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December 09, 2009

Rachel Tears Crazy Homophobe New Asshole

If you only watch one video all week, it should be this one. [via]

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October 28, 2009

I Don't Know Whether To Run, Laugh Or Cheer

This guy is clearly nuts, but also entertaining. Skip past the snake oil sales pitch to the 30 second mark:

October 20, 2009

Video from The Yes Men's Fake Chamber of Commerce Presser

(via Gawker, shot by Brandon Jourdan)

September 18, 2009

Shoe Guy Speaks


From The Guardian

I am not a hero. But I have a point of view. I have a stance. It humiliated me to see my country humiliated; and to see my Baghdad burned, my people killed. Thousands of tragic pictures remained in my head, pushing me towards the path of confrontation. The scandal of Abu Ghraib. The massacre of Falluja, Najaf, Haditha, Sadr City, Basra, Diyala, Mosul, Tal Afar, and every inch of our wounded land. I travelled through my burning land and saw with my own eyes the pain of the victims, and heard with my own ears the screams of the orphans and the bereaved. And a feeling of shame haunted me like an ugly name because I was powerless.

As soon as I finished my professional duties in reporting the daily tragedies, while I washed away the remains of the debris of the ruined Iraqi houses, or the blood that stained my clothes, I would clench my teeth and make a pledge to our victims, a pledge of vengeance.

The opportunity came, and I took it.

I took it out of loyalty to every drop of innocent blood that has been shed through the occupation or because of it, every scream of a bereaved mother, every moan of an orphan, the sorrow of a rape victim, the teardrop of an orphan.

I say to those who reproach me: do you know how many broken homes that shoe which I threw had entered? How many times it had trodden over the blood of innocent victims? Maybe that shoe was the appropriate response when all values were violated.

September 15, 2009

Vote in the Primary Today


Just a friendly reminder that today is Primary Day in NYC – get out and vote! Polls will be open from 6am to 9pm Tuesday, so registered Democrats should cast their votes for City Council, Mayoral, Comptroller, Public Advocate and more. If you aren't sure who is running in your district, you can access lots of information from the City's election site. (Hint: if you live in Greenpoint, Williamsburg or Bushwick, chances are you are part of the 33rd or 34th Districts.)

For more detailed info on the candidates, we suggest you take a look at NY1’s debate series, or one of the fantastic candidate profiles done by our friends at the Greenpoint Gazette. The Times also offers a relatively concise breakdown here.

September 01, 2009

City Council Candidates Debate Transportation Tonight


Your many local city council candidates will be out and about tonight in a candidates' debate for what might be your best and last chance to admire the range of local transportation issues and general affability of our future representatives.

City Council candidates in the 33rd district, including Isaac Abraham, Kenneth Baer, Douglas Biviano, Kenneth Diamondstone, Stephen Levin, Jo Anne Simon, and Evan Thies, will debate transportation, focusing on "the bicycle network, congestion pricing, truck traffic, pedestrian safety and public space," in an event sponsored by Transportation Alternatives and sponsored by NAG. It starts at 7 and is at Automotive High School (50 Bedford Avenue).

Meanwhile, over in the 34th, Diana Reyna's supporters are out slapping her signs on construction sites, taking the street artist approach that we're all so familiar with. Maybe they should get Judith Supine on the case and crown the W'burg bridge?

If you're not sure which district you live in, use this map to find your home, and come out! It'll be fun. Local politics is always so dramatic, so don't fear boredom.

August 21, 2009

Michael Moore's 'Capitalism: A Love Story' Trailer

Love him or hate him, Michael Moore gets people talking. His new one is out Oct. 2.

In other news, we're looking forward to Matt Taibbi's assuredly epic healthcare smackdown in the upcoming Rolling Stone. Here's a teaser.

August 20, 2009

Tom Ridge Admits To Raising Terror Alert For Political Gain

Of course we all knew this anyway, but it's nice to have confirmation.

In a new book, former Secretary of Homeland Security Tom Ridge reveals new details on politicization under President Bush, reports US News & World Report's Paul Bedard. Among other things, Ridge admits that he was pressured to raise the terror alert to help Bush win re-election in 2004.

Ridge was never invited to sit in on National Security Council meetings; was "blindsided" by the FBI in morning Oval Office meetings because the agency withheld critical information from him; found his urgings to block Michael Brown from being named head of the emergency agency blamed for the Hurricane Katrina disaster ignored; and was pushed to raise the security alert on the eve of President Bush's re-election, something he saw as politically motivated and worth resigning over.

All moral questions notwithstanding, who's going to pick up the bill for all the extra law enforcement officers deployed every time the alert level was raised? And remind me again, why aren't Bush and Cheney in jail?

Olbermann Timeline: How The Bush Administration Exploited Terror Threats For Political Gain, 2002-2008 [via]

August 11, 2009

Town Hall Lunatics Getting Even Lunatic-ier


Evidently, this lunatic is nowhere near where the president will be conducting his town hall address, but he is legally allowed to carry the pistol in New Hampshire. Live Free or Die indeed. Also worth noting:

the gun-toting protester was holding a sign referencing the Jefferson quote: "The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time, with the blood of patriots and tyrants."
Needless to say, if this were a liberal protester, he'd be in jail now. The hard right just keeps getting creepier.

"The mood is sort of festive," says this MSNBC talking head. Evidently hand guns, just like pinatas and pony rides, can turn any dull event into a party.

August 06, 2009

Butt Out, Baghdad: Cig Laws Coming To Iraq

The AP is reporting that extensive smoking regulations may soon be enforced in Iraq, where packs run as little as 50 cents. If passed, there would be no lighting up in "government buildings, schools, movie theaters, sports facilities and on public transportation. It also bans the sale of cigarettes to anyone under the age of 18."

Come again? Freakin' Wyoming can't even pass a statewide ban on smoking in your enclosed workplace, and last I checked there was no threat of federal schism, Iranian manipulation, bombed out infrastructure, and/or murderous insurgency in its last throes or otherwise anywhere near Pappa Cheney's huntin' grounds. If al-Maliki and co. think they can enforce a law this Giuliani, Broken Windows-esque even in Iraq, perhaps it's time for Barack, or at least Petraeus, to start printing up some "Mission Accomplished" banners of his own.

Next up on Wheel Of Priorities, pooper-scooper crackdown in Kabul.

August 04, 2009

"If it's more than three lesions, that's too many..."

This is why our health care system is an epic fail. via

In late April, Shelly Andrews-Buta was scheduled to undergo treatment for breast cancer that had spread to her brain, threatening her life.... But instead of having doctors working to remove her brain tumors on the day the surgery was scheduled, she sat in a San Francisco hotel room... Blue Shield, decided it wasn't going to pay for the treatment her doctors at UCSF Medical Center had recommended.

Andrews-Buta was stunned. "I mean this is my life, this is my life, this isn't, gee, if we don't do it you're just going to have a cut that doesn't heal, this is you're going to die," she said.

Without treatment, her doctor told her she in fact would die: tumors had invaded 15 separate areas in her brain.... But the doctor said when it came to getting Blue Shield's approval for the procedure; she was surprised to learn that the company's policy lays out that a patient who has more than three brain tumors, what doctors call lesions, would not be covered for the gamma knife procedure.

Dr. Sneed felt the policy was unreasonable. "What I was up against was just a rule: 'Well, if it's more than three lesions, that's too many,'" Sneed said.

Meanwhile, Congress continues to pander to the insurers.

July 28, 2009

Our government doesn’t exist to protect voters from interests, it exists to protect interests from voters.

As always, Taibbi nails it

Make no mistake, this has nothing to do with Max Baucus, Bill Nelson, or anyone else. If the Obama administration wanted to pass a real health care bill, they would do what George Bush and Tom DeLay did in the first six-odd years of this decade whenever they wanted to pass some nightmare piece of legislation (ie the Prescription Drug Bill or CAFTA): they would take the recalcitrant legislators blocking their path into a back room at the Capitol, and beat them with rubber hoses until they changed their minds.

The reason a real health-care bill is not going to get passed is simple: because nobody in Washington really wants it. There is insufficient political will to get it done. It doesn’t matter that it’s an urgent national calamity, that it is plainly obvious to anyone with an IQ over 8 that our system could not possibly be worse and needs to be fixed very soon, and that, moreover, the only people opposing a real reform bill are a pitifully small number of executives in the insurance industry who stand to lose the chance for a fifth summer house if this thing passes.

It won’t get done, because that’s not the way our government works. Our government doesn’t exist to protect voters from interests, it exists to protect interests from voters.

Go read it all.

June 30, 2009


al_franken_rgb.jpgIt's (almost) official: Al Franken is Minnesota's newest senator, says the state's Supreme Court. Sure, it's possible that Norm Coleman may appeal and keep his now 238-day-old fight going. And, yeah, the Dems having 60 votes in the senate probably won't be quite the magic cure-all some hope it will be. Still, for any of you (fine, us) hoping to reduce monthly health care bills by, I dunno, 100 percent at some point in the future, this is some damn fine news.

Here's to you, Al. You're good enough, smart enough, and doggone it, voters like you.

June 28, 2009

Frank Rich Nails it Today

From NY Times

Obama’s inaction on gay civil rights is striking. So is his utterly uncharacteristic inarticulateness. The Justice Department brief defending DOMA has spoken louder for this president than any of his own words on the subject. Chrisler noted that he has given major speeches on race, on abortion and to the Muslim world. “People are waiting for that passionate speech from him on equal rights,” she said, “and the time is now.”

Action would be even better. It’s a press cliché that “gay supporters” are disappointed with Obama, but we should all be. Gay Americans aren’t just another political special interest group. They are Americans who are actively discriminated against by federal laws. If the president is to properly honor the memory of Stonewall, he should get up to speed on what happened there 40 years ago, when courageous kids who had nothing, not even a public acknowledgment of their existence, stood up to make history happen in the least likely of places.

June 25, 2009

Pepsi presents: In association with Toyota Scion: BROOKLYN


British bank Barclays has put in a bid to rename Atlantic Avenue something much more proper than our Yankee rubbish:

If a $4 million deal is approved on Wednesday, the nexus of subway stops at Atlantic Avenue, Pacific Street and Flatbush Avenue in Downtown Brooklyn will add an additional name to its already lengthy title: Barclays.

But hey, what about naming things after great American corporations?

“It’s not like Taco Bell saying it wants Grand Army Plaza or something like that,” said John H. Banks III, a board member since 2004.

Would Mr. Banks oppose that idea?

“A year and a half ago? Yeah,” he said. “Tomorrow? No.”

Looking forward to Taco Bell Muy Grande Army Plaza.

via NYTimes

DJ Marty Markowitz


via Brooklyn Vegan

June 24, 2009

62 Reasons To Consider Living in Jersey

espadashocked.jpg Tired of giggling about South Carolina governor Mark Sanford's dalliance in Buenos Aires but still hungry for more political slapstick? Well look no further than the Times' latest attempt to ascertain what exactly our esteemed senators have been up to of late. In short, since one of the two Democrats who defected to the Republican side of the aisle returned to the fold, the two parties have been tied at 31 members each, both claiming leadership, forcing Governor Paterson to call a mandatory special sessions in order hold votes on gay marriage and, oh, every other issue needed to run New York. The parties "feuding junior high schoolers refusing to acknowledge each other, began holding separate legislative sessions at the same time," complete with dueling gavels. Here are some zingers from what must be the funniest vaudeville act in Albany:

"Democrats gaveled the session to order at 3:02 p.m. After a few short speeches in which they said the governor’s proclamation for a so-called extraordinary session had constitutional and legal problems, they adjourned at 3:07 p.m. 'Our members will be going home,' said Malcolm A. Smith, one of the leaders of the Senate Democratic conference."

"[State Supreme Court] Justice McNamara..continued to implore the sides to resolve their dispute on their own. 'This has to be resolved by you, no matter what I do or don’t do on Friday,” he told the sides in court, adding: 'I guess I’m talking like a human being, but I don’t understand what’s going on. You guys have to resolve this.'"

"Senator Dale M. Volker, 68, a Republican from the Buffalo area who is a former police officer, joked while he was riding up an elevator, 'I might have to start carrying my sidearm again.'"

"'This is turning into the worst reality TV show ever: ‘I’m a Senator, Get Me Out of Here,’ said Thomas R. Suozzi, Nassau County executive and former Democratic candidate for governor. 'Jon and Kate are fighting less than these guys.'”

Photo of turncoat Pedro Espada Jr., now a Republican, care of Village Voice

"It was a massacre"

This is just horrible:

partial transcript via

They tried to beat everyone on Saadi bridge and throwing them off of the bridge…. And everyone also on the sidewalks. They beat a woman so savagely that she was drenched in blood and her husband, who was watching the scene, he just fainted. I also saw people shooting, I mean the security forces shooting on people, on Lalezar. Of course were afraid….

They were beating people like hell. It was a massacre. They were trying to beat people so they would die. They were cursing -- saying very bad words to everyone. They were beating old men. And this was exactly a massacre.

June 15, 2009

This Pretty Much Sums Up How I Feel About Our Overly Cautious Prez

It's time to grow a pair Obama...

[via The Awl]

June 08, 2009

Them Scary Gays Turn Dems Red

In a move stunning only to the roughly fourteen remaining New Yorkers that expect competent governance from Albany, Republicans retook control on the State Senate today, as two turncoat Democratic senators (from the city, no less!) joined the opposition and voted to kick their own party out of power. What could cause this dramatic political upset that already has Albany awash in such chaos that the Senate’s own TV station went temporarily black? Why, gay people, of course. You have to ask? The Bronx’s Pedro Espada Jr., seen here threatening to run over your dog, and Queens’ Hiram Monserrate (two of the morally corrupt ignoramuses that tried to bankrupt the MTA earlier this year; the latter was also alleged to have slashed his girlfriend in the face) were filled with God’s holy wrath by now-deposed majority leader Malcom Smith and his attempt to bring the gay marriage bill to a fair vote. So, to save straight marriage, they chose to just go ahead and politically murder him, and burn their own party’s house down while they were at it. Now, not only is there approximately zero chance that New York will catch up with that stalwart bastion of liberalism, Iowa, and allow spouses to visit each other in hospitals (just one of many insidious results of gay marriage) but, as some are already wondering, that last-ditch MTA bailout may also be in danger. And let's let alone any other potentially important legislation coming down the pike in this still-perilous economic climate. To quote Kent Brockman, “I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: democracy simply doesn’t work.”

Ladies and gentleman, start your angry letter-writin’ hands. Here and here.

June 07, 2009

"Needling Democrats about their many shortcomings since 2009"

A good friend of the site just started a weekly wrap-up blog called Democrats Must Be Told. It's a much needed wake-up call for the increasingly centrist and corporatist Dems, encouraging them to reclaim their progressive roots.

"Since the end of the Clinton years, the Democratic Party’s primary argument has been “we’re not Republicans” - and that’s just not good enough."
Agreed. Check it out here.

May 27, 2009

If Mancow Calls It Torture, It's Torture