allison Schulnik

November 05, 2009

Tanlines "Game Two" Video Via Technology

Y'all already know we love Tanlines... But The Fader's description of this video just pulled on this girl's heartstrings (check out the last name, homies). Also, who doesn't love Google Earth and their iPhones!? For realsies, yo!


Just when you thought Halloween was done and gone, this little number shows up.

They're playing at Bruar Falls on Saturday. I hope they dress up.

Bishop Allen's "True or False" Video

These kids are working on a new album and will be playing some of their new jams on 11/20 at Union Hall and 11/21 at Bell House... I have to admit though, I can't really hear the song out of fringe dress envy...

Ticket Giveaway: Wolfmother at Terminal 5

Remember when everyone named their band after some kind of wolf? Well, Wolfmother is back with a new album, Cosmic Egg, that dropped late last month to the delight of all those rock howl obsessed.

You can buy the album here, OR you can just comment on our Facebook contest thread and hear the whole deal live because we've got a pair of tickets to their Sunday night show at Terminal 5 with Heartless Bastards.

Here's the spacey throwback video for "New Moon Rising", off the new album, via Pitchfork:

November 04, 2009

Download: Cold Cave's "Theme From Tomorrowland"


If you haven't heard of Cold Cave, you have no idea what CMJ is, and you've never read a blog in your life. I had the opportunity to see these kids perform a couple times during the music fuckfest and must say they were a bit hit and miss for me. They bored me to death at The Suffolk, but managed to redeem themselves a dozen fold at Market Hotel, where they rocked it even though there were some (typical Todd P location) sound issues -- as in the sound cut out more than once. Looks like I'll have to set my opinion in stone at their upcoming Terminal 5 show with Sonic Youth and Dinosaur Jr. on November 21st (total wtf lineup, huh?).

Either way, Matador is giving away a download of a bonus track off of their doped up dance move debut, Love Comes Close, in celebration of the label re-release. Listen to "Theme From Tomorrowland" here (right click to download). If you decide to buy directly from the label, you also get a copy of the 12" Death Comes Close which includes all three bonus tracks.

November 02, 2009

Girls "Lust for Life" Video: NSFW

In case you missed it, Pitchfork brought us a different cut of the video for San Francisco darlings Girls "Lust for Life" (aka theme song for the summer, gay porn edition) last week. The boys in Girls are apparently dealing with some lineup changes as well...

Check out the video for your daily dose of tits and mushroom tips. Again, not all that office friendly-- but in all honesty, not really that risqué, non?:

October 30, 2009

Tonight: Lightning Bolt & Black Dice


:::::: Mick Barr -- mem Orthrelm, Krallice, Cromtech, Octis, Ocrilim
:::::::: TV Ghost --

600 Bushwick Ave @ Jefferson St | Bushwick, Brooklyn
JMZ-Myrtle/Broadway, L-Jefferson | 8pm | $12 | all ages

Deer Tick Does Sex Pistols


If you're one of many planning on seeing Deer Tick play the songs of the Sex Pistols Saturday night at Brooklyn Bowl, we're told it's not yet sold out but will likely be soon. A limited number of costumed attendees will get in for free, but "only if you get there early!" So, don't think you can roll up in your ironic hipster grifter outfit at 9pm and expect to be let in. Doors are at 6, and honestly, tickets are only $5.

[photo via]

October 29, 2009

Solid Gold: Noisemakers with John Norris, CMJ Edition

Check out the rest of the interview & performances over at Noisevox!

October 28, 2009

Party in a Vintage Store


Old Made, our favorite little vintage store on Metropolitan Ave., is hosting two great events tonight and tomorrow.

Details here for TONGIHT

And here for the Dance Party TOMORROW

Coupons and mix tapes!

Best of CMJ: Caught on Tape by Ray Concepcion

The first night of CMJ, enjoying happy hour drinks at Music Hall of Wburg, I wondered why I was there so early. Spending an entire day bouncing around the Lower East Side, namely at The Music Slut & Sneak Attack Media's Pianos showcase, I needed a break from first day insanity (read: free Hornitos frozen margaritas). So in the quiet cavern below the stage, I waited for my (lack of a better word) date, and fellow music writer. After realizing I had caught Fanfarlo earlier that day, and have seen The Antlers a number of times, we ditched the Brooklyn Vegan party before anybody even got there (with semi-false intentions of returning) and mosied down to MonkeyTown for the unofficial Chocolate Bobka and Underwater Peoples showcase.

It stands to be my favorite show of CMJ-- and if you were following our twitter last week, you know we saw a lot of them. Fluffy Lumbers killing a solo set, Julian Lynch via video chat, the NYC premiere of seriously experimental and enchanting Africa Germany Germany..., and lovely ladies of Mountain Man, who filled in for Ducktails, closing out with a serenade of hauntingly raw echoes. Thank goodness Ray Concepcion was there to catch the magic, and major thanks for not including footage of me scarfing down a burger-- bc I know he has it:

Check out Surfer Blood at Piano's through Ray's lens after the jump...

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Florence and The xx "You've Got the Love" Video

Yes, The xx are all the rage right now. Yes, the album is awesome. Yes, they kinda make you wanna take a nap while you're watching them on stage- don't we all wish their live sets evoked the kind of dancing shown in the video for Florence and the Machine's (covered/remixed by The xx) "You've Got the Love"?

via GvB:

October 26, 2009

Pearl and the Beard

My friends at Goddamn Cobras just released a video for Brooklyn-based band Pearl and the Beard. I posted about their search for some shoot locations, and it looks like they succeeded.

Anyone have Will Smith's e-mail?

October 25, 2009

SATURj: Neon Indian, Cale Parks

Neon Indian - Roots Studio

Cale Parks - Roots Studio

More Photos After the CMJump!

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Leonard Cohen Played at MSG on Friday Night


And it was spectacular. Songs like "Bird on a Wire," "Suzanne" and "Everybody Knows" percolated throughout Madison Square Garden for several hours, as Cohen demonstrated that you can still rock out with hat head and sing about naked ladies at age 75. The crowd was composed of about 3/4 people over the age of 50, and to be honest, hanging out with the bubbies was a welcomed alternative to the madness of CMJ that was going on downtown.

Far too many aging performers make their later tours all about huge commercial production standards and vivid on-stage distractions (see: The Rolling Stones, U2), but Cohen's set is still tacked to the essence of his music and poetry. The biggest diversions on Friday were manifested by his appreciative interactions with his backup singers and musicians, and the occasional wild outburst by one of the AARP members in the crowd.

Smiling at his audience, Cohen commented that "I don't know when it is our intention to pass this way again." It was foreboding, kind of sad and made me eternally grateful that I had the chance to see him perform. Read on to the extended entry to see my (somewhat shoddy) iPhone video of "Chelsea Hotel No. 2," for a fuller impression of this classy affair.

(image via

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October 24, 2009

FRIj: The Dutchess and The Duke @ Public Assembly

The Dutchess and The Duke

October 23, 2009

Drive Car, See Girl Talk, Avoid New Jersey Teens


The Kia Soul Collective circus is in town this weekend and ready to rock your dirty socks off at a secret Girl Talk show going down at an "undisclosed location" (read: Pier 94 at 55th Street & The West Side Highway) It's free, open to the public, and "includes an opportunity to test-drive the all-new Kia Soul," that isn't necessarily an included opportunity but more like a pay-to-play requirement.

Yea, you have to test-drive Kia's hip new wheels machine in order to enter the premises. But between you and me, we both know that's not the worst thing you've had to do for tickets to a hot show.

And what for the drunks, unlicensed, and disabled Girl Talk fans out there who'd enjoy a beat or two on a Sunday afternoon? I'm told they'll be quietly ushered into the passenger seat and whipped around for a "check this car out bro" ride anyways, which does indeed count for entry.

So, we recommend you check this out. From noon to 7 tomorrow (Saturday), just swing by 151 Orchard Street and whip around in a Kia, and get the critical info to enter Girl Talk on Sunday from 2-7. This might be a rare shot at seeing the guy without a hoard of underage New Jersey mall rats wearing headbands climbing over the fences.

THURSj: The Antlers, Deloreans, Yes Giantesss

The Antlers - At The Delancey

Delorean - The Delancey

Yes Giantesss

More Photos after the CMJump!

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October 22, 2009

WEDNESj : Cymbals Eat Guitars, Real Estate, These United States

Cymbals Eat Guitars - Santos Party House
Real Estate - Santos Party House
These Unites States - Pianos

More Photos After the CMJump! !

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October 21, 2009

Sexy CMJ Craigslist Round-up!


With CMJ comes an influx of young, wide-eyed musicians getting their first taste of big city rock n' roll, so it's only natural that they show up expecting bushels of sex and drugs too. But naturally, we live in an age of Craigslist personals, so some are skipping the effort and hunting digitally.

Like this 26-year old "sexy rocker boy on tour from Chicago," who's here on tour for CMJ. He wants "an attractive, clean, std free woman" to maybe keep him company at the Newark Holiday Inn.

Then there's this guy, who is "looking for cute hipster girls with whom to share my soul, or my CMJ PASS!!!!!!!!" What's it worth to you, cute hipster girls?

Or how about the guy recording PureVolume's showcase at Collective Hardware? He's looking for someone to "have a cozy time with."

And finally, do you need a place to sleep? Are you willing to exchange your company, "perhaps more" for it?

Craigslist is ripe with horny CMJ bros today.

Vice Late Nights


Vice's CMJ Late Nights start tonight with Cold Cave and Crystal Antlers. Tomorrow's Ume and CEG, and Friday's Harlem and Dutchess & The Duke. RSVP here.

Cymbals Eat Guitars visit Dirty Laundry

You can catch CEG in a million places this week. They play Oh My Rockness' CMJ Showcase tonight, Public Assembly w/ Vice tomorrow, Le Poisson Rouge on Friday, Brooklyn Vegan's party at Pianos on Saturday, and a Showpaper Benefit at Market Hotel later Saturday night. Then, they'll be sleeping for a fortnight before jetsetting off to Deutschland!

via the music slut

October 19, 2009

CMJ Is Upon Us, Let's Get Dead


Ok, here is a little FREEwilly CMJ guideline. This "list" includes bands we love and know are amazing live, others that are super hyped but we're not sure are any good, shows you cannot miss, free shows, shows to go to just for the free stuff, bands we've never heard of but will take a chance on, and so on and so forth. But we'll leave it up to you to decide which is which (comment thread, I'm talking to you!). Basically here's a rundown of the things we wish we had a time machine for, in no particular order, officially and unofficially CMJ.

Sadly, this music editor is only one girl, and I'll be trying to keep you posted on what's the shit, and what just smells like it, so follow us on twitter if you're in a stalking kind of mood and wanna buy me a drink. Now to leave you with the famous last words of last year's shenanigans, "Figuratively speaking, it's always CMJ in NYC"

Check out our picks after the jump...

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October 16, 2009

Brooklyn Bowl Dr. Dog Tix On Sale


Tickets for the December 11th Dr. Dog show at Brooklyn Bowl went on sale today at noon and as of 5:00pm are still available. I know this because I just bought two. Dr. Dog rawks it.

October 15, 2009

Beyonce, Gaga Shoot Music Video in Greenpoint

Beyonce & Gaga allegedly shot a music video for "Video Phone" in Greenpoint this week. Reports from the scene say they both dressed all crazy -- Beyonce in a feathered dress and Gaga in, lord, who knows I'm guessing a giant light bulb? -- and the site was extremely secure.

From MTV:

On Thursday (October 15), a spokesperson for director Hype Williams confirmed to MTV News that that both Beyoncé and Gaga appear in the "Video Phone" clip, which Williams shot last weekend in Brooklyn's Greenpoint neighborhood.

Here's the rumor board.

October 14, 2009

New Chris Taylor (Of Grizzly Bear) 7"

chris-taylr.jpgSince we love all things Grizzly Bear, we'd feel negligent if we failed to share the 411 about Chris Taylor's new project. From Stereogum:

We were recently introduced to Chris Taylor's new label with Ethan Silverman, Terrible Records, via its first release Acrylics earlier this month. CT takes a production credit on that band's debut EP, as he has for Dirty Projectors (Rise Above), Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson (self-titled), and Grizzly Bear's Yellow House and Veckatmest. No surprise then that Taylor handles all facets of the release, recording, and production for the solo track "Ghosts," his first issue under the name Cant.
You can sample a new track here. Prepare yourself for some reverb-drenched bliss with the haunting harmonies you've come to expect from Grizzly Bear and Department of Eagles. You can buy the 7" here.

October 13, 2009

Free Tom Waits Preview

We're huge Tom Waits fans, so we're of course excited to hear this free, 8-song sample from his upcoming live record Glitter and Doom Live. You have to enter a vaild email, but its well worth it:

from the website
Check out the first 8 songs for free, including a roaring version of “Get Behind the Mule” and a slinky reinvention of “Singapore,” and if you love the album as much as we think you will, you can pre-order it HERE. CD and LP include as a bonus the 35 minute disc/track “Tom Tales,” compiling between‐song banter from throughout the tour into a continuous monologue, and chronicling for the first time one of fans’ favorite parts of a Waits’ performance.
[Thanks Kevin]

October 09, 2009

Interview: Steel Phantoms, Keeping Myspace Alive

Steel Phantoms; (from left to right) Adam Fisher, Yos Munro, Aaron Harris

There's a new band in Brooklyn, which comes to no surprise to any of us... At this point music and Brooklyn are pretty much synonymous, not mention, dare I say, redundant. With an overabundance of talent on the scene, one (read: me) could make oneself dizzy-- so what ingredients scream "we're awesome, pay attention to us"?

Ladies & gents, I bring you Steel Phantoms (known for about 5 minutes as the Brass Cups)-- two parts Islands, namely drummer Aaron Harris and the sound engineer from their last tour Adam Fisher (this time on bass), and vocalist Yos Munro channeling a young Jonathan Richman. If you made your way out to Art & Rock 2, you were probably one of the many super impressed peeps in the crowd, not only for the energy these guys evoke, but for a musical trick I've never seen (pulled off well at least, if at all)-- Aaron, on drums, and on lead vocals for about half of the performance... while drumming!

Steel Phantoms is a band to keep an eye on. Since they've only played a handful of what we hope will be tons of shows, we were sure to catch up with the guys earlier this week to see what they're all about. So, befriend the boys on their brand new Myspace page (just about the only thing the almost dead social networking website is good for nowadays)! They'll be playing at Ace of Clubs on October 21st as part of CMJ-- our list of must see shows will be out later this week ;)

Now, click on through after the jump to get to know you're new favorite band in their first FREEwilly exclusive interview...

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October 06, 2009

Jamie T exclusive interview, Kings & Queens out today

Kings & Queens out today!

Today UK cutie Jamie T's sophomore album Kings & Queens debuts in the states! His last album Panic Prevention hit #4 on the UK album chart, and promptly put Jamie on the map, drawing comparisons to heroes Bob Dylan and Joe Strummer. The album was nominated that year for the Mercury Music Prize, and at the 2007 NME Awards, the kid with the fuck-all grin was named Best Solo Act – beating Thom Yorke and Jarvis Cocker. Around these parts Jamie made his U.S. TV debut on Last Call With Carson Daly, his song “Salvador” appeared on the soundtrack to HBO’s Entourage, and the ultimate stamp of indie approval the cool folks at KEXP played the shit out of Panic Prevention.

Check out the video for "Chaka Demus" on YouTube. And if you dig it - buy the album on iTunes!

Click through for our exclusive interview with the man himself, rumor has it he might be moving to Williamsburg, so you might wanna learn a thing or two in case you run into him at the Levee.

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October 01, 2009

Horny Andrew W.K. Will Not Rock Your Place of Worship


The "Bloody-nose rocker turned motivational speaker and TV personality" (his words, not mine) Andrew W.K. moved a few tour dates around because of what he's calling a "really intense personal experience" that now prevents him from performing at any religiously-named venue. This wasn't necessarily some kind of born-again religious realization, but rather looks to be more like a wet dream. Andrew, will you explain?

The best I can do to describe my experience, is to say that the world opened up to me, and I received it, as Spirit and Love and of course, a lot of fun and pleasure. It was a sexual feeling, and I just didn't feel right about bringing that onto a holy stage. My choice to move the venues is out of respect for this feeling, for myself, and my body, and for the alters themselves.

Luckily for NYC fans of this television personality, tomorrow's show at Joe's Pub is unaffected. That is unless he decides to receive Joe later tonight.

September 28, 2009

Julian Plenti Covers Horse With No Name

If you missed this show, I'm sorry. The folks over at the Guggenheim definitely know what they're doing. Next month's installment will be showcasing (drum roll please) Yeasayer. So get your tickets, dudes... As expected, the Wright rotunda delivered some serious magic. Check out the video, and see if you can spot your favorite music editor in the crowd...

September 27, 2009

Phoenix & Passion Pit, Summerstage 9/25 and 9/26

French phenom Phoenix brought the sold-out crowd and rocked Central Park both Friday and Saturday nights. The delightful surprise for the uninitiated few was Passion Pit's show-stealing opening sets.



More after the jump.

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September 25, 2009

Wavves @ Santos Party House

Santos Party House hosted a loud, sweaty rager last night with the performance of the San Diego-based Wavves.

Nathan Williams a.k.a. Wavves, and his new drummer Zach Hill (of the noise-rock band Hella) started it off with their hit “I'm so Bored,” from the album Wavvves to get the show started right. The crowd was comprised mostly of testosterone, and as soon as the music started, a mosh pit formed in front and center. As the performance went on, the pit expanded to a point where everyone in the room was at least slightly involved.

To spare the audience from suffering through a dull moment, the band filled time between songs with screeching guitar noise. At one point, there was hardly a single person without cupped hands over their ears to filter out the harsh sound. “The ear is a tiny organ, it will heal,” said one devoted fan in the front.

If you’re bummed to have missed the show last night, don’t fret: they’re playing again this evening with Todd P. NYC and Ganglians at 8:00 pm.

More pics after the jump!

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September 24, 2009

How Come No One Does On Ice Anymore?

Because everyone knows rock shows are always better when performed on ice:

Rick Wakeman's "King Arthur on Ice" - 1975

We want to see Grizzly Bear on ice. Mastadon on ice. Or how about the Pavement reunion on ice?

From Wikipedia

The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table is a 1975 progressive rock concept album by Rick Wakeman of Yes fame. The album tells the legend of King Arthur and is certainly among Wakeman's best works--as well as being a great favourite among his fans. Besides, this album includes some of the most popular and frequently performed Wakeman pieces, such as Arthur, Sir Lancelot and the Black Knight, The Last Battle, and especially Merlin the Magician. Also, the theme of Arthur has been used by the BBC since 1979 for its election night coverage (with the exception of the 2001 election).

The tour in support of the album was a theatrical performance on ice, an expensive project which, despite being sold out, caused Wakeman to go bankrupt. [2] [3] The album enjoyed good reviews but the live show in support of the record was ridiculed over the years as being a bloated and overblown affair and considered as one of the most notorious failures in rock n' roll history (it made VH1s "100 greatest shocking moments in rock and roll" at number 79).

September 23, 2009

Interview: As Summer Comes To An End, Tanlines Won't Fade

Tanlines first popped up on our radar last year with a remix of Telepathe's "Chrome's On It", and shortly thereafter became an actual, well, band. This strictly production based project from Professor Murder's Jesse Cohen and Brothers producer Eric Emm (also of Don Cab and Storm & Stress fame) shortly became a conceptual music duo. It was only natural that once you got these two in front of a computer together, some original dance-y prog pop tunes (with a touch of calypso) would emerge from the collabo.

In addition to the remixes, from the Tough Alliance to Au Revoir Simone, you can catch up with Tanlines original tracks in video form over at what they've called "the best record label ever", YouTube. And if you love what they've been up to, be sure to check them out with our favorite LA noise rockers HEALTH at the Bowery tomorrow night. Tickets are $15 day of the show.

Jesse Cohen gave us some details on the upcoming EP on True Panther and his crash course in iMovie when we caught up with him earlier this week. Check out the rest of the interview, and some more YouTube goodness from the boys, after the jump...

So is the name Tanlines in reference to something specific?

If anything it's a reference to the necessity of working indoors to create music on a computer. And actual tan lines, as in the color.

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September 21, 2009

Kyp Malone's Rain Machine Record Release Party Tonight

rain machine.jpg

Earlier this month, Pitchfork blurbed about Brooklyn's (can I say icons yet?) TV on the Radio taking a break, which of course made us a little weepy, but also pretty excited on the solo front. Guitarist/vocalist Kyp Malone kicks off his solo tour as Rain Machine tonight at the Bell House. The debut album will be released tomorrow on Anti Records. From what we've heard so far, we are LOVING it, as is everyone else who has ever heard of Malone.

Candles of Paradise and the lovely Sharon Van Etten open, so get there early. See what Sharon had to say about Kyp when we caught up with her in August. Doors at 7:30, Tickets $15

And, of course, we'd like to suggest that you greet Rain Machine with a sea of Paper Foldables...

September 20, 2009

Mid Day Lullaby Hour with Glass Ghost

Since Friday's video premiere of Glass Ghost's "Like A Diamond" over at The Music Slut, it has become the theme song to my uselessness this weekend. Now, press repeat and take a nap with us:

Mark your calendars and be sure to pick up the Glass Ghost debut LP, Idol Omen, from the good folks at Western Vinyl on October 27th. Sadly, there are no New York dates on their upcoming tour with White Rabbits, but you're in luck dear readers-- this Tuesday, Glass Ghost will be playing The Silent League CD Release Party at Union Pool. You want to go to there, I promise.

In Case You Missed It... Lady Gaga is Cher 6.0

At this point we've all seen Lady Gaga's outfits for the VMAs, and we've all questioned her gender and outrageous behavior. And like John Norris, I'm a fan of the indie scene and not so much, well, anything you'd probably see on MTV these days, but Lady Gaga is a force and I'd be a liar if I said that I've never busted out a "what's the name of this club?" in a non-ironic way. Here's Miss Gaga sitting down with Norris on Noisemakers:

Remember, keep a lookout every Thursday for the weekly installments on Noisevox-- next week, Deerhunter. Ok, so here it goes... From one New York girl to another... Lady Gaga, I think I love you?

September 17, 2009

It's Official: There Will Be Pavement

From Matador:

After years of speculation, the most important American band of the Nineties is returning to the stage with the lineup of Mark Ibold, Scott "Spiral Stairs" Kannberg, Stephen Malkmus, Bob Nastanovich and Steve West reuniting for dates around the world in 2010. Please be advised this tour is not a prelude to additional jaunts and/or a permanent reunion.

Described in their own Wikipedia entry as having experienced "moderate commercial success," Pavement's catalog for the Matador, Domino, Drag City and Treble Kicker imprints has come to define in the eyes of many the blueprint for independent rock over the past generation. An evidentiary compilation release is planned to coincide with the touring sometime in 2010.

The first show announced is a New York performance on September 21, 2010 at Rumsey Playfield in Central Park. A pre-sale begins at 10:00 AM EDT on Friday, September 18, 2009 (tomorrow). The password for the pre-sale is ZOWEE and the ticketing link is The general on-sale is slated for 10:00 AM EDT on Friday, September 25, 2009. Please note that tickets will be available without surcharges from the Nokia Theatre box office in Times Square and from Earwax at 218 Bedford Avenue in Williamsburg.

Please visit for details on this on-sale as well as all Pavement news as it develops.

September 16, 2009

Grizzly Bear Fan Video Of 'Two Weeks'

We make like this even more than the official video:


Todd P Goes To Austin Streaming On The Internets

The lovely folks over at Pitchfork TV are streaming Todd P Goes To Austin in it's (16 part) entirety, so in the words of director Jay Buim... Please feel free to watch it from the comfort of your home or on your company's dime at work. Here's a clip from the awesome SXSW documentary adventure (after the jump).

Foaming at the mouth for more info on Jay and the Todd P project? Just check out the FREEwilly interview!

Now, head over to Pitchfork and watch the whole thing from the begining...

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September 15, 2009

The Indie Traveling Wilburys?

masters-of-folk.jpgThe debut record by folk supergroup Monsters of Folk—featuring Conor Oberst (Bright Eyes), Jim James (My Morning Jacket), M. Ward (She & Him), and Mike Mogis (Saddle Creek)—isn't out until next month, but its streaming on Myspace. Let us know what you think in comments. [via]

September 11, 2009

Keegan DeWitt @ Public Assembly

"Complicated" by Keegan DeWitt from Keegan DeWitt on Vimeo.

No Keegan DeWitts were harmed in the making of this video

This Sunday, September 13th @ Public Assembly (front room) you should go see Keegan DeWitt with Wakey Wakey & Parachute Musical. DeWitt goes on @ 8PM and it's $8.

FREE Williamsburg was lucky enough to interview him the other day - peep on for more reasons to check him out Sunday (other than us being there, duh). DeWitt talks about working with Aaron Katz, playing with Sigur Ros and Nashville vs. Brooklyn. Here is an MP3 of "Telephone" for your listening pleasure & my fave is his soundtrack to Quiet City which you can download on his website for FREE.

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Lady Magma and Pass Kontrol at Bruar Falls


This weekend our neighborhood is serving up an almost overwhelming amount of cultural goodness. The Cult of MJ Chapel opening tonight, the TROUBLE Maze at Death By Audio, Bushwick's new Castle Braid space and the Brooklyn Artillery Fall Kickoff, and Brace For Impact at the Front Room Gallery are particularly on our radar.

And oh yea! There's also a free show going down at Bruar Falls on Saturday night. Brooklyn's own Lady Magma, Pass Kontrol and the Nasties are playing. The sets start at 9 pm, and there will be a down 'n dirty dance party afterwards.

September 10, 2009

Pearl and The Beard


Brooklyn's Pearl and the Beard just posted this cute little temptation to their Myspace:


Dear PatB bestest friends ever (Are you still wearing your necklace? Because we are.),

We are filming a music video for our WILL SMITH MEDLEY in collaboration with the Goddamn Cobras, and we need your help!

In our song, dedicated to the artistry of dear Mr. Smith, we include 8 of his most beloved and well-known songs. We need 8 different locations to perform this song live to 8 different groups of people. Filming will take place in one day, guerrilla style, on Saturday, September 19. Think of it as a Will Smith Medley Musical Scavenger Hunt.

We are asking you, our most trusted allies, to choose the 8 locations at which we will perform and film the video. Does your workplace need a 15-minute Pearl and the Beard break? Do you know a group of fireman desperately in need of a cameo? Does your boss' birthday party need a surprise pick-me-up? Be creative! Not only will your idea be chosen if it's totally awesome, but you, your grandma's bridge class, your marching band troop, your co-workers, or your pack of Chesapeake Bay Retrievers will get to be in our music video! It doesn't matter if people know Will's work or not; in fact, it makes it more interesting if they don't!

Your submission must have the following:

1. Name of location and address/description of location.

2. Contact name and phone number.

3. If your location is time sensitive (i.e., building availability, synchronization with crashing a pre-planned event, etc.), please include a specific time preference.

4. Tell us about your location choice, and why you think we should choose yours over someone else's.

5. Send your responses to [email protected]

The Rules:

1. It's got to be legal (sorry, kids).

2. It has to be on the island of Manhattan (sorry, Brooklyn).

3. Be creative! Want to wear wigs? Sport all blue? Choreograph a dance routine with The Rockettes? Bring your favorite Will Smith memorabilia? Teach a group of kindergartners the songs? It's up to you!

4. Our rule: Pearl and the Beard has to perform our Will Smith Medley at all 8 locations within the course of the allotted time frame! Give us a challenge. Make us sweat!


Alright, get brainstorming!

The last day to send us your submissions is September 15th, next Tuesday!

With so much love it's gross,

Pearl and the Beard

September 05, 2009

Monster Island Block Party 2009


| Golden Triangle
|| K-Holes
||| Knyfe Hyts 81
|||| Cult of Youth
||||| Barry London and Brad Truax
|||||| Georgiana Starlington
||||||| X-Ray Eye Balls
|||||||| DubbKnowDubb
||||||||| Trilateral Commission
|||||||||| Buckets of Blood
||||||||||| Bezoar
|||||||||||| TRYCRYTRY
||||||||||||| Andrew Deutch
|||||||||||||| Psychothriller/ Big June and the Supple Moon
||||||||||||||| Advaita Vera
|||||||||||||||| Knives Everywhere
||||||||||||||||| Backoff Track
|||||||||||||||||| the Yes Way
||||||||||||||||||| Lionshare
|||||||||||||||||||| Le Rug w/ Fiasco
||||||||||||||||||||| Animal
|||||||||||||||||||||| special guests and more

|| dj Hairwaves, Artur, and Matt Mikas


210 Kent Ave @ Metropolitan Ave | Williamsburg, Brooklyn
L-Bedford, G-Metropolitan, JM-Marcy | free | all ages | 3pm-midnight

[pictured: Cult of Youth]

September 04, 2009

Yacht Playing Surprise Show Tonight


Yacht is playing a (secret?) surprise show tonight at Glasslands (289 Kent Ave). They go on around 10:30. The band is in town after filming an upcoming episode of Dinner with the Band for IFC, shot out of a converted loft somewhere in this fine city.

September 02, 2009

Solidaridad, Brooklyn!

As opposed to "spiritedly competing," Bowery Presents and Williamsburg's upturned collar the Brooklyn Bowl have "mutually realized that [they] should work together, rather than compete against one another." This brings the venue into the same party tent as the Bowery Ballroom, the Music Hall of Williamsburg, the Mercury Lounge, and Terminal 5. Josh Moore, the Music Hall's promoter, will now be the lead talent booker at BB. Their release is after the jump. But, before you go, this isn't such a bad thing.

Brooklyn Vegan notes it "will continue to occasionally program its own events too, and continue to work with various promotional partners (for instance partnering with JellyNYC to make the bowling alley / music venue the official afterparty location of the Pool Parties this summer)."

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So Jay-Z, Why Were You at Grizzly Bear on Sunday?


Well, because he likes them! And he wants to "push hip-hop," as he tells MTV:

"They're an incredible band," he said. "The thing I want to say to everyone — I hope this happens because it will push rap, it will push hip-hop to go even further — what the indie-rock movement is doing right now is very inspiring. It felt like us in the beginning. These concerts, they're not on the radio, no one hears about them, and there's 12,000 people in attendance. And the music that they're making and the connection they're making to people is really inspiring. So, I hope that they have a run where they push hip-hop back a little bit, so it will force hip-hop to fight to make better music, because it can happen, because that's what rap did to rock."

Ok, that's all fine and dandy. But my, such great timing with The Blueprint 3 Jay. Well played, sir. Well played. I really like Ghetto Techno, and I can't say for sure that I would've streamed it without seeing you on Sunday. But, I woulda heard it somewhere. Can't avoid these things, can we.

photo c/o Michael Rusch

September 01, 2009

New Old Q-Tip Coming Soon

q-tip452.jpgAnd you can check out four tracks here. Sounds solid, but not all all what you'd expect. (He sings on the first track!). Start with the fourth song, "Feelin'." We can't wait to hear the whole record. From Pitchfork:

Kamaal the Abstract, the Q-Tip album that J Records refused to release in 2001, is finally coming out. On September 15, Battery Records will release the heavily experimental mindfuck of an album, which is more of a squelchy jazz-funk record with occasional rapping than an actual rap album. That's the cover above. Tip, evidently, is very proud of his drapes.

August 30, 2009

Sunday's Pool Party: Grizzly Bear & Beach House

Grizzly Bear - "Two Weeks"

It's been a pretty amazing series, but alas the 2009 Pool Parties come to a close this Sunday with Beach House and Grizzly Bear. Uh, wow! After last week's dance party with Girl Talk—8500 people attended—the line-up for Sunday promises to be a much more mellow scene, but that doesn't mean it won't be packed. Get there early if you want to get in without the hassle of waiting in a ridiculously long line.

4pm - Vega
5pm - Beach House
6:15pm - Grizzly Bear

More information at

Beach House - "Master of None"

August 29, 2009

Sunday: Lightning Bolt!


There's just too much good much going on tomorrow. This Todd P show that just came to our attention promises to be pretty amazing. Damn you Todd P. We love you, but how could you make us decide between Lightning Bolt and Grizzly Bear?

:::: Teeth Mountain
:::::: Talk Normal
:::::::: Hot Box

at the Broadway Backyard
979 Broadway, btwn Myrtle Ave & Ditmars St | Bushwick, Brooklyn

NOTE: this show has an 8PM curfew, so don't be late!
JMZ-Myrtle, L-Jefferson, G-Myrtle-Willoughby | DOORS --2:30PM-- | $12 | all ages

If you haven't grabbed it, a new track is available here from their forthcoming album Earthly Delights.

August 25, 2009

Mix: Weird Summer

Aquarium Drunkard sent out a "faded out late summer mix" called Weird Summer today, and while I can't comment on it yet b/c it's still downloading (shakes fist at slow internet), it does have some great bands packed into its 80mb. Track list below the jump and download link posted at GvB.

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August 24, 2009

Wilco Gets The CBS Sunday Morning Treatment

GIRL TALK Waterfront Party Pics 8/23/09

Girl Talk

Though the concert itself was amazing, it was the fun people of the crowd who made the event so epic. By far the largest Pool Party of the season. There were so many people on stage during Girl Talk, the stage actually collapsed. (Thankfully no one was injured as far as we know). Halfway through Girl Talk's set, a light rain began to fall. It was a welcome sight given the heat and sweaty bodies.

This was our favorite overheard pool party conversation: 'is Girl Talk really rocking a Dell? Fuck that. This is bullshit.'

We also loved this tweet via @saveassistants: Girl Talk was awesome, but watching ppl arrested for climbing over port-a-potties to sneak into a free concert was better'

We hope you didn't miss it. This was the biggest and best party of the summer.

Next week, Grizzly Bear and Beach House.

Photos include: DJs Gavin Royce + Stephen Pandolfi, Max Tundra , Wiz Khalifa , Girl Talk




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August 23, 2009

3rd Ward Bluegrass BBQ

bluegrass_sm.pngFor those who don't feel like battling the crowds at Girl Talk:

Sunday, August 23, 4 to 9 p, FREE Admission
FREE Colt 45 - 4 to 5 p, Cheap Eats & Drinks
An afternoon of Bluegrass music and BBQ! Featuring Chef Jeremy Spector and local Bluegrass bands Melody Allegra & Friends, The Strung Out String Band, Jefferson Hamer & Stephanie Coleman and Free Advice. Bluegrass musicians come armed and ready to play! At 8 p we'll turn the stage over to an open blugrass jam hosted by Melody Allegra. We'll also have apple bobbing, horseshoes and everybody's favorite - the photobooth! Plus, our friends from the Band of Bicycles will be on hand with bike blended libations and song. Whether you're a musician or you just like to have fun, throw on your overalls and head to 3rd Ward!

RSVP [email protected]

August 21, 2009

Gorilla vs Bear's Top Records Of The Decade

The first in what will be an endless cycle of lists, this is what Gorilla vs Bear came up with:

01 panda bear | person pitch (2007)
02 the strokes | is this it (2001)
03 ghostface killah | supreme clientele (2000)
04 outkast | stankonia (2000)
05 radiohead | kid A (2000)
06 j dilla | donuts (2006)
07 sufjan stevens | michigan (2003)
08 burial | untrue (2007)
09 joanna newsom | the milk-eyed mender (2004)
10 m.i.a. + diplo | piracy funds terrorism vol. I (2004)
11 sigur ros | Ágætis Byrjun (2000*)
12 the arcade fire | funeral (2004)
13 white denim | fits (2009)
14 animal collective | feels (2005)
15 the streets | a grand don't come for free (2004)
16 grizzly bear | veckatimest (2009)
17 clipse | hell hath no fury (2006)
18 beach house | devotion (2008)
19 madvillain | madvillainy (2004)
20 the knife | silent shout (2006)

We guess it's time to figure out our own list now. In case you missed it Gorilla vs Bear has an foreward by, who else, Carles.

August 20, 2009

Hymns on Noisemakers with John Norris

If you don't have Hymns Appaloosa you're missing out on one of our recent favorite releases. And boys, since you're not down with us blogs calling you "southern fried", I'll quote myself when asked what I thought of "Wedding Day"-- sounds like Bowie singing on a Phoenix record. Only after listening through the entire EP did I realize that I was wrong, back peddling a bit and replacing Bowie with Elvis Costello.

Check out the rest of the interview on Noisevox, who's installment of Noisemakers following next week's HEALTH is both exciting and confusing... Keep a lookout for that the first week of September.

Hymns performing "Wedding Day" at Pianos after the jump.

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Cory Chisel's "Born Again"

The first single off of the upcoming debut album from Cory Chisel & The Wandering Sons, Death Won't Send a Letter, "Born Again" is co-written by Brendan Benson who, along with his Ractonteurs, join in on much of the album's collaboration. Benson (who spent yesterday out in Rock Island recording for, joined in to multiply the warmth along side Chisel and backup songbird Adriel Harris, all while his newest solo album My Old, Familiar Friend has been doing a lot of it's own full steam ahead.

We're seriously looking forward to the September 29th release on Black Seal Records, especially since I've basically burned a digital hole through 2008's Cabin Ghost EP. If you're a fan of karma, these are definitely the kind of peeps you want to wish great successes upon-- again, just real salt of the Earth goodness. The variety Bruce Springsteen would be proud of... sexy young good-hearted Bruce, not cranky wrinkly Bruce.

Morning Lyrical Zen: Asher Roth


Just realized how embarrassed I was when Asher Roth came on random shuffle this morning. I glanced around, making sure no one heard, and quickly changed the song. His lyrics are like poetic poo, something 8th graders would dream of if they only knew how to rhyme words like "eat" and "seat."

Here's your zen, to remind you that you can do better, in whatever you are up to today.

"It's already 11:20 and I'm ready to sleep but instead
I end up sitting in the 27th seat,
An isle seat, fine by me but the guy that's insides always trying to pee.
With a wild child behind that's crying and keeps flipping out and kicking
At me while it violently screams
So I silently plead "Oh God, please let there be a hunny sitting 27B"
But of course a morbidly obese beast
Is in the seat that weeses when it breathes dude sitting D
Is at least three deep and he keeps telling me what is wrong with his knees
Alls good slaughter,
Just need water but for a bottle they charge two dollars
And when I thought that it couldn't be worse, I forgot my iPod.


August 18, 2009

TONIGHT: Cale Parks & Lemonade @ Santos Party House


By now you know that we're loving Cale Parks. And you've probably been chipping your manicure just waiting for the interview with the man himself. You're also probably really excited for TONIGHT's show at Santos Party House, which kicks off his next US tour with Lemonade. I know I am. Especially since I just realized that the first single, "One at a Time" reminds me a lot of this guy, and that can't be bad.

See below for what Cale had to say about stage moniters, Brooklyn, and the new album, To Swift Mars, out on Polyvinyl now. Also, check out the video premiere of "One at a Time" HERE.

FREEburg: There's a certain satisfaction that comes with wailing on an instrument, like playing drums with Aloha and White Williams for instance. How do you describe the transition to drum machines and synth?

Cale Parks: There was no transition, just a simple logistical issue that I couldn't play the drums and make the music I wanted to make. I love drum machines and synths. There's a specific type of satisfaction you experience when you tweak a drum sample or synth chord in the perfect way that you just can't compare to getting all choppy on the drumset and vice versa. I've been doing the solo thing exclusively for almost a year now, but I'm really, really missing sitting behind a kit. I guess this is why Phil Collins jumps behind a second drumset for a solo or two on every solo show.

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August 16, 2009

Waterfront Party Pics 8/16/2009



Del the Funky Homosapien | Prince Paul (DJ set) | DD/MM/YYYY | Gravytrain!!! | Kenan Bell*

SOOOOO much more after the jump!

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It Came from Brooklyn: August 14, 2009

Last Friday was the first of a new series It came from Brooklyn music shows at the Guggenheim museum. The event was packed with loyal Brooklynites who trekked out to support their neighbors including: The Brooklyn Steppers Marching Band, High Places, The Walkmen, Colson Whitehead and Leo Allen. For more information on the event and future shows, click here.
More photos after the jump.

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August 14, 2009

TONIGHT: Alela Diane & Sharon Van Etten @ Union Hall

Tonight at Union Hall, supporting the lovely Alela Diane, is Bushwick's own Sharon Van Etten. Her hauntingly subtle video for "For You", the first single off of debut album, Beacuse I Was In Love, has been running in a loop through my head for the last few months. Shortly after being first dumbstruck, I was blown away by her live performance at Union Pool for the Northside Festival.

We got a chance to catch up with Sharon in her 'hood about Richard Brautigan, love in the past tense, and good coffee. Take a look at the interview after the jump.

Don't be dumb, this is a show you don't want to pass up.

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Gentlemen Broncos Trailer

It's the latest from the directors of Napoleon Dynamite, Jared and Jerusha Hess, and if it's as awesome as it looks, we'll forgive them for releasing Nacho Libre. Gentlemen Broncos stars Sam Rockwell and Jemaine Clement—both major pluses—and has a pretty hilarious premise:

Gentlemen Broncos tells the story of a homeschooled teenage outcast and aspiring fantasy writer. He attends a fantasy convention to show off his work and finds his idea, Yeast Lords, becomes ripped off by acclaimed novelist Ronald Chevalier, who has turned desperate for ideas.
Now we don't know which comedy to be more excited about, Gentlemen Broncos or Mike Judge's upcoming film Extract.

Check out the Extract trailer after the jump.

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Tonight: Bushwick Film Festival Pre-Party


With the 2009 Bushwick Film Festival just two weeks out, its organizers are throwing a fun fun fundraiser tonight at Brooklyn Fireproof (119 Ingraham St., off the Morgan L) with DJs, a BBQ, and live music by Jupiter One, The Naked Heroes (which my brain keeps reading as The Naked Horses, oops), Russian Vogue, Nobody Can Dance, and Abby Rock. It kicks off at 8pm and goes late. Last year's festival was a success, with sold out screenings at Goodbye Blue Monday, Lumenhouse, and Market Hotel, so let's arm these guys with more ammo to top that.

This year's Bushwick Film Festival is August 28th - 30th at Lumenhouse. Stay tuned to for more info.

August 13, 2009

Mugison Project - 5 Boroughs 1 Day

Next week Icelandic musician Mugison will be performing in all of the NYC boroughs in one day (a record breaking event). The undertaking is a partnership with Amnesty International’s Music for Human Rights.

His shows are known for being rife with boozed-infused sentimental rowdiness, and no doubt this marathon will be worth checking out (Mugison blew us away when we saw him last September at Union Pool). But just in case you won’t be in the Bronx on Tuesday, we’ve got good news: two of Mugi’s sets will be in our area, one at Silent Barn, and the other at Pete’s Candy Store.

Schedule for Tuesday, August 18:
12:00pm : Staten Island | Museum of Tibetan Art
2:00pm : Queens | The Silent Barn
5:00pm : Bronx | Bronx River Art Center
8:30pm : Manhattan | City Winery
11:00pm : Brooklyn | Pete's Candy Store

The Farmer Dave Zone

Farmer Dave Party.jpg

Check out Farmer Dave's video invite here!

And you know you love MySpace.

A Capella Pet Sounds

Hear 'em all. Wow. We love Brian Wilson.

RIP Les Paul

Christ.... who else is going to die this summer?

From Wikipedia:

Lester William Polfuss, known as Les Paul (June 9, 1915 — August 13, 2009) was an American jazz guitarist and inventor. He was a pioneer in the development of the solid-body electric guitar which "made the sound of rock and roll possible." His many recording innovations included overdubbing, delay effects such as "sound on sound" and tape delay, phasing effects, and multitrack recording. He is often credited as being the 'father of modern music'.


August 12, 2009

Get On The New Obsession Train, And Ride It

[Thanks Pomp! xoxo]

August 11, 2009

Radiohead: Making Another Record Would "Kill Us"

From The Guardian

"None of us want to go into that creative hoo-ha of a long-play record again," he said. "Not straight off ... It worked with In Rainbows because we had a real fixed idea about where we were going. But we've all said that we can't possibly dive into that again. It'll kill us."

The problem isn't the format – "obviously, there's still something great about the album," Yorke said – but with the scale and consistency of vision that is required. "In Rainbows was a particular aesthetic and I can't bear the idea of doing that again. Not that it's not good, I just can't ... bear ... that."

August 05, 2009

Best Music Site We've Found In A While...

portada.jpgSure, we love Pitchfork, Stereogum, and Brooklyn Vegan but sometimes it's nice to find a great blog that specializes in the vintage. El Diablo Tun Tun has been blowing us away. Lots of great album and cd rips for fans of vintage Country, Blues, Old Time, Calypso, Rag Time, Bluegrass, and much more.

Our favorite finds thus far are Scat Singing - The Art of Vocal Jazz (1927-1949) and Voodoo Blues - Hoodoo & Magical Practices . But there are hundreds more to choose from. Check out the full list at El Diablo Tun Tun. [via WFMU]

Blind Item: "What Pitchfork-magazine indie-music darling..."


A blind item! From CDaN, via Defamer "What Pitchfork-magazine indie-music darling swears he doesn't drink, but was seen in Brooklyn Friday night downing martini after martini? Of course, he's also said he's following up his 2005 hit album with 48 albums more along the same theme and that hasn't exactly come to pass either."

Well, here's Pitchfork's top 50 albums of 2005, so have at it...

Commenters think his initials are SS because of the whole "50 states project" thing, which seems like a good guess to us. Any other candidates?

August 04, 2009

Rural Alberta Advantage Free at Music Hall Tonight

The Rural Alberta Advantage (or the RAA, if you're into acronyms) is playing a free show at the Music Hall tonight. Doors are at 8. The RAA are in town following the successful official release of Hometowns in July, their full-length debut that's been making the rounds at their shows since 2008.

August 03, 2009

Girls and Los Campesinos! Secret Show Tonight

Girls and Los Campesinos! are playing Union Pool tonight before kicking off their tour at Webster Hall tomorrow. $10 at the 8pm doors...Girls at 8:30.

All Points West '09, Recap

It already feels like APW happened a week ago. Three days of getting simultaneously sunburned and rain soaked, traveling home on the L train at peak weekend sexy hours covered in mud, and funnel cakes topped with meat and cheese. Moral of the story-- my body hurts and brain won't work, but for all the right reasons.

If you'd like actual commentary on the Liberty State Park festivities, check out our Twitter page. But if you're being lazy, like me, just take a look at the pretty pictures after the jump.

IMG_6835 (Large)-1.JPG

IMG_6927 (Large)-1.JPG


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August 01, 2009

All Points West '09, Day One

The rain, which began as an epic mood setter for the crooning Fleet Foxes, seemed to have something to prove on our first day at Liberty State Park. And although my shoes, purse, camera, and so on were basically ruined, my ears were not in the least bit disappointed-- a pleasant surprise from a festival that I was, quite honestly, meh about.

We'll try our best to live tweet it up tomorrow (if the weather complys), as the highlights of the day now seem to have happened days (not just hours) ago. Personal fave was definitely Jay-Z opening with a "No Sleep 'Til Brooklyn" cover, not to mention the Get Well MCA band around Karen O's arm. And in case you didn't get the memo, APW has announced that anyone with ticket stubs from Friday can enjoy an extra day of musical festivities, since that heavenly downpour was such a pain in our water logged fingers.




Lots more photos after the jump...

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July 30, 2009

Yacht Filming P4k TV at 6, Audience Needed


Jona Bechtolt of YACHT just tweeted that they need some audience members for a Pitchfork TV shoot at 6 in Brooklyn. Interested? Email him for the location.

Yacht's new album See Mystery Lights just dropped on Tuesday (review), so we imagine this is for that.

"I Got That Mother of Pearl Oyster Fork, Fo' Sure"

Simian Mobile Disco, you make me wanna stop being producitve and have a dance party on my bed. As if the video and Chris Keating's (of Yeasayer fame) lyrics weren't enough to get you moving, there's always the reeeeeeeeemix. Yeah, that's right I'm Funk Master Flex-ing it.

The new album, Temporary Pleasure, drops on August 18th and you should be excited. With special contributions from The Gossip's magnetic Beth Ditto and Hot Chip's fellow dance master Alexis Taylor, there's a simple way to make your Pleasure a little more permanent-- just press repeat.

Download "Audacity of Huge" (Naum Gabo Remix) here (you're just a right click away) and get the fever.

Luke Temple's Here We Go Magic on Noisevox

Noisevox on Noisemakers, our newest platform to watch John Norris wax poetic on music, has been keeping us up with some of our current favorites on the scene. With the likes of Animal Collective, Dan Deacon, and The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, this week's sit down with Brooklyn based Here We Go Magic explores touring with Grizzly Bear, becoming an actual band, and what to expect on the next record.

Check out the South Street Seaport rendition of breakout hit "Fangela" after the jump. And catch up on past and future interviews on Noisevox here.

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July 29, 2009

Video: Woods - “Rain On” (Live at the Whitney)

It's pouring out, so it's fitting that this wonderful video of Woods' "Rain On" performance at the Whitney just hit my radar. It was performed there as part of the Dan Graham: Beyond live music series. After the jump, enjoy No Name a new song they played called "Blood Dries Darker," shot by the same filmmaker.

Filmed in one continuous shot on July 24, 2009 at the Whitney Museum of American Art. All visual effects were done in the camera, as I was shooting. The architecture inspired me to try different things, like turning the camera 45 degrees clockwise to capture a vertical image

[via MBV & P4K]

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M.I.A. On Keep Watch Vol. X: Major Lazer; Also Venable


Via Pitchfork

Early reports on Diplo and Switch's Major Lazer project mentioned that M.I.A. would make a guest appearance on the album. Then the official tracklist came out-- and M.I.A. was, well, not on it.

But now, the influential rapper-singer-firebrand has shown up on a new Major Lazer mix, created for Mishka's Keep Watch series. (Via Gorilla vs Bear.) Her verse easily overshadows everything within a 100-mile radius.

"I say where's the daddy?" she repeats over the autotuned "Baby" riddim from the Major Lazer album before dismantling male dominated culture and paternal negligence like only she can. "Look at all the babies growin' up in the muck/ Lookin' up at the fucked up men like, 'Yuck'." If anything, motherhood has only made her more fierce. "I ain't gonna raise my son like that, 'cause this is a woman's world and he knows that," she concludes.

Download the mix here. cat_wth.jpgThe M.I.A. tracks is at 11:20 and it pretty much rules. More info about the mix at

In other FREE music news... check out this aptly-titled release by Venable, "Where's the Happy." It's melancholy, like early Cat Power or Gillian Welch, but in a beautiful way. Highly recommended. [Thanks GD]

July 26, 2009

Waterfront Party Pics, 7/26/2009

The Black Lips


More Pics after the Jump!

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HEALTH Interview; Play Waterfront TODAY


Los Angeles based noise rockers, HEALTH, love New York crowds, so let's show them what we're made of at the Waterfront today. With their battle cry drums and synth charged vocals, this darker and more polished version of Brooklyn's comparitive Aa just simply rocks. And in good faith, I'm going to suggest that the probable thunder and rain we might experience today will play as the perfect backdrop to their rumbling sound.

And although these guys love to rock, the slew of danceable remixes out there transform their technologically advanced thrash into a male enhancement answer to the likes of Chromatics and Glass Candy. In this sense, the band acts a bit like an interesting contradiction to itself-- metal inspired riffs you can dance to? Sounds like the things I actually like about LA, not to mention the band's Deep V merch shirts. Yummy.

Our very own Lisa Baldini caught up with frontman John Famiglietti about larger venues, playing songs from their September 8th release Get Color, and how Brooklyn crowds are the best. Check out the interview, along with a zoothorn heavy video of HEALTH, after the jump.

And remember, gates open on the Waterfront at 2pm. So get there early to catch the guys with Grupo Fantasma, The Black Lips, and Trail of Dead. I expect lots of dudes there.

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July 24, 2009

Bring Me to the Motel Motel

Motel Motel, the alt-country indie gem that have been circulating on my good morning alarm clock mix for the last year, debut the video for "Coffee" of the New Denver LP. When the Village Voice asked the band about the video, Mickey Theis had this to say:

"Matthew [Murphy, the director] had told us that we were going to shoot it on the property of his childhood home. What he didn't tell us is that he hadn't cleared it with the family that is currently residing there."

I hope this plays out like part of some mystical role play dream Murphy had as a child a la Where The Wild Things Are, except instead of monsters-- beautiful ladies.

Download "Coffee" here.

And in case you missed it, check out MM's Daytrotter Session which includes two unreleased tracks!

Shopping with the Vivian Girls

[photo c/o flavorwire]

Flavorwire's Stelios Phili went shopping at Beacon's Closet with the Vivian Girls, and documented his brave transition to Vivian Man.

By the time I went through my different photo shoot ideas - a) make me a Vivian Boy, b) the ideal Vivian Man, c) their backup dancer, d) a Vivian Girl — they were already excited. Every 5-year-old girl’s dream is to clothe their male best friend, and every 5-year old male plays along, because high heel shoes seem pretty sweet at the time. Whether or not I was the manifestation of their preschool nostalgia, the Vivian Girls were ready to have fun. Allowing oneself to be the human male mannequin for the Vivian Girls is not a sacrifice, no, it is an honor.

Here's the photo gallery. When they've run dry of their will to play dress-up games with neighborhood bloggers, the Vivian Girls will be playing the Whitney Museum with These Are Powers on July 31st before shipping out to Sweden and Finland in August. They'll then be back on home turf come August 25th at Death by Audio. Their sophomore album Everything Goes Wrong drops September 8th.

July 23, 2009

Got 99 Problems, But APW Ain't One


Love him or hate him, Jay-Z will be taking over the sadly canceled Beastie Boys slot on next week's opening night of All Points West.

Personally, I've got isses with Mr. Cocky himself (I happen to be a Nas fan), but that doesnt mean I won't be all sorts of hands up happy when one of New York's finest takes the stage. Did I mention this is going to be the hip-hop icons US festival debut?

Can I get a...

July 22, 2009

The Phenomenal Handclap Band at Joe's Pub


NPR Music hosted a splendid showcase last night at Joe's Pub featuring Lee Fields, Fight the Big Bull, and The Phenomenal Handclap Band.

We caught Richmond, VA's Fight the Big Bull first. Their performance was wrought with experimental jazz fusion, but fortunately it was the mirthful kind. The all-instrumental performance incorporated a seven piece brass section, double percussion, as well as plenty of laughs and facial hair.

The evening's biggest draw was The Phenomenal Handclap Band, who have been designated by many critics as the premiere dance-rock collective of 2009. Their stylized electro-funk/rock is reminiscent of '70s psych and soul, but also smacks of the same kind of exotic indie flair that makes imports like CSS and New Young Pony Club so irresistible. The group's repertoire is a bit limited at the moment, and the audience heard most of their just-released self titled debut LP - including fan favorites "15 to 20" and "You'll Disappear." While we couldn't quite detach ourselves from the sexy tambourine-wielding girls in the group (wonder if they ever fight about who has the chicest outfits?) the evening was an intimate and enjoyable affair.

And best of all? You can stream the concerts here if you missed out. More photos after the jump...

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Mayer Hawthorne at Santos Party House

Image c/o PSFK

Last night, I was able to head down to Santos Party House to check out the latest gem from Stones Throw Records LA-based Mayer Hawthorne. Easily, Hawthorne's music echoes the Motown era soul of his birthplace--a fact that he doesn't deny. However, unlike many acts whose retro revival feels like wearing your influences on your sleeve, Hawthorne is charismatic enough to pull it off--with a tight backing band to boot. His stage presence is still a little stogy between songs, but those moments were few and far between as he churned out one potential hit after the next.

Mayer Hawthorne has yet to drop his full-length album, so I am sure it will be awhile before New York sees him again, but when he does, it's not one to miss.

Wild Light Fan Video Contest

I've been missing California a bit lately (i.e. here, and here), but all it took was a little Northeast quartet called Wild Light to remind me how I really feel.

Currently on tour with Stellastarr* (although mostly in California!?), the guys are giving you a chance to show them how you feel via a fan uploaded music vido contest. Details after the jump...

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Video: Deer Tick

Deer Tick's in town on the heels of the release of their fantastically gruffy sophomore album, Born On Flag Day, playing at the Ballroom this Friday ($13/15). Time-straddling musicians like front man John McCauley III only come around so often. Clear your schedule and grab a ticket. Here's a great little video session shot recently in Houston, TX:

Via Laundro Matinee, which also has full mp3 downloads of the session.

July 20, 2009

Get Well, MCA

Fight it, man. You've got the support of millions of us fans worldwide.

"So it's a little bit of a setback — it's a pain in the ass — but this is something that's very treatable, and in most cases ... they're able to completely get rid of it, and people don't have continuing problems with it, and they've caught it early and it's not anywhere else in my body. So, that's the good news."

To allow time for treatments and what not, The Beastie Boys won't be playing at All Points West Festival next week.

(h/t gawker)

July 18, 2009

Japanther, Ninjasonik Help Unveil India Street Mural Project TODAY


From 2-6pm later today, the North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition will unveil the India Street Mural Project, located on India Street between West Street and the East River. Japanther, Ninjasonik, Dilian, Small Black and Behavior will perform, and the artists Ali Aschman, Joshua Abram Howard, Robert Seng, Chris Soria, Skewville, and Eve Biddle & Joshua Frankel will be on hand to "flaunt their goods." There will be food, "dodgeball, chalk muraling, and lots of jumping, dancing, and prancing." And of course, the neccessary afterparty at t.b.d. with drink specials from 6-8pm.

Photo via.

July 17, 2009

Tomorrow: Siren Festival

It's that time of year again. The Ninth Annual Siren Festival is tomorrow at Coney Island and as usual, the line-up is pretty solid. Built to Spill, Spank Rock, The Raveonettes, Frightened Rabbit, and many more. We're most excited to see Micachu & the Shapes. Full schedule below.

In other outdoor concert news, The Yard is hosting a dubtastic picnic with a "very special guest," and tonight Superchunk and Versus are playing a free show at the South Street Seaport.


July 16, 2009

Dancing About Architecture With Ponytail


Ponytail, with their infectous experimental pop, have been steadily winning our hearts with each live performance. This past Sunday, at the waterfront kick off to the Pool Parties, was no exception. Whenever this band comes to mind, I always find myself using the same adjective-- primal. While collective tongue-roll, wail, and yelp are not what one usually considers as vocals, Molly Siegel, echoed by Dustin Wong, contorts her sound in a most transfixing sort of way.

Backed by clangy guitars and flooded by cymbals, Ponytail's natural vibrance seeps through it's own medium, feeding their audience with raw energy. If you've been in the crowd, you know exactly what I'm talking about. This is the kind of noise rock that, rather than the lyrically thought-provoking prod of neo-folk, induces physical emotion. Just really good fucking stuff, period.

We caught up with Molly about her primal honesty, Fleetwood Mac, the importance of downloads, and most importantly, our longing for the next LP... Check out the interview after the jump...

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July 14, 2009

Reminder: Dirty Projectors at the Waterfront

I haven't been able to stop watching this video for about two weeks now. And I just got super excited for this Sunday's Pool Party with my dear sweet Magnolia Electric Co. and, after a last minute bail by White Denim, Crystal Antlers. This might be my favorite line-up of the summer? What do you guys think!?

Win A Pair of All Points West 3-Day Festival Passes!


It's giveaway time! Thanks to the kind folks at All Points West, we've got one pair of 3-day festival passes to give you. Just head on over to and leave a comment on our most recent status mentioning the giveaway (this one).

Here's the line-up, and you can still buy tickets, here. They're going for $219.00.

Below the jump, behold! A widget! It's got all sorts of nifty APW festival information.

Good luck!!!


And p.s. follow us on Twitter for all sorts of smaller ticket giveaways every week:

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July 13, 2009

This LANDy is your LANDy

Adam Goldberg makes music we actually want to listen to

So we posted the video for "BFF!" a little while back...and then we scored an interview with the man himself on LANDy. Check out excerpts from a chat on going from being overwhelmed by years and years of drives of music to working with Steven Drozd from the Flaming Lips and Aaron Espinoza from Earlimart on Eros and Omissions (in stores now).

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July 11, 2009

O'Death + Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt @ Brooklyn Bowl

Photos by Yoon Kim

Last night at Williamsburg's new Brooklyn Bowl, Flavorpill hosted the first ever concert bowling extravaganza featuring O'Death and a band I've been dying to see live, Terror Pigeon Dance Revolt. Pleasantly surprised by our dear CMJ and SXSW staple, the Ice Cream Man, I entered the glowing space shortly after consuming my cherry flavored Powerpuff Girls pop.

The space was overwhelmingly huge, finished with stained wood and dark leather couches. I had heard of its extravagance, but Brooklyn Bowl really took me by surprise. Around each corner, there was more... but all with the looming notion of "is this really neccessary?" I'm not a bowler, so maybe I don't get it-- especially since, well, don't we have the Gutter (just a few blocks away) already? After some time in this new almost waterfront paradox, I was ready for some music...


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Williamsburg Waterfront Shows Begin On Sunday


This Sunday, JellyNYC's Pool Parties debut at their new location on the Williamsburg waterfront. Here's the line-up:

Mission of Burma | Fucked Up | Ponytail | Jemina Pearl of Be your Own Pet

Gates open at 2pm and best of all it's FREE. We've got directions and the full schedule for all the pool parties at

Tonight: Mikroknytes at ParisLondonWestNile

3620296080_996460a57f.jpgThe Mikroknytes will perform at Paris London West Nile as part of the Brown Wing Overdrive night with Hiccup (Chuck Bettis, Luke Calzonetti and special guest Oran Canfield) and Mikey IQ Jones. The show starts at 9pm with a $5 donation. The set will include the debut of a new video work Esotear by Derek. Mikroknytes have been known to create a heavy dose of euphoric drone that open all your chakras.

(Luke Calzonetti - electronics / Chuck Bettis - electronics & throat + special guest Oran Canfield - drums)

Hiccup is usually a duo, birthed during BWO, of Luke & Chuck; but this night the are joined by another Child Abuse member, Oran. They specialize in high-octane,trance-inducing energy.

(Mikey - electronics, drums, voice)

IQ has been rocking the solo thing pre-BWO and is putting the finishing touches on his solo record. His gig @ Roulette blew some minds and this night will probably repeat such an affect.

Come join the ritual!

285 Kent (btwn south 1st and south 2nd street)
Brooklyn, NY
More information:

[image: Mikroknytes - Velvet Bank Album Cover]

July 10, 2009

Video: Matt & Kim Play Jesse Jane and Day Light at Pier 54

Matt & Kim playing Jesse Jane and Daylight at Pier 54 July 9th for Hudson River Park's "River Rocks" show. Shot by unARTigNYC, soundtrack by Aa.

July 09, 2009

Secret MGMT Show at Glasslands

MGMT celebrated America's birthday by putting on a show - enjoy photos by Yoon Kim!

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Ticket Giveaway: Chris Garneau's CD Release Party TONIGHT


Tonight at Le Poisson Rouge, Chris Garneau celebrates the release of his highly anticipated sophomore album, El Radio-- and we've got a pair of tickets for one lucky reader to join in the fun!

Much like Michigan has Sufjan Stevens, Brooklyn's Garneau holds up his melodic quirkiness like a flag against a windy sea current. His trembling heartfelt lyrics had me at 2007's Music for Tourists. Some of the gloom from the previous album has lifted, and been replaced with a sort of playfulness. The seamless transition of these two sounds is best showcased between the meloncholy Cat Power-esque piano of "Hands on the Radio" to the sweeping horns and marching drums on "No More Pirates". Rarely do you see this kind of talent have fun with their work, and you can feel the sentiment in the tapping of your own toes-- or in the obsessive repeat cycle I currently have ballad "Hometown Girls" in.

Navigate your way to our Facebook page and comment on the contest thread for your chance to score a pair of tickets to the show tonight. And if you see Chris, be sure to thank him for bringing forth some honest melodies for us to set our heart's ticking to.

Winner announced at 4pm, so hurry up and get some! Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

July 08, 2009

NJ's Ducktails + Julian Lynch Split 7"


Underwater Peoples, the folks who got us longing for the sunshine with the perfect summer mix, will be releasing a split 7" record on Monday, July 13th. And who will be delivering the musical goods, you ask? Well none other than New Jersey's finest-- on Side A, Ducktails' tour de force, "Parasailing" and on Side B, the 7" debut of hometown pal, Julian Lynch, bringing the mystical lo-fi sound one could only expect from this crew, with "Topi" and "Garden 2." Plus, the cover art was made possible by fellow Real Estater Martin Courtney.

And that's not all! With your $7 purchase of the record, you'll get a DVD including two Richard Law videos that will be making their way to YouTube shortly. So email the guys at [email protected] to get your copy-- before they're all sold out!!

The best marketing tactic ever, after the jump...

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July 07, 2009

Giveaway: Handmade Fanfarlo Box Set

From the studio of Interpol and The National producer Peter Katis, as well as their own bookish depths of musical charm emerge Fanfarlo. This whimsical quartet of string, horn, and backyard folk vocals, is the perfect mix of meloncholy Devotchka with a happier pop core, like local faves Motel Motel. In addition to their already long list of musical talents, they seem to be quite crafty too! From KEXP:

Fanfarlo not only released their debut themselves, but they also handcrafted 500 limited editions of the album — housed in special foil-blocked, embossed linen-covered dvd-shaped box, packed with an exclusive set of heavyweight letterpress printed postcards featuring the band’s artwork and lyrics — themselves! They set up a production line in their own living room and handpacked each one[...]

The sets were originally available through Rough Trade but are long gone by now

And just when you thought you were out of luck... FREEburg is giving away a Fanfarlo Box Set to one lucky reader! Just follow us on Twitter @freedubya and ReTweet the Fanfarlo contest for a chance to win!

Take a looksy after the jump for photos of the Fanfarlo gang making the Limited Edition Reservoir Box Sets, as well as a download of "Luna", the first single off the self released debut album.

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This Is How We're Always Going To Remember Michael

Yacht Rock MJ: "How am I supposed to stick my dick in some pussy, when you got me singing like one"

Undoubtedly, you've all seen Yacht Rock already. If not, go here and watch them all. They're a few years old, but they still hold up amazingly well. The Wikipedia summary of the plot, is almost as hilarious as the videos. Check it out after the jump.

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July 06, 2009

Ticket Giveaway: Japandroids at Piano's


Now that you're all comfortable with our Facebook ticket giveaway platform, we're switching things up.

Japandroids, the 2-piece garage rock band from Vancouver, will be rolling thru the LES for one night only before they continue off to Boston for the rest of their Post-Nothing tour-- and we've got a pair of tickets for you.

I've got to say that at my initial introduction to Japandroids, I was thouroughly impressed. Listening to the tracks, I would've never guessed below a trio. The first track off the August 4th release, "The Boys Are Leaving Town", is the quintessential summer song-- the kind you could walk off into highway heat haze to. Plus, I'm a sucker for angsty dudes that guitar riff for love.

So follow @freedubya on Twitter, and Direct Message us with the best way to beat the NYC heat, and a pair of tickets for the July 11th show at Pianos could be yours. WE HAVE A WINNER!!!

The Sulimays Gang Weigh-In On Grizzly Bear and Iggy Pop

[Thanks Kevin]

July 02, 2009

Mumblecore Goes Electro-Dream-Drone-Pop

Neon Indian, the electronics-gone-sad collaboration between Alan Palomo and Alicia Scardetta, shall be releasing a debut full length just in time to play soundtrack to our summer memories. You know, right around mid-October when you realize it's almost Halloween & you don't have a costume. This hazy musical mumblecore will scroll through your brain with flashes of hand holding which quickly disappeared once the BBQ sauce sticky PBR cans got recycled.

It took a minute for these tracks to grow on me after GvB first introduced us. But sometimes all it takes is a fan video to make us change our minds-- (also, anyone who quotes Clueless is ok in my book):

Right click away here, for the single "Terminally Chill" off Psychic Chasms, which hits the streets October 13th.

"Pool Parties" Line-Up Announced

image via

We've got the full schedule at

July 01, 2009


This took a few listens (and views) to grow on me, but now it will be making its way onto a rooftop party playlist sometime soon. Download the song (for free!) here.
According to their Myspace, they will be here August 15th, but it doesn't look like they have a place to play figured out. Someone help them out?

June 30, 2009

Interview: I Am The Heat

The Brooklyn-based fusion of 60's garage rock bands and post-punk minimalism that is I Am The Heat will premiere their new music video for their song "Ghost Bear" this Thursday night at 10 p.m. at Monkeytown (58 N 3rd. St).

Led by director Stephen Spencer, "Ghost Bear" was filmed around Williamsburg and Bushwick with the band, their girlfriends, friends and extended social acquaintances all lending a hand and having fun. It's got a healthy mix of snuggling females, pillow fights, fuzzy bears and a chase scene all thrown together with a Matt and Kim-esque level of intensity and color.

Here's the trailer video (it's live now):

I AM THE HEAT: Ghost Bear from kevin fey on Vimeo.

For more on the band, I e-sat down with Jameson and Kevin Fey to talk about shooting the video, their favorite local haunts and their favorite bands. That interview, my friends, is after the jump.

After their Thursday premiere at Monkeytown, I Am The Heat will play July 11th at Clash Bar (NJ), July 12th at Union Pool, and July 31st at Lit.

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And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead...

...will be performing on the Williamsburg Waterfront on July 26. If you're already missing the McCarren Park shows, fear not. The pool parties return to a new location next month. Fuill schedule at

New Dirty Projectors Video: "Stillness is the Move"


June 27, 2009

Discovery Cover Jackson Five's "I Want You Back"

[Featuring members of Vampire Weekend and Ra Ra Riot]

June 26, 2009

Vampire Weekend Cover Band Real!


Oh, its real. The VW Bugs, as they're now named, have a Twitter account and a MySpace page to boot. Idolator confirms that it's already staffed with preppies from Princeton.

An event listing on the MS page shows a party on August 15th at 10pm.

AM New York Still Thinks McCarren's Pool Parties RAWK


In this morning's AM New York (seen above), Fahima Haque relives what must have been a dream last night about one of "the best of the free music fests" at McCarren Park Pool, the derelict pool turned "unpretentious and charming spot" that this summer will feature acts the likes of Dan Deacon, Grizzly Bear, and Girl Talk!

In this alterna-universe, the free shows start July 12 and run through August 30th, and we imagine the slip-n-slide will be there too! And you guys! Ohh, you guys will all be there! Everybody gets VIP in this dream, and I bet all the hip young indie actors will come out for MGMT again, and dance without regrets in the shaded corner left of stage! We'll dance with them!

Oh, I just LOVE AMNY, those dreamers! Screw reporting, screw even being aware of the multi-year construction project at McCarren Park Pool that's long sent the concert series to the waterfront. If we can't dream alongside America's Greatest Morning Daily, then I don't even want to write a blog anymore.

June 25, 2009

Sadly, It's Official

michael.jpgMichael Jackson has died at 50. Two icons from my childhood pass in one day! You were both crazy, but I'm still going to miss you.

From CNN

Entertainer Michael Jackson has died after being taken to a hospital on Thursday after suffering cardiac arrest, according to multiple reports including the Los Angeles Times and the Associated Press. CNN has not confirmed his death.

Jackson, 50, had been in a coma at the hospital, sources told CNN.

Brian Oxman, a Jackson family attorney, said he was told by brother Randy Jackson that Michael Jackson collapsed at his home in west Los Angeles, California, Thursday morning.

Family members were told of the situation and were either at the hospital or en route, Oxman said.

Fire Capt. Steve Ruda told CNN a 911 call came in from a west Los Angeles residence at 12:21 p.m.

Ruda said Jackson was treated and transferred to the UCLA Medical Center.

Asked specifics of the patient's condition, he said he could not discuss them because of federal privacy laws.

The music icon from Gary, Indiana, is known as the "King of Pop." Jackson had many No. 1 hits and his "Thriller" is the best-selling album of all time. Video Jackson "as big as it gets" »

Jackson is the seventh of nine children in a well-known musical family. He has three children, Prince Michael I, Paris and Prince Michael II.

At the medical center, every entrance to the emergency room was blocked by security guards. Even hospital staffers were not permitted to enter. A few people stood inside the waiting area, some of them crying.

A large crowd was also gathering outside the hospital, according to video footage.

Outside Jackson's Bel Air home, police arrived on motorcycles. The road in front of the home was closed in an attempt to hold traffic back, but several people were gathered outside the home.

UPDATE: Andrew Sullivan has a nice post that we've included in full after the jump. [via]

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Looking to start a Vampire Weekend Cover Band


So, wow! Some "popular Williamsburg-based bar/music venue" is looking to fill a residency for a Vampire Weekend cover band made up of vague band member lookalikes! They just need their Ezra, their Rostam and the two Chris's and they'll be off the ground and Oxford Commaiing in no time. The question is, can we identify this bar/music venue? I'm going to throw my guess out there and say Union Pool. Or, I'm sorry, Brooklyn Pool, for those of you who watch Michael Cera on the big screen. Any other guesses?

And yes, we realize this is probably a joke. But oooooooh fingers are crossed that it's real!

Via Mr. Ginsberg, who RT'd Pitchfork and Idolator.

Been Waiting For This Since Forever Ago


On September 22nd, Jagjaguwar (the folks who bring you Sunset Rubdown, Dinosaur Jr., Black Mountain, and Okkervil River-- just to name a few) are set to release the side project full-length debut of Bon Iver's Justin Vernon with Collections of Colonies of Bees-- they call it Volcano Choir. The LP, Unmap, is an accidental three years in the making, which says something about musicians making music for music's sake. Here's what Vernon had to say (via Pitchfork):

"We started collaborating three years ago and just this year we started to realize we had nine or 10 tracks almost done," he said. "I sing on it, but there aren't a lot of lyrics-- it's definitely more on the experimental side of things."

If both camps previous work says anything about the upcoming Unmap, it'll be sure to make you feel like a leaf floating along in an Autumn wind destiny. Oh Wisconsin, how you always manage to bring us love in the form of indie lullabies...

June 24, 2009

The Artists Formally Known as The Kiss Off


Arpline, who you may remember as The Kiss Off, made their “debut” at The Mercury Lounge this past Saturday. Rarely have I had the opportunity to see a band evolve over time, as I have Arpline over the past couple of years. Although their sound has always been inventive, they have stepped it up, bringing in some brass and a new atmosphere to push them to the next level. With songs like “Fold Up Like a Piece of Paper” and “Weekend at the Colonies” you can’t deny there is an intelligence and craft to each song. And it will definitely make you move your feet.

If you have heard Arpline, but haven’t been to a show, I would definitely urge you to go-- their live performance brings an entirely new energy that you won’t be able to experience otherwise (say, via myspace). Though part of me misses The Kiss Off, I am looking forward to Arpline’s next step. Whichever direction they chose to move in, I doubt it will disappoint.

Also, opening for Arpline and bringing the heat, was Big Bang TV, appealling to those who like bands similar to The Postal Service, but are striving for vocal range and an eclectic arrangement. Varying between dance happy pop rock and somber melodic ballads.

And, no worries to The Kiss Off fans-- though you've got to call them Arpline now, the band consists of all the same boys you know and love.

-- Torey Schantz

Cymbals Eat Guitars Release "Tunguska"


Via Pitchfork:

Best New Music honorees Cymbals Eat Guitars will have a new 7" out via Transparent in the UK on July 20, and only Pure Groove will be selling it. The single even comes with a free prize for the first 300 buyers: a slap bracelet! (Hey, remember 1990, when we were all accidentally slitting our wrists? Fun times!).

To hold you over until their June 28th show at Cake Shop (w/ Bedtime & Teletextile), CEG is giving out their new non-album single "Tunguska" on their myspace page.

June 23, 2009

Vampire Weekend + Ra Ra Riot = Discovery


Discovery, the collabo project of Vampire Weekend's Rostam Batmanglij and Ra Ra Riot's Wes Miles, hits the old school electro-pop soft spot in my brain. With special appearances by fellow Weekender, Ezra Koenig, and Angel Deradoorian from Dirty Projectors--who we are glad to hear are doing ok-- how can you resist bopping around to the debut while basking in some rooftop sunshine.

Auto-tune + a Jackson 5 cover = yes, please!?

Ok, so maybe I'm desperate for the summer to actually start, but I'm feeling this!

Download "Orange Shirt", the first single off of the July 7th release of LP (yep, another ironically titled album y'all), and tell me you aren't mistaking it for a lo-fi Passion Pit jam-- and that's not a bad thing. Although, I have to admit, this might be the album I'll want to never hear again after a few wild summer nights. Just saying...

Metric: Neither The Beatles Nor The Stones

Metric at Terminal 5

Recently, Metric wrote on their Twitter feed, “Got 99 problems but... this tour ain’t one.” Presumably, the band have been enjoying themselves on their latest supporting tour, and this stop was no exception.

Metric kicked it off in Brooklyn, and as singer Emily Haines professed between songs, “I love coming back to New York and playing at home ... I remember when we took the train to play with the Rolling Stones. ...Yeah! The fuckin’ subway.” Haines knew we could all relate, with most people having traveled from afar to get to Terminal 5’s remote (read: Midtown) location. The crowd cheered with approving applause.

These two factors may not have caused it, but the group seemed positively electrified on stage. As each member’s hair grew progressively matted from their own perspiration, their energy only increased, with their instruments seeming to grow louder with every song.

As with their newest album, Fantasies, Metric was precise in their presentation and musicianship. For the most part, they seemed closely tethered to their respective spots on stage, surrounded by their vast array of synthesizers and guitars (James Shaw, the guitarist, grabbed a different guitar for nearly every song, his stagehand frantically retuning each before use). Every measure of every song seemed to be played with the utmost importance for absolute perfection, and unlike most live acts, they pulled it off with surprising accuracy and dedication.

Haines was the only one who spoke at all to the audience, and didn’t speak much. When she did though, she expressed adoration and camaraderie for the receptive crowd, and even unleashed a little weird philosophy on everyone. It was, at times, incoherent, but her message got through: “Just remember, that, you know, you gotta do what you wanna do. That’s what this next song’s about,” she said, before launching into “Gimme Sympathy”.

Did I enjoy the show? Usually when my attention from a performance wavers, I start to notice what kind of equipment the artist is using-- for the first time in a long time, I left the large venue without a clue about any of it.

-- Erik Erikson

More photos after the jump...

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The Dirty Projectors in Car Accident


Oh No! Pitchfork is reporting The Dirty Projectors were in a "pretty bad" car accident and, according to a promoter with the now-canceled Toronto show, "One of them is in very serious condition." :(. We hope this sounds worse than it actually is.

The Dirty Projectors are currently slated to play a much-anticipated free show on the waterfront on July 19th.

Updated statement from the band:
"Dirty Projectors' van flipped outside of Detroit, MI on their way up to Toronto. Although the crash was serious, we're happy to report that all members of the band have been safely discharged from the hospital. The band will be flying home to New York in the morning to regroup and rest. Unfortunately, the band will have to cancel Toronto and Montreal. Thank you for understanding and sending your well wishes."

Old Folks Review Wilco and Dirty Projectors

best line: "do I look like I'm into oriental music?"

more Breakfast at Sulimays here.

June 22, 2009

Girls in New York

This week, you've got three chances to catch San Francisco's eternally ethereal Girls- a band that hones all things hazey (I might be hinting at edibles here) and sun-filled breezes. I'm talking mopey pop Elvis Costello would be proud of, not just because frontman Christopher Owens evokes the timbre of the man himself.

We can only hope they'll bring the California sunshine with them, or at least make us forget about the rain for a moment. All three shows should be exceptional, but I'm picking the Monster Island show as a favorite in advance- I just can't stop giving those Real Estate boys some love.


Check out the video for "Hellhole Ratrace", the first single off of Girls' debut full length after the jump. The album which will be called, um, Album, is due out Sept 22nd on True Panther Recordings.

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Bleszt, aka Mr. Brick Bandit, is a 21 year old out of Newark, and while we like to maintain a fairly anti-Jersey platform here, I'm gonna risk a demerit on my NYC-card today. This is Bleszt's new mixtape, and it'll only cost you bandwith to get (totally worth it). Plus, when was the last time a rapper came out of New Jersey? Federline? The whole thing's pretty cool, R&B and hip hop, lots of auto-tune and over-are-tik-yoo-lay-ting and other Lil Wayne-isms but there's more than enough personality of its own. It's called Nine 7 Three.

Download it here
Listen to it here

via maddecent

June 19, 2009

These Are Powers - "Easy Answers"

These Are Powers debuted this video at the FREEwilliamsburg Northside Fest showcase and now it's finally up on YouTube for all to watch at their leisure. Enjoy, this is one of my favorite tracks of the year.

June 18, 2009

Woodsist / Captured Tracks Festival w/Thee Oh Sees, Vivian Girls, Crystal Stilts + more

woodsist.jpgApparently some people have plans to skip town over the weekend of July 4th. I have no idea why anyone would choose to do that because this independence day weekend Woodsist, Captured Tracks and Todd P are putting on an amazing festival in Bushwick. The Crystal Stilts and Thee Oh Sees are headlining Friday and Saturday respectively. And the lineup's got virtually all of my (and likely your) favorite Brooklyn bands including Vivian Girls, Woods, Kurt Vile, caUSE co-MOTION!, the Beets, Blank Dogs, Real Estate, and more. Plus equally awesome bands like Tyvek and Psychedelic Horseshit making the trip from outta town.

If Woodsist or Captured Tracks don't ring a bell for you this festival is the perfect time to get familiar. Woodsist is Woods' own label that put out their excellent LP Songs of Shame, as well as putting out releases by several of the artists above (claro, hence being on the bill) like Vivian Girls and Thee Oh Sees. Captured Tracks is run by Mike Sniper aka Blank Dogs, and his mission appears to be put out the record of every great new band that forms in Brooklyn. Captured Tracks has put out vinyl from the Beets, Gary War, German Measles and Gutsies (best band formed in 2009, Surfer Body is the summer jam), once again, all of whom will be performing at the festival. In short, it'll be an amazing weekend put on by two great indie record labels.

Tickets are already available online! It's $27 for both days (including a $2 paypal fee), or $15 per day at the door. Full lineup after the jump.

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June 17, 2009

Insound's Warehouse Sale


Tomorrow, from 5-8pm, the online music store Insound is opening their Brooklyn-based warehouse doors and selling everything from new and classic vinyl to silk-screened posters and t-shirts at a serious discount.

Refreshments come in kegs, compact discs will be on hand to touch and possibly buy and free promotional giveaways will somehow end up on your kitchen counter all week. Like keychains, maybe. Here's the flyer, and the warehouse is located at 61 Greenpoint Ave. 5-8pm. 61. Avenue. Keychains.

June 16, 2009

Northside Festival Showcase Recap

Air Waves

Hopefully, you were able to check out our showcase in Northside Festival just like John Norris did , if not, here are a few shots of the good time you missed (at least until I had to leave and miss the dance party and the crowd surfing during These Are Powers' last number). Thanks to Free Danger, Stay Gold, Organs, Air Waves, Real Estate, Javelin, These are Powers, and of course Death by Audio. Here's what John Norris had to say:

No place I would rather be on Friday night of the Northside Fest than the venerable (Can we call it venerable yet? Why yes, I think we can) Death By Audio. Not because it was a chance to see bands that rarely play Brooklyn - as a matter of fact every few weeks it seems you can catch at least one of them around town. But because it was a showcase of some of the most exciting, modern left-field pop our fine locale has to offer.... And people ask me ‘what’s so great about Brooklyn’? Um, this is.

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June 15, 2009

Market Hotel: Some Non-News News You Can't Really Use


After reading this post on Assme, alarmingly titled "Someone Is Trying to Bring Down the Market Hotel (Maybe)," I was a bit concerned that shit, someone was trying to bring down the Market Hotel! A few tweets came out of the search.twitter bonfire with rumors about a big raid and a condemnation and it appeared that that was that.

But, this isn't all true. I spoke with Todd P who gave us a little clarification on the situation....(below the jump)

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June 12, 2009

Tonight: The FREEwilliamsburg Showcase


badgeholder update: since there has been some confusion, here's the deal: we'll be letting the allotted number of badges in and then allowing other badge holders entry throughout the night once others leave.

Mark your calendars! Here are the final details for our upcoming Northside Festival showcase.

an ALL AGES show at DEATH BY AUDIO ($10)
49 South Second Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn [map]

set times: 8:30/9:30/10:30/11:30/12:30


+ With the live debut of These Are Powers' new video "Easy Answers"
++ FREE Heineken from 7:30-8:30
+++ FREE Ice Cream provided by

RSVP on Facebook!


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FREEwilliamsburg Showcase Q&A with Javelin

(left to right) Tom van Buskirk, George Langford

Today is our final band Q&A ahead of the Northside festival. We're having a chat with Javelin, a pair of guys from Providence, RI. The duo make music steeped in the day-glo aesthetic of their hometown, but smooth the edges with summery samples and R&B groove basslines. On jams with self-explanatory titles like "Andean Ocean Tape," you can practically see dolphins performing synchronized leaps. Javelin is going to be playing tonight at Death By Audio at the FREEwilliamsburg Showcase.

Q&A after the jump:

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June 11, 2009

Woods Release "To Clean" Video

[Via Pitchfork]

Download the track and check them out on Monday with WAVVES and our beloved Real Estate @ Bowery Ballroom!

FREEwilliamsburg Showcase Q&A with Organs

(left to right) Dan Baranello, Brian Chillemi, Ryan Heil

Next up in our slew of Northside showcase interviews is rockabilly garage trio Organs. Recently signed to self-distributing indie folks Puta! Records (releasing a single and cassette EP by the end of summer), these boys play the kind of songs that let your drunk head sway, or remind you why you were drinking that whiskey in the first place. Their regular appearances at neighborhood favorites Bar Matchless and Don Pedro's always buzz eery with prohibition era vibes and memories of joyfully simple Rock 'n Roll taboos.

An emotional drone of harmonica on tracks such as "Don't Wanna See Me No More" or singer Brian Chillemi's longing wails on "Need Your Love" present us with why people make music in the first place-- to dance and feel and fight and, well, get you to want to take your pants off. If you're a fan of any combination of those things, read the rest of the interview with Brian after the jump for a little insight on 20th century girls, the importance of good shoes, and Union Square drug dealers.

Get the Organs record here for FREE---->

Your myspace page says you guys sound like "If Hank Williams listened to the Stooges while fucking Little Richard". How did you land on this style/sound? Or is it just a musical wetdream of yours to get all those dudes in one room?

The Stooges are the sickest rock n roll punk band ever, Hank Williams is the god father of country music and Little Richard is one of most primal performers in the history of rock n roll. We're striving to integrate those three the best we can... and fucking isn't a bad way to get people integrated.

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June 10, 2009

Williamsburg Waterfront Shows

The Williamsburg Waterfront - the new home of the Mcarren Park Pool Parties

Yes, the McCarren Park Pool shows are now just a bygone memory of slip-n-slide bliss. But the good news is that the party will continue this year on the Williamsburg waterfront. We're particularly excited because FREEwilliamsburg favorite, Beach House, has just been added to the the roster. According to Brooklyn Vegan, they'll be opening for Grizzly Bear for the affordable, recession-friendly price of, well, FREE!

No word on whether there will be a slip-n-slide this year, but we'll be keeping you up-to-date on all the Williamsburg waterfront shows at You can check out the full schedule (thus far) here. [image c/o Flickr]

UPDATE from our mailbag:
I have been told by a contact at Jelly that the slip n slide will be back. This is of particular interest to me, as my buddy and I have run the slip n' slide for the past two summers. I'm excite for the new venue. Even less shade means even more slippers and sliders!

FREEwilliamsburg Q&A with Air Waves

Photo by Edwina Hay

Continuing our series of interviews with the amazing bands playing our showcase at Northside Festival, I recently exchanged emails with Nichole Schneit of Air Waves. Dan Deacon gave the best descrption of Nicole's songwriting I've seen when he said "The music she writes is like a favorite blanket wrapped around you." Nicole shared a bit about how she crafts those song-blankets, what she's like on the subway and Air Waves' upcoming recording plans. So read up and don't forget to check out the show Friday at Death by Audio.

FW: How long have you been performing as Air Waves and how did the current lineup come together?

Nicole Schneit: I've been performing as "Air Waves" for a little over two years. Before that I did solo stuff. The lineup I have is always changing. I met Daoud who is on drums through a friend. He's a really amazing, creative drummer. When he tried out I knew right away that he was a perfect fit. Dan I also met through a friend. He picks up songs really quickly, plays really tastefully and there are old misfits stickers on his bass.

FW: What's your song writing process like?

Nicole: I play the guitar melody and then just make stuff up. If it sounds good I write it down. For the new album I don’t want any of the songs to be about my life. I think it will challenge me to be more creative in the lyrical process.

FW: What outside of music influences your songwriting?

Nicole: People, I like watching people a lot. I tend to stare on the subway which can get me in trouble. My songs are usually about other peoples relationships. Sometimes my own, but I'm trying to veer away from that.

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MGMT Remix Violens' Doomed


Last year, MGMT approached Violens frontman Jorge Elbrecht about a "Time To Pretend" remix, now the boys are returning the favor with their version of "Doomed", staying true to the original track and sans all the seducing industrial synth Violens laid on last summer's new age Fernando.

Download the remix , and lookout for the free digital remix EP from Cantora, including this track as well as contributions from Lansing-Dreiden, remix collective RAC, and newcomers Subtle People.

Be sure to check out Violens with School of Seven Bells at their favorite NY venue, Bowery Ballroom, this Friday before they kick off their UK tour with White Lies. Also, the "Doomed" video after the jump.

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Anna Barie, Bill Salas and Pat Noecker

May I present, THESE ARE POWERS, the second band interview of four to prepare everyone for the Freewilliamsburg set during the Northside Festival. I'll admit I chose to interview this trio since they struck me as the most likely to get the dance party started (I've been aching for one big time). Besides making me want to be part in a sweaty mass at a show, THESE ARE POWERS are engaging in some forward looking art collaborations, bringing visual art to previously only audio shows. In fact, they will be premiering the video for their song "Easy Answer" during the show. Check them out on Friday along with Real Estate, Javelin, Organs, and Air Waves.

a still from 'Easy Answers,' directed by Jacqueline Castel

Can you tell me about this Secret Project Robot you wrote about on your blog?
ANNA: Secret Project Robot's whole point is to make art fun and community based. So what they've done is opened up their space to a bunch of a different events that they curate but also curate with other people. We had an art opening and cd release party for our new album this past Feburary and for that album we asked 12 different artists and a writer to contribute work to our album so that was on display in addition to about 40 other pieces from other artists. Because of that show, some of our friends and others bands have told us they that inspired to have similar events, our friends band had a similar cd release party where they screened a bunch of different films.

PAT: Our friend Paul ended up selling his painting that night for a whole of money and our friend Javelin got offered another show. The idea is to create community around ideas. I feel like you can't really have a full experience with one form of expression, you should really try and create a group state and by group I mean everyone from the community. It's limited to think that music is the only art form that you can incorporate into shows.

Do you think this is a more holistic approach to what you are trying to do?

PAT: It's more interesting. That's what it boils down to-What's interesting and fun at the same time? Playing at a club and just setting up and doing sound check and selling your merchandise afterward isn't nearly as interesting as really making an event out of every show.

Do you have more shows like this coming up?

BILL: August 6th we are playing the X Initiative which is a gallery in Chelsea that is having a set of curators every season put on multimedia shows and we got invited. They're screening some Bruce Nauman and we are going to perform in front of this film "City Slivers" and a film called "Stations of the Elevated," which is a grafitti film from the late 70's. It's just one more example of cross pollination between "art" and music. It's just about not drawing distinctions and a lot of it comes down to playing much more interesting events.

What are you looking most forward to doing in Brooklyn?
ANNA: Summer in New York is an awesome time because of all the free outdoors films and concerts. I want to check out the High Line and check out Femi Cutin in Prospect Park. I Just riding your bikes around and hanging out.
BILL: Skateboarding for me, personally. The only summer month we are here for August.
PAT: We were gone last summer so every summer moment we get in the city we're cherishing.

Get them while you can, THESE ARE POWERS head to Canada on Saturday and then China next month and you won't get a chance to see them until they play at the Whitney with Vivian Girls on July 31st.

Check out their Myspace and Blog for more musing and jams.

More stills from their new video, which the band will debut on Friday, after the jump:

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June 08, 2009

Jeff Hanson 1978-2009

The sad news, from Kill Rock Stars:

We are deeply shocked and saddened to report that Jeff Hanson passed away on June 5, 2009 in his home, a victim of a terrible accident. Jeff has been a part of the KRS family since 2003.

Jeff Hanson was an amazing artist, a riotously funny person, and a good friend. Everyone at Kill Rock Stars feels that we were privileged to put out his records. We will miss him tremendously. Our thoughts are with his family and friends at this time.

And a little background from Strangeglue:

Compared to former label-mate Elliott Smith, Hanson was uniquely known across much of America because of his haunting falsetto voice that was often mistaken for that of a woman. Hanson was signed to Kill Rock Stars in 2003, believed to be the first artist signed to the label based on an unsolicited demo. He often joked that the only reason Kill Rock Stars wanted to meet with him was because they wanted to see if he really sang like that.

RIP, here's "This Time it Will," directed by Wyatt McDill:

[more at BV]

June 07, 2009

T-Pain & The Big Ass Chain


Jay-Z may be claiming the death of autotune but T-Pain's doing fine:


I told everybody I’m not playing no more anybody wanna try to out do me then we goin at it like next door neighbors. Believe dat

10lbs. 197kts. Very very real I don’t know what fake feel like.$410,000. Hola señor recession proof. (@T-Pain)

Blind Pilot - on tour!

Blind Pilot played their second show in New York last night at the Bowery Ballroom. Excited about being in New York, the lead guitarist and singer Israel, admitted to never having the chance to visit New York until they had the opportunity to play here.

Originally from Portland, the humble group first started reaching their loyal and appreciative audiences by touring small towns on their bikes with nothing but their equipment, before deciding to record their debut album 3 Rounds and a Sound.

When the music started up, there were smiles across the crowd. It felt almost like being at summer camp with all the soft chanting, swaying, and overall cumbia atmosphere.

As most songs played were slow and peaceful, folks definitely jammed out to a few of the more upbeat favorites such as “ We are the Tide” and “ The Story I heard”.

Often before songs were played, the band made sure to inform the audience of the little story that went along with it and what the inspiration was behind writing the song.
Listen to them tell their story here on NPR.

Click below to see more photos from the show

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June 04, 2009

New MGMT Video: "Kids"

Jeffrey Lewis Objectified

To Be Objectified - Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard
"We're only boats. And the boats are only empty..."

So I saw Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard at Bowery Ballroom a few weeks ago and although I was bummed he didn't perform "Williamsburg Will Oldham Horror," it was an awe-inspiring performance complete with slide shows of his renditions of world history and a duet with Diane Cluck. At one point he joked that the show was going to go on for hours a la Adam Green - and it kinda did. By the end of the show I found myself standing at the foot of the stage wishing I was an anti-folk star too! Boy what fun it must be - such self-deprecation and extremely profound observations of the universe - whoever said ignorance was bliss never wrote a Jeffrey Lewis song. Check out his new album 'Em Are I here.

June 03, 2009

Gillis on the Water

Girl Talk playing the Waterfront August 23rd? So says BV.

Grizzly Bear's Veckatimest in Billboard's Top 10


Veckatimest debuted in the Billboard Top 10 this week at #8 with 33,000 sold. Interesting sales stat: "40% of its sales came from downloads while another 24% were shifted at independent and small chain stores." Keep buying local!

Stereogum notes this is "at the very least, an objective metric for the > or < Merriweather debate."

New Peaches - 'Lose You'

She's uh...she's in love with both of us.

Music Slut tells us it was produced by Simian Mobile Disco, who's James Ford also lent his production hand for the new untitled Arctic Monkeys album, dropping August 25th.

June 02, 2009

LANDy - yes please

The girls are kinda creepy man but boy is Adam hot!

Wow I think there is finally a celebrity foray into music that isn't a complete joke - (a la Honey Brothers, DOGSTAR and Scarlett Johansson) - featuring the backing band talents of members of Earlimart and The Flaming Lips - LANDy is writer, director, actor and all around HOTTIE Adam Goldberg's new band. OK maybe I'm biased since my mom spotted him at Balthazar last year and said something along the lines of "WOW - isn't that the hot guy from Saving Private Ryan?" And yes, yes it was.

His debut album Eros and Omissions comes out June 23rd - in the meantime peep the new video for "BFF!" Yes maybe it's pretentious as fuck featuring girls that remind me of The Shining twins, apples, lemons, strings and over- sized sexy playing cards but it's actually dare I say - excellent!


Brooklyn Brat Pack Mashup

What does one long weekend and the best rooftop in Williamsburg get you? A summer kickoff music video to end all. A tribute to a tribute, inspired by the Youtube bratpack mashup video set to the tune of Phoenix's Lisztomania, the soon to be omnipresent (if not already) summer jam.

The Original Mashup

I think director Ian Parker explained the reasoning behind the tribute to the tribute best: We did it for the summer, for friends, sunsets, and social propaganda experiments, for the sake of global cultural education. and pop music.

May 31, 2009

Grizzly Bear Nitemares

Last night, I saw Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear fame out at Spuyten Duyvil, taking advantage of the weather to enjoy the garden and impressive beer selection. Alas, I did not have the courage to tell him how much I love the new album. Not because I'm scared to approach people generally, but because the new video for "Two Weeks" has seriously creeped me the fuck out.

Real Estate Live Video - "Beach Comber"

Needless to say we're pretty psyched to have Real Estate as part of our showcase on June 12. Here they are at the Annex on May 27th. [via Stereogum]

Real Estate - Beach Comber [Live] from Ray C. on Vimeo.

May 29, 2009

Ticket Giveaway: Emilie Simon at Le Poisson Rouge

emilie nyer photo.jpg

Adorable French electronica darling, Emilie Simon, has got a couple of New York shows coming up, including one in our 'hood:

June 2nd - Le Poisson Rouge, NYC
June 17th- Public Assembly, Brooklyn
July 23rd- Highline Ballroom, NYC

We've got two tickets to the June 2nd show with Holiday Shores! Be the third to email me ([email protected]) and they're yours. WE HAVE A WINNER!

Download "Fleur de Saison (Season Flower)" here.

May 26, 2009

So So Glos + Air Waves at Market Hotel

So So Glos

Nicole Schneit of Air Waves once clarified that her band's name is not meant to refer to the transmission of sound, instead it is the air we breathe and the waves of the ocean. Am I over-thinking things to say Air Waves make a lot more sense knowing that? Give Air Waves one listen and it's clear their music is more natural earnestness than radio fuzz (not that radio fuzz isn't near and dear to my heart). Saturday evening Nicole and crew were at the top of their game, playing with a fantastic slate of bands at Market Hotel which included Jersey's Screaming Females and Baltimore's Double Dagger. Openers Videohippos were also impressive, playing with a video accompaniment that made for a punk acid trip.

Market Hotel's resident So So Glos headlined the show and shook the place to it rafters. At one point during the set fans could be seen climbing up pillars and piping around the loft. Maybe they were trying to get a better view or maybe it's the new crowd surfing. The phrase "driven up the wall" traditionally means you were annoyed by something, perhaps the So So Glos live set has spawned a gleeful antonym.

More images after the jump.

Air Waves

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May 23, 2009

These Are Powers at Glasslands

These are Powers

With a sea of empty Colt 45 cans strewn across the floor and a crowd packed like the L on a weekday morning These Are Powers rocked Vice’s party at Glasslands Thursday night. Late on the bandwagon, These Are Powers first drew my attention opening for Dan Deacon this January in a raucous warehouse show in Bushwick. While they were great in the winter, warm weather and top billing drew a different level of energy out of the band. These Are Powers have described their sound as “ghost punk” and their set last night indeed proved to be haunting-yet-extremely-danceable chaos. Pterodactyl opened with thunderous punk and the crowd was treated to a surprise set by Columbus, Ohio’s finest lo-fi noise rockers Psychedelic Horseshit. A friend of mine noted that the crowd was so hyped by These Are Powers’ set that they forgot to stop shaking their booties and dancing during Horseshit’s heavy drone.

More photos after the jump.

--Andrew Ritchie

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May 20, 2009

Bushwick's Sharon Van Etten Gives Us Chills

[Thanks Lauren!]

Rediscovered: Judee Sill; Daniel Rossen, Bill Callahan, & Marissa Nadler Do Covers


Although the resurrection of lost and forgotten 1970s sullen folklore seems to have come to a tipping point these days, I'm gonna go ahead and say there's no such thing as too much of a good thing. Personally, my obsession with Glowing Raw is in a constant state of growth-- these are the folks who opened my eyes to Sibylle Baier and Claudine Longet, who I just.. can't.. stop.. listening to.

Next up on the list of underappreciated in his/her own time is Judee Sill. After the re-release of her two albums on Artista in 2005, this gloomy little songstress captured the like-souled hearts of neo-folk peeps such as Robin Pecknold of Fleet Foxes. And now, we have a tribute album to look forward to. Yesterday, American Dust announced the release of Crayon Angel: A Tribute to the Music of Judee Sill out on September 22nd-- which includes two tracks, preiously unrecorded, and interpreted by Beth Orton and Bill Callahan.

Oh, and in case your obscure folk obsessed mouth isn't watering enough, Callahan's "Like a Rainbow" happens to have been co-written by Judee's onetime boyfriend Lal Baum-- great-grandson of Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum. Sweet, huh?

Check out Fleet Foxes doing a cover of Sill's "Crayon Angels", who (sadly) are not a part of the tribute album of the same name, and the full track listing after le jump...

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May 19, 2009

PSA: Find The Stolen Gear


Nobody expected Friday's No Fun Fest to take on a literal meaning, but for musicians Joe Raglani and Steve Hauschildt, it sucked. Brooklyn Vegan got news that some fun haters broke into their van and stole everything. The tipster wrote:

Just to let you know, after playing No Fun Fest in NYC last night Joe Raglani's van was broken into and all of his equipment was stolen. This includes the very expensive and rare synth he's spent years building up from modular parts and many other unique and custom devices. Needless to say, the rest of his tour has been canceled. He'll likely need encouragement to motivate himself to begin anew. I'd hate our community to lose his output.

The full list of missing equipment is below. If everyone keeps a loose eye on Craigslist and a few area music shops, maybe we'll get a lead...send along tips.

[photo via raglani's myspace]

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May 18, 2009

Download: Savoir Adore's The Machines EP


Back in March, Savoir Adore made it onto our radar. Shortly thereafter they were named one of The L Mag's 8 NYC Band You Need To Hear. And now, along with Cantora Records, they're handing out a freebie EP to prelude their debut full-legnth, The Wooded Forest, out on August 25th.

Download The Machines EP here. And check out the video for Savoir's first single "MERP" there.

Bedford to Shutdown for Northside Fest


Partnering with Williamsburg Walks, the Northside Music and Arts Festival is shuttin' down Bedford from North 4th to North 9th Streets, from noon to 9pm on Saturday June 13th. Scott Stedman, Publisher of The L Magazine says, "With the street closed to cars, we will have diverse community-minded programming to coincide with the Northside Festival — from acoustic music to fun contests to public art."

So, that'll be fun.

As you know, our show is Friday night at Death by Audio, with These Are Powers, Javelin, Real Estate, Air Waves and Organs. For the rest of the showcases, the full festival schedule is now live!

Some Oakland Love with Audrye Sessions

I always say NYC is the smallest city in the world. As a fairly well-traveled native, I somehow manage to bump into people I've met 3000 miles away in some dive bar on the South Side on a regular basis. Case and point-- Audrye Sessions.

Once upon a time, back when I was living in good ol' Oakland CA, I got the chance to see these kids play in an abandoned airplane hanger filled with kegs of Fat Tire, and a few other local talents that have since disbanded. It's good seeing Audrye's Muse-esque sound evolving, not to mention the serious play they're getting. Here are some band members making a meal as they host last week's MTV Subterranean:

Check them out doing their live thing after the jump. As well as some photos from last month's show with Manchester Orchestra who they're currently touring with...

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May 15, 2009

Free Tacos and Children @ Union Pool

Rock out with your taco out

Who doesn't like free food AND music?

Say no more.

OK wait I have one more thing to say - check out Children and let your mouth water for tacos!

May 14, 2009

Listen: Wilco (The Album)


The guys are streaming the new album in its entirety on their website. I'm not sure if I'm annoyed or entertained by the first track's chorus just yet, which (blindly) proclaims "Wilco. Wilco. Wilco will love you, baby".

Ughh, whatever-- it'll make it on most of my summertime playlists, I'm sure.

Wilco (The Album) will be released in hard copy June 30th on Nonesuch.

[Via Pitchfork]

May 13, 2009

Impose Party on Thursday


Impose is throwing a Test Patterns party tomorrow night at Don Pedro's (90 Manhattan Ave). Crystal Stilts, Gary War, Nerve City and Nice Face are playing upstairs, with Marcos Cabral, Ron Morelli and Cowboy Mark downstairs. 8 bucks, 8 p.m., free PBR for all.

Full flyer below the jump...

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May 12, 2009

Slick Rick on the Water


Slick Rick is coming to town! Slick Rick is coming to town! He's slated to play East River State Park this summer as one of three recently announced dates for "the new pool parties," sandwiched between Man Man and Ismael Miranda:

Thursday, July 16th: Man Man
Thursday, July 23rd: Slick Rick
Thursday, July 30th: Ismael Miranda

[via Brooklyn Vegan; Previously]

May 11, 2009

Brian Williams <3s Indie Music...?

MSNBC anchor Brian Williams launches what he calls an "inaugural web experiment", BriTunes, with indie twang darlings Deer Tick. It's, um, interesting...:

May 08, 2009

Mother's Day Marc Ribot


Marc Ribot Y Los Cubanos Postizos are playing a show on Mother's Day at Rose's Live Music. It's supposed to be a nice day (finally) and they'll be playing in Rose's garden.

For Marc's 55th birthday, he will be reconvening some old bands and premiering some new over a week long run of shows in various venues around NYC from May 9 - 16th! Rose is excite to host Day 2 of Marc's retrospective with a MOTHER'S DAY MATINEE!

Marc will be sitting in with the master cajon player from Peru, with the Colombian party ensemble & revives his most celebrated "fake Cubans" w/Anthony Coleman, Horacio "El Negro" Hernandez + special guests!

Sunday May 10th, 1PM doors
Bring your mothers!
BBQ provided in the garden!
$15 at the door / $10 for Mothers & children under 14! Proof of motherhood required! Enter discount code "mother"

Click HERE for Advance Tickets

May 07, 2009

Bone to Party This Saturday


Anthem Magazine presents Bone to Party, a benefit for DKMS, the national bone marrow registry. Myopenbar says:

Anthem Magazine’s charity shindig serves up an hour of cheaper-than-coke V2 energy vodka, which, unlike Sparks, has yet to be banned by fascists. Here We Go Magic’s Luke Temple shows off the sweet voice that gives Sufjan Stevens such a boner, with Cale Parks, Clash-resurrectors The So So Glos, and Pitchfork-approved band Real Estate completing the picture.

DKMS promises giveaways from Anthem, Tiffany's (yes, that Tiffany's), Adult Swim, and Mr. Andrew WK himself.

Here's your chance to feel a little less guilty about getting black-out drunk-- just sign up to be a bone marrow donor on your way out the door! Seriously though, it's a good cause to cross the bridge for.

Get to Santos Party House (100 Lafayette St, SoHo) at 7pm and enjoy that hour long (Taurine filled) vodka happy hour! $10 @ the door.

Oh, and if you aren't already checking out the So So Glos tonight @ Mercury Lounge, and can't make it on Saturday, be sure to catch these guys on May 23rd at the (looking for roomies) Market Hotel with Northside FREEburg showcasers Air Waves.

Live @ Market Hotel


Want to pay $394 per month and live in a palace built on the blood, sweat and tears of the Bklyn indie/diy/rock scene? The Market Hotel has rooms available "and feature natural light & private, secure locking access + private common area and kitchen area." The deal:

"MARKET HOTEL HAS ROOMS AVAILABLE. They are $394 per month, app 150 sq feet, and feature natural light & private, secure locking access + private common area and kitchen area. Perfect for artists / small office space. Tenants get a say in the Market Hotel collective and can organize events and curate art shows. for more info, email: [email protected]"

Oh, hey! A blind item! We have it on good authority that the drummer of a blogsmoldering band from New Jersey just moved in. Any guesses?

[ToddP via Brooklyn Vegan; photo of No Age via scifilullabies]

Case of the Thursdays

After spending most of my morning and early afternoon listening to Sibylle Baier's Colour Green, I finally decided to move on to happier tunes from peeps such as Junior Boys (who, if you're interested, are playing tonight at Webster Hall), but somehow found myself stumbling across this instead:

Video kudos to Armel Hostiou

DM Stith is back with BMB, a seven song follow up EP to his heart shattering debut Heavy Ghost, due out July 1st on Asthmatic Kitty. The EP includes a couple of remixes of "BMB", including one by Son Lux, as well as covers of Randy Newman's "Suzanne" and The Ronette's "Be My Baby". And since we all know how I love me some musical masochism, it's perfect for a terrential downpour sort of day.

Download: Underwater Peoples Summer Mix


Y'all know that we've been loving Real Estate and Ducktails round here lately...

Well, let us thank the dudes over at Underwater Peoples Records and the "bad girls" at BUTTERxFACE for an exclusive download to kick off our summer (or at least to bring us to a happy mental paradise where the rain has stopped).

Hat tip, GvB.

May 06, 2009

Grizzly Bear and Their Beet Salads


Grizzly Bear had dinner with a New York writer the other night at the deliciously soft-opened Rye on South 1st the other night, and they all ordered beet salads. Also, the server made a funny.

“Did you say the quail is small?” the singer inquires. “Yeah. It’s quail-sized,” she deadpans.

Grizzly Bear plays two dates at Town Hall later this month before heading off on a summer tour that will take them through Canada, the Northwest, Bonnaroo, Texas and California.

Read more colorful tidbits in this New York article.

By the way, Rye is pretty amazing. Stay away, we want it all to ourselves.

And we're surprised Droste didn't insist on going to BEP for pho.

Sam Temple's Band

sam-temple.jpgHe helped the cops apprehend the Hipster Grifter. Here's his band, Hermit Thrushes. Since Sam is clearly a hero for ridding our streets of the menace that is Kari Ferrell, the least we can do is give them a listen.

May 05, 2009

Chromatics: A Brief CD-R History


A couple summers ago, I couldn't shake the beep bop beat of Chromatics "In The City" if I wanted to. The simple musical (foot in front of the other) arrangement accompanied by Ruth Radelet's breathy morning-after vocals haunted my steps across subway platforms and the red blinking hand of busy intersections. Well beyond my personal history of matching the click clack of my heels to their tempo, this Portland lo-fi modern disco gang apparently has a seriously transitional past. And thanks to the wonderful world of the web, we now have access to Chromatics almost complete collection of rare (downloadable) tour CD-Rs. Looks like I've got some serious walking to do...

And, in case that wasn't enough, we've got some G/L/A/S/S/C/A/N/D/Y limited & self-released rarities for you too! There's no need to feel guilty, either-- the folks over at Italians Do It Better are giving serious kudos to these blogs for doing the work for them. Hooray for the internets (and zip files)!

Check out some videos that'll make your morning a little more bearable after the jump:

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May 04, 2009

The Northside Festival: The FREEwilliamsburg Showcase

Northside festival

Mark your calendars! We're excited to announce our showcase for the upcoming Northside Festival.

Friday June 12 at Death by Audio:

Needless to say, we're psyched to have such an amazing line-up and we have lots more details to come, so stay tuned. For now, you can check out the bands below:

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Blind Pilot & The Love Language

We've been loving Portland's Blind Pilot. Their debut 3 Rounds and a Sound has been out for a while now, but here's a highlight performed live on NPR:

We've also been enjoying North Carolina's The Love Language. Their debut is pretty much perfect, start to finish. Here's the single "Lalita" live on KEXP at ME Television studios in Austin during SXSW.

Celebrate Brooklyn! Announces Summer Line-up

photo c/o celebrate brooklyn! on facebook

Celebrate Brooklyn! announced their summer line-up today. Aside from the MGMT, TV On The Radio(confirmed!) and Animal Co fundraisers, these are all free (w/ a $3 suggested donation), so pony up, pansies. We've got David Byrne, Dr. Dog, Burning Spear, Soulive (w/ John Scofield), the 13 most beautiful songs for Andy Warhol's screen tests, Deer Tick, Grace Potter and Big Daddy Kane as a few highlights. Click through for the full list...

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April 30, 2009

Lewis & Clarke Interview, Full of Whimsy


Sometimes we hear music that affects us for reasons unknown. Somewhere within us, an either lonely or rejoiceful part of ourselves calls out for a soundtrack. Whether Lewis & Clarke's leading man Lou Rogai is one of us, or one of those delivering what we long for, it's not entirely clear. With lyrics that pluck at the heartstrings, and guitar that can be most simply put as solemnly subtle, there's a sense of heaviness that seems to be barely escaping itself. If you're feeling sad, I wouldn't recommend listening for entirely too long, although that sense of musical masochism is, I guess, exactly what I'm talking about here. These are songs that embrace their own hopeful anguish, and satisfy our need to feel.

Maybe I'm gushing a bit here, but writing while listening to these tracks made me honest. But past the seemingly woeful songs, there's cheerful inspiration. We got the chance to ask Lou about his label (supported by a "family" of musicians), the Appalachian Trail, Chelsea Hotel #2, and how there's just nothing better than good bread. Check it out after the jump...

And, if you're lucky, you can catch Lewis & Clarke TONIGHT @ Bowery or Saturday @ Music Hall, opening for Bat For Lashes.

Also, be sure to take a look at La Société Expéditionnaire, for more wonderful artists and feel free to support & buy the limited release of Light Time, the vinyl EP, directly from the source.

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The L's 8 NYC Bands You Need to Hear

Photo by by Zandy Mangold, c/o The L Magazine

The L Magazine just crowned their 8 NYC Bands You Need to Hear. They are:

pow wow!, Savoir Adore, The Albertans, The Beets, Xylos, Darlings, Anamanaguchi, Emanuel & the Fear

Honorable mentions include:

Sisters, Dinosaur Feathers, Neighbors, Browns, Hospitality, Knight School
and runners up to the runners up: Woods, Creaky Boards and Real Estate

Click through to the L for a whole slew of interviews with the bands, photos from a debaucherous day at the Bushwick Country Club and surprisingly, no beards!

Update: OK, some beards.

April 28, 2009

What's That Sound? I Like That Sound.

Remember two summers ago, when all you could listen to was Chromeo's Fancy Footwork (yes, you-- oh, c'mon, admit it)... Well, here comes Tiga's Ciao! to the rescue with tracks such as "Sex O'Clock", "Luxury", and "Love Don't Dance Here Anymore". Who doesn't want to dance to the likes of Soulwax and Gonzales (best known for laying down beats for Feist)-- who are all over this album. Plus this video is basically the goods (not only bc the resize makes it look dirty):

See the bigger (sexier) version here.

April 27, 2009

Ducktails "Landrunner"

The new Ducktails video is blowing up allover the web. It features the fun video direction of Alice Cohen (who may be better known as part of Philly's influential underground The Vels.)

April 23, 2009

Animal Collective—My Girls (HATCHMATIK Disco Bootleg)


We're linking you up to this as a public service. It's been circulating for a while now, but in case you haven't heard this great remix of "My Girls," its essential. Grab it at welcometodanceclub.

April 22, 2009

Passion Pit "Little Secrets" Remix Contest

After debuting the video for "The Reeling" two days ago (set to be the first hit single off Manners, which has been highly anticipated by fans and naysayers alike), the Passion Pit camp released this statement:

In other news, the band has launched a remix contest for a still under-wraps track from Manners, offering up stem snippets of “Little Secrets” nearly a full month before the album’s release. The band has asked fans to download the clips, trade with other participating musicians and remixers, and build their own songs around the pieces. Fans will vote for their ten favorites until May 15th. After voting closes, Passion Pit will pick five remixes to be released along with a special vinyl version of “Little Secrets” while the five runners up will receive a copy of the vinyl and a signed CD of Manners.

A serious hat tip to video collective Humble for capturing the dancey glamo-grit these guys represent, in a street meets MoMA installation sort of way, kind of like a Poster Boy dance party. The exact verbal reincarnation of my feelings towards the new PP jams would be 'smile, jump, flip hair, jump and dance some more'. So take a listen to the snipets here, and take a stab at the remix (just be sure to follow the rules).

Hey Theophilus, I double doggy dare you (a.k.a pretty please!?)

Take a peek at the Summer Tour dates after the jump:

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April 21, 2009

Tortured Souls make happy live dance music

House music all night long, say what?!

Brooklyn's Tortured Soul just released their second album entitled Did You Miss Me? and they were nice enough to answer some questions about Radio 1's Giles Peterson calling them "the future of house music" and their fave places to hang in the 'hood.

Listen to the title track "Did You Miss Me" .

Click through for the interview -

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I <3 Beards

I sincerely apologize for the Griftster mention (I'm breaking my own rule of never saying the G-word ever again), but just wanted to point out that there are better ways to express your love for boys with beards-- as in, making adorable ukelele songs like unsigned UK songstress Sophie Madeleine.

Matt & Kim Debut "Lessons Learned" Video

Matt & Kim debuted their video for Lessons Learned today and you'll see they really bare it all for you.

Also, I'm not too sure the Village Voice liked it:

If there was anything you could do to "push away" the cute factor, the above video for "Lessons Learned" that premiered today on MTV is it. Streaking in Times Square, ogling the tall buildings like you're newborn aliens, and then having a cop throw Matt to the ground and wail on him--you win. You're not cute, you're law-breaking exhibitionists, and you will go down in history as the nudist Bonnie and Clyde. Can't say this is going to help with the dirty fantasies, but from now they're just going to involve Kim in knee socks.

via The Music Slut & the Village Voice

April 20, 2009

Lou Reed <3s Noise

MM3 POSTER 120.jpg

As the posters slowly peel off the infamous Bedford Berlin Wall, our brains are still full of a coy Lou Reed smirking at us thru his shades, badass-ness perfectly intune. How can you not be a fan of this man? In my book, he's timeless, and although Metal Machine Trio kinda confuses my taste for Reed, I think I get it. Seems like I'm not the only one-- via NYTimes:

When Lou Reed released “Metal Machine Music,” his 1975 double album mostly (exclusively?) consisting- of guitar feedback, critics and fans were dumbfounded — was it a joke, a smirking way to get out a sour record deal? Or was it a harbinger of the industrial and noise music that would flourish decades later? Now, Mr. Reed is again revisiting the experiment, teaming with the composer and saxophonist Ulrich Krieger and the multi-instrumentalist Sarth Calhoun to create “a night of deep noise.”

Download some of the "noise" here.

If you like what you're hearing, take a walk on the wild side, grab some tix (50% off with valid student ID), and witness one of the greats doing his anti- do do do do do do.

For more things Lou Reed, you can find the BEST thing ever after the jump...

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Micachu and the Shapes

Our friends over at Rumproast recently turned us onto the invigoratingly lo-fi Micachu and the Shapes and we've been loving them. Their new record, Jewellery was released last month on Rough Trade, but it's strangely been a bit under the radar. From Rough Trade:

So, a quick introduction, Bjork is said to be a fan of Micachu and can probably indentify with another artist brave enough to take pop music into entirely uncharted territory. Micachu is largely inspired by Harry Partch who famously used an array of customised and home made instruments. These included a xylophone made of light bulbs, a ‘Cloud Chamber’ made out of pyrex dishes that could not only be played musically but detect particles of ionizing radiation and a series of highly complicated 44 stringed instruments.

Similarly Micachu uses a modified guitar played with a hammer action called a ‘chu’ and a bowed instrument fashioned from a CD rack. She also uses improvised instruments, such as glass bottles or a vacuum cleaner.

You can grab a few tracks over at Hype Machine and a BBC session at Keep Hope Inside.


April 16, 2009

Gamehenge 09 @ Monkeytown


100 sound artists came together to re-interpret Phish's Gamehenge into Gamehenge 09, and are presenting the album tonight at Monkeytown. Backed by live visuals by Greg Zinman, the show will present the mythic story of Wilson, the Lizards and the Helping Phriendly Book in a very psychedelic alternative electro/noise universe.

I'll let Monkeytown explain the rest:

In the spirit of experimentation, collaboration and fun, 100 sound artists have re-interpreted Phish's coveted Gamehendge album to create Gamehenge '09!!! This is a kaleidoscopic joyride through bizarre sound demi-genres.

Whether you are a Phish fan or not, they have become a ritualistic-psychedelic necessity for a distinct and vast niche of the American people. The massive collection of new artists featured on Gamehenge 09 offer a refreshing vantage point from which to reconsider Phish's psychedelic music tradition and to shed light on possible future avenues. The point of this release is to breath new, forceful vision into this modern piece of Americana mythology.

To download the album for free, click here. The show starts at 8, and reservations are recommended. For a list of all 100 artists involved in the project, click through the jump...

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April 15, 2009

The Meme of Hating Crystal Castles

Photo credit: Ryan Muir, Flickr.

An interesting discussion is burning on in the comments section of our dearest friend, ye Vegan of Brooklyn's recent post about Crystal Castles's Dallas blow-up (which may have been the club's fault, to be fair). The readers wonder: Can hating on Crystal Castles be a meme? Well, for starters, no, not really. At least not yet. Their first dose of controversy came to be when they stole a black-eyed Madonna image and used it for their tour shirts. Sure, artists can h8 them for that. But they settled OOI (out of internet).

Now, another Madonna controversy is back in the news after last night, a Dallas, Texas club manager called them a bunch of pre-madonna assholes [sic motherfucker? it's prima donna, unless he meant pre-you're-no-pop-star-yet, in which case, clever.]. So i guess that's an unusual happenstance that can get people all "fuck crystal castles" lately.

If the entire Hipster Runoff (HRO so-forth) set took to Flickr to start up an "I H8 CC" photoset then yea, we're getting there. Coupled with a few remixes about CC being douchnozzles and a YouTube post with their worst freakouts then yes, that there is a "Hating Crystal Castles Meme." But sadly, we're not there yet. If you do truly think the Electro-canadiens of the Crystal Castle are deserving of their own h8 h8 h8 meme then we say shit, go for it.

Also worth noting is the fact that one commenter thought the word "meme" was a dingleberry spouted out by Carles, but he was then promptly corrected by Mr. 4:21. Hurrah for self-policing.

In related news, BV reminds us that Crystal Castles are playing All Points West this summer. So, get your meme pants on and we'll see you there, h8rs.

The Walkmen: The Interview


Last summer, The Walkmen delivered You & Me perfectly packaged to the masses, and quickly became one of my favorite albums of 2008. WIth a more solemn tone than their previous work, the lyrics managed to simultaneously break our hearts and fill them once again with hope, literally track by track. The often mentioned Roy Orbison-ness of singer Hamilton Leithauser's voice takes front and center in these seemingly lonely tales of longing, accompanied on tour by, well, Craigslist horns.

We got a chance to catch up with Mr. Leithauser recently about Anderson Cooper, a CL musician who witnessed Otis Redding's fatal death, and twitter.

Be sure to catch The Walkmen with Beach House and fellow FREEburg favorite Cymbals Eat Guitars TOMORROW night @ Webster Hall-- this is your last chance to see them out in NY for a while as they kick off their tour with Kings of Leon two days later.

Check out the interview after the jump:

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hell yes, 826NYC!

I volunteer at 826NYC, meaning I get to hang out with crazy little kids and help write crazy little stories, which doesn't really feel like work at all. Not only is 826 a totally legit place to volunteer organized by an even more legit writer, they apparently put on excellent parties as fundraisers. From the 826 newsletter:

After years of raised expectations and inevitable disappointment, after Pretty in Pink and Saved By The Bell season 4 (we remember it, too), 826NYC and Bowery Presents are happy to finally present THE PROM YOU WERE PROMISED, a night of formal wear, amazing dance music, and a chance to re-live prom the way you always wanted. Namely, as such:




PAT MAHONEY (of LCD Soundsystem)
and Hosted by Leo Allen

Music Hall of Williamsburg
Thursday, May 21st, 9 p.m.
66 North 6th St, Brooklyn, NY.
Tickets: $25, available through Ticketmaster

It's for the kids! And you get Vampire Weekend! Buy tickets starting tomorrow here.

April 14, 2009

If the Mountain Goats Scored Super Mario


April 10, 2009

Get Your Gospel Stomp On

Image via Doug Seymour

On Wednesday night I was invited to check out Hoots & Hellmouth who, to be honest, I had never heard of before. After going through the motions, you know, like taking a gander at their myspace, walking to the J to cross the bridge, and having a few $5 lychee martinis at Verlaine, I decided what the heck and walked on down to Pianos, apprehensions in tow. Making my way past the Kanye crowd towards the back room, I was immediately transported to an audio bayou.

If the Coen Bros. decide to do an O Brother Where Art Thou sequel and film it on the Lower East Side circa now, these guys would be their go to. Unlike their subdued country crooning on the internet, Hoots brings more energy than a case of Sparks. So if you're a fan of tapping your foot, check them out when they're back in town on April 30th @ Union Hall.

For a taste of some street side harmonized twang or their potent stage presence at last month's SX, take a look at the video goodies after the jump...

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From Papercuts, With Love


Jason Quever is at it again with the release of Papercuts newest, You Can Have What You Want, dropping on April 14th. Keeping his previously adored sullen pop sound, Quever takes us deeper into a heavier analog synth world this time around-- some of which can be credited to the influence of Beach House's Alex Scully on the album. With a sound that's distinctivly his own, Jason's music has the unique ability of transcending situational constraint. These are definitely the kind of jams you can walk in the rain, dance in a kitchen, or nap in the grass to.

Papercuts will be back in the States after a UK tour with dates coming up in New York with fellow San Franciscan Vetiver:

Bowery Ballroom, May 3rd; The Bell House, May 7th.

The album is available now, exclusively on iTunes, with a special remix by The Go Team!, if you're into that sort of thing (i.e. good music).

April 09, 2009

First Aid Kit, Yo

These girls are pretty amazing.

April 08, 2009

Loney, Dear on Daytrotter

Image via

Kudos to Emil Svanangen of Loney, Dear for mentally transporting us to country roads in springtime with a basket full of wild flowers, as our hair flows wonderfully untamed in the wind this morning. If you need a break from the cold concrete & subway screech today, do yourself the favor and check out Daytrotter's For The Clouds, From The Mouth:

His music is perfectly acceptable to the clouds and the skies they inhabit, here and yonder, whispering back their approval by moving the bangs on a forehead or the feathers on songbirds. It’s a touching showing that Svanangen gives on _Dear John_, where songs of seemingly regrettable circumstances and endings lays out a battered body of a man looking to rescind a little bit, if not a lot bit.

This Swedish gem is currently back overseas, but be sure to check out Loney, Dear at Music Hall of Williamsburg on May 5th with fellow Daytrotter favorite Headlights and the Brooklyn goes Americana tunes of The Silent League. Sounds like a show that will make you smile.

April 06, 2009

Oh, Him? Yeah, He Came With The Van.

Dollar Van Demos provides cheap-o rides (operated by West Indian drivers, no less) around Brooklyn, focusing on neighborhoods under-served by mass transit. There's just one catch - you have to listen to guy with the microphone in the back seat.

From their YouTube page:

Dollar vans provide a much-needed transportation for neighborhoods under-served by mass transit. Typically operated by West Indian drivers, the ride is cheap, adventurous and now immensely entertaining with the addition of performers singing their hearts out.

Here's Crosby rapping "No Bodegas (Shut 'Em Down)" while a van full of bargain-hunting, middle-aged patrons stare blindly into the ether, waiting for their next stop. After the jump, take in Sally Connors' glowing rendition of "Up On The Roof"...

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April 03, 2009

Asobi Seksu @ The Bowery

Photos by Clarissa Roudabush

Last night at The Bowery everyone and their mother was there, literally. The parental units of Asobi Seksu came out to support the kids, unfortunately minus Yuki Chikudate's folks who are out in LA. Coming out of the tail end of their Hush tour, Yuki proclaimed a few songs in, "We are Asobi Seksu from here. It's good to be home, it's been a while". And like a Murakami character, with her big voice and tiny frame, she went on to sing songs about nightmares in a poignant whimsicality. Which I found out today is indeed a word (and perfectly fitting):

whim⋅si⋅cal⋅i⋅ty Pronunciation: [hwim-zi-kal-i-tee, wim-] Function: noun Etymology: whimsy Date: 1653 1: full of, actuated by, or exhibiting whims 2 a: resulting from or characterized by whim or caprice ; especially : lightly fanciful 2 b: subject to erratic behavior or unpredictable change

These kids played a mix of old and new including faves such as 'Thursday', 'Strawberries', 'Familiar Light', and 'Me & Mary', which might as well be the theme song from My Little Pony, and who doesn't love that? I know I went to McDo just for the Happy Meals recently to add another pink plastic horse to my Sloane Crosley-esque collection.

Check out more photos after the jumpy jump...

PS- Asobi hearts Tyvek

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MSTRKRFT Fists Your God Tonight


MSTRKRFT, those mustached electrocanadiens from Toronto, released their new album "Fist of God" earlier this month and are now in the latter-half of their North American tour. They play Webster Hall tonight with Bloody Beetroots ($20 online, $25 at the door) before heading down to Baltimore, up to Toronto and back down to Philly before the tour closer at Coachella.

If you haven't heard it yet, Fist of God is a fun little party album with a few sick tracks that'll be stickin' around for the summer...namely Fist of God and Bounce, which features N.O.R.E & Isis reminding you that all they do is party, and, uh bounce high. That video's after the jump. Doors are at 10pm tonight, and it looks like you can still get tickets at Don't bother going if you're not a foxy motherfucker, as Webster would like to remind you to dress nice - "Neat and trendy appearence (sic, Webster) a must."

If you're into it, buy Fist of God at Insound.

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April 01, 2009

Vote Team Robespierre

From the mailbag:

I directed a music video for their song "88th Precinct" which is in competition to get on regular MTV rotation. However, they're up against musicians who have already had MTV air time and are signed to warner bros and have music videos with much larger budgets (considering our budget was no budget).

You can vote by going here:

and you can vote as many times as you like. Voting ends this Friday at noon

Evidently, they've already gotten the run-around by MTV and were asked to edit out someone's tongue since, as everyone knows, tongues=cunnilingus—both of which are too racy for MTV. Here's their video below, much of which was filmed in the neighborhood.

March 27, 2009

Late Nite Latin Jams


A month ago I came home on from a late Friday night at about 3 AM. I turned on my radio and began scanning the channels and found some of the best jams in NYC. La Mega 97.9FM is the big Latin pop station in New York, but at about 11 PM on weekends it turns into a balls-out electro dance party with DJ's mixing live on the air. It rules. So I set up an interview with DJ Polito Jr. (whose name I only found out by hearing a sample of it blasted over the mix), who, with his partner DJ Bacan, runs La Mega Afterparty, Saturdays and Sundays 2-5AM. I sat down with him at the studio.

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March 26, 2009

Handsome Furs Spit Undead Zombie Juice, Climb Trees

The zombie trope is pretty well-worn at this point, but as far as I'm concerned, you can't have too many music videos that put the undead front and center. "Thriller" it ain't, but the Handsome Furs' vid for "I'm Confused" is still weirdly fun. And check out Alexei Perry's earrings!

Be warned though, this is a NSFW deal thanks to one very confused, very naked zombie.

Handsome Furs "I'm Confused" from Sarah Marcus on Vimeo.

March 18, 2009

Barry Manilow the Original W-Burg Hipster


Who knew Bary Manilow grew up here? Williamsburg just got a little bit *cooler.* From

Q: You didn't have a lot of money growing up.
A: Oh, none. Zero. Zip. Nothin'. I come from nowhere Brooklyn, New York. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. These days Williamsburg is kind of a hip area, but when I grew up there, the taxi drivers wouldn't even go over the bridge, it was so dangerous.

Q: So you were the original Williamsburg hipster.
A: I wasn't really a hipster. I was a geek.

"Copacabana" after the jump, but don't do it on an empty stomach.

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March 17, 2009

Magnificent Ukuleles are indeed Magnificent

A.C. Newman and friends @ Bowery Ballroom

A.C. Newman opened his set with the first tracks from both his solo albums ("Miracle
Drug" and "There are Maybe Ten or Twelve") but the highlight for me was definitely
"Like A Hitman, Like A Dancer." There were so many people onstage and it reminded me a bit of seeing The Magic Numbers at Barrowlands in Glasgow, Scotland a few
years ago -- which reminded me of seeing Fleetwood Mac with my dad in California for my 20th birthday. Oh life, oh music.

At one point Newman commented to the redhead on his right - saying "It's kinda distracting when girls are dancing next to you -- it's B.S. -- I don't dance in front of you -- it's give and take!"

And as much as opener Dent May kinda freaks me out his magnificent ukulele was indeed magnificent. He freaks me out because well -- watch the video below and let me know how you feel.

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Matt & Kim's Interview is Grand

photo by bryan bruchman

Over on Gothamist today, Matt & Kim talk Williamsburg condos ruining our view, living in a hallway on Grand St. and playing Todd P shows in whatever spaces Todd P can find. Did you know they only started playing their instruments in like 2003? Shows you can do just about anything in this here city, friends.

March 16, 2009

Pains Play Brooklyn House Party

FW's beloved The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (see interview) play a Brooklyn house party in this episode of Pitchfork TV. They also eat some weird cake and maybe get heartburn later? (via P4K's twitter):

Is It Summer Yet!?

I've been teased a number of times already with the familiar ring of ice cream trucks in my 'hood. And looking at the weather app on my phone gives me hope that the winter just might be over... Let's keep our fingers crossed, kids. And until the fire hydrants start their annual transformation into sprinklers, we can all thank The L Magazine for something to look forward to until the sunshine, sweat, and Turkey's Nest margaritas are a thing of the now:

This has been a long time coming, but we at The L Magazine are pleased to finally and officially announce the first annual Northside Festival. Taking place from June 11-14 in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, Brooklyn, it is, as we’ve grown accustomed to saying, a four-day celebration of the independent music and art scene that thrives here in New York City, with live music being held at nearly every venue in the area (including some that haven’t even opened yet), and art events at some of the most relevant galleries in the neighborhood.

So close, and yet, so far away...

March 14, 2009

OORUTAICHI, Drawlings and Lights @ Cake Shop

c/o Yoko Sawai

A week or so ago I popped into the Cake Shop to hear the musical meanderings of Japanese experimental musician OORUTAICHI as well as Rings side project Drawlings and Lights. While musically the bands seemed pretty disparate, it was a surprisingly entertaining set. I wish more of you had been there.

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March 13, 2009

Alaska In Winter Inter(re)view

Photos by Clarissa Roudabush

Now that it's Friday, I feel like I can talk about my wanna-be weekend Wednesday at Glasslands. We've all been there before-- when its past your bedtime, but all you really wanna do is dance. Although warmed up by the musical stylings of Neon Coyote and DJ Mike Dextro (and a few vodka sodas), all I wanted in my life was some Alaska in Winter. Before I could catch my fix, a pleasant surprise named Charlie! took the stage. In the fashion of more recognizable man duos such as Chromeo, these boys summoned their inner if-Kanye-was-a-Power-Ranger-that-had-to-sit-still. Listen, if you add a 2-step to NIN's 'Closer', no matter how much I think I'm going to hate it, you've pretty much got me sold. It just really makes me miss the days when I lived with three dorky sound engineering boys.

Finally the one man band Alaska In Winter (aka Brandon Bethancourt) appeared, and the presence of the ladies in the male dominated room became apparent. But past the fact that Alaska's frontman looks good in fur, his artful performances are exactly that-- performance art. Details such as the removal of a tie in his video orchestra to Brandon's real time clothing removal on stage showcase some crossdisciplinary skills. Put him in a glass box and this boy could make it at P.S. 1 any day.

We caught up with Bethancourt about tex mex, deep space, and crashing at Zach Condon's place before the show. Check out the interview, as well as some AIW wardrobe changes, after the jump...

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March 12, 2009

Senior Citizens On Animal Collective: "It's As Bad As 'Rocket Man'"

They review Young Jeezy first, then move on to "My Girls" about two minutes in.

Hat tip to Stereogum.

Savoir Adore Blows The Roof Off Of Death By Audio

Photo courtesy of Indie Passion.

If you've never heard of Savoir Adore, you will. As long as the Almighty God of Indie Rock is a just and righteous god, the pop rock quartet headed by co-songwriters Paul Hammer and Deidre Muro is fixin' to explode. Their set at Death by Audio on Tuesday drove this home with a wild, pop-inflected vengeance. A few months ago, I stumbled across them opening for Bishop Allen at MHoW, and they were really damn good. But this week they brought out the heavy artillery--an arsenal of new songs from their upcoming full-length debut, In the Wooded Forest--and they proved themselves serious contenders for the title of Most Underrated Band in Brooklyn.

Savoir's brand of fairy tale pop has always been strong in the hooks department, but their new songs had a new level of sophistication and their older songs sounded more fleshed out. The encore, a barn-burning fist-in-the-air anthem with the unlikely title of "Transylvanian Candy Patrol," took advantage of Hammer's ample riffing skills and Muro's spectacularly emotive voice and left the crowd floored (especially a pack of drunken Deidre-admirers behind me, who, once they found out her name, proceeded to chant it at every opportunity). The track (available for free online listening here), is great recorded, but you need to see them live to hear it in all its distorted, Pixies-evoking glory.

P.S. Darwin Deez opened, danced choreographed dances, and sounded great. Plus, their frontman's appearance somehow inhabits the gray area between Hasid and hipster, and, for that alone, they deserve a mention.

March 10, 2009

Interview: Amadou & Mariam


At times, Amadou & Mariam seem a bit uncomfortable with questions about Mali. I suspect it is because they do not want to end up pidgeon-holed by an American audience used to associating African music with "world music," a label that can scare potential listeners away from an act they fear they will never have the language or cultural background to enjoy. But Amadou & Mariam do make world music, and always have. From their early recordings that passed the sounds of traditional Malian music through a lens of Western jazz and blues, to their latest album, Welcome to Mali, which sounds profoundly influenced by decades of global touring, Amadou & Mariam's world music sheds regional codes and dialects leaving pretty much pure pop in the most enjoyable (if Francophone) sense. We had the enviable opportunity to have a translator-assisted chat with the duo recently.

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March 09, 2009

Kentucky Boys Invade Brooklyn


The soulful sounding Ben Sollee can make some serious cello funk unlike any I've heard before...I very much dig it. He's playing this Saturday night at the new spot behind Loving Cup Cafe (old Anytime) with his fellow Kentuckian Philip March Jones who is showing his most recent work in the gallery there.

The info:

Kentucky Boys Invade Brooklyn
March 14th
Cameo (Behind Lovin’ Cup Cafe)
93 N 6th Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211
8p Gallery Opening of Philip March Jones
10p Ben Sollee Performance

Here's Ben Sollee playing live for 91.9 WFPK:

March 07, 2009

Handsome Furs, Raw Energy


I am not at all afraid to say that Handsome Furs at Mercury Lounge last night blew my mind. And it's only slightly because I spotted Eugene Mirman the second I walked in the room. (Yes I have an obsession with nerdy comedians - but I'll spare you the full insanity of it at this point in time.)

Husband and wife Dan Boeckner and Alexei Perry make musical hope over a dark and intense backdrop of political turmoil. They find inspiration in changing landscapes and search for flesh and truth in a world full of robotic feelings and expertly crafted lies. In other words -- they do for rock n roll what most people wish they could do. And ultimately - and possibly most importantly -- they make us stare and dance.

I haven't been able to stop listening to their new album FACE CONTROL for a week -- and I was lucky enough to interview Perry about the meeting of the two souls, musical journeys and the craziest thing that's happened on tour.

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March 06, 2009

The Antlers @ Union Hall [Review & Photos]


Review by Kyle Spencer; Photos by Vanessa Fleming

Within the cozy confines of Union Hall, The Antlers debuted their new album Hospice; an album composed of a rewarding blend of atmospheric soundscapes and shoe gazing rock. Hearing the album played live in its entirety offered the patient listener a full range of sonic peaks and valleys.

Songs like "Sylvia" and "Bear", in which the drumming was more prevalent or pronounced, felt climatic (at times thunderous) when accentuated by the proximity of songs like "Atrophy" which featured the more delicate attributes of The Antler’s guitar and keyboard combo.

I've seen countless concerts at union hall and it's rare to hear a band actually overcome the restricting space and poor acoustics of the basement venue. The Antlers sound came through loud and clear. The occasional feedback could be excused or pasted off as intentional. Peter Silberman's vocals sounded outstanding live and presented an operatic layer to the music.

While I can’t say The Antler’s present anything that's genuinely original in their music, they have taken from some of the best and forged a very promising conglomeration of sounds and influences. The bio on their website describes them as a fusion of “Neutral Milk Hotel or Okkervil River with the grandiosity of Sigur Ros, Cursive, or Godspeed You! Black Emperor, finished by the shimmery haze of My Bloody Valentine and heightened by Silberman's Jeff-Buckley-like vocals.” That's quite a wish list, but the album’s definitely worth checking out. You can stream it in its entirety, here.

Click through for more photos below the jump...

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Lil Wayne Dumber Than Beethoven, Alleges Caltech Grad Student

After reading Lola's post concerning the statistical reasons for my involuntary celibacy, I did a little research on the guy behind the stats, a Caltech Ph.D. student named Virgil Griffith. Turns out he's something of a pop culture Nate Silver, using his borderline-autistic love of numbers to enlighten erstwhile web surfers about all things shallow and amusing.

Just last week, it seems, he put the finishing touches on a little chart that classifies musicians based on the relative SAT scores of their fans. To do this, he compiled different colleges' favorite bands via Facebook and matched these acts up to the respective schools' SAT scores. The results, while pretty far from scientifically significant, are at least amusing. According to the numbers, Lil Wayne fans score the lowest (856-896) and Beethoven's admirers are by far the smartest (1346-1396). Other revelations: fans of the Used and gospel music are idiots compared to the genius admirers of Sufjan, Radiohead, and Counting Crows (?), while people into Something Corporate and Yellowcard are, as expected, totally average.

The complete chart after the jump (hat tip to The Grip).

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Starting Lineup Announced For 2009 Pitchfork Music Festival

Pitchfork Festival.jpg
Image courtesy of P4K

The folks at Pitchfork have announced the first few bands on the bill for their 2k9 musical festival, and the lineup looks solid thus far. In addition to FREEwilliamsburg friends the Pains of Being Pure at Heart and Grizzly Bear, the Chicago festival will feature the first American performance by the Jesus Lizard in over a decade. The bands announced today:

Friday, July 17
Built to Spill
The Jesus Lizard
Yo La Tengo

Saturday, July 18
The National
Pharoahe Monch
The Pains of Being Pure at Heart

Sunday, July 19
Grizzly Bear
The Walkmen
Vivian Girls

Also, if you shell out for a ticket, you'll be able to vote online for what songs you want the four first-night bands to play. Not quite as cool of a gimmick as seeing Public Enemy perform It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back in its entirety, but it's not without its charms. Tickets go on sale 3/13.

March 05, 2009

New Music Picks: The Antlers and Neko Case


We've been enjoying the new record by The Antlers, Hospice, released March 3. All Songs Considered puts it at the top of their best music of 2009 (thus far) list. The project is essentially one person, 23 year old Peter Silberman, but he'll be playing with his band (Michael Lerner, Darby Cicci) tonight at Union Hall. The entire album is steaming over at Bandcamp and here's a couple of MP3s:

DOWNLOAD: The Antlers: Bear (MP3)
DOWNLOAD: The Antlers: Two (MP3)


We've also been enjoying Neko Case's latest, Middle Cyclone. It's her strongest work since Blacklisted and contains some of her best songs to date. We can't stop listening to "This Tornado Loves You."

Here's a great in the studio video of the first single, "People Got a Lot of Nerve:"

DOWNLOAD: Neko Case - People Got a Lot of Nerve (MP3)

After the jump, Neko Case 'Middle Cyclone' Making of Documentary EPK- Directed by Ruth Leitman. [Hat tip Rumproast... who also has a link to a cool Harry Nilsson cover by Neko]

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March 04, 2009

Why, Wayne?

As you may have heard, Lil Wayne is forsaking his god-given gifts as a rapper and releasing a rock album, Rebirth, this May. If "Prom Queen," the album's first single, is any indication, the whole thing will be a fiasco of Chris Gaines proportions. The video for this bastard child of Auto-Tune and '90s radio rock showed up on Videogum today and I've embedded it below just in case you're feeling masochistic. Essentially, the storyline is a thugged-out rehash of "Sk8er Boi," with more tattoos and unplanned pregnancies. And yeah, it sucks.

March 03, 2009

Punk + Animes? o___O


"Anime and punk? So what do they have in common? A what? Spiky hair?"
*Does another line of blow*
"Alright, fuck it, I'm sold. Hey, Gina! Quit making personal calls and gimme a back massage. We're putting the green light on this Anime punk collection!"
*Goes super-saiyan*

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Sound Fix Still Hopeful


The Sound Fix Lounge might not close. Despite losing their liquor license last month due to a number of complains from their neighbors, its owner James Bradley hopes to trudge on.

“It is my fervent hope and desire to continue the tradition of live music in Williamsburg,” said Bradley, who plans to have an event on Record Store Day on April 18, and to host weekly performances.

That being said, his lease is up in a year. It'd be almost silly not to seek out a bigger, cheaper space, far from the residential retail fronts around Bedford Avenue. I hear Bushwick's for sale.

Hats off to the Brooklyn Paper for this one, via Brooklyn Vegan.

March 02, 2009

Blitzen Trapper, Alela Diane, And Plants And Animals At MHoW

Blitzen Trapper MHOW.jpg
Blitzen Trapper at MHoW. Photo by Julia Lovallo.

The last sad embers of my adolescent punkhood tend to glow uncomfortably hot whenever I find myself enjoying a band that I know my parents would dig, and they were lit up pretty bright on Saturday when I caught the second of Blitzen Trapper's two nights in NYC at the Music Hall. The Portland folk-rockers have a penchant for most things seventies, and there wasn't a song in the set that Papa Mushett couldn't have listened to while downing Schlitz back in '74. Singer Eric Earley is as proficient at channeling Dylan live as he is on the record, a talent that was especially apparent when he gave a solo rendition of the country-folk staple "Cocaine Blues." The rest of the band proved adept at pushing strong riffs that had more than a little Allman Brothers and Lynyrd Skynyrd mixed in, often with a touch of psychedelic synth for good measure. It's by no means cutting-edge, but it ain't supposed to be. The guys put on a tight, fun show and the crowd--more diverse than the often uniformly hip-as-hell set that frequents the MHoW--absolutely lost their shit when they heard the opening riff of "Furr."

But the story of the show was its first act, Alela Diane. Alela, a wobbly-voiced gal from Nevada City, puts together music with a hallucinatory quality that wanders along a softer, more volatile edge of the same retro-folk soundscape traversed by Blitzen Trapper. Plus her mandolin player looks like a weathered, fifty-something trucker, which a definitely plus. To Be Still, her follow-up to 2006's The Pirate's Gospel, is out now (thanks for the correction, mcg)due out later this year. Check it out. Plants and Animals, a perfectly fine rock outfit, had the misfortune of playing between the more impressive bookends of Alela and BT, too tough of company to put on a set that was only perfectly fine.

After the jump, a mashup of Blitzen Trapper and Biggie Smalls. Just for fun.

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February 27, 2009

Rachel Ray Gets Dry-Humped, Grabs Some Ass At SXSW Preview Party

image c/o (hat tip, Krista)

First the keffiyah, and now this.

Perky homemaker Rachel Ray, best known for annoying millions with her quasi-robotic joie de vivre on Everyday with Rachel Ray, is throwing what may be the coolest party of next month's SXSW. Confirmed bands for her little soiree include the Hold Steady, the Thermals, Ra Ra Riot, Semi Precious Weapons, and the New York Dolls. The menu (available on the event's website) looks appropriately awesome in its own right, offering such southwestern themed dishes as seven-layer sliders and smoky chipotle and black bean chilaquiles. Between this and unholy resurrection of Taylor Hanson, 2009's SXSW is shaping up to be the most wholesome yet.

And to add yet another layer of weirdness to the whole affair, Page Six reports that Ray stormed the stage during her SXSW preview party at Santos Party House on Wednesday (yes, there was a preview party), jokingly tried to steal the boots off of Semi Precious Weapons frontman Justin Tranter, and, as the picture above attests, engaged in some serious glam rock ass-groping. From PageSix:

"Not only is lead singer Justin Tranter the most attractive person I've seen, but I also want his high-heeled boots!" Then she jokingly tried to steal Tranter's boots while grabbing his rear end several times.
Check her out getting dry-humped by Tranter after the jump. What happened to America's wholesome culinary sweetheart? As a tipster relates:
I was at the show and my favorite part was how Justin kept referring to
her as "Rachel mother f***ing Ray"

She is actually kinda awesome....which is weird.

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February 25, 2009

Well-Connected Session Drummer Will Do Anything For $75K


You ever heard of Josh Freese? No? Neither had I until I stumbled across this site. Mr. Freese, who plays or has played dums with Nine Inch Nails, Devo, The Vandals, A Perfect Circle, etc. etc. etc. is releasing a solo album called Since 1972 on March 24. And as his site explains, you can "subscribe" to this album for editions that range in price from $7 to $75,000. The $7 is a simple digital download of the record, with things getting gradually more interesting as the price goes up (at the $5K level, for example, Josh offers to "Get drunk together. If you don't drink we can go to my Dads place and hang out under the 'Tuba tree,'" and as part of the $20K package, "Josh writes 2 songs about you and it's made available on iTunes and appears on his next record").

The full $75,000 package warrants quoting in full:

-Signed CD/DVD and digital download -T-shirt -Go on tour with Josh for a few days. -Have Josh write, record and release a 5 song EP about you and your life story. -Take home any of his drumsets (only one but you can choose which one.) -Take shrooms and cruise Hollywood in Danny from TOOL's Lamborgini OR play quarters and then hop on the Ouija board for a while. -Josh will join your band for a shows, record, party with groupies, etc.... -If you don't have a band he'll be your personal assistant for a month (4 day work weeks, 10 am to 4 pm) -Take a limo down to Tijuana and he'll show you how it's done (what that means exactly we can't legally get into here) -If you don't live in Southern California (but are a US resident) he'll come to you and be your personal assistant/cabana boy for 2 weeks. -Take a flying trapeze lesson with Josh and Robin from NIN, go back to Robin's place afterwards and his wife will make you raw lasagna.
Hell, I know it's it a recession, but if I were some shit-out-of-luck golden-parachuted Lehman's douchebag, I might be willing to toss the money at the dude who co-wrote that sonic shitwhale "Chinese Democracy" (check out Freese's Wikipedia page) to be my personal assistant. You know, because asshole bankers are probably the only people who dug "Chinese Democracy" in the first place.

Grizzly Bear—Can Somebody Please Find Ed Droste Some Decent Pho?!

Grizzly Bear [left to right]: Christopher Bear, Ed Droste, Daniel Rossen, Chris Taylor

Back in January of 2004, we found a promo CD dropped in our mailbox. There was no postage, just a CD crudely wrapped in thick paper with a note attached from Kanine Records. Their studios were just around the corner on Powers Street, just a few blocks from FREEwilliamsburg. The CD had some nondescript scribbling on the front and was called Horn of Plenty—an exceptionally low-key, moody record with haunting vocals drenched in reverb. It was recorded by some locals who called themselves Grizzly Bear. Horn of Plenty became our soundtrack for the winter.

Soon after receiving the CD, we saw the band play Glass House Gallery. They killed.

Of course, Grizzly Bear became indie A-listers in 2006 with their masterpiece Yellow House, which was on everybody's shortlist for record of the year. Their latest, Veckatimest (their website explains that it's "a small, uninhabited island off the coast of Massachusetts") will be released on May 26. It's among the most anticipated records of the year.

Ed Droste (guitar, vocals) wrote us a few weeks ago, inquiring about the lack of Pho in the neighborhood. He'd heard rumors of a new Vietnamese restaurant opening on the Southside, that we haven't been able to substantiate. (Anyone?) Ed was kind enough to answer a few questions about Brooklyn and Grizzly Bear's upcoming record.

1. How long have you lived in Williamsburg?

If you include Greenpoint (some people do and some people don't) I've lived in the area since 2003. If you don't count Greenpoint, since 2006.

2. Where do you eat & drink? Any favorite local haunts?

Chris Bear's girlfriend works at Marlow and Sons and everyone that works there is so friendly and the food is insanely amazing so I ultimately always end up there. Other than that I've been cooking a lot at home. I would like to publicly say I would KILL for a good Vietnamese Pho joint in the hood, so please somebody open one!!!

3. Is the rest of the band out here?

They are. Chris Bear lives off the Graham stop, myself off Lorimer. Chris Taylor off of Bedford and Dan in Greenpoint.

4. Culturally speaking, what's your take on New York these days?

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February 23, 2009

Paul's Boutique Audio Commentary


Forget Nirvana. Paul's Boutique was the real soundtrack of a generation. And now to commemorate its 20th anniversary, Adrock, MCA, and Mike D have finally released their own audio commentary. Finally, you can check them out waxing poetic on Chuck Woolery, throwing eggs, and chillin' like Bob Dylan here. [Thanks Kevin]

Bizarre Supergroup Tinted Windows Shoots Bizarre Promo Video


Anyone going to SXSW? If so, PLEASE confirm that this act is for real.

The video below is an odd little promo for Tinted Windows, perhaps the oddest rock & roll supergroup in since... well, maybe ever. The lineup includes James Iha of the Smashing Pumpkins, Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne, Bun E. Carlos of Cheap Trick, and--the coup de grace--Taylor Hanson. Of Hanson. Check this out:

Tinted Windows - Promo

And according to Stereogum, they're playing SXSW on 3/20 at the Billboard Showcase @ Pangea in Austin, and have an album dropping in April. If you make it to Texas for their debut set, be sure to get me pictures. Otherwise, I'm not sure I'll believe this whole thing isn't some sort of awesome joke.

Tinted Windows press release after the jump:

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February 19, 2009

The Pains of Being Peggy Wang

Peggy Wang on vox and keys

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart are everywhere right now and honestly -- although I've heard the name kicked around for awhile now -- I didn't listen to them until recently. They have a fuzzy, pop sensibility that recalls My Bloody Valentine, but puts me in a much nicer mood. I see visions of high school dances, sneaking Peach Schnapps under the bleachers. (OK that's a scene from The Virgin Suicides). The music is pretty in a twee, Sofia Coppola-kinda way.

On vox and keys Peggy Wang adds an essential layer to this confectionery delight, and like so many New York dwellers doesn't stop at just making music, she's also an editor at BuzzFeed. Miss Wang was nice enough to answer our burning questions on skinny boys, making an album, the Internet and European dreams.

So first of all congrats on all your recent successes -- especially your Pitchfork review. How does all this buzz feel?

It's awesome! It is kind of crazy that one simple thing can open so many doors. No one had ever heard of us before the review, and now I have old high school and college friends contacting me and saying stuff like "Congrats!" and "I'm so proud of you!" It's funny because I don't think anyone has said "Congratulations" to me since the time I won the regional spelling bee in 5th grade. We self-released an EP and it was never reviewed on Pitchfork, and I think when we recorded the album, it didn't even occur to us that it would even get reviewed. So yeah, it really surpassed any kind of expectations.

How important do you think the Internet is for bands these days? And why do you think you guys have had so much success on the 'net?

The Internet has been incredibly instrumental for us. It used to be that you needed to be on a record label with distribution if you wanted to get your music out there. We were able to put out our first EP ourselves, and maybe it wasn't available at Virgin Megastore or whatever, but we did put all our music up for download and people were able to hear us and get a bit of a buzz going. I think people lament over the old days, when you would make your friends mix tapes and tape your favorite college radio shows to find out about new music. But the way things are right now with the Internet, it's just so much easier for indie bands.

Can you tell me a little bit about the formation of the band - when did you guys meet...that sorta thing?

Alex and Kip used to work together at Insound. Kip and I met through my friend Shirley. The three of us formed the band to play at my birthday party in March 2007. We all loved this band from Leeds called the Manhattan Love Suicides and also Titus Andronicus, both of whom played the party too. The party was in a giant warehouse on Wythe St. in Williamsburg and was by far the most epic birthday party I've ever had. It was so fun that we just wanted to keep doing it, and with the help of Cakeshop, we were able to book another show. We went for about 8 months playing with an ipod instead of a real drummer, until we met Kurt who came to a few of our shows and really liked the EP that we put out. Besides being a totally amazing drummer, Kurt also has amazing taste in music. I feel like we all have pretty good taste in music, so it makes for a good band situation, especially during long car rides while on tour.

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Modeski Martin and Wood, oh my!

What are you laughing at John?

At first I felt like I had shown up to the wrong place, like at a party I wasn't invited to. But once I had a drink or two I remembered this jazz band that came to my high school -- these old dudes who had played with the likes of Billie Holiday. Every year they would come to our lecture hall and transport us to a magical land of free form fantasy that moved my soul.

Some of you may have heard of a little trio called Medeski, Martin and Wood. They've been around for about fifteen years and have developed an extremely loyal fan base. I don't know if this is the norm, but there were definitely some dirty hippies in attendance. My favorite was the one with dreads who danced in front of me for the whole first set. Swarms of stoners showed up midway through the first set ( I'm sure they felt right on time) and by the second set alcohol turned some bros and hos into dancers. I guess improvisational jamband music makes people feel free? I can get into that.

This Wednesday night show at (le) Poisson Rouge was part of a 3-night NY tour taking place at small venues. Tuesday night was a seated (and possibly more civilized affair) at 92Y TriBeCa. The final show is tonight at City Winery. Jazz it up yo?!!

"I Am The Fly" Uke'd-Up

Our favorite Scottish punk lo-fi ukulele duo, Gus and Fin, do their rendition of Wire's new wave non-chart hit "I Am The Fly" from the LP Chair's Missing. Great stuff. Thanks Rumproast.

Donk has posted an amusing new series of videos, exposing us to the world of “Donk” music. It’s basically a super speedy, techno-driven, subpar hip hop generating from young folks in Northern England. The Donk scene smacks of a certain je ne sais quoi, that element of sheer trash which can only emanate from special people - like nightclubbers in Seaside Heights, NJ, or fans of House of Pain gone way raw. “Everybody’s scared of it,” according to one Donk enthusiast. And I have to concur that I’m terrified. calls it “the absolute bottom of British musical culture,” but we’ll leave it to you to decide:

February 16, 2009

The Spirit of Apollo - Out Tomorrow

It's taken five years to complete, but the collaboration between Squeak E. Clean ad DJ Zegon, and their friends, friends of friends and musical heroes has arrived. Dozens of musicians have collaborated for N.A.S.A.'s The Spirit of Apollo which hits record stores tomorrow, and features guests like David Byrne, Seu Jorge, Spank Rock, M.I.A., Santogold, and Nick Zinner, Tom Waits, and Lykke Li (and A LOT, LOT more).

Here's the trailer, which should give you an excellent idea of what to expect:

February 15, 2009

Cheap Whiskey & A Broken Heart

Deer Tick at the Bowery

I've got to say this was the perfect prelude to another New York Valentine's day. By that I mean, happiness is a boy who sings about heartbreak and sweet sweet love in the middle of an urban jungle of delights that is this city. That said, I will try my hardest not to be a cynic on this wonderful/depressing day- but I'm not making any promises.

Brooklyn's The Wait opened the night with a Creedence Clearwater meets The Ramones ditty. I've said it before, and I'll say it again- I'm loving the whole long haired 70s thing going on with the boys these days. Pure yummy. I got a chance to talk to singer/guitarist Joseph after the show. Turns out he's my regular bartender at Clem's who I couldn't recognize while holding a guitar. So stop in and have a cocktail, and maybe you'll be lucky enough to get a serenade.

Next was a band from Boston. I, well, I was busy taking whiskey shots which I swore off a few weeks ago- so yeah, they were from Boston.

And the whiskey, just the better to hear you with Mr. Tick. Setting the mood for the lonely with favorites like 'Little White Lies', the spirit was lifted when John J. McCauley exclaimed to the crowd that if you came with someone special it was time to sneak your hand in their back pocket for 'Spend the Night'. Highlight of the night was definitely the crowd sing-a-long of 'Ashamed', with a somber closing encore of 'Christ Jesus' coming in a close second. You said it Chris Pollack, 'it was all a dream'.

Now, I'm off to enjoy my Ballantines...

by Nicole Wasilewicz

February 12, 2009

Chairlift - Evident Utensil

Here, let Chairlift give your computer some video acid.

I tried to explain this over at BuzzFeed, but if you want a full "what the heck is going on here," read through this thread at Metafilter. But long story short, think pixels, keyframes, and a strong dosage of LSD injected into one's video compression units.

The band's in town this weekend, playing at BAM tomorrow (w/ Clap Your Hands Say Yeah) at 8pm and 92Y Tribeca Sunday at 1pm.

February 06, 2009



Ok, this shit needs to go viral. DJ Hammond of Athens' Je Suis France just released a spoofy, Flight of the Conchords-esque concept record called Excalibrah. "It's a joke project I do for my fantasy football league kinda as an alter ego," he informs. It's epically retarded—and we mean that in a good way. We could give a damn about fantasy football, but how can you not appreaciate titles like "Futurewings/Sexfood" and "Gandalf vs. Neo." Just go grab it... it's free. And the music is actually amazing catchy. [thanks Christina]

February 04, 2009

Carles of HRO, I bro-love you.


The Village Voice attempted to have a serious cyber-chat interview with the "alt"-imate blog bro, Carles of Hipster Runoff, and I can't quite figure out what to make of the outcome. What I do know is that I just cannot wait for Carles' "post-bloghouse, or maybe post-Merriweather-post-core" EP to drop. Way to not "expose yourself", bro!

The Voice asks, where are you Carles? Who are you? And Carles responds:

I am in a relatively "alt" area, but I think the whole concept of the site is "being able to justify your alternative existence" by monitoring websites that are theoretically on the bleeding edge of culture. So while a tween may be disconnected from "fitting in" at his local high school with kids who shop at the local mall, he can find acceptance on the Internet through alternative websites, blogs, social networks, and e-commerce shops. That's sort of why I feel like the "Carles" part of HRO is insignificant, and it probably makes the site easier to digest without "some dude" attached to it. It's more of a naive, bro-like, third-person omniscient tone.

Read the rest, and visit HRO.

February 01, 2009

February Playlist

There have been a few excellent releases in the past months that deserve extra attention (from artists like A.C. Newman, Max Tundra and Low vs Diamond). But what’s even better is what we have to look forward to in February – new LPs like N.A.S.A.’s “The Spirit of Apollo” and “Tight Knit” from Vetiver. We’ve jumbled it together with a few randoms into a mix for this short, divine month.

feb playlist.png

1. A.C. Newman - “There Are Maybe Ten Or Twelve” A.C. Newman - Get Guilty (Bonus Track Version) - There Are Maybe Ten or Twelve...

2. Harlem - “Caroline” - listen via MySpace.

3. Army Navy - “My Thin Sides” Army Navy - Army Navy - My Thin Sides

4. Cut Off Your Hands - “Oh Girl” – check it out at

5. Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band - “Anchors Dropped” – listen to this and a few other songs from their forthcoming record over at The Hype Machine..

6. Hey Willpower - “Hundredaire” Hey Willpower - Dance - EP - Hundredaire

7. Little Boots - “Stuck On Repeat” Little Boots - Arecibo - EP - Stuck On Repeat

8. N.A.S.A. (feat. Spank Rock, M.I.A., Santogold & Nick Zinner) - “Whachadoin?” – get this for free from

9. Max Tundra - “Which Song” Max Tundra - Parallax Error Beheads You - Which Song

10. Low vs. Diamond - “Don’t Forget Sister” Low vs Diamond - Low vs Diamond - Don't Forget Sister

11. Vetiver - “Everyday” - c/o i guess i'm floating.

12. The Boxer Rebellion - “Flashing Red Light Means Go” The Boxer Rebellion - Union - Flashing Red Light Means Go

January 28, 2009

Kanye, Stop Fucking With Us


Yes, we realize this is viral marketing, but yesterday we received an email from "Kanye West" with a new track attached titled "rough.mp3." We scanned it for viruses, opened it, and sure enough it sounds like Kanye. The artist is labeled Tokin' Black Guy. (He has a Myspace page and is on Kanye's record label--suggesting Kanye could have a new alter ego.) You can give it a listen at Allie is Wired who evidently received the same email that we did:

nooooo, only 2 days? make sure to contact me before the session we have to discuss "spaceship" i will upload them when i have time.

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 1:16 AM, TBG wrote:

I need the ones from the show the night before. Yeah They Did a piece, Relay the message to Warren for the mail. Also the mixed version I need because I am meeting with John tomorrow, he is only in town for 2 days.

On Tue, Jan 27, 2009 at 1:11 AM, Kanye West wrote:

The rest of the pictures will be in your inbox for tomorrow. Congrats I read Your piece on MTV.COM


Later in the afternoon, we received another email from "Kanye West:"
Unaware as to how you may have receive one of my emails, thank you for respecting my messages. As for the rough version of the song, it is out there now, so you may use it for personal use or have it as a stream on your website please.
Thank you and wish everyone nothing but the best.

Side Note: People Stop sending me Spam, it is uncalled for.

As we said, this has got to be a publicity stunt which makes the whole exchange even more annoying. We love you Kanye, but do you really need publicity this badly? Turns out, many of us like you already and are listening to your records.

That said, Kanye has claimed in recent weeks that his Gmail, Twitter, and MySpace accounts have been hacked. Some are suggesting that his account is being used to promote another artist, though we don't buy it for a second. The track we received sounded too much like Kanye, despite the Tokin' Black Guy moniker.

Waddup Kanye? We'd just begun to forgive your mullet and your excessive use of autotune. Now, you're sending us spam and telling us to call you "Martin Louis the King Jr." (See vblog below.)

Kanye, Martin Louis the King Jr, Tokin' Black Guy, whoever the hell you are... we love you, man. Now, stop fucking with us. And to quote you: "stop sending me Spam, it is uncalled for."

January 27, 2009

Sound Fix Lounge To Close in February

photo taken by ryan muir

File this one in the super bummer department: The Sound Fix Lounge (in back of the record store) is closing down at the end of February, possibly because y'all were too loud! I just called and they confirmed that they were indeed shutting down, "just the bar," they said, and I'm assuming it's because of the numerous noise complaints.

Brownstoner reported back in April that the bar shut down for a bit after receiving numerous citations. So who's to blame? In the same article, Brownstoner writes, "The record store owner believes the violations are rooted in complaints from a couple of neighbors who live in an adjacent building, one of whom, Teresa Polonski, works for Assemblyman Joseph Lentol." So you tell me, is it an inside job?

via the comic's comic, who notes, "There is a sign taped to the door of the Williamsburg Brooklyn venue that asks patrons: 'Please be quiet...Our neighbors are sleeping.' Too little, too late."

Update: Brooklyn Vegan points out some upcoming free shows at the venue, which you should most definitely go support:

This week for free @ Sound Fix
January 28 8:00pm - Comedy Free Williamsburg
January 28 9:30pm - Totally J/K w. Joe and Noah
January 29 8:00pm - Big Terriffic w/ Max, Gabe & Jenny
January 30 8:00pm - Forewords
January 31 4:00pm - Loney Dear

Muxtape is Back!


Hey, great news! Muxtape is back!

What they say:

Welcome to a preview of the new Muxtape, a minimalist platform for bands to promote their music and listeners to create mixes. We’ve invited 12 of our favorite artists to help test, and in the coming weeks we'll begin allowing bands to sign up themselves for free.

Yay. You can currently sample from the likes of bands including Francis and the Lights, of Montreal, Dan Deacon, Girl Talk, Amanda Palmer, Reggie Watts, and more. What's Muxtape, you ask? Here's the story.

Free Yr Radio – for 99 Cents


Today is the official release date for the Free Yr Radio 2008 compilation, available via Insound for $0.99 if you mosey on over. Sure, sure, the Free Yr Radio campaign concept is mildly ironic, as they seek to “generate awareness and funds for independent radio through a series of promotional activities,” the crux of which are sponsored by Urban Outfitters and Toyota (not exactly your run-of-the-mill DIY enterprises). But let’s smother any acrimony and embrace this one. After all, proceeds will benefit laudable indie programming from across the country, including KEXP in Seattle, KVRX Austin, Philly’s WPRB, and New York’s own WVKR. The track listing is as follows:

1. !!! – Must Be The Moon (Live at KEXP)
2. Chairlift – At My Side
3. Yeasayer – Final Path (Daytrotter Sessions)
4. White Williams – Blue Steel
5. Dan Deacon – Cave Birth
6. No Age – Padded Chair
7. Mudhoney – The Lucky Ones (Live)
8. King Khan & Saba Lou – Past and Gone
9. The Secret Machines – The Walls Are Starting To Crack (Live at KEXP)
10. The Walkmen – In The New Year (Live)
11. Tokyo Police Club – Your English Is Good (K-Os Remix)
12. Jamie Lidell – Rope of Sand (Live at Austin City Limits)

Neckbeard Telecaster, Grand Mal to play Seaport On Ice

Brooklyn bands Neckbeard Telecaster and Grand Mal are playing the Seaport Music Winter Fest, which kicks off this Friday night at 7p.m. You can literally ice skate in circles while watching bearded guys play instruments. And, it's free to watch and only $5 to skate.

From NBCnewyork:

Organized by the team who brought New York the Seaport Music Festival, the Seaport Music Winter Fest is pretty clear on their expectations, saying, "Only strong-bodied, dressed-in-layers, die-hard indie music fans need attend." Read: This is no Disney On Ice.

The Seaport is located at Pier 17 in Manhat., get there via JMZ or L to 2,3, A or C.

January 24, 2009

Animal Collective's Bowery Show Now Online

NYCTaper posted both FLAC and mp3 versions of Animal Collective's Tuesday night show at the Bowery Ballroom, here. (Their server is currently down "due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems," so slow your role for a minute there, internet.)

We recorded this set from the “sweet spot” on the floor with our mobile rig. Although the large ceilings created some muddiness in the sound, we feel that the hyper-directional microphones did some excellent work.

via Stereogum, which notes "the set was purposefully constructed, culminating in a raved up "Brother Sport" and a great Sung Tongs reinventing/Panda Bear "covering" encore."

If You Were Scammed... at the Animal Collective Bowery Show
Animal Collective - My Girls

January 23, 2009

Animal Collective, “My Girls”

We’ve definitely been preoccupied with Animal Collective this month, whipping up posts here and there. And while I hate to be redundant, it’s also true that the fervor is well deserved. The group just released their spectacular Merriweather Post Pavilion on Tuesday, and now Domino Records has bestowed upon us the LP's first music video, for “My Girls.” Animal Collective always shell out inventive - albeit freaky - videos (see "Peacebone" or "Water Curses" if you need reassurance on that). “My Girls” is no exception:

January 22, 2009

Ra Ra Riot, Regina Spektor Back on Sale 4 Tonight

Tickets for tonight's show featuring Ra Ra Riot and Regina Spektor are back on sale, reports Brooklyn Vegan:

Regina Spektor and Ra Ra Riot are playing the benefit for Planned Parenthood at Bowery Ballroom in NYC tonight. It was sold out, but now tickets are back on sale.

Get tickets here.

January 16, 2009

New Video: Juiceboxxx - Thunder Jam #5

I'm really digging Juiceboxxx this morning...he's an awesome 21-year old rapper out of Milwaukee who's really loved by the Germans, for somewhat obvious reasons that become clearer once you listen to a few of his tracks.

Check out Thunder Jam #5:

I'll have more on him later on this month, but in case I don't, just know he's playing at Vanishing Point with Ninjasonik on February 28th.

via IHeartComix; Juiceboxxx on Myspace

January 12, 2009

Hot Lava + Mixel Pixel at Death By Audio

Hot Lava, c/o Mark Iantosca

Saturday night’s show at Death By Audio was cozy and effervescent, and we’ve got the pictures to prove it. Hey Willpower, Math the Band, and Hologram, all graced the stage with hours of ridiculously catchy indie pop. But our undeniable faves were Hot Lava and Mixel Pixel.

While Brooklyn’s own Mixel Pixel injected the room with their signature brand of computer-disco dance music, they projected equally bizarre video footage and animation on stage. Meanwhile, Hot Lava (who trekked up from their hometown of Richmond, VA) were all handclaps and smiles. The band drew a dense crowd of onlookers who bopped around to their songs about computers, like “Apple+Option+Fire,” as well as other favorites such as “Blue Dragon,” and even a peppy cover of Electric Light Orchestra’s “Mr. Blue Sky.”

Mixel Pixel

More pictures after the jump, if you please…..

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January 08, 2009

Saturday's Finest

We're back to the grind, and many of us have been drooling since Monday for the weekend to get here already. Dammit. My plan is to wallow in a soused state of TGIF-dom tomorrow, and then hit some live music on Saturday night. Here are three recommendations for shows on the 10th of January, 2009.


Daniel Martin Moore @ The Mercury Lounge

NPR describes him as “optimistic folk,” and Metromix garners him with language like “Austerity. Understatement. Obscurity. Honesty.” – so expect a fine, charming night on Saturday at the Mercury Lounge with Daniel Martin Moore. Other acts playing Saturday include Great Lake Swimmers and Haley Bonar who also have that same sort of gentle twang. Meanwhile A Hawk and A Hacksaw will throw a more nomadic gypsy effect into the mix.

8 pm
$13 advance/$15 day of show

***This lineup (minus A Hawk and a Hacksaw) will also be playing tomorrow night at the Bell House, if that fits your schedule better!

Hot Lava @ Death By Audio

Hot Lava, Mixel Pixel, Hologram, Math the Band, and Hey Willpower will all be jammed into Death By Audio starting at 8 pm. It will be a sweet indie-popper fiesta, so sneak your best flask of whiskey into your girlfriend’s purse and come along.

8 pm

Jacob Jiles - Jacob Jiles, National Underground NYC.jpg
Jacob Jiles @ The Delancey

Brooklyn-based Jacob Jiles plays “indie soul,” which a new genre to me, but it’s still nice and mellow and grownup-sounding music. Also playing are ENDI, The Royal Wylds, and The Ravages - who are definitely NOT indie soul.

7 pm

January 06, 2009

Finally: All songs DRM-free With iTunes


Beginning today, all four major music labels--Universal Music Group, Sony BMG, Warner Music Group and EMI, along with thousands of independent labels, are now offering their music in iTunes Plus, Apple’s DRM-free format with higher-quality 256 kbps AAC encoding for audio quality virtually indistinguishable from the original recordings. iTunes customers can also choose to download their favorite songs from the world’s largest music catalog directly onto their iPhone™ 3G over their 3G network just as they do with Wi-Fi today, for the same price as downloading to their computer. And beginning in April, based on what the music labels charge Apple, songs on iTunes will be available at one of three price points: 69 cents, 99 cents and $1.29, with most albums still priced at $9.99.

Single Ladies (In Mayberry) Remix

This makes us very happy. Hat tip to WFMU's fabulous show: Sound and Safe with Trent. We're podcasting every show.

Grab the mp3 at pennedmadness.

The Album Cover Gives Us A Headache....


But we'll forgive them because the Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavillion is amazing. You can believe the hype this time. A great way to begin 2009. Grab a few tracks at PopTartsSuckToasted. (Start with "Bluish")

January 05, 2009

January Playlist

Si senoritas et messieurs, this is a few days late…. normally a playlist is posted on the first of every month. Anyway, here are some recommended songs/bands, so perk those ears up!


1. Rafter - “Juicy” Rafter - Sweaty Magic - Juicy

2. Arcade Fire - “Burning Bridges” – from their new LP Miroir Noir – Neon Bible Archives… you can download the song for free by clicking here.

3. Wild Light - “California On My Mind” Wild Light - California On My Mind - Single - California On My Mind

4. Boy Crisis - “L’homme” - The Hype Machine has this track, along with a robust amount of other Boy Crisis songs and remixes.

5. Abe Vigoda - “Bear Face” Abe Vigoda - Skeleton - Bear Face

6. Cheap Time - “Glitter & Gold” Cheap Time - Cheap Time - Glitter & Gold

7. O Fracas - “Forfeit” O Fracas - Fits & Starts - Forfeit

8. Kid Cudi - “Day ‘n’ Nite” – give it a listen or download the Crookers Remix of the track at

9. Soft Circle - “Drumbler” – and we give you yet another hookup from!

10. Princeton - “Ms. Bentwich” Princeton - Bloomsbury - EP - Ms. Bentwich

11. Small Sur - Sea Stones Small Sur - We Live In Houses Made of Wood - Sea Stones

More Kid Sister, Please!

If you haven’t heard of Kid Sister or listened to her forthcoming album Dream Date, then prep yourself ‘cause you’ll be inundated this season. She’s the younger sister of Flosstradamus' J2K (who also serves as her backing DJ), so talent runs in the family. Plus, you should’ve checked Kid Sister out weeks ago in our December Playlist. Right now we’re still obsessed, but the I’m-gonna-get-SO-sick-of-this factor ranks high on the Richter scale - mostly because her songs are so addictive that you'll exhaust yourself.

Kid Sister - Pro Nails ft. Kanye West

Her only available video is currently this one, for “Pro Nails.” It features Kanye West (blaghhggh) and isn’t the best song you’ll hear on Dream Date, which is why we need more ASAP. But whatevs, check it out and you will fall in love too.

December 21, 2008

The Best Music of 2008

Overall, 2008 was a pretty good year for music, despite all the beards. We can't defend the inclusion of Kanye West on our list, but some of us (uh Robert and Brian) have been loving his 808s and Heartbreak. Sure, autotune vocals are the dorkiest thing to take over pop music since Peter Frampton, but oh well, Robert likes Frampton too. Lisa turned us on to Lucky Dragons and Lau Nau. And our new music editor Elizabeth kept us in the loop with the best new releases all year.

In the end, we were perplexed by The Bug—wtf... they pretty much suck right? Intrigued to see crystal become the new black, since black had just become the new wolf. Annoyed that The Hold Steady—frat music for hipsters—won't simply go away. Delighted to see another solid bootleg release by Bob Dylan (The Bootleg Series, Vol. 8: Tell Tale Signs – Rare and Unreleased 1989-2006). Weirded out by Scarjo. And made blissfully happy by the most important music moment of the year: Hamster Eating Popcorn on a Piano. Thanks to all our writers and friends who helped us compile this list.

Have a great holiday. We're signing off for a few days.

tallestmanonearth.jpg 30. The Tallest Man on Earth
Shallow Grave
protools.jpg 29. GZA
Pro Tools
luckydragons.jpg 28. LUCKY DRAGONS
Dream Island Laughing Language
atmountzoomer.jpg 27. WOLF PARADE
At Mount Zoomer
noage.jpg 26. NOUNS
fordlandia.jpg 25. JOHANN JOHANNSSON
jason-collett.jpg 24. JASON COLLETT
Here's to Being Here
freegold.jpg 23. INDIAN JEWELRY
Free Gold!
war-on-drugs.jpg 22. THE WAR ON DRUGS
Wagonwheel Blues
ganggangdance.jpg 21. GANG GANG DANCE
Saint Dymphnia
sheandhim.jpg 20. SHE & HIM
Volume One
hercules.jpg 19. HERCULES & LOVE AFFAIR
Hercules and Love Affair
beachhouse.jpg 18. BEACH HOUSE
splitseries.jpg 17. KEMIALLISET YSTAVAT
Split Series
kanye.jpg 16. KANYE WEST
808s & Heartbreak
hotchip.jpg 15. HOT CHIP
Made in the Dark
tvontheradio.jpg 14. TV ON THE RADIO
Dear Science
walkmen.jpg 13. THE WALKMEN
You & Me
portishead.jpg 12. PORTISHEAD
dodos-cover.jpg 11. THE DODOS
mgmt.jpg 10. MGMT
Oracular Spectacular
jay-reatard.jpg 9. JAY REATARD
Singles 06-07
launau.jpg 8. LAU NAU
girltalk.jpg 7. GIRL TALK
Feed the Animals
boniver-.jpg 6. BON IVER
For Emma, Forever Ago
fleetfoxes-.jpg 5. FLEET FOXES
Fleet Foxes
Alegranzo.jpg 4. EL GUINCHO
vampire-weekend-.jpg 3. VAMPIRE WEEKEND
Vampire Weekend
deerhunter.gif 2. DEERHUNTER
Microcastle/Weird Era Cont.
santogold-no1.jpg 1. SANTOGOLD

December 17, 2008

Peter Gabriel & Hot Chip play "Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa"

This is great. Also, cute that Peter Gabriel himself sings, "It Feels so unnatural, Peter Gabriel too / And it feels so unnatural, so sing your own name." Lol!

Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa - Hot Chip & Peter Gabriel

Via Music.olgy

December 15, 2008

Passion Pit Remixed

Brooklyn Vegan put up this sick Sleepyhead remix today, so please, check it out for the love of God.

Link: Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (Streetlab mix) (MP3)

December 12, 2008

OaF One


Tomorrow night Oneida will be taking over The Knitting Factory, for their first-ever Oneida Fest (a.k.a. OaF One). It's a concert curated by the band, and there will be visuals supplied by Mighty Robot.


Main Space

9 pm - Brava Spectre
10:30 pm - Oakley Hall
11:45 pm - Sightings
2 am - Oneida

Tap Bar
10 pm - Pterodactyl
11:30 pm - Parts and Labor
1 am - Neptune

Old Office
9:30 pm - Cave
11 pm - Knyfe Hyts
12:30 am - Dirty Faces

Tickets are a mere $10 for all this goodness! Check out The Knitting Factory's site if you want more details. But basically you’re a fool if you don’t attend.

Saturday, December 13th
Doors @ 8:30

Tonight at K+M Bar


YAY FRIDAY! I can't conceive of a single better way to spend time than to attend this show tonight at K + M Bar. Throw some money down for a great cause, see Lady Magma play, and get nourished and inebriated. Let’s hold hands and clink glasses!!!

The Shiny Squirrel Presents
a benefit concert for the AIDS Resource center for Children
Co- Sponsored with One Stepper Production
Free Shots, Food!!
FRIDAY, December 12th ; 7:00 to 10:30 pm

December 10, 2008

Christmas with Kay Martin and Her Bodyguards


Since everyone is sharing Christmas tracks on the music blogs, we thought we'd share our favorite naughty find: Kay Martin and the Bodyguards. AM, Then FM has three hilarious and oddly catchy songs from the 60's diva available for download here. How can you not love a track called "Santa's Doing the Horizontal Twist?!" As they point out, the tracks are from “I Know What He Wants for Christmas (But I Don’t Know How to Wrap It),” which was released in 1962. It’s sadly out of print. If anyone knows where to find the rest of the record, let us know in comments. Christmas Yule Blog has some background on Kate here. And WFMU posted a few more Xmas tracks from Kay last year.

On another note, we've also been enjoying Bobby Roberts & His Orchestra's - Holiday Music For Happy People. Christmas Yule blog has a clean vinyl rip available if you're looking for some alternative holiday tunes. It's guaranteed to please. If you know of any other nontraditional records available for download, let us know.

December 04, 2008

New Lily Allen Video: "The Fear"

We admit it, we're suckers for Allen's mindless pop and her first single sounds great. (Even if she's a total fucking nightmare).

French Horn Rebellion Brings Me Joy

These guys are a fun little duo who, based on their MySpace names at least, are brothers. They're from Milwaukee and now live in Brooklyn but forget all that, it doesn't matter. What matters is their music is fun to bop too, and more importantly, they're great dancers who shoot their videos around Williamsburg!

This first one was shot last year at the corner of Kent and S. 5th, just about under the bridge, and the second one is by that wall where people jerk-off with picnic condiments. French Horn Rebellion, i like you.

They're playing tomorrow night at the Delancey at 8, and then New Years Eve at the Lit Lounge.

(via CrapWeLike)

December 03, 2008

Tomorrow Night at The Mercury Lounge


Tomorrow is December 4th, which means that:

-it is Jay Z’s birthday
-it has been 54 years since the first Burger King opened
-AND, there will be an awesome live music bonanza featuring excellent NYC-based bands at the Mercury Lounge.

My friends in A Million Years are playing alongside The King Left, and The Kiss Off. Atlanta’s Howlies will also grace the stage. This is gonna be sweet time, buy your tickets aqui!!!

$10 advance, $12 day of show
7:30 pm

Folk Icon Odetta Holmes Dies

R.I.P. Odetta

From the LA Times

Odetta, the classically trained folk, blues and gospel singer who used her powerfully rich and dusky voice to champion African American music and civil rights issues for more than half a century starting in the folk revival of the 1950s, has died. She was 77. She was admitted to Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City for a checkup in mid-November but went into kidney failure. She died there Tuesday of heart disease, her manager, Doug Yeager, told the Associated Press.

With a repertoire that included 19th century slave songs and spirituals as well as the topical ballads of such 20th century folk icons as Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger, Odetta became one of the most beloved figures in folk music. She was said to have influenced the emergence of artists as varied as Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Janis Joplin and Tracy Chapman.

"The first thing that turned me on to folk singing was Odetta," Dylan once said. "From Odetta, I went to Harry Belafonte, the Kingston Trio, little by little uncovering more as I went along."

Her affinity for traditional African American folk songs was a hallmark of her long career, along with a voice that could easily sweep from dark, husky low notes to delicate yet goose bump-inducing high register tones.

"The first time I heard Odetta sing," Seeger once said, "she sang Leadbelly's ‘Take This Hammer’ and I went and told her how I wish Leadbelly was still alive so he could have heard her."

December 01, 2008

December Playlist

Howdy readers –

Are we human, or are we dancer? I have no idea, but l CANNOT get that damn song out of my head. So it’s a good thing that it’s the start of a new month, with a new mix. You can click on the iTunes link to sample the tracks or buy them, and for stuff that’s not released yet there are non-iTunes options.

Give it a whirl!

dec mix.png

1. Bell - “Echinacea” Bell - Bell - EP - Echinacea

2. The Marches - “4AM is the New Midnight” The Marches - 4 A.m. Is the New Midnight - 4 A.M. Is the New Midnight

3. Tigercity - “Are You Sensation” Tigercity - Pretend Not to Love - EP - Are You Sensation

4. Of Montreal - “Gallery Piece” Of Montreal - Skeletal Lamping - Gallery Piece

5. Kid Sister - “Get Fresh” - listen to it here on!

6. Abigail Warchild - “Nixons Gun” – you may download this gem via

7. Honey Claws - “Shout Out” Honey Claws - Honey Claws - Shout Out

8. AA Bondy - “There’s a Reason” A.A. Bondy - American Hearts - There's a Reason

9. Stars Like Fleas - “You are My Memoir” Stars Like Fleas - The Ken Burns Effect - You Are My Memoir

10. cortez! cortez!! - “Bad Lieutenant” - play it on their MySpace page, right here.

11. Late of the Pier - “The Enemy Are the Future” Late of the Pier - Echoclistel Lambietroy - EP - The Enemy Are the Future (Dance Edit)


I’m smitten with two recent releases, both comprised of various artists covering some classics:


1. Perfect as Cats: A Tribute to The Cure

Cure covers are ever-abundant and often wack. But Manimal Vinyl has released a fantastic LP with contributions from tons of artists - including The Muslims, Indian Jewelry, Bat For Lashes, The Dandy Warhols, and my dear friends in Gangi. Only 2,000 copies of the double disc format will be released (with proceeds going to the Invisible Children charity) so pick yours up ASAP.

Also, you can sample some of the tracks here.


2. I’ll Stay ‘Til After Christmas

Force Field PR’s Daniel Gill worked out this lil’ number. Parenthetical Girls, Blitzen Trapper, Au, and My Brightest Diamond are featured on the holiday-themed release, which has a delicate and nostalgic flair. And much like the aforementioned Cure cover album, I’ll Stay ‘Til After Christmas will also be donating proceeds to a good cause – in this case, Amnesty International.

November 25, 2008

Music Tonight

If you haven’t packed up and left town yet for Thanksgiving festivities, there are two great shows happening in our fair hamlet of Williamsburg:

Sexy women will be in abundance at Glasslands tonight, since Afternoon, Sharon Van Etten, Glass Ghost (Eliot Krimsky of Flying), and Treasure are playing. These are all marvelous, Brooklyn-based acts, and you should expect to hear some gorgeous stuff.

@ Glasslands, 8 pm


Philly’s Cortez! Cortez!! will be leading the evening at Public Assembly. I really like this band, they’re kinda like a lo-fi, spazzy, dance punk. Also playing will be Monuments, The Rollo Treadway, and The FolkSong Revival. All of these groups are excellent, go and be merry!

@ Public Assembly, 8 pm


November 24, 2008

Yup, CBGB is Still Dead.


There's an article in today's New York Times that gives a depressing update on the status of now-defunct music mecca CBGB. The brand is being run out of Moishe's Storage here in Williamsburg, and whoring itself out on an incredibly cheesy yet lucrative scale:

"...CBGB Fashions Inc., [is] a clothing operation run from the storage unit that sells T-shirts, belt buckles, onesies for kids, even a CBGB dog vest for your poodle. That ghastliness is matched only by the news that the club’s former barman, Ger Burgman, son-in-law of the deceased owner, Hilly Kristal himself, is now the customer service representative for online accounts."

Burgman goes on to say that “It’s just a regular old boring office job.” Apparently, any pride or nostalgia the employees may have once felt has now been replaced with desk job tedium. Still, who can blame 'em? If you were selling these nifty guitar pick earrings, you'd probably detach yourself from the entire thing as well.

The Times is also running a virtual tour of the office space, if you're extra-curious.

The Hours - "See the Light"

If you can set aside seven and a half minutes, then go on and watch this music video from The Hours. It's, um -- interesting.

The band isn't very well-known over here in the U.S. (yet), but the melodramatic song and expensive video counterpart have gathered severe buzz. It's directed by Tony Kaye (American History X), it stars a still-in-Factory Girl-character Sienna Miller, and features Damien Hirst's art direction throughout.

Ultimately "See the Light" mentally transports me back to 1998, when lavish music videos still got loads of attention, and I was merely a sensitive teenager who liked this sort of imported emo crapolla.

November 22, 2008

These United States at The Knitting Factory

These United States

These United States have jetted straight outta Kentucky, and they're poised to be the next troop of archetypical woodsmen-hipsters to find a nook in the indie scene. They played on Wednesday night at The Knitting Factory’s Tap Bar, alongside Scotland Yard Gospel Choir and openers Mean Creek. The latter group’s formulaic sound had some political inclinations, and the band looked the part, but they didn’t exactly seal the deal.

Rather, it was These United States who mastered the small crowd by bonding with them over the frigid temperatures in the Tap Bar (apparently the heating system was broken) and playing plenty of material from their debut album, Crimes. The group’s signature is a classic southern rock mixed with glam romp appeal – think Deer Tick’s ramshackle vibe meets Kings of Leon’s sleaze aesthetic meets Neva Dinova’s wild west fascination meets Ryan Adam’s intonation and ballads. Or you could just give the band a listen and see what we mean, because These United States deserve some of your attention.

These United States

Mean Creek

Photos c/o Mark Iantosca

November 21, 2008

Phish Recording in Brooklyn?!


So holy shit Gothamist has a photo that very clearly shows Mike Gordon, Fishman, Page's bald spot and Trey recording in a studio - rumored to be Park Slope's Trout Recording! Is this the real deal? Are Phish really recording an album? If so, this means there'll be a summer/fall tour to support it! Which means they'll be playing at least three nights at The Garden, or maybe a weekend run in Coney! And since the Hampton show ticket disaster sucked so many balls, here's hoping a NYC/Brooklyn run will have enough dates to make sure I get a freaking ticket.

Gothamist did a little investigating and got a frank denial from a Trout studio rep, but they call bullshit and I have to agree. Here's what they posted and which is giving me anxiety right now:

A little investigating led us to Trout Recording in Park Slope, where some of the band members have recorded in the past. A call to the studios this morning was fielded by Bryce Goggin, who told us, "There is not a band called Phish in my studio at this time." Our secret decoder ring unscrambled this lexical puzzle and told us that it's all but confirmed: Phish is in Park Slope either rehearsing or recording or both! Secret show at Union Hall all but confirmed!

Save the snark motherf*ckers, I grew up a hippie. Everyone loves a friend who loves Phish.

UPDATE: Phish is swimming all over the place. That photo's from it to this. Pay attention to the walls. The word is they were there "as recently as "the beginning of this week".

photo via Gothamist

Eighties Hardcore at Cake Shop

Gavin McInnes, founder of Vice and now, is the singer in a 80's hardcore cover band! They're playing tonight at Cake Shop (152 Ludlow street) with a set list that blew the batteries straight out of my boom box.

This is what they look like live:

And here's a peak at the setlist, courtesy of streetcarnage:

80 HC SET LIST 11-20-08 Cro Mags “Hard Times”
D.R.I. “Rather be Sleeping”
Minor Threat “Straight Edge”
Black Flag “Wasted”
Angry Samoans “Lights Out”
Circle Jerks “Coup D’Etat”
Fear “Livin in the City”
Descendents “I’m not a Loser”
Agnostic Front “Victim in Pain”
Black Flag “Six Pack”
Iron Cross “Crucified”
Suicidal Tendencies “Institutionalized”
Bad Brains “Right Brigade”

Oh, and it's freeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

November 20, 2008

This Video Makes Us Adore Santogold Even More

Tonight - AA Bondy at Union Hall

If you're in the market for a great show tonight, we recommend AA Bondy's set at Union Hall. He used to be the frontman for Verbena, but now he's taken on a more folky-country twang, and has friends like The Felice Brothers (who appear on his American Hearts LP, released earlier this year.) Tonight he'll have peeps from Elvis Perkins in Dearland as his backing band, and Steve Burns and the Struggle will be opening.

Bring a friend, hold hands, drink whiskey or whisky. Whichever you prefer.

8 pm

c/o Fat Possum Records

November 19, 2008

Beach House - "Used to Be"

Beach House released their "Used to Be" single back in October, and the video for the track is pretty splendid. They're playing December 9th at The Music Hall of Williamsburg (with openers Tickley Feather - word!), so buy your tix immediately.


November 18, 2008

Lissy Trullie at Santos Party House

Lissy Trullie

Lissy Trullie and her band of waifs have been mega-hyped this season, especially following up from their CMJ sets. Even without having yet released a debut (her Self-Taught Learner EP is due out in January), she generates enough buzz to play sets like last night’s – which also featured Adam Green, and a DJ set from Mark Ronson.

Before Lissie sauntered on stage (which was well after midnight), The Rumble Strips played an über-Britpop opening set. They’re clearly another vegetable from the Kooks garden***, complete with trumpet, sax, and bombast.

Just as the sight of flannel and fedoras was about to induce vomiting, Lissie Trullie and co. began their stripped down, Strokes-ish set. Miss Trullie looks like a cross between Mia Farrow and Tabitha from Bravo’s Tabitha’s Salon Takeover, and she has the exact sort of attitude you might expect from a hybrid of those two women. Rocking out in her heels and leather jacket, at one moment she’d succinctly direct the audience with a “don’t fuck with me.” Yet she’d offset that with her languid rocker aesthetic. The crowd was unbelievably psyched when “Self Taught Learner” and her cover of Hot Chip’s “Ready for the Floor” were played, and after seeing Lissy Trullie last night we know one thing: her upward orbit will keep going full-speed for quite some time.

***A phrase I toss around that must be credited to an old colleague at The Big Takeover magazine, who once used the term “another vegetable from the Coldplay garden” in reference to Keane. Sigh. Those were different times. Tangent complete.

Lissy Trullie

The Rumble Strips

Photos c/o Mark Iantosca

November 17, 2008

Pitchfork 500 Party at The Gutter

Pitchfork's got a new book called The Pitchfork 500: Our Guide to the Greatest Songs from Punk to the Present, and they're throwing a little release party at The Gutter (200 N. 14th St. between Wythe and Berry) next Wednesday, Nov. 26 from 9pm - 2am.

As for the book, I'll let Pitchfork explain:

This handy paperback chronologically explores Pitchfork's 500 favorite songs from 1977-2006, constructing an alternate history of the past three decades of popular music-- one that extends beyond the typical Baby Boomer-approved canon of the Clash, Prince, Public Enemy, Nirvana, Radiohead, and Outkast.

From art-rock and proto-punk godfathers such as Brian Eno, Iggy Pop, and David Bowie to today's leading lights such as the Arcade Fire, the White Stripes, and Kanye West; from superstars to cult heroes; and from punk, indie, and pop to hip-hop, electronic music, and metal, we've created the ultimate playlist. Interspersed throughout are sidebars on the most vital subgenres from electro to grime to riot grrrl, along with pieces like "Career Killers: The Songs That Ended It All" and "Runaway Trainwrecks: The Post-Grunge Nadir."

Find it in your local book store or get it from Insound, Amazon, Barnes and Noble and a million other places.

November 16, 2008

Wolf Parade at The Wellmont Theatre

Wolf Parade

I don’t believe there is such a thing as a bad Wolf Parade show, since the band is one of those anomaly groups that just always sounds great. So we didn’t mind trekking onto NJ Transit to the newly reopened Wellmont Theatre in Montclair on Friday to see 'em. The venue wasn’t filled to capacity but it was still clogged with college students and other young peeps, giving it more the feel of a Wolf Parade show from 4-5 years ago (which made for a lovely night).

Canadian band Listening Party served as the openers, and their Animal Collective meets Rusted Root vibe was well received, if only by the very small crowd that had arrived to catch their 8 pm set. Their unique percussion section was especially intriguing, since it incorporated a trashcan, bucket, and maracas.

This isn’t the first time Wolf Parade has hit the NYC-area since the release of At Mount Zoomer in June. They’ve been touring consistently in 2008, and with members’ side projects (like Sunset Rubdown and Handsome Furs) factoring in extra live dates and obligations, it makes for a hefty schedule. But Friday’s was a stellar set regardless of any fatigue the band might have been experiencing. Even when some detritus from the ceiling fell directly onto keyboardist/singer Spencer Krug, the band took it in stride and burst right into “Grounds For Divorce.” They were gracious to be playing in NJ for the first time, and for fans it was a welcomed change from their summer sets at a jam-packed Terminal 5.

Time will tell if The Bowery Presents’ new venture will be able to extend more music junkies away from the urban hipster vortex, but Friday night was awesome and we’re glad we checked it out.

Wolf Parade

Wolf Parade

Listening Party

These kids are fuckin' rad!

Photos c/o Clarissa Roudabush

November 12, 2008

Death Vessel + The Sea and Cake at Music Hall of Williamsburg


The Sea and Cake

Death Vessel

The Music Hall of Williamsburg hosted three ultra-mellow groups on Tuesday, with tons of tenderness and appreciation in the air. Twi the Humble Feather were the first openers. If someone had dropped a pin, you could've heard it as the band took the stage in a compact row of dueling acoustic guitars. Their sound is as idiosyncratic as their name – bizarre chirping, humming, and murmuring accompanied the trio of guitars as they sang about spaceships in the forest and other unintelligible topics.

Filling the next slot was Death Vessel a.k.a. singer-songwriter Joel Thibodeau, whose soprano vocals border on androgyny. He stood stoically in place for his entire set, and played a delicate set of lullaby-like songs, including “Jitterakadie” and “Obadiah in Oblivion.” Save for violin accompaniment on several songs, Thibodeau managed to delight the room all on his own.

They’ve been at it for quite a few years, but last night's headliners The Sea and Cake still managed to make their fans swoon with their placid charm and expansive repertoire. On the heels of their new record Car Alarm’s release last month, TS&C churned out a number of newer tunes, but plenty of fan favorites kept the audience cozy. The group’s comfort on stage and with their material proved a nice reminder: some indie bands can avoid the usual fizzle/burnout complex, and instead retain the elements that make them worthy in the first place – even after a decade or longer.

Twi the Humble Feather

Death Vessel


The Sea and Cake

Photos c/o Mark Iantosca

November 11, 2008

No Age at The Market Hotel


No Age

No Age ♥'s Bklyn, and the feeling is mutual. It was demonstrably clear at The Market Hotel on Monday night, as they rollicked through favorite material and held up their reputation as a fantastic live act. The duo seem to fit something much larger and abstract into the rubric of punk music, and their dissonance and feedback suited the venue and rowdy fans well. Exuberant people crowd surfed, moshed (haven’t used that term in a while!) and even snatched the band’s beers off the stage - ultimately ending their night quite sweaty and satisfied.

The opening bands included Soft Circle and Titus Andronicus, who contrasted each other a great deal. Soft Circle’s Hisham Bharooch (ex- Black Dice) is a one man psych/math rock/multi-instrumentist band. Utilizing looped beats, guttural vocals, and maniacal percussion skills, it's safe to say that he left the audience thoroughly impressed.

A bit less brilliant were Titus Andronicus, whose desultory appeal and constant crowd interaction (“Let’s have fun! We’re having fun! It’s a good time to be alive! Rock 'n' roll!”) didn’t have the proper effect on the crowd – and there was plenty of heckling to go around as a result. The group schizophrenically oscillated from influence to influence, with each song sounding fundamentally different from the next. One minute they recalled an indie garage outfit, then the band would alternate to a classic punk feel, and yet the next moment the group would churn out a penchant for roots rock 'n' roll. Not the most intuitive or captivating performance of the night, especially when they closed with a maladroit cover of "Where Eagles Dare."

Soft Circle

Titus Andronicus

Photos c/o Mark Iantosca

November 10, 2008

Frida Hyvönen.... LIVE!

Frida Hyvönen is playing twice this week in NYC – and both will be intimate sets, perfect for demonstrating her sound and talent. Hyvönen is a Scandinavian pianist-vocalist sensation, and she’s been getting more and more attention of late with her new album (which hit stores last Tuesday).

Go check her out before she explodes into a nebula of fame and fortune!!!


The dates are:
11/11 - Googie's Lounge above the Living Room (154 Ludlow Street)

11/12 - Church of Sweden (5 East 48th Street between 5th and Madison Ave)

November 08, 2008

Ninjasonik - "Art School Girls"


Ninjasonik is awesome, but their new video is sort of not OK. I've found myself watching it on loop all day, wondering whether it's funny or awful. Is Jah Jah being ironic? Is he finding irony ironic? Does he really like art school girls and their unkemp hair and their canvas stretching? Or is he mocking?

Such an enigma.

November 07, 2008


Lately I've become a huge fan of North Carolina’s Bowerbirds. The group plays a finespun blend of rural folk, with hints of gypsy and earthchild influences - and they should be on your radar as well! Here’s the video for “In Our Talons,” which exemplifies their creepy yet gentle quality:

November 04, 2008

Free Tix to Jake Shimabukuro!

Jake Shimabukuro is known as the world’s best ukulele player, which is kind of the best niche distinc