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June 04, 2010

Short Documentary on Mast Brothers' Chocolate

You can smell the chocolate from blocks away if the wind is blowing right.

May 28, 2010

Marlow and Sons--Now makes bags!


Our very own Marlow and Sons are finding new uses for their house-butchered cows. 40 to 350 bucks now scores you a simple, sweet looking leather bag. Might fine looking, if I do say so myself.

via NY Mag

April 29, 2010

Of Bill Murray and the Streets of Williamsburg


Another day, another injection of Bill Murray's Awesome Sauce into our lives. This time, it's a party reporter’s guide to having dinner with him. In it, we learn he remembers everyone's names, stands up as ladies take their seat, and he will beat his chest if the meal is roasted duck.

But most importantly, we learn the following bit about Williamsburg:

He might mention the Roebling Tea Room, where his son is a cook, and “they’re very proud of their kale.” He might then discuss how he likes to walk the nearby streets in Williamsburg late at night, and how he shot a movie on the south side when it was just Hasids and hookers, and the Hasids would stand outside late at night telling dirty jokes. (“They weren’t on the street reading the Word, I can tell you that.”)

Dinner With Bill Murray: A Party Reporter’s Guide; Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

April 28, 2010

Misinformation & New Domino: How Your Community Support Sausage Gets Made


If you are the type of person who complains about the neighborhood -- be it the yuppies, a crowded train, condos, whatever -- it's time you familiarized yourself with what's going on at the Domino Sugar factory these days with the New Domino.

Benjamin Lozovsky, in the WG News, has a fantastic piece of reporting called Misinform & Conquer: The Developer, Domino, and the Latino Vote which was pointed out to us by Gothamist, in which we learn of some of the following points:

A local Catholic church, that gets money from the developer, is busing congregants in to community board meetings to "chant and demonstrate their support." That church's Father Beuther was seen handing "scripts or talking points to his bused-in congregants." Meanwhile, the Daily News is lifting direct phrases and quotes from the developer's non-profit money lender's marketing materials, and the "average amount of open space per person" will actually decline with the rise in population.

This is a very short summary, because WG has a very long (but quite interesting) story. So please, read the article and familiarize yourselves with the growing lightning rod that is New Domino.

Key dates in the future:
4/28 - City Planning Commission hearing
July - Final City Council vote

April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day from FREEWilliamsburg and 10 lb Pictures, a Brooklyn based production company. I make a cameo in this cute PSA filmed in Cooper Park. Though if you're thinking about disconnecting for real, don't forget to read the paper version of our blog.

April 18, 2010

Ninja Vandals in Williamsburg?

2888941372_bf0741f5cc.jpgFrom the mailbag:

I wanted to see if you had heard anything about another vigilante attack on N 6th St last night (Sat 4/17) between Bedford and Berry. I live on the block, and my friends and roommate reported seeing a "Ninja looking" crew dressed in all black run down the street from Bedford to Berry along the road and smash the drivers side window of every car on the block. I confirmed when I returned home later that night, drunk and stumbling and saw patches of glass all the way down N 6th. Apparently they scrambled at the intersection of N 6th and Berry as cop cars came from every direction and were even reversing back up N 6th st towards the intersection. With the American Apparell attack on our street a month or two ago, I'm starting to wonder WTF is going on
If you have any information or pictures, let us know in comments. [image via]

UPDATE: Here's another version of events from Williamsburger Stephanie Palumbo:

I heard it from my apt and then my boyfriend called me from outside on the street. He saw it happen.. said the kids were stopping cars and harassing people in them. They turned over all of the garbage cans on the street and then one of the kids grabbed one of the garbage cans and smashed it into the window at the tea house on the corner of N 8th and Bedford. Then they smashed a car window and kept running down the street (toward N 7th). They were screaming, "Take back the night!" which makes no sense - it's an anti-rape slogan but those protests are nonviolent and totally different.

We suspect it has something to do with the Anarchist Book Fair that was going on in the city and also the police raid a few days earlier on an anarchist art collective in Bushwick. My boyfriend said they were all young and white and looked like bored rich kids. They seemed to be just playing dress up or something and had absolutely no coherent message

A couple of pix [thanks Stephanie] after the jump.

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April 13, 2010

Lively Discussion Time

From the electronic mailbox:

Councilmen Steve Levin (your guy if you live in the "waterfront" section of the Southside, in most of the Northside or in Greenpoint) is hosting a town hall meeting tomorrow to discuss the Domino Development.

Meeting info: Wed. April 14, 2010 @ Pierogi Boiler 191 N14th (between Berry & Wythe) from 6-8pm.

Have no idea what i am talking about?
Well, the old Domino Sugar factory (@ Kent & S5th-S2nd) is in the midst of the rezoning process. There is a plan from the developers. There is community push back. In a nutshell, lots of $$, lots of L line drama, lots of towers, lots of local politics, lots of "lively discussion". The project will be coming before city council pretty soon and if you dont like what you see from the developers (or if you do) now is the time to get involved and speak up.....

Need more info. Lots more articles on Brooklyn 11211 about the rezoning process, etc. Also, can get the real estate perspective on Brownstoner.

April 07, 2010

Jumelle Responds: W'burg Walks Quotes "are inaccurate, misrepresented and false."


Candice Waldron, owner of Jumelle (148 Bedford) wrote to set the record straight regarding the Brooklyn Paper story about Williamsburg Walks cutting back.

Her email (emphasis mine):

The comments and quotes from my staff that have appeared in recent articles about the reduced Williamsburg Walks schedule are inaccurate, misrepresented and false. We have contacted the staff writer asking for a correction.

Williamsburg Walks did not have any negative impact on my business revenue; this aspect of the story was never discussed with the reporter. In fact that comment was made by another local shop owner. We remained open every weekend during the walks and welcomed new customers.

Furthermore, the caption, "She got her wish now that the pedestrian mall has been cut to just two days" that appears with a photo of one of my staff is entirely fabricated. We have not actively campaigned to cut Williamsburg Walks.

Jumelle has been an active participant in the community and we simply wish to set the record straight.

Photo via Hazel Kiesewetter c/o NY Mag

April 06, 2010

They Don't Want Your Money

A commenter reacts to the Williamsburg Walks news:

As a person in business it can say that the bitterness of these select business owners is due to the fact that they aren’t creative enough to capitalize on what should become the busiest day of the week for them. I also try to keep 100% or my money spent in Williamsburg, but I too agree that it is clear who doesn’t want our money.

Stop the Corporate Creep: Boycott Duane Reed


I'm enjoying this Williamsburg Observer piece on the aggressive Duane Reed settlement across the street from King's Pharmacy that urges all Williamsburg residents, "Resist the Corporate Hive-Mind, say 'No!' to this invasive takeover attempt. Help us keep Williamsburg free of corporate creep."

They write:

"Last fall, Duane Reade opened one of its mega-mart drugstores on Kent Avenue, in the ground floor of the new Northside Piers. This spring, in the coming weeks, another Duane Reade store is slated to open on Bedford Avenue between North 3rd and 4th Streets, only five blocks from the first store and directly across from King’s Pharmacy, a locally-owned business that has been at this address for most of the last decade. This aggressive and menacing behavior suggests that a virulent infection may be taking hold—in fact, we hear rumors that Starbucks is also now eyeing Bedford Avenue, already home to a Subway outlet. Will McDonald’s and Burger King be next?"

It points to two Facebook groups: Boycott Duane Reade in Williamsburg and I'm Boycotting the Bedford Ave. Duane Reade/Walgreens as pages to start la resistance. Go get 'em, tigers.

April 05, 2010

Scandinavian Grace

I fell in love with Brooklyn boutique Scandinavian Grace long before I ever visited. I can’t quite remember where I first read about Icelandic designer Vík Prjónsdóttir's Twosome Blanket - think Snuggie for two - but I loved the idea of people laying side by side, keeping each other warm. By the time I arrived at the only Stockist I knew of in the US, the store had changed ownership and no longer carried in-store what I had by then deemed the Snuggie Wuggie. Fredrik Wide, the owner and operator of Scandinavian Grace, has put together an exquisite collection of contemporary products from Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, and Norway. New York City is no stranger to modern design shops, but it’s likely you’ll come across things here you’ve only ever seen in the odd restaurant or hotel. The Rocking Glasses by Britt Bonnesen are everything I’ve wished I had when hosting a dinner party; similar in design to the classic tumbler, the bottoms are rounded, allowing them to rock without spilling. Fredrik confesses his love for modernism, and cites Arne JacobsenAlvar Alto and Kaj Franck as favorite designers. “Many of the pieces in the store are classics,” he admits, but “we do mix in some new things too, of which some probably will be considered classics tomorrow.” From Marimekko duvet covers to playful Swedish rugs, Scandinavian Grace is a must-stop shop in home outfitting. Yet, with apparel so apropos of it’s location - the 100% Icelandic wool Beard Cap and Stepp Two Ashtray are personal favorites - I can’t help but think this the perfect boutique for gifting. In the spirit of exchanging ideas and recommendations, I’d take a look at the Karl and Mona clogs, traditional hand-made shoes from Sweden. At $105, they’re affordable; perhaps if we all wear these, the starlets will kick off their Chanel’s and that Karl's trend will go the way of the dumpster. Speaking of rubbish, I plan on making a trip back to Scandinavian Grace when I can afford this hand-assembled Vipp trash can from Denmark.  “It is not very difficult to pick the winners,” Fredrik say, “when you have a store that caters to your own type.” How about picking my first purchase?

Scandinavian Grace
167 N 9th St
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 384-7886

April 01, 2010

Williamsburg's MTA Bus Cuts Affect Elderly & Disabled


The MTA is eliminating the B39 Williamsburg Bridge express bus, the B13 north of Wyckoff/Dekalb & weekend service on the B24. Total monies saved is estimated at 2.6 million and only a few thousand elderly and disabled citizens have to find a new way to the hospital.

Also, expect 900 new weekday riders on the L train. Because there's lots of room there.

Brook Farm General Store

Williamsburg is a mecca of well-curated boutiques. Brook Farm General Store, adjacent to a couple of Brooklyn’s best eateries, Diner and Marlow & Sons, is certainly among the best. I had seen the store - on the ground floor of an apartment building, it’s got all the ingredients of a hidden gem - on a post-brunch walk in January, but didn’t make the journey back until I saw it written up in the latest issue of Monocle. Opened by Brooklyn-based couple Christopher Winterbourne and Philippa Content, this store oozes love-worn basics: Egyptian-cotton sheets and bath towels from California-based line Matteo are nestled into cubbies with Savon de Marseille soaps from France, specialty kitchen appliances sit alongside a gorgeous set of plates made in Vietnam, and the desk supplies seem made-to-order. My personal favorite? The Sempé Journal, complete with illustrations by the French artist of the same name, as well as envelopes and pockets to hold your keepsakes. From the price range to the products, there’s something for everyone at Brook Farm. “We spend a lot of time looking for new things,” Philippa says, but adds that their vision started with specifics, like Duralex glasses and “quality, well-made sorts of things like we grew up with.” Espadrille’s made in the South of France will arrive in a month’s time, as will the first items from their new line - no doubt an infusion of his English roots and her Maine upbringing - such as organic wool blankets. In a boutique that feels quite like a lifestyle brand, I wondered what each would take home with them, if they were customers of their own store. Surely, they’d each ask if their dog Nutmeg is for sale as all of us cooing customers do. For Chris, the Anglepoise lamps made in England would top the list, while Philippa fancies the Moroccan Basket Backpack. I’ll take the store.

Brook Farm General Store
75 South 6th Street
New York 11211


Photograph by Karen Mordechai via Sunday Suppers

March 30, 2010

Interactive Williamsburg Art Gallery Google Map


The fine folks at Brooklyn365 have created a nice lil' Google Map with all of the Williamsburg Art Galleries plugged in. It's pretty darn helpful, and lets you keep track of all the spots by location, name, phone, website and hours.

For as long as we can remember we wanted a map which would allow us to stumble from gallery to gallery on a lazy Williamsburg weekend. Since we couldn't find one, we created one. Click on any of the red pins to see the gallery name, hours of operation, and website/twitter/etc (if available).

Williamsburg Art Gallery Map (Send updates to [email protected]).

March 29, 2010

Williamburg Bridge Renamed The "Wi-Fi" Bridge


In a proclamation supporting high-speed internet access for Brooklyn (a nod to the ongoing efforts to bring Google to Brooklyn), Marky Markowitz has renamed the Williamsburg Bridge the “Wi-Fi” Bridge & the Brooklyn Bridge the “Broadband Bridge."

Read the full proclamation after the jump.

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Audio: The Very Beginnings of the Williamsburg Art Scene


Sideshow's (S. 2nd St.) curator Richie Temperio spoke with Art Talk's The Greatest Interview Show of All Time about the art scene in the 60's and 70's in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. They had Thai restaurants everywhere back then too!

In The Greatest Interview Show of All Time's ongoing oral history of Williamsburg, Will finds Richie Temperio, curator and gallerist extraordinaire, at home in Sideshow, his gallery on South 2nd Street. Richie talks about being an artist in Williamsburg way back when, and provides some intriguing details about the very beginnings of the art scene there; and we're not talking the early-90s here--we're talking the 60s and 70s, people! He then recounts stories of his offbeat gallery space, from hanging his friends work in a local Thai restaurant for free beer to creating one of the most well-known alternative spaces--a "sideshow" if you will--to the ostensible main event taking place in a concurrent Chelsea gallery exhibit.

Check it out: iTunes // RealPlayer

March 19, 2010

$5 Postcards from Brooklyn

Too busy to say, "Hey Mom & Dad, I miss you..."? No problem! For $5, this fellow will send you a post card from Brooklyn, NY saying anything you want. Act now before it's too late!

March 14, 2010

The Brooklyn Brunch Chronicles: Le Barricou


Brunch in Williamsburg is a battlefield. New restaurants and cafes pop up every week, and by weeks end have lines down the block. Armed with a MacBook, an open mind, and an appetite, here are the stories of one brave girl who braved the tight lines, tight pants, and French Toast to offer her unbiased opinion on those restaurants. Welcome to the Brooklyn Brunch Chronicles.

Le Barricou (Grand Street off the Lorimer stop)
The first thing you’ll notice when sitting down for brunch at le Barricou is the basket of croissants swiftly placed in front of you (one butter and one chocolate, if you are with a group of four you only get three croissants-I’m not sure of the logic here). In an economy where the free basket of bread is slowly becoming extinct, they are a welcome addition to brunch. The coffee is strong, and if you haven’t had enough to drink the night before, the Home-made bloody mary is large, and satisfying. The omelets are tasty, as are the three different types of eggs benedict offered.

But without question the best dish is the unparalleled pancake. Covered in fresh fruit, it borders the line between “cake” and “pancake”. You must try it for yourself. It’s more than enough to share.

Now, if you’re one of those people who likes to order lunch items for brunch (not that there’s anything wrong with those people), burgers, chicken sandwiches, and merguez sandwiches are also on the menu.

Cute décor, friendly waiters, and great food, le Barricou comes highly recommended!

Brunch is served Saturday-Sunday 11 a.m.–4 p.m.

— Fiona Goldstein

[image via Flickr]

March 12, 2010

Google: That's the Wrong Williamsburg


Williamsburg, Virginia, just applied to become the "first permanent Google settlement in America," as part of the search giant's new foray into providing communities with super high-speed broadband internet service (over 1 gigabit per second!).

That, Google, would be the wrong Williamsburg!

Here, in Brooklyn, you have a vibrant community of creative types, assholes, and tech enthusiasts suffering under the maniacally slow service that Time Warner Cable "provides." It's terrible! I know I'm an asshole for writing this, based on all the problems a community like ours has, but I get really pissed when I can't play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 on Xbox Live while my girlfriend is streaming Netflix and uploading photos. It's ridiculous.

And I know a majority of you out there are with me. I posted a few months back about the slow service affecting Williamsburg and I got a heck of a lot of responses.

I wrote to Time Warner, and was told, "The current issue is something our engineering department is aware of but will take time to resolve. There is nothing our office can do to expedite the situation." It was a problem with the node, they said, meaning there's just too much bandwidth being requested by too many people with computers in such a small area.

(Funny anecdote: my wonderful on-the-phone rep was comfortingly named George Lopez.)

Christy wrote: "the internet here is totally unreliable, it's always going in and out."

Caralyn wrote: "I'm in greenpoint and our time warner has been out for 2 days doing the same thing. Ach! So frustrating! Any news on a fix soon?"

Michael wrote: "My Time Warner service has been terrible for the last couple months since I moved to my new apartment on S.4th. Really, terribly slow for "high speed" and it kind of goes in and out between decent and nearly nonexistent. Lets go straight to Albany with this one and get us some legislation. Or just ask TW to stop ignoring our downloading and streaming video needs."

Allen wrote: "My Time Warner internet is so bad that I have to steal other peoples sometimes to check my email. Last night I had no internet at ALL… Im so pissed. And they say nothing is wrong…"

You get the idea. So I dunno, but maybe it's worth us all nominating our community for Google to at least give it a shot? I'm sure TWC has some dystopian lock-down on all of Brooklyn, but you never know. Click here if "you'd like a Google fiber optic trial in your community." The company is "asking local governments and residents to express their interest in the fiber optic trial, and to provide information about their community by completing our request for information," so hey, why not us?

Pass this link along to your friends and get them to sign up too! Viva la Googles!

March 11, 2010

The Evolution of the Williamsburg Bridge Plaque

March 01, 2010

Williamsburg Hair Man Revealed

Turns out his name is Chris Lancaster. Our buddies over at And I Am Not Lying have the whole story in case you missed it.

February 18, 2010

Bed Bugs: A Story


Molly McAleer wrote a sensational piece for The Awl documenting her ongoing skirmishes against the bed bugs that have infested her LA apartment. It is terrifying, in that you-know-this-could've-been-you kind of way.

Treatment for my bites has been the easiest part. At first they were shiny little red dots. It looked like my stomach had baby acne. The itching only lasted for a couple of days and was nowhere near as severe as mosquito bites. I’ve gone through a couple boxes of Benadryl to decrease the inflammation. I’ve also been using it as a light sleep aid because I’ll lie awake all night in fear if I don’t. I’ve also sunk a TimeWarner bill's worth of cash into hydrocortisone, which I use as a moisturizer when I get out of the shower. At the rate they are fading, I will not be going to any pool parties this summer. There was nothing in that Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff song about kickin’ it with a girl who had oblong hot dog-colored marks all over her body, correct?

Back here in Bklyn, I have a feeling our Pool Parties might have played host to a bed bug or three.

The Awl

February 17, 2010

I compare my internet with those of others online and always find my choices superior at C-Town.


C-Town (330 Graham Ave), everyone's favorite grocery store that's been "serving the WIlliamsburg community for over 15 years," is officially the hippest provider of fresh milk and Wheat Thins this side of the East River. They have a Tumblr, and it is amazing!

Its background is a tiled image of a packed grocery cart with the words, "I compare my groceries with those of others at the store and always find my choices superior" layered on top. Its posts regularly feature specials and good deals ("Magic Hat Beer 6PK - all varieties - $8.99"), coupons ("Print this out and present it to the cashier as you checkout."), and an mp3 of The Clash's "Lost in the Supermarket." Check in on Foursquare and get a free reusable bag.

Is this real?! If so, who is behind this piece of awesome internet?

I called to find out. The conversation went more or less like this, but know both parties involved were a tad more confused than this transcript conveys. Asking a mid-level grocery store employee who is likely unfamiliar with the more standard operations of a retail business if her particular location uses a certain blogging platform is no easy task.

Me: "Hello, is the manager available?"

Employee: "Ah, the manager or the grocery manager."

Me: "Good question…probably the manager?"

Employee: "He is not in, tomorrow."

Me: "Well, do you know who would, ah, handle the internet-type stuff for C-Town?"

Employee: "Internet...?"

Me: "Like, the website, or, specials, but on the internet?"

Employee: "Ah, the website.

Me: "Yea, but like a blog."

Employee: "No. Call tomorrow? After 12. His name in Anthony."

I'll call back tomorrow. Anthony, if this is your doing, you are the man. If it's the doing of a low-level cashier who knows what the F is up...I hope they get a major promotion. This is light years ahead of anything I've yet encountered on Tumblr. It is truly superior.

January 25, 2010

Bicyclists & Hasidic representatives debate the Williamsburg Bike Lane

update 9:40am below w/ video

I learned a couple things tonight at the Bedford Avenue bike lane debate, where bikers met representatives of the Hasidic community (namely: Isaac Abraham, bit more on him here) and hashed out their differences. I also left feeling that, though civil, the debate didn't really get anyone anywhere, other than a few shared laughs and a feeling that neither side is budging more than mere inches.

At one point, Abraham asked a fellow pro-bike lane panelist, "How long have you lived here?" Before she could answer, he belted out, "I've lived here for 56 years!" (ed: number may be off by one or two, but 50-something.) At other moments, the audience broke out in laughter over the absurdity of Isaac Abraham's claims (ie. cars don't kill children, asthma does). He admitted he felt like a sheep in a lion den, a claim not far from the truth.

Going into tonight's bike lane debate at Pete's Candy Store, it's safe to say I was of the camp that believed the whole dispute was primarily a cultural thing -- the Hasids didn't like to see scantily-clad women biking through their neighborhoods, and the bikers didn't like the Hasids using their political power to remove their lane.

But I'm not so sure that's the whole picture anymore. (Continues after the jump...)

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Self-Guided Bushwick Graffiti Tour


A fantastic self-guided graffiti tour off the Morgan Ave. L stop overlaid on Google Maps. For more on the pieces & better photos, see Off Manhattan.

January 22, 2010

Insight: "Brooklyn is like Narnia, except instead of a stupid dresser, you have to take the L train, which is way fucking worse."


January 19, 2010

Domino Factory apartments?!

photo via themikebot's flickr.

Developers recently cleared the way to building housing at the Domino Factory. Final approval needs to happen, but the plans actually aren't half bad. Don't worry, since it's a landmark, they are keeping the sign. But what are we going to do about all these awful Duane Reades?

January 12, 2010

Williamsburg According to Craigslist Apartment Classified Listings


This is a map of "addresses and cross streets of apartments listed on Craigslist between January 1st and January 7th, 2010 advertised as being in Williamsburg or East Williamsburg."

Should be helpful for those of you searching for an apartment in Williamsburg on Craigslist but keep seeing "East Williamsburg" listed on the ad. Quick hint: East Williamsburg is a figment of realtors' imaginations. It's Bushwick.

Hat Tip to Very Small Array for compiling this thing.

January 10, 2010

Scorsese Filming Chanel Ad In Williamsburg

image by Jenni Avins

from Dossier Journal

Last night, it was decidedly less picturesque. Moto was closed, spotlights glared harshly on Broadway and thick wires coiled around the corner of Hooper, where I overheard “Tony Baloney,” a neighborhood fixture, tell a curious passerby that a Chanel ad was being filmed.

This morning, all traces of the camera crews and their equipment were gone — as was Tony Baloney.

Was it a dream? I called Billy Phelps, Moto’s owner, to find out. He told me the commercial was indeed for Chanel, and none other than Martin Scorsese was directing.

Speaking of Scorsese, has this trailer been running in theaters since the mid-nineties? I swear to God I've seen it 30 times (and it looks horrible). I'm not too hopeful about Sinatra — yes he's doing a Ole Blue Eyes film, yikes — which is in production either.

December 10, 2009

Williamsburg Openings

The Woods image via

There's a couple of great new places in the hood. First off, if you haven't been to The Manhattan Inn, drop everything and go tonight. Great drinks, great food and live piano jazz and ragtime music. As our friend Kate said, the vibe is a little "Deadwoodish," but in a good way.

The Woods opened a few weeks ago and has quickly become a staff favorite for cheap drinks and tacos. Also, we just tried M Noodle Shop and loved their noodles. If you like M Shanghai Bistro you'll be happy because it's run by the same people.

In other news, according to Brooklyn Based the rumors are true... there will be a Freemans Williamsburg, which of course should come as no surprise.

November 20, 2009

It's Gonna Be A Dull Weekend


via Gothamist

Narcotics investigators seized more than $800,000 and 61 pounds of cocaine worth nearly $1 million in a Williamsburg apartment yesterday. The drugs were hidden under the seat of a portable sauna, and officials say -- wait, portable sauna?! Is that really a thing? Turns out yes, it is! It's also one of the last places anyone would want to "chill" while ripping rails, so the suspects probably figured nobody would ever think to look in there for cocaine. Oh well. The big stash was found in an apartment above defunct Laila Lounge on North Seventh Street.
More information at Brooklyn Paper. [image via Brooklyn Paper]

The Miss G Train Winner! (Video)

Without further ado:

Congrats to Elizabeth Kuchta, who is our new Queen, and Shane “Thorgy” Thor and Marleah Martin, who were runners-up! We hope you rule firm but fair.

Recaps: Flavorwire; NYTimes

8's the Magic Number


Who knew you were living near such a ski resort?

Narcotics investigators seized more than $800,000 and 18 kilos of cocaine from the second-floor apartment above the former site of the Laila Lounge on N. Seventh Street between Wythe and Berry streets, according to the office of the city’s special narcotics prosecutor.

They hid the majority of the goods in a sauna. In a f'n sauna!

November 18, 2009

Introducing the Miss G Train Semi-Finalists


On Thursday night, Williamsburg's own City Reliquary will reset the course of history as the museum crowns one of its 18 semi-finalists with the worldly title of Miss G Train 2009!

It's been a long, lonely summer, as humanity crawled back to a point of sustainability following the disaster that was the Miss Williamsburg pageant. Just one year ago, faux-pageants watchers of this fine city were so deeply scarred after its accusations of vote rigging and insider dealings that some said they'd never go to another fake pageant established for publicity reasons again!

But perhaps the Gods of the Reliquary have found in their wits humanity's one chance to redeem last year's eternal sin and rightfully bestow the crown, the people's crown, atop the glistening head of our new queen.

But who will she be? Let's take a look-sie at our favorite contestants! Last names have been removed, but you know where to find them. Feel free to handicap in the comments. Just to play, I'm guessing it'll be either Erica, Jessica, or "Thorgy."

Anastasia F. - She's a blogger with a tumblr blog and will be playing the tambourine!
Jessica D. - According to Wikipedia, she "jokes about vaginas and other sexual or dark topics" and plays a rape whistle. She also sent them a photo of herself nearly naked covered only by money. (link nsfw!)
Marleah M. - Marleah is a Gowanus resident who comes to Greenpoint for haircuts.
Colleen S.- Colleen is a young journalism student who starts her poem with, "Hi Brooklyn, or anyone listening." America's listening don't you worry.
Elizabeth K.- Here we have a television producer who "almost never smell(s) like urine and would never, ever let a homeless person ride me." Oh oh!
Anne S. - Anne's a fashion blogger and "community reporter for The New York Times’ Fort Greene-Clinton Hill blog" and is our new Twitter friend.
Monica W. - Monica plans to use the G train as a nuclear disaster contingency escape plan one day.
Natasha L. - She still uses the word "phat." Never let them tell you that's not cool, Natasha.
Erica S. - Hey, she's a free williamsburg friendly! She added more poetry to her submission though...
Rebecca K H. - Rebecca quotes Nietzsche!
Stacey B. - Stacey is funny because she wrote “G Skreeeeeechhhh!!!"
Shane T. a.k.a. “Thorgy” - "Thorgy" has a pretty good shot at winning this thing because he's been on Rupaul’s Drag Race, Season 2 and might be a potential fameball in the making. He notes he'd like to show his face "everywhere."

There are more. Perhaps our future queen is hiding in the rough. But good luck to all you lovelies. We wish you the best, and rest easy knowing the winners and losers have a standing interview offer waiting right here once you're finished.

November 13, 2009

Miss G Train Contestant #1


We've heard back from a few of you wonderful readers who've entered into the City Reliquary's Miss G Train pageant, and offered us a view from the inside. Our first, Erica Sackin, who's going casual, was kind enough to send along her poem. Here it is!

How many nights have I spent at your mercy, G train? How many hours have I craned my neck, hoping to see that warm green light crack your tunnel's abyss? Each breeze I imagine to be the whoosh of your approach, every rodent's scurry is transformed by masochistic hope into the 625 volts of electricity that will bring you to my feet. As the hour grows late, and others succumb to the lure of livery cabs above, my faith cannot help but grow stronger. For I know, somewhere in the distance, your warm plastic seats are hurling themselves towards me, screeching with a determination to envelop me in their embrace.

Erica, we're pulling for you! For the rest of you glorious G trainers, today's the last day to enter. Email a poem/essay to [email protected] with a sexy photo and maybe you'll be picked!

November 12, 2009

FIT Course Charges $55 To Explore Williamsburg


In the credit-less SXT 300 Brooklyn: Williamsburg, The New Style Frontier course offered at the Fashion Institute of Technology, privileged young fashionites pay $55 to "experience the cultural vitality of the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, often referred to as the new SoHo." Fancy that!

Led by Trina Morris, a fashion publicist for Style Root PR, the seminar starts with a brief intro at FIT, followed by an exciting ride - by Subway! - to Brooklyn (subway costs not included, haha you pay now). Once here, our young explorers take in the sights, visit shops, and take notes of any "future fashion and lifestyle trends" they spot.

Here's the course description:

"Experience the cultural vitality of the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, often referred to as the new SoHo. Browse through vintage clothing and housewares that will inspire future fashion and lifestyle trends. Discover up-and-coming artists in Brooklyn's diverse galleries. Sample a great selection of restaurants, coffee houses, and family-run bakeries. Williamsburg exhibits the traditional alongside the ultra-modern, even as it changes rapidly, making it a trend hot spot. After a brief introduction at FIT, attendees travel to Brooklyn by subway."

Here's how it probably went (reenactment compliments of @asilentflute):

"OK, so this is beacon's closet. As you can see, lot's of dirt balls and europeans on vacation. Let's all try and find some dirty shoes, GO!"

Now here's the bad news for all future Williamsburg Fashion Explorers…this one-time seminar already happened on October 24th, so we won't be able to send along a mole.

FIT-ers, please keep us posted the next time you call come out to Brooklyn - by Subway - so we can tag along and throw peanuts.

(photo by tigercoin)

November 04, 2009

Boundless NY's “Just Another Day in Brooklyn” Video

Boundless NY shot some skate kids rolling down the Williamsburg Bridge and rocking Continental Army Plaza.

We start with a shot from the top of our building, giving you a look at Midtown and the Manhattan Skyline, continuing with our local kids heading toward Boundless down the Williamsburg Bridge.

And Now, A "Miss G Train" Pageant


I could make a few lame jokes here about this, but I won't. I'll leave that to you. There will be a "Miss G Train" pageant this month at the City Reliquary (370 Metropolitan Ave). To enter, just send a photo of yourself looking hawt and a 200-word essay to [email protected] about why it should be you by Nov. 13th. And in an interesting twist, the pageant is open to "New Yorkers of all ages and genders," so good luck to everyone. We're looking for an embedded beauty queen to report from the inside so please contact us if you're down.

Further reading: An Interview with "Mr and Miss Williamsburg" Pageant Creator

October 29, 2009

Bowl Free M-Th at Brooklyn Bowl


Brooklyn Bowl continues its mating dance with my heart by slowly turning its steel exterior warm with its great shows and now, free bowling. For the month of November, y'all can bowl for free every weekday but Friday from 6-7pm. Free shoes too!

Das Racist is playing tonight with The Tony Castles, also free, which is awesome but leads me to believe that this place is operating entirely on revenue gained from those $13 shakes.

October 27, 2009

Halloween Festival at the City Reliquary

The City Reliquary's original sign before it moved to Metropolitan in '06. [image via]

The City Reliquary is proud to host the Southside Halloween Festival, an evening-long multi-disciplinary party with candy, music and games.

Created especially for the City Reliquary, there will be an atmospheric adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's "The Cask of Amontillado," Fortune Teller Mikaela Corbo sharing her gift to all who dare to listen, neighborhood students from El Puente performing a dance act specifically created for this event, and local musician Jeff Davis playing the musical saw! William Allgood will serve as the evening's ghoulish Master of Ceremonies.

There will be games and candy for the young and old alike. The Southside Halloween Festival is produced by local artists Stephen Cedars and Christina Latimer, and is sponsored, in part, by the Greater New York Arts Development Fund of the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs, administered by the Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).

Friday October 30th, 2009
7-11pm, FREE, Donations gratefully accepted.
370 Metropolitan Avenue at Havemeyer

October 26, 2009

Anthony Delia, AKA Subaru Dude, Speaks (And Sings)

If you've spent any time in Williamsburg, you've undoubtedly seen—uh,heard—Anthony Delia, aka Subaru Dude. One of the neighborhood's many iconic characters, he can be spotted almost daily driving along in his red Subaru and singing classics by Sinatra and countless others, generally to the delight of everyone who happens to be in earshot. As a FREEwilliamsburg exclusive, filmmaker Russel Fong tracked Anthony down and conducted a great interview with this local icon. Enjoy:

redsubaruguy.jpgAnthony will be hosting his own Caraoke night starting tomorrow at Woods bar:

Co-hosted by Miss Lola Belle and W/ DJ Flim Flam of the Kings of
Karaoke. Thousands of songs.
The Woods features a stage, backyard and Taco truck.

The Woods
48 South 4th St between Wythe + Kent
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Check out the flyer after the jump.

PREVIOUSLY: Lawrence LaDouceur: The Bedford Ranter

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September 18, 2009

Hugs: No "Baggie" Jeans, No Long White Tees

Photo via Ben5000 on Flickr

Hugs. What are you, uh, trying to say here, buddy? I might be going out on a limb but it appears that you have turned your bunker-like bar into an exclusive tree fort that excludes "certain patrons," as Gothamist puts it.

No fitted hats? No sports attire? No long white t-shirts? No hoodies? No baggie [sic] jeans? No Timberlands? Being "selective"????? Are you serious?! Everyone, please, go to Hugs this weekend wearing all of these things and let us know what happens. Stay tuned to Gothamist in case Hugs answers their phone calls.

update: the sign has been removed, so says an internet commenter.

September 15, 2009

Your Commute Could've Been Worse


New York Times writer Jenny 8. Lee had an extraordinarily long wait for the 8th Avenue-bound L train last night.

September 14, 2009

Morning Zen: Mind Your Organic Fruit


Channeling her inner Serena Williams (who Saturday night told a line judge at the US Open, "I want to take this ball and shove it down your fucking throat."), twitterer RaychullTek brain-told fellow L train rider this morning, "hipster girl on L train, pick your organic fruit up off the seat before i punch it straight through your head."

So please mind your fruit, hipster women.

August 19, 2009

Welcome to The Shit, Michael Ware


CNN war correspondent Michael Ware has been reassigned to Williamsburg! After seven years in Iraq, three kidnappings, and an alleged love triangle, Ware came home and spoke with TVNewser from the war zone, presumably somewhere near Bedford and North 7th, about adjusting to life around all you beautiful people.

"My body still feels like it's constantly dodging bullets," says Ware, who lives in Brooklyn's Williamsburg section.

"Crowds can feel threatening. When I open a window, I'm looking for snipers. If somebody cuts me off in traffic, it could be the beginning of a kidnapping."

Aw, keep your head up Michael. The only things you'll need to dodge around here are kickballs and Missed Connections.

, via Gawker

August 17, 2009

NYC's Cool New Backyard Farms: Growing More Than Just Produce

Urban NYC farmers have set their eyes on a new prize: transforming privately owned backyards into lush, fruitful farmlands.

By signing up to share your yard with a urban farmer, you can eat fresh from your own personal farm during the harvest months, and even sell produce to your neighbors - growing a community built around fresh local food. The best part is, you don't even have to lift a finger, BK Farmyards does all the farming for you...

Find out more at

Shot & Edited by Liza de Guia.

August 13, 2009

Who Is Dick Chicken?

We ask because he/she is suddenly everywhere. I can't remember the first time I saw the tag (late last year?) but in recent days there seems to be a Dick Chicken tag on every block in Williamsburg and Bushwick. He even has a girlfriend who's making the rounds: Pussy Ham.

Now, in our favorite appearance yet, an homage to Dick Chicken by Justin Mair just made an appearance in our inbox. It's a long exposure photo, shot in McCarren Park Pool. Mair says he uses flashlights to draw his "light graffiti" and didn't use Photoshop to embellish:


Check out more light graffiti by Mair here and a gaggle of Dick Chickens after the jump.

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August 12, 2009

A Cure for the Condos


So the only way to sell condos these days and beat back that impending feeling of Condo Shame (noun; "a toxic combination of desire and repulsion toward reasonably priced postwar creature comforts.") might be to put sweaty handprints all over the bathroom mirrors, so when the new buyers steam it up for the first time they'll see what might have been one lesbian couple's Valentine's Day bang sesh. Or, throw some Amniotic Fluid around.

From the Observer article about "condo shame," a quote on the state of what a buyer might want:

“I have a deeply rooted dislike of expedient, cookie-cutter, pseudo-luxury condo developments and would almost rather blow money renting something ‘real’ with history, a story, the possibility that some woman once gave birth in my bedroom with or without a midwife or a lesbian couple had V-Day sex in the bathroom."

Hell, if that'll sell these monstrosities it's just a matter of time before the open houses come with a free seven minutes in heaven with the middle-aged real estate agent in the master bedroom, just to stain things up a bit and give it that lived-in feeling. And you thought free iPods might get these yupsters through the doors? Try harder.

August 11, 2009

Sports Bar, Bro


Shawn Muholland, co-owner of Williamsburg's lone sports bar Muholland's, spoke with Gothamist about gettin' drunk with hipsters, gettin' drunk on Saturdays in the rain, and the one time he saw a drunk chick shit on a bar.

It was packed, I mean you couldn't move at all, and a female customer took a shit... while standing at the bar. True story!

Natch this wasn't at Muholland's, but at another bar, probably the one featured in Michael Cera's Infinite Stroll Around New York. But, Muholland's really does deserve some credit as the lone outpost of testosterone in a battlefield of irony-plagued liquor establishments. It's too literal of a sports bar for non-sports loving hipsters to go there to hilariously wear Yankees shirts, only to ironically get drunk and then get wings just to smile and laugh at the fact that they're drunk and getting wings at a sports bar. So Muholland's, hats off to ya. It takes a bro to stand amongst the brahs.

July 30, 2009

No Windows, Just Deer Heads


From the Times:

The Hoveys' loft in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, has no windows, which means more wall space for deer heads.

Ah, this is just a lovely room of death, isn't it Ace?

Interesting side note. One of the sisters, Porter Hovey, is currently in what looks like first place for the Mad Men casting call contest. Go vote, we guess. Better a neighbor than that guy from Houston.

Photo by Michael Weschler c/o The New York Times

July 24, 2009

This Weekend: Pool Party Number Three

The Dirty Projectors headlined a packed show last Sunday

It's going to be hard to top last week, but this week's line-up looks pretty good too:

And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead | The Black Lips | Health | Grupo Fantasma

Doors open at 2 and the headliners have been playing between 5:30 and 6. Lots more information at

If Flyswatter dude shows up, send us pictures!

The Black Lips - Short Fuse Video

July 23, 2009

Creepy, Lap-Bouncey, Pervy Plushies Now Delivering Crack

IMG_3515.JPG IMG_3456.JPG
We don't know what's worse, the creepy, lap-bouncey, crack-bearing plushies or the gutter punks. Make them go away.

Now, the plushies are delivering:

Club Animals has been criticized for being pointless, but the pointlessness is the point. In the latest addition, we are personally delivering a 100% sugar crack rock (multi-colored and multi-flavored with snow cone syrup) to your Brooklyn house on demand. Expect a 7-foot tall man in a plush, blue mascot head, white gloves and a tuxedo to come knocking soon after you call or text for delivery. You can purchase a few candy crack rocks for $1 a pop in a 1" x 1" crack bag. Can't say too much here because y'know it's drugs.

Call or Text 347-742-2293 for delivery at the appropriate times
***Serving Brooklyn L Train Bedford to Montrose stops ONLY***

Creepy plushies on the L Platform
Gutter Punks Invade Williamsburg

July 20, 2009

Funky Horns and the Bouncy Rides Guy/Thing

L train platform, you are unique, even if the 'free bounce' plushy fish freaks us out.

At first when I heard the drums and saw the dreadlocks I was like “oh, great. Hippies.” But man, it was so much more. The bald-headed woman dancing in the sneakers was so beautiful and confident, just magnetic — and that horn line’s been running through my head all weekend.

Then I saw the guy in the furry fish costume over there, jigging his legs and holding the sign offering “Free Bouncy Rides.” He just happened to be there, unrelated to the band. Apparently it’s a whole thing that’s been going on this summer. And I got so creeped out and happy, all at once.

via And I Am Not Lying

July 16, 2009

The Gutter Punks Have Arrived!


Now that Williamsburg has turned into a post-apocalyptic-halted-condo-construction wasteland it's attracting a nasty infestation: Gutter Punks. From The Daily News [via]:

Heroin-addict hobos from around the country are overrunning hipster haven Williamsburg - living in stalled luxury condo projects in the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood.

The squatters, from middle-class families, hop freight trains to the city, where they can earn up to $150 a day panhandling in Manhattan. At night, like plenty of other borough commuters, they return to their homes: grubby hideaways inside boarded-up lots that pock the once-booming neighborhood.

"I've got to sleep somewhere, and I might as well do it in Williamsburg," said Stuart, 22, a Florida college dropout.

The admitted alcoholic and heroin user makes $15 an hour panhandling in Union Square, holding a sign that reads "Traveling Broke and Sexy."

"The girls here like it that I'm dirty and I ride trains," he added.

The vagrants - who also call themselves "crusty punks" - swarmed into Williamsburg this spring, drawn by open-minded young people and vacant lots.

Packs of punks and their mangy dogs clog Bedford Ave. in the evenings. They sprawl drunkenly on the sidewalk and heckle hipsters for money and cigarettes.

"There's a big crowd of us here," said Sethry, 20, of Portland, Ore., lounging near North Ninth St. one recent night. "Every night it's a party with all our friends."

Ew. Can we fumigate? Given the excess of crusty-ass beards and plaid in the neighborhood, it's no wonder they feel at home.

Williamsboard has a huge thread on this nasty phenomenon.

Williamsburg's very own Gutter Punks, "BB Guns" (l.) and "Robert" (r.): If you see these two don't give them money and, it should go without saying, but don't give them sex either.

June 23, 2009

Williamsburgers Not All Trustafarians

New York has written a researched rebuttal to the Times' piece Parents Pulling the Plug on Williamsburg Trust-Funders. Turns out we're not all trust-funders.... a fact that I'm all too well aware of:

The median income for the area in the last twelve months was $39,663, well below the city median of $48,631. In 2007, 38.3 percent of residents in the 11211 Zip Code were below the poverty level [...]

Local soup kitchens and food pantries are overwhelmed. “We’re serving 200 people a week,” says Ann Kansfield, pastor at the Greenpoint Reform Church and the head of the Greenpoint Interfaith Food Team, which serves both Greenpoint and Williamsburg. “Where are these trust-funders? I want them to give us money!”

There’s probably a reason the trustafarians are so elusive: In the last twelve months only about 2.9 percent of Williamsburg households made over $200,000 annually. The reality of Williamsburg, beyond the mythical trust-funders, is that it is a community of people mostly struggling to get by, with a few wealthy residents grabbing headlines — the way New York has always been.

June 22, 2009

Papacitos Robbed

image c/o BrooklynBased

This really sucks, so go give Papacitos some business. From Gothamist:

Papacitos, the wildly popular Greenpoint Mexican restaurant with the best vegetarian tacos in town, was the victim of a brazen robbery Saturday night. Co-owner Cody Utzman tells us that thieves broke into the establishment after it closed, hopping the courtyard fence and entering through the back. According to Utzman, the robbers smashed open the cash register and made off with a safe that had $10,000 inside, as well as the restaurant stereo and some employees' personal belongings. Police have dusted for fingerprints and are investigating the incident.

But there's also good news for Papacitos fans; Utzman tells us he's doubling the size of the place by expanding into the adjacent storefront, which is part of the same building and was the former home of a palm reader. He adds that a "very high profile" designer is overseeing the expansion, which will include a 12 foot tequila bar (whenever Papacitos' liquor license finally gets renewed) and a new mosaic fountain in the spacious courtyard. Work is expected to start next month, with the expansion complete by the end of July.

May 27, 2009

G Train to Connect Williamsburg and Park Slope


Despite The Brooklyn Paper's headline which made us slightly queasy: "MTA finally finds your G-spot with extended service," we're delighted this is finally happening. I guess we should expect more headlines like this, now that Murdoch is running the show. As our friend Kevin pointed out, it could have been worse: “Marty Markowitz finds your G-spot with extended service.”

From Brooklyn Paper:

The G train will be extended to Church Avenue in July, creating the first direct link between trendy Williamsburg and posh Park Slope.

The service boost, scheduled to go into effect on July 5, became necessary because of planned track work along the elevated section of the F and G lines in Carroll Gardens and Park Slope.

This is of course very exciting news and worthy of a much better headline. So, SUBMIT YOUR OWN IN COMMENTS.

May 19, 2009

Free sunflowers!

I have an RSS feed set up to see everything posted under "Free Stuff" on Craigslist's in Williamsburg (instructions on how to do that are here)

While most of the free packing boxes and shelves left on a corner after a move haven't perked my interest, this morning I woke to find this gem:

Sunflower Project Starting a new project for the Greenpoint/Williamsburg Area. Come pick up a baby plant, water it, and watch it grow to 6 feet tall. I want to have Sunflower plants all over Greenpoint/Williamsburg, so if you want to take part and add some color to your neighborhood, then come pick up a plant.



[email protected]


Sunflowers all over North Brooklyn? Totally legit.

May 14, 2009

Brooklyn Bowl Sneak Peak


Brooklyn Based got an early sneak peak & tour of the new bowling alley/venue opening at 61 Wythe Avenue sometime...soon. They say it's "the most ambitious, striking, high-tech bowling alley/music venue we’ve ever laid eyes on."

The walls are decked with custom, Coney-inspired art (and more vintage posters are in the process of being restored).

Ferra Designs — whose intricate ironwork is on display at Dressler — has taken salvaged Brooklyn Navy Yard windows to decorate the banquettes in the Blue Ribbon restaurant, whose tables are fashioned from the former Woodhaven Lanes in Queens.

The stage is made from recycled truck tires, all the wood is either salvaged or sustainably harvested, and many other green details will make this the first LEED-certified bowling alley in the country.

Read the rest at Brooklyn Based, and subscribe to them so I don't have to tell you these things and can just focus on my hipsters in socks beat.

May 03, 2009

Brooklyn Kickball: Day One


The country's best looking and most notorious kickball league kicks off their summer season today at McCarren Park, despite the cold, wet damper currently suffocating the city. The teams are set, the schedule is up and the Turkey's Nest just received their ten ton shipment of Styrobeer foam cups to keep everybody properly hydrated.

Two weeks ago, two first-year teams had to battle it out for the last spot in the league in a game that made your little sister's t-ball league look like the pros. The league's rowdy band of misfits - the Pirates (Los Piratas Mechanicos...loosely translated and probably poorly spelled) - are more timely and relevant than ever. Look to them for scurvy tales of hostage taking and an abundance of petty arguments over the placement of their pirate flags. We may or may not be sending dispatches from the fields at If you see anything of particular hilarity, feel free to send along tips & photos.

Good News For Motorino Fans

Not that it matters today, given the rain, but Motorino now has a garden. Oh yeah, and a full liquor license. Yahoo. Images and more information here.

April 30, 2009

Bushwick Country Club 3rd Hole Contest

Perhaps my favorite bar in Williamsburg, Bushwick Country Club, is having an excellent contest for their mini golf course (hence their country club status) that some artsy engineers could have some fun with:

The third hole is in a sorry state so we're having a contest for the best design to redo it. The winner gets their winning design built, a plaque with their name on it mounted to the hole and a $100 bar tab. The third hole is the one with the mannequin in the red jumpsuit.


It has to replace the same area as the old hole. Roughly 4' x 8'

The tee and hole have to be in roughly the same place as the original.

No electricity. Gravity can be the only force used. Ok, we will allow the use of the weak force.

Design can be no more than PG-13.

Simplicity is a plus.

The winner is chosen by the Country Club Board of Directors.

The contest is over when we get an awesome design.

Being able to point out a plaque and say "That's me, baby" such a great pick up. Send your designs here. As a side note, their summer time drink the Jim Bean and coke slushie is back. Be warned, its delicious but dangerous. I speak from experience.

April 26, 2009

Bike Watch


My old bike was run over by a minivan a couple of months ago (H8 u, minivans), so I got a new one. A beach cruiser, in fact. It's quite awesome. The old one was locked up for a while but a few days ago I decided to set it free. I leaned the rusty, bent and barely functional old Ross up against a street sign and waited for someone to take it.

It's still there!

Does nobody want this piece of crap which some might call a "fixer-upper"? It's the perfect "oh hey we're in a recession" summer cruiser to go along with that prohibition era mustache of yours! Let's see how long it holds out. I'm predicting Wednesday.

April 20, 2009

Hey Gossip Girl

Suck it. You'll be canceled by the end of the year.

Sayeth the gurlz: " should move your gallery to the city. williamsburg is over."

XoXo, Williamsburg

Spuyten Duyvil Expanded

Photo by Keith Wagstaff, The Feedbag

So what if you can barely pronounce it. Spuyten Duyvil is still expanding! They recently opened up the backyard garden and The Feedbag reports it's twice the size.

Beer nerds, rejoice! The Williamsburg beer Mecca known as Spuyten Duyvil recently unveiled a patio roughly double its original size. The bar took over the backyard of the adjacent building and revealed it as part of their own back garden Wednesday of last week.

That is great news for myself and hopefully some of you as well. Once this rainstorm passes, the weather's looking to be 70 and sunny - beer weather.

April 16, 2009

Your Authentic Hipster Grifter T-Shirt

Picture 3.png

It was only a matter of time before we got the Hipster Grifter t-shirt in our inbox (just $21.95!). And of course, no Hipster Grifter e-mail is complete without it's very own personal story attached! We've got a new one for you. In this tale, we hear from another actor in that mini-sex cop video who was interviewed by Kari for that "job" at GoldenVoice, a few lies about cancer and of course, Radiation burns! Click through to get grifted...but here's your preview: "She had a bunch of red lines on her wrist. 'Cutting yourself?' I joked. 'Radiation burns' she said. 'From the chemotherapy pills.'" Eesch...

Continue reading "Your Authentic Hipster Grifter T-Shirt" »

Hello Hipster Grifter

It seems new york's newest obsession was a free williamsburg reader. She left a comment on this post back in March, signed, of course, Korean Abdul-Jabbar. Good find Gothamist.

Kari, if you'd like to write an explanation to the world from your home here in W'burg, email me.

April 15, 2009

I Want To Give You a Hand Job With My Mouth


My my my. This story is so goddamn juicy I don't know what to do with it. Here are the basic facts, after that, I highly suggest you go find this Kari Ferrell and turn her in to the Salt Lake City Police Department (wanted poster here). It's full of sex, con artists, drugs and more sex, and most of it takes place right here in sunny Williamsburg. Here's a summary, but you really need to carve out fifteen minutes and read it at the Observer. Gawker also has a quick run-down.

1. 22-year old Utah con artist with "a cute pixie haircut" lies her way into a job at Vice.
2. After coming on to a co-worker there, he googled her, and she popped up on the Salt Lake City Police Department’s Most Wanted list. Fired!
3. She banged a dude after a Girl Talk show and then stole his cell phone.
4. She lied about having cancer, being pregnant and so forth. She smoked pot.
5. She went to the Beadruary event, was photographed next to a ton of beards, then said she was doing a book for Vice.
6. She gave the Union Pool bartender a note that read (t-shirt alert): “I want to give you a hand job with my mouth,” and was signed “Korean Abdul-Jabbar.” Nice!
7. She also passed along a note to someone at Fabiane's on Bedford that read: "I want you to throw a hot dog down my hall.”
9. And so, so much more.

If someone wants to design and sell that t-shirt (the hand jobs one) on Cafe Press or something, let us know we'll feature it right here, provided we get a few freebies.

April 08, 2009

So, can I like, twitter you some time?

image c/o Twitter

Apparently, not everyone was satisfied with Twitter just cornering the "telling-the-world-what-you-are-doing/eating/thinking/excreting" market . Now it's supposed to get you a date as well. Via GothamList:

Tonight Hugs is hosting a "Twitter Fueled Singles Dance Party." The organizers say, 'the main novelty we have going is that some tech-minded folks we know have put together a chatroom where people can text message our twitter account, which will tweet whatever flirty notes people feel like saying about one another. And also we'll have ice cream, dancing, and so forth.
I'm not sold on the format but it's getting to be that time to get summer loves lined up. Me? I'll be there for the ice cream. For those more twitter-inclined feel free to send some of those flirty messages at us @freedubya.

UES Harvard-educated Writer Discovers Williamsburg, Naked People

img c/o vanity fair

Oh, young Kate Ahlborn. Urban adventurer extraordinnaire, fan of Feist’s “1234” and Vanity Fair writer who in all her post-graduate life has yet to venture beyond the pearly gates of the Upper East Side. Well, she made it over here recently wearing her "tweed J. Crew jacket and Tory Burch ballet flats," and after "narrowly escaping death by skateboard on the Bedford subway platform" she caught up with choreographer Noémie Lafrance's new show (Times review, show information) where she had her face touched by a naked crazy person. She then took off running, never stopping once to breathe or look back at all the evil people in "hipsterville" chasing her back home. Imagine her surprise. She'd heard from her " more global friends" (WTF!) "that Brooklyn is a charming borough," but instead found her trip to exotic Brooklyn traumatizing. She'll never come back.

I left the rickety building slightly shaken up and eager to get back to Manhattan. After this experience, I’m fairly certain that’s exactly where I belong.

Below the jump, we've got video of the terrible experience she witnessed. Warning: art. You've got a few more days to check it out too. The show runs through the 12th, although "there may be an extension on April 15-19."

Continue reading "UES Harvard-educated Writer Discovers Williamsburg, Naked People" »

April 03, 2009

Bon Appetit Gives Us A Shout Out


This month's Bon Appetit has a story on the Williamsburg food scene. They give us a nice mention:

That sense of personal and like-minded connection is one of the things that first attracted Williamsburgers like Robert Lanham, the founding editor of the comprehensive and indispensable Free Williamsburg blog. "You'd walk down the street and recognize people," remembers Lanham, who is also, tellingly, the author of The Hipster Handbook. He admits that much has changed in the 12 years that he's lived in the neighborhood (among other things, he can no longer afford to live as close to the center of things as he once did) but "you still feel like you're part of a real community," he says.
You can read it all and see their restaurant picks here.

April 01, 2009

Rye: New Southside Restaurant By Former Dumont Chef

image c/o Eater

From Eater:

"I was told to try and keep it down a bit about this place because the kinks are not worked out yet and they wanna get it right before they get slammed. So I really can't say if the room was beautifully restored, or that the scallop dish and short rib terrine were phenomenal!!!!, and that my old fashioned was PERFECTLY made. The room is dark and gives off that old timey speakeasy in Pennsylvania vibe, but very beautiful (nearly no cheese factor). The food being turned out is refined, say a small step above Walter (similar to Dressler), but ok ok that's really all I can say."
It's at 247 South First between Roebling and Havemeyer, but we didn't tell you.

March 30, 2009

The World's Most Photographed Party


The consonants-only LVHRD is throwing their annual party PHTHRD in Williamsburg tomorrow night. They're going for The World's Most Photographed Party record, as certified by the Universal Record Database, so be sure to bring a camera. They'll take "everything from Nikon D3x's to Kodak Fun Saver Disposables—Polaroid PoGo's to Lomo Pop9's—Canon HD Camcorders to Flip Minos."

So where is it? I don't know! But if you sign up you'll get a text message "the day before," which of course is today, telling you where to go. Hint: It's five blocks from the water. They'll have Nick Catchdubs and an open bar by Dewar's and Brooklyn Brewery. Visit LVHRD at Eventbrite for tix and more info. Use the discount code "memberhrd" for $10 off the ticket price, and then join them on Facebook so you don't feel bad about it.

March 28, 2009

McCarren Park Concerts Find New Home

From NY Times

McCarren Park Pool, right, located on the border between Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn, is set to become a swimming spot again, and the summer rock concerts that put it on the musical map will move to the Williamsburg waterfront. Stephanie Thayer, the executive director of the Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn, a nonprofit group that coordinated last year’s concerts, said a strip along the East River between North Eighth and North Ninth Streets that was designated a state park will hold concerts this summer, with room for 6,000 fans. The news was confirmed by the office of Joseph R. Lentol, the state assemblyman who represents Greenpoint and Williamsburg. “This is the continuation of McCarren Park Pool,” Ms. Thayer said. “It’s different, but it has its own exquisite beauty, with the waterfront and the skyline of Manhattan.” She said she planned to work with many of the promoters who put on events at the pool last summer, and would seek classical and opera concerts as well.

March 25, 2009

Bacon Takedown

Last Sunday was The Great Greenpoint Mac-Off but coming up this Sunday we're gonna do you one better (or your heart one worse depending on how you look at it).


It might be good enough to swing some of the Hasidim in town so don't miss it.

March 19, 2009

Eat Local, Join a CSA

The Southside CSA (read: Community Supported Agriculture) is offering around 50 memberships, with a choice of four types of shares – vegetable, fruit, eggs and wine - all grown in black dirt at MimoMex Farm up in Goshen, New York. If you're interested in locally grown produce with a hot and sexy Mexican flavor, CSA organizers are having a farmer meet n’ greet taco potluck (!!!) this sunday from 2-5p.m. on Metropolitan Ave. Email them for the exact address. Click through the jump for a full farm grow list and availability.

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March 18, 2009

Barry Manilow the Original W-Burg Hipster


Who knew Bary Manilow grew up here? Williamsburg just got a little bit *cooler.* From

Q: You didn't have a lot of money growing up.
A: Oh, none. Zero. Zip. Nothin'. I come from nowhere Brooklyn, New York. Williamsburg, Brooklyn. These days Williamsburg is kind of a hip area, but when I grew up there, the taxi drivers wouldn't even go over the bridge, it was so dangerous.

Q: So you were the original Williamsburg hipster.
A: I wasn't really a hipster. I was a geek.

"Copacabana" after the jump, but don't do it on an empty stomach.

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March 17, 2009

Williamsburg Has No Virgins

Considering that most of you graduated with a degree in art (or no degree at all), this town's virginity well looks to be all dried up. Do you know any recently graduated virgins? I doubt it, but email them to us if you do and we'll do some sort of auction or something.


Chart via BuzzFeed

March 15, 2009

Can I Get a Witness?


A livery car hit a biker last Friday and lots of people saw it, but the dude can't find any witnesses. Were you there? Are you the mustached man?

Today, Friday March 13, 2009 at approx. 1:20pm I was riding with traffic on Bedford Ave, approaching the intersection of Lorimer St. I was hit by a silver Chrysler sedan (who was a car service car) turning right on to Lorimer. I was wearing a silver windbreaker, riding a black + red track bike with white rims (yes, with a front brake and yes, I was wearing a helmet).

I counted at 5 to 10 people in the area who I believe saw the accident take place. However, no one would come forward as a witness. One mustached fellow (Thank you, whoever you may be) took pictures, but I didn't get a chance to get his name before leaving in the ambulance. Sadly, he did not arrive until moments after the accident happened.

Here's the Craigslist ad: Hit by Car in Williamsburg. If you were there, help this guy out!

March 11, 2009

Lawyers Can Help With That Warrant, You Know


Sometime last winter someone I know very well got a pink slip summons here in Brooklyn, New York for urinating between two parked vans somewhere in industrial Bushwick or Bed-Stuy...can't remember which. The odds that anyone drove by at the exact instant of his urinary relief are astounding, let alone two of New York's finest. Approximately 8 minutes after he got that ticket, he threw it out, or lost it, one or the other it doesn't matter now. He then basically forgot about the ticket for months, until sometime yesterday when he realized that summer is coming up, and with it kickball, and with that joy of drinking beers apple juice outdoors in McCarren park at night.

Oh no!

He probably has some kind of (hopefully loosely enforced) warrant out for his arrest for not showing up for that measly little pink slip! He did some research around the bliggosphere, had Sheila at Gawker do an advice column for him, and eventually, balled up and called a lawyer. He is now a proud American citizen with retained legal counsel ($500) who has advised him to "keep his head down" while he sorts things out. This is great! He told me he really feels truly American and can say things like, "I dunno guys. I shouldn't drink that beer on the subway. My lawyer's advised me not to."

He has promised to send me updates with how everything nets out. Today his lawyer is checking with the courts to verify the existence of that warrant.

update: yes indeedilysquat, his lawyer has advised him that there is a warrant and to keep things on the down-low 'till early next week when they will go to court.

March 02, 2009

Taking Back The Bedford Wall


Aakash Nihalani struck the white construction wall on Bedford first (look). But not long after, an army of Lou Reeds marched in and plastered the (Berlin) wall with ads for New York label Supreme. Over the weekend, Jake at Gothamist saw they got a little makeover:

The posters are simple, featuring a photo of musician Lou Reed (shot by Terry Richardson) wearing a Supreme t-shirt (accessorized with aviator sunglasses and a smug expression).Street artist Faile has now altered the images, with a tiger face in place of Lou's, and the word "Vanity" in place of "Supreme."

Aakash Nihali's flickr stream is here, but not so surprisingly leaves out the cubes from the Atlantic Avenue subway station MoMa fiasco. Check out Gothamist for the Faile-modded Lou Reeds.

photo by my iphone, sucka.

February 25, 2009

Bep Restaurant: Yes, There's Pho in Williamsburg

photograph by Tam Ngo

Since people have been asking about the mysterious Vietnamese restaurant on the Southside, it's called Bep and it's only open on Mondays. Inside the Simple Cafe. More information in our restaurant guide.



Grub Street coined it. And the New York Times has a great story on the growing culinary movement in Brooklyn:

Gabrielle Langholtz, the editor of Edible Brooklyn, which chronicles the borough’s food scene, said it has grown along with the arrival of what she calls the “new demographic.”

“It’s that guy in the band with the big plastic glasses who’s already asking for grass-fed steak and knows about nibs,” Ms. Langholtz said.

“Ten years ago all of these people hadn’t moved to Brooklyn yet,” she added, comparing Brooklyn today to Berkeley in the 1970s. “There’s a relationship to food that comes with that approach to the universe,” Ms. Langholtz said. “Every person you pass has read Michael Pollan, every person has thought about joining a raw milk club, and if they haven’t made ricotta, they want to.”

Here's the article: Brooklyn’s New Culinary Movement.

Bikes In The Kitchen and JellyNYC Present...

This Saturday at The Shank in Greenpoint (98 Bayard Street — map). From MyOpenBar

I know, I know—this sounds too good to be true, and it probably is if you look at it like a sane person: NinjaSonik, Team Robespierre, Juiceboxxx, Wild Yaks, Cerebral Ballzy, MNDR, Dre Skull, DJ C.lo and a secret guest (Spank Rock again? Whoops!) with 500 16oz cans of PBR going fast at 11pm. Oh and hey, it's all-ages, too. Also, Santa to pop out of the fireplace with a big bag of dicks for everybody. (PBR, $6 cover / 11am till gone)
Sounds like a great show, even without the bag of dicks.

February 21, 2009

Barberry Opens - Replaces Zipi Zape

image c/o Grub Street

We've got the menu and more information here. Let us know what you think. From Shecky's:

Chef Diego Gonzales is no newcomer to 152 Metropolitan Ave. in Williamsburg: he was the chef at the location's former Spanish restaurant Zipi Zape and will be taking the helm at its newest reincarnation, Barberry (which, despite the images of tartan its name may conjure, serves Mediterranean food). Signature dishes include grilled sardines, frisée salad with honey-roasted walnuts, and chocolate souflée--although the typical burgers, sandwiches, and steaks are also on the menu. Most importantly, the full bar is well-stocked enough to keep customers coming back.

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend


I checked out the scene at Glasslands last night for Williamsburg Fashion Weekend. Let me just start by saying that seeing some of the fashion elite bouncing around in their 5 inch heels at this venue was thoroughly entertaining. I showed up late, flats in tow, at the fault of currently going through Brooklyn roommate search hell-- which reminds me, if you want to live in a beautiful Bushwick loft, holler at this girl.

Anyway, fabulous host Arthur Arbit kicked off the night introducing the 'Burg friendly models of Mandate of Heaven. Although an hour late, designer/model Carissa Ackerman's grandma chic meets scandalous onesies tickled the fancy of the patient crowd. Much to my delight, I guess, I somehow managed to position myself in perfect viewing of lots 'o sexy buns.

Next up was Nettie Tiso featuring super sleek Racecar! for men and flirty Nettie for women. Her lines seemed to race by (pun unintentional) after Mandate's never ending hot bod parade. But a short line is what you get when everything is hand sewn. Serious good stuff.

Trisha McBride & Papusza Couture put on an unorthodox show, but isn't that the point of hosting a fashion party at a warehouse by the East River?


Check out Day 2 of the show tonight at Glasslands-- starting at 8:30pm (hopefully). See the likes of Treehouse Brooklyn's Sirius*, Sodafine's Erin Wekerle, and Arbit's own King Gurvy. Oh, and Celebration is gonna be there too! 8 Bucks at the Door, y'all!

More photos after the jump...

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February 20, 2009

Going Postal in Bushwick


As I procrastinate another drab trip to the USPS location on South 4th St. (seriously -- why is that place the black hole of the 'hood!?) I'm fondly reminded of the days I toted around a neon pink sticker book under my arm, glittery unicorn and all. Martha Cooper, who you may know from her efforts in 1984's Subway Art, tells the Village Voice what we're all thinking. Or, at least, what we wish we were cool enough to think:

"What I really like about postal stickers is the idea that the U.S. government is participating in street art," Cooper explains from a counter stool in a 14th Street coffee shop, a knitted scarf and matching OBAMA-print hat tucked into her bag. She's simultaneously eating a whole-wheat doughnut and examining a sticker that demands, "WHERE THE FUCK IS MY MOONCAKE?" This conveniently works as a thought bubble, but it's actually scrawled on a page in the sleeved album she's brought along, to show off just a few of the "couple thousand" stickers she has spotted on foot since 2003, shot digitally, then carefully detached with an adhesive remover that lives in her backpack. "It's like a little treasure hunt, when you're walking around, to always have your eyes out."
So, Tonight at 7:30pm, go check out the launch of Miss Cooper's new book Going Postal, celebrating this special kind of government funded art at Ad Hoc with FREE drinks, of course. Oh, how I love thee, broken economy.

The Week in Free Shit (The Smelly Piano Edition)


Ohhhh Williamsburg, there's still a whole pile of free shit out there. This week, we've got a stank-ass piano, brain scans, spearfishing magazines and some free records! Come, take a gander with me and smell the savings.

Free Foam!
You know things are in the shitter when people are giving away free foam. It's in the same category as free spit, potato shavings and eye boogies. But, you know, foam makes a fantastic jacket stuffer and you could probably tell all your friends you're having a foam party, but then when they show up just have chunks of this real foam lying around your house. Wait, that's actually a funny idea should I email this guy?

Free Steinway Piano
Sounds awesome, but there's a catch: "this piano is free. it has a BEAUTIFUL sound, but unfortunately, it smells." What. the. fuck. If only Beethoven couldn't smell, we'd have a winner here.

Free Brain Scans!
Hey, you never know. Grandpa might've been right all those years ago when he knocked and heard echos.

Free Spearfishing Mags
Things might get testy this summer, and yall might need to refine your spearfishing skills in the East River. These 30-some mags will get you well on your way. Also, have you ever met a spearfisher without a beard? No. Grow it.

And then, tomorrow there's Free Records!!

9 am - 5 pm From the ad:

For the boozehounds, My Open Bar's got a few events tonight, namely free PBR starting at 9 at Rockstar Bar (349 Kent Street) and a performance art piece by Rob Andrews with artsy booze, no cover at Grace Exhibition Space (840 Broadway). Also, Brooklyn Brewery tours as free as ever and there're poets at Pete's.

Oh! Williamsburg is Dead just reminded me, "you can venture to the almost-but-not-quite-closed Sound Fix Cafe to see The Forms play a free show at 8pm."

If you're over in Bushwick, check out BushwickBk's culture picks for the weekend, and if I missed any, or to be included in future semi-regular round-ups, email me.

February 17, 2009

Brooklyn, New Zealand


Brooklyn, NZ sounds familiar...

From Wikipedia: “a friendly and vibrant village atmosphere [citation needed] which has attracted many young families whilst retaining its identity as older suburb with timber villas and varied architecture.”

(via Hudsn)

February 12, 2009

Parks Officials Present Plans For McCarren Pool


From NY1:

The goal is to reopen the pool and provide a year-round recreation center, while preserving the existing landmark buildings and their unique archways.

"The brickwork is going to be replaced. It'll be brick that matches exactly how it is now," explained Martin Maher of the Parks Department.

The pool will not be as large as the original. Instead, it will be reconfigured to a U-shaped design accommodating 2,500 people. The middle will be a beach area in the summer and turn into an ice staking rink in the winter. Outdoor pavilions will be added on site to serve as changing stations.

Looks like what we already knew is now official. No more shows.

February 11, 2009

Valentine's Planning

Don’t fret about V-Day if you haven’t figured out what to do. Besides the Broken Hearts Ball, there’s plenty of other neighborhood action going on Friday/Saturday for lovers, singles, et al.

1. Celebrate Your Love at White Castle
Perhaps the most romantic option of all is doing dinner at the Graham Avenue White Castle. I did it last year, and let me tell you there is NOTHING classier than drinking Diet Coke out of a champagne flute and holding hands with your date among the fake flowers and helium balloons.

Make sure to call (718) 899-8404 ext. 311 and make your reservation, because this place does get busy.

2. Prix Fixe V-Day Dins at Nita Nita

If you aim higher than White Castle, this place is where it’s at. Forget burning a huge hole in your wallet and stressing about finding a good restaurant. Nita Nita on North 8th and Wythe is cozy, friendly, delicious, and the perfect choice.

3. Every 2nd Friday
The flyer above spells it out pretty clearly – and while this might not be on Valentine’s Day proper, it’ll still be a nice distraction and a good way to get hammered and take advantage of some gallery openings. And perhaps a good old Friday the 13th one night stand?

4. The Habitat’s Singles Night on Valentines
Greenpointers Blog gave us the heads up that one of our fave bars in the neighborhood will be hosting a special evening for singles to commiserate and get tipsy at a discounted price. Sounds like a good plan, readers!

5. And as mentioned below, The Broken Hearts Ball

February 09, 2009

Williamsburg More Diverse Than We Realized

From our mailbag:
Hey guys, my rottie met a pig yesterday at mccarren park. I talked to the owner of the pig. Apparently he lives in an apartment.

Chili Takedown Results & Aftermath

photos by angela cranford

We got beefed up at the insanely packed Chili Takedown at Union Pool yesterday, and seriously folks, there was some good eatin' in that sardine can. Matt did a pretty good job of managing the herd, which saw over 35 chili chefs serve up their best medleys. My personal favorite was full of gamey meats like Quail, Boar and the like, but the surging crowd, and the judges, chose otherwise. Here are the official results:

The Judges' Choice:
1. Katie Feola and Anne Garrett's - #11 Pam Brown White Chili (It was stage left. And delicious.)
2. Nick Suarez - #7 “If You Like it Then You Shoulda’ Put a Ring on it” Chili
3. Theo Peck - #18 “Whoremel”

The People's Choice:
1. Theo Peck - won $100 bucks, was set up stage right and had homemade sausage in it. Also won last month's s'MACdown with this mac n' cheese recipe.
2. Steve Cash
3. Nick Suarez

Next month, chef's turn their focus to bacon for the Bacon Takedown. We'll add the info when we get it.

More coverage here and here.

More pics after the jump....

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February 04, 2009

McCarren Park Pool Meeting Moved

The McCarren Park Pool renovations public update that was scheduled for today has been moved to February 10th at 6:30 pm at the Swinging 60's Senior Citizens Center (211 Ainslie St., corner of Manhattan Ave.). In case you forgot, The Pool is being renovated to provide swimming in the summer, year round recreation in the former bathhouse, and the design accommodates the potential for skating in the winter and off-season performances. The key phrase there is off-season performances, which basically means it's not time to pack away your MGMT headbands just yet.

update via Nag

January 07, 2009

Two New South American Restaurants: Tipico BK and Zero Latitude

Tipico - image c/o EatingInTranslation

We now have two new South American joints in the hood: Tipico BK and Zero Latitude. Let us know what you think, if you've been. Here's the word on the street:

Tipico BK - from Black Book

Rodrigo's chill Paraguayan on lazy south WB block. Afternoon hang for perfect steak sandwiches and creamy coffee "batidos" while listening to South American rock like Fabulosos Cadillacs, Piojos, or weed-themed Brazilian reggae. Hammock in cozy patio goes great with BYOB six pack from corner bodega or tereré: that cool, refreshing, Paraguayan drink (iced yerba mate). Café Havana before it turned into a Lenny Kravitz video.
Zero Latitude - from Grub Street
Williamsburg has a new South American restaurant in Zero Latitude. Actually, we’re not sure whether it can be called a South American restaurant since it serves Spanish tortilla, a hummus dip, and palek paneer, but chef-owner Eduardo Polit (formerly chef at Frederick’s Downtown and before that a sous-chef at Soho House) was born in Ecuador, and many of his dishes were inspired by a recent five-month trip around the continent. He’s calling his two-day-old joint a café, and as you can see from the interior shot that follows, it’s a stripped-down affair -- but take a glance at the menu and you’ll see there are culinary aspirations (“risotto con pollo”?). For spring, Polit is working on getting fresh spondylus (a rare scalloplike mollusk prized for its colorful shell) and other delicacies from his native country, but in the meantime, here’s what he has going.
On another note, qoo Robata Bar, a new Japanese Izakaya spot just opened on Metropolitan. Throw in the staple Williamsburg Izakaya spots, Bozu and Zenkichi (both wonderful) and Williamsburg is becoming the place to go for Japanese small plates.

You can see a complete list of what's new (and/or newish) here in restaurants.

December 17, 2008

Biker Clown

Taken by Clarissa Roudabush

Inside Peaches' Palace


The Selby met up with Williamsburg's own little microcelebrity, Peaches Geldolf (her dad is Bob Geldolf), and took some photos of her and her roommates inside their apartment. Also, they did a cute little magic marker interview! That's after the jump. But first, take in a few photos of their apartment, and play the "I think I know where that is!" game. Hint: I don't think it's the offices of PETA.

All pictures c/o The Selby; found via Gawker, which notes her favorite part of Brooklyn is "the Spanish gangsters at the bagel shop who hit on me." Hey, me too!



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December 04, 2008


There are hawks in McCarren Park. Wear your bike helmets, or else.

November 25, 2008

Confusing Bike Lanes Leading to W'Burg Bridge


The bike lane situation is looking pretty confusing at South 4th Street, with blatant signage leading bikers up on the sidewalk and onto the bridge. A couple of riders wrote into Gothamist today with stories how the lane led them right into the open arms of a few cops. Naturally, our lovely NYPD wrote them tickets for biking on the sidewalk. Entrapment? Duh.

John at Gothamist poked around about and learned that the DOT is "in the process of designating the sidewalk along South 5th Street as a shared bike/pedestrian path." They "will soon add appropriate signs and directional bike stamps along the sidewalk (see example), and [we] are reaching out to the local precinct with additional details about the project, which is not yet complete." DOT, hurry the f'k up with that, our bikers are getting tickets! See more details on this silly bureaucratic fart at Gothamist.

Oh, I should note, aside from the whole woopsie-daisy ticketing situation, this bike lane is great and safe and needed, so thanks DOT. This is just rough love. Keep at it.

picture via gothamist, too.

November 20, 2008


We love Ben, Todd P, and Gavin.... but didn't we cover this like 5 years ago in our send-up The Hipster Handbook? Let's move on.

[hat tip, Williamsburg Is Dead]

November 17, 2008

Who's Your Daddy?


If you part your hair to the side and frequent Daddy's, you might be a daddy. Read's from Craigslist:

So we hooked up about three weeks ago on a weeknight after we met at Daddy's. I remember we both had work the next day. We talked for a while (about our jobs and the election) before moving along... I think we really had something. It may have been sex, because I'm pregnant. I thought you were very cute--average build and your hair was parted to one side. I remember you were really sweet and I hope you send me an email so we can do it again.

And by "do it again" she means get naked....or deposit your first of a lifetime of child payments. Somebody man up.

Picture via bitchcakesny

November 15, 2008

Cops Ticketing Cyclists?

image c/o drunkandincharge

From a tipster

I was riding my bike over the Williamsburg bridge today and I cut across the sidewalk behind continental army plaza to get to the street. I was on the sidewalk for a stretch of about 10 feet and there were no pedestrians in sight. Suddenly, a cop across the street yelled at me to get off my bike and produce identification. He then proceeded to write me not just a ticket, but an actual court summons for riding my bike on the sidewalk. While he was getting my information, two other cops emerged and stopped more cyclists. With the gang activity we often hear about near the bridge, I was confused as to why cops were prioritizing bike infractions at an area that wasn't particularly crowded, and I asked the officer about it. He actually apologized to me for writing the ticket (I didn't even know this was a law), telling me he was just doing his job and that the officers were specifically instructed to target cyclists for several hours. "Everyone in this neighborhood has a bicycle, so we are starting to spend more energy on bicycle infractions. Expect to see more of this in the future and stay off the sidewalks." Whatever. I guess the city is broke, after all. So much for being green, and it seems awfully silly to target cyclists for riding on the sidewalk when they won't even build us bike lanes

November 14, 2008

Restaurant Opening: Santorini Grill

image c/o Gowanus Lounge, Bob Guskind

There's a new Greek joint on Grand. More information and a menu in our restaurant section. Has anybody been? If so, let us know what you think in comments. For now, it's cash only with no booze until December. As always, let us know if we've missed any recent bar or restaurant openings.

November 05, 2008

Police Brutality On Bedford?

We didn't witness any problems, but reports are rolling in about police brutality last night on Bedford. From our comments:

Things I witnessed:
- An officer striking the ground with his steel baton in an attempt to intimidate, breaking several glass bottles which sent shards everywhere.
- A photographer was slammed up against a trashcan, shattering his camera.
- A young girl curled in the fetal position was hit three times by an officer with a baton as her protesting boyfriend was dragged away.
- A man carrying his dog was cross-checked from behind by a cop's baton, causing him to drop his dog.

That said, I saw exactly one bottle thrown. And was into a garbage truck as it drove by.

When I first saw the violence directed at civilians, I called 911 and filed an internal affairs investigation. The detective on the line asked me for badge numbers and I gave him as many as I could.

Let us know what you saw.

UPDATE: From YouTube: "Unfortunately my camera crapped itself and you can only see the edges but 4 cops are beating up some guy for apparently not clearing the road fast enough... you can HEAR whats happening even if you can't see it.. and there were at least 11 other people filming so there will be other footage. the inexplicable way "Yes we can!" turns into "Yes we can be assholes"

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October 29, 2008

Kayrock's Election-Themed Monster Prints


From Kayrock's website

Espeis archetype invited Kayrock Screenprinting to create a mural outside their gallery. With Halloween and the presidential election just around the bend, we created a wheat paste mural that combines 35 looming issues with 20 leering monster heads. All prints are 3 colors on text weight 19"x25" paper.

Monsters were drawn by Wolfy Part II, Karl "Kayrock" LaRocca, Zach Lehrhoff, Anna Haifisch, Christeen Francis and Brady Dollarhide. Looming issues were provided by the times, the media, the presidential candidates and you.

Barack Obama has a plan that addresses 25 pressing issues. McCain's plan only deals with three.

We will have monster head prints for sale at:
Prints Gone Wild
Supreme Trading
213 North 8th, Williamsburg Brooklyn
Saturday Nov 1 (6pm-midnight) and Sunday Nov 2 (12-6pm)

More monster heads and a shot of the mural at

October 22, 2008

Hey dude can I use your bathroom...

2008_10_Bedford Catch.jpg

Are you looking for an apartment in the heart of Williamsburg for New Jersey prices? Then look no further, because for $550 you can live one block from North 6th and Bedford! Just don't raise a fuss about living in someone's windowless kitchenless basement bathroom. But hey, look at the upside, utilities are included! Curbed notes, "It is a short trip to the toilet if you need to hurl after a long night at Supreme Trading, and if it's projectile and your aim is good, you might not even have to get out of bed." Looks like the original Craiglist post was removed.

October 08, 2008

The Wild Frontier of Sports: Dodgeball

Good Magazine's new video series, The Wild Frontier of Sports, spotlights the McCarren Park Kickball games. Michael Phelps even makes a cameo! Check it out...

I'd embed it, but its just too big for our narrow blog aisles. (Good, give me customization options, damnit!)

UPDATE: Good is great! Here's the video, customized to fit FREEwilliamsburg (w/ description):

Anyone who remembers childhood as a time of innocence and joy was never on the wrong side of a dodgeball. If you ever packed a few extra pounds in grade school, chances are the specters of those stinging rubber balls haunt you to this day. But for the past three summers, young Brooklynites have been turning up at McCarren Park Pool to re-brand dodgeball as a sport where ex-bullies and fat kids can come together over a beer or six and have some good clean fun. We take you into the fray in our new video series: The Wild Frontier of Sports.

October 07, 2008

Burger, BBQ, We've Got the Best in New York!

img via roboppy

A quick congrats to Fette Sau (best BBQ) and Dumont Burger (best burger) for bringing some Zagat medals home. From NYDailyNews:

Fette Sau in Williamsburg, which earned 24 out of 30, offers the city's best place "for pigging out" on barbecue, according to Zagat. "That's nice, very cool," said owner Joe Carroll, who opened the restaurant a year and half ago. The barbecue is so good, Carroll tells customers not to use a lot of sauce on his tasty meat - including such unusual offerings as pork belly, pig's tail, lamb shank and tongue. The city's best burger - served on a brioche bun with house-made pickles - was found nearby at DuMont, which also earned a 24 rating. "[That's] nice but not surprising," said James Garvey, manager of DuMont, which opened in Williamsburg seven years ago. "We've worked really hard."

We're proud of you :)

October 03, 2008

Welcome New Residents


One way to let it be known that you're new in town, is to welcome everyone else to your universe. It's kinda like Mr. Rogers taking his magical trolley into that crazy world on the other side of the wall, and saying, "Welcome to my neighborhood, puppets!". That's what Williamsburg's newest clothing shop Summer Friday chose to do, by papering telephone polls around the area with the above sign. They're offering "contemporary clothing for gentlemen & gentlewomen", and are located at 560 Lorimer St., just by the Metro Ave. stop. On behalf of the residents of Williamsburg, thanks Summer Friday, it's great to be here!

via Racked

October 01, 2008

Restaurant News

Walter Foods — image c/o NY Mag

There are a couple of new restaurants opening up in the hood. Getting the most buzz is the raw bar Walter Foods on 253 Grand Street. Here's what NY Mag says:

Finally, the raw bar the kids in Williamsburg have long demanded! Balthazar bartender Danny Minch and Barrio Chino owner Dylan Dodd have opened Walter Foods at 253 Grand Street. Justin Ernsberger, formerly of Clinton Street Baking Company and Aqua Grill, brings his love of sea creatures to the menu -- lobster appears in five dishes. This is good news for anyone on the L train looking to score some clam chowder this fall; if you're not, there's a burger and fried chicken and some steaks for you. Given Minch's former life as a bartender, it's no surprise that the cocktail menu is more robust, if not a little old-timey: See Sling, Singapore for details.
More info on Walter Foods here.

Also, for those of you who miss the Brick Over Gallery (we sure do), its former owner just opened a new joint called Kenny's Trattoria. Here's what the owner has to say:

Kenny's Trattoria is an Italian restaurant with a menu offering homemade pasta dishes, including a homemade ravioli of the day, and several chicken, pork, beef and seafood dishes. Patrons of Brick Oven Gallery will recognize some of the dishes such as the Brooklyn Caviar, Brick Oven Shrimp, Orichietti and the same over sized salads.
More info on Kenny's Trattoria here.

On another note, a new brick oven restaurant called Motorino opens on Friday. It's on the corner of Graham & Ainslie. And speaking of brick oven pizza, we've been addicted to Barosa. It's just a block away from Motorino on Graham and it's definitely worth a visit. Stick to the basics--eggplant parmesan, pastas, the sausage pizza is heavenly--and you'll be delighted.

September 23, 2008

I Shoot Hipsters T-Shirt

Get it while its hot, at Hoodman. If anyone can make me a "I throw PBR cans at the Real World cast members" T-shirt print pattern, I'll make you king/queen of FREEwilliamsburg for the week. Then, maybe we'll actually print it.


Found via I Heart Cool Stuff

September 03, 2008

Nuclear Williamsburg

Is Williamsburg radioactive?

In the not-too-distant future we may see “luxury-style” condos on top of the lot that used to host a facility for low-level radioactive waste and toxic chemicals.

Soon, Curbed will be following the construction of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's new condo complex, while we all go hide in our refrigerators like Indiana Jones.

Graffiti Book's Marketing Campaign is Not Terrorism!

photo via flickr user yzzordorex

Graffiti legend Dumar Brown (aka Nov) has been globetrotting and spreading the word of his new book, The World Screaming Nov, the way he knows best. Graffiti reading "World Screaming Nov", or to some, "World Screaming Nov 11", is just a little bit of marketing, and not to be mistaken for some grim warning of an impending attack. I found this photograph on Flickr of the message painted on a wall in Williamsburg, this one at an intersection along Kent Ave. Similar messages have also been seen throughout Brooklyn and even in Paris (via Gothamist).

The Brooklyn Paper has Brown defending himself, saying "It was just an advertisement. I didn’t have permission, but then again nobody ever asked me if it was OK that they put billboards up in my sight. I’m not a vandal."

90210 Billboard Doesn't Quite Fit In

Photo c/o The Brooklyn Paper / Allison Bosworth

The Hasidic community in Williamsburg is a bit up in arms recently over the addition of this sexified 90210 billboard looming over the neighborhood and their stretch of the BQE. A local rabbi gave the reasoning to the Brooklyn Paper:

In Jewish law, it is forbidden to see any part of a lady that is not dressed — and having men and women swimming together is also not permissible, even if they are fully clothed,” said Rabbi David Niederman, president of the United Jewish Organization

Nobody's returning any phone calls. But now that the premiere's come and gone, it'll most likely be taken down quietly one night without noise nor fuss. Offensive? Or maybe just a bit of New York seeping east...

September 02, 2008

Lots Of Williamsburg Culinary News...

Via BrooklynBased:

Balthazar alum Danny Minch is opening a Blue Ribbon-style, casual fine dining restaurant in the space across from Clem’s. Minch recruited his chef from Clinton Street Baking Company, and rumor has it that Walter Foods, named after his bulldog Walter, a neighborhood fixture, will offer a slice of birthday cake on the dessert menu each evening. Mmmmm, birthday cake.
More news (and the status of Pies n Thighs) at BrooklynBased.

August 28, 2008

In Williamsburg, It's Like The 80's All Over Again

And this time we're not talking about the haircuts and post-punk reemergence. From Metro

Crime has become a hot topic in Williamsburg -- especially tales of machete-wielding kids roaming the streets.

Williamsburg’s 90th police precinct has experienced the sharpest rise in crime since last year of any neighborhood in Brooklyn, making some locals nervous. “My friend said they’re attacking white hipster boys on bikes,” Neil Campbell, a tattooed South Fourth Street resident who fit that bill, said. ...

“Gang violence in the community [has] re-emerged into something we haven’t seen since the 1980s,” said William Orellana of community group El Puente.

Last month, Richard Duran, 22, who residents say was not a gang member, was shot at the bus depot on the South Side near the Williamsburg Bridge. Some believe the shooter was a member of the PBGs, or Pretty Boy Goons. Later that night, young men with machetes -- allegedly Trinitarios -- slashed two people on South Third Street near Bedford Avenue.

August 22, 2008

Greenpoint Glam Favs, Semi Precious Weapons, Getting Evicted

Semi Precious Weapons
image c/o The Brooklyn Paper / Allison Bosworth

From The Brooklyn Paper:

Justin Tranter, lead singer of the quartet, Semi Precious Weapons, rents an illegal 1,800-square-foot loft in the shadow of the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant for six years -- but he and his bandmates received a 30-day eviction notice earlier this month...

“Things are going well for us, but we aren’t a famous band yet, so we don’t have any money,” the oft-stilettoed singer said. “This city just isn’t about artists being able to live fabulously anymore.”

That may sound sad coming from Tranter, whose band was named “best local rockers” by the Village Voice and have made more appearances on the blog than, well, Paris Hilton. But, unfair as this may sound, there just aren’t mega-millions to be made in recreating the sound that made David Bowie so fabulous in the 1970s.

The band can barely scrape up the $1,400 monthly rent, which is less than half the market rate for Greenpoint lofts....

“Everyone knows that Greenpoint is changing,” said the spandex-clad Tranter, whose band is considering moving to (gasp) New Jersey. “It’s no longer for artists here. You used to be able to move here and figure it out, but it costs too much now. Now you have to have a plan, you have to have a job, and you have to have rich parents. We don’t have any of those, so we don’t know what to do.”

You Tube eviction announcement after the jump.

Continue reading "Greenpoint Glam Favs, Semi Precious Weapons, Getting Evicted" »

August 20, 2008

d.b.a. Opening New Location In Williamsburg

Looks like d.b.a. will be giving Radegast Hall a run for the money. From a tipster.

I went to dba last night on 1st ave, and there was a sign there saying a new d.b.a location will be opening up on north 7th street between Berry and Wythe.

August 18, 2008

From Williamsburg to Afghanistan

image by matthew nauser & nymag

Benjamin Shih, owner of Sweet Up's and Royal Oak, talks with New York Magazine about his life in the National Guard, and how a $150,000 "Patriot Express" business loan helped him expand what New York Mag calls his "hipster-bar mini-empire".

How does one go from Williamsburg to the front lines of the war of terror? According to Shih, It's all a part of the American Dream.

Shih’s family arrived from Taipei in 1968. “It was the American Dream,” he says. Shih went on to get both a law degree and tattoos, and then worked for Lexis-Nexis. He wanted to be his own boss, and in 2002, he used his savings to open Sweet Up’s. But he always wanted to be in the military, too; he identifies with his fellow soldiers. “They’re often poor, they value education, obligation—the social contract,” he says. “I have a foot in both worlds.”

He's likely to be shipped off to Afghanistan next year.

Read the rest at New York Mag.

August 11, 2008

Top Cheflebrity Spotting

As reported here, the Top Chef contestants have taken up temporary residency just north of McCarren Park. Restless has the first pictures. Now we know who to look for when running at the track.

August 08, 2008

THIS WEEKEND: There's More Going On Than All Points West



  • All Points West begins. Tonight, Radiohead is headlining. Single-day tickets appear to be sold out for Saturday's show.
    more information at
  • 12 Ophelias - a free play at McCarren Park Pool
    From TheaterMania
    The Brooklyn-based theatre company, Woodshed Collective, presents the premiere of Caridad Svich's Twelve Ophelias, directed by Teddy Bergman, as a free event at McCarren Park Pool.
    Twelve Ophelias centers on Hamlet's Ophelia coming back to life, out of the water, to try to overcome her history and forge a new destiny for herself. She finds herself in an Appalachian Elsinore, Denmark by way of Deliverance -- where Gertrude runs a brothel, Hamlet and Horatio slum it, and nothing is what it seems. In this squarely American and gritty interpretation of the Hamlet myth, Twelve Ophelias asks how it is possible to break old cycles and start afresh when the past so completely permeates your life. Twelve Ophelias features a live and local roots/bluegrass band, The Jones Street Boys, performing new original music.

    Cost: Free but tickets can be reserved here. Time: 8pm
    more information at
  • dimensionals.jpg
    by Damon Ginandes

  • Dimensionals: Works by Damon Ginandes
    Art Break Gallery, 195 Grand Street, 2nd floor

    This is a great show that opened last weekend. (We forgot to post about it).

    Gallery Hours: everyday, except Tuesdays, from 1 to 7pm, Cost: Free
    more information at

  • ----------------------

  • Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival at The Yard in Redhook
    From Flavorpill
    The Yard's rapidly becoming the go-to venue for summer ragers -- this afternoon, it plays host to a grip of live bands and DJs in celebration of BK's neon splendor. Get your bounce on with Venezuelan booty-ravers Todosantos, check the onstage gymnastics of Purple Crush, gawk at Aussie duo Lismore's blond-bombshell frontwoman and brooding beatsmith, and thrash to Plant Music's digital-era rockers the Glass. Selectors Treasure Fingers, Cobra Krames, and Finger on the Pulse provide a few more opportunities to put your back into it. With giveaways from Ableton, Miller, and Local Tourist and a bike-wash benefit for the raucous DIY Showpaper kids, this tech-o-thon makes for a perfect Saturday on the Gowanus Canal.

    Time: noon–9pm, Price: $15 / $10 advance
    more information at the
  • ----------------------

    Langhorne Slim

  • Felice Brothers with Langhorne Slim, Eli "Paperboy" Reed & The True Loves, and Deer Tick at McCarren Park Pool
    From Flavorpill
    While it's unusual for a band to set up an impromptu performance in Bryant Park in the midst of the weekday lunch rush, alt-folk threesome Langhorne Slim have a history of popping up in unexpected places. The bluesy, freewheeling band from Brooklyn recently made appearances on NPR and Letterman in support of its new self-titled album on Kemado. Some of Langhorne's lovelorn, banjo-laced melodies celebrate infatuation's all-consuming effects, while others sardonically confront life's rocky road. Whatever the mood, each song is arranged expertly while maintaining the foot-stompin' delivery of a hoedown on Ma and Pa's front porch. Sunday's Pool Party hootenanny also features the Felice Brothers, and likeminded country rockers Deer Tick.

    Time: 2–8pm, Price: FREE
    more information at
  • August 06, 2008

    La Superior


    A new restaurant opened in Williamsburg on Monday. It's called La Superior and its specialty is Mexican street food. Looks like the taco truck is going to have some competition. From The Brooklyn Paper

    If you want authentic Mexican food in Williamsburg, look no further than the street -- Berry Street, that is. La Superior... serves Mexican “comida corrida y callejera,” or Mexican diner and street food, in a colorful eatery that is designed to evoke images of a typical Mexican dive bar or butcher shop. The food is “truly Mexican, without any pretense,” according to owner Iris Avelar, and ranges from savory snacks like “ezquites” -- cups of cooked corn kernels with Mexican mayo, cheese and lime -- to entrees like “pollo encacahuatado” -- chicken with mole peanut sauce and broccoli, carrots and potatoes -- or the exotic “nopal asado con queso” -- grilled cactus with melted cheese. The menu will change regularly, but you can count on staples like beans, tacos and quesadillas. La Superior hasn’t gotten its liquor license yet, but they do have a juice bar, serving fresh drinks like “liquado de mamey” -- a sweet melon smoothie -- and Mexican “limonada,” which Avelar assured GO Brooklyn is “a really amazing lemonade like you’ve never had in your life.” For those Williamsburg bar-hoppers in search of something fast and fried, the restaurant is open till 1 am on weekdays and 2 am on weekends, and will also serve brunch on the weekends.
    For the time being it is dine-in only and BYOB. Delivery and take-out will be available soon.

    If you've been, let us know what you think in our restaurant section. More information on La Superior (and a menu) here.

    August 01, 2008

    The Sub-Neighborhoods Of Greenpoint

    This is hilarious.

    July 24, 2008

    Heath Ledger's Posthumous Nautical Bar

    Five Leaves Bar

    Coming to Greenpoint soon. From Down by the Hipster

    This small space on the corner of Bedford and Lorimer is tentatively called The Five Leaves, and will be opened by one of Heath Ledger's close friends. The late actor, who's last movie is obviously doing pretty well, was a key backer of the the project and was going to be a full partner. His untimely death put the project in jeopardy, but his father became executor of the estate and because he knew how much the project meant to heath, he released the funds to finish construction. The name Five Leaves is a working name, and comes from Swan cigarette papers that tell you when there are just five left in a package. A bit later, we will take you inside the nautically themed cafe and bar.
    More pictures here.

    July 23, 2008

    Williamsburg's Best Pizza Joint, Brick Oven Gallery, Closes

    From our comments.

    Hi All. Brick Oven Gallery had its last day and served its last pizza on 7.20.08. My Uncle owns the place so I would know. We ended on a good note with all of our regular customers there to help us mark the day. It was sort of bittersweet. We hopefully will be relocating within a month. We just wanted everyone to know we officially closed and are absolutely no longer at 33 Havemeyer St. Thank you to all of our loyal customers and we look forward to seeing you soon!

    July 22, 2008

    Sonic Youth To Close Out McCarren Park Pool Concert Series

    Sonic Youth at McCarren in '07, image c/o Flickr

    Looks like it will be the last concert, um, EVER at McCarren Park Pool—*weep*—but Sonic Youth has just announced a show on August 30th. Tickets go on sale Friday at noon.

    There have been petitions floating around at the Pool Parties to keep the venue as a concert space, but we're not holding our breath. Looks like the kiddie urinal is on its way. The good news is the free shows may be transferred to Bushwick Inlet Park in 2009.

    Also just announced, The Felice Brothers are headlining a free JellyNYC Pool Party with Langhorne Slim, Eli "Paperboy" Reed & The True Loves, Deer Tick, and DJ Kool Kear on August 10th.

    More information at

    July 16, 2008

    Obama Addresses New Yorker Cartoon

    We're glad to see Obama addressing the elephant in the room and stand up for the Muslim community. Apparently it's news to America, but not all Muslims are terrorists. In case you missed it, here was Barry Blitt's response yesterday.

    June 06, 2008

    This Weekend: Bushwick Arts Festival

    From the event's website:

    Neighborhood artists will open their studios Saturday June 7th and Sunday the 8th from 12 to 7pm. Hundreds of artists will be showing work in their own studios and in group shows at venues in the neighborhood. There will also be dozens of artist-organized events throughout the weekend.
    More info here.

    May 28, 2008

    McCarren Park Free Sunday "Pool Parties" Schedule

    JellyNYC just released the official schedule (with a few TBA surprises still to come.) More at

    May 13, 2008

    Real World Coming to Williamsburg?


    God, we sure hope so. You know, so we can make fun of them. From Gothamist

    Entering its 21st season, MTV's The Real World returns to New York for a third time...but for the first time it's headed to an outer-borough. That's right, the seven generic, good-looking roommates will be heading to Brooklyn.

    Shooting begins this summer, and will result in 12 hour-long episodes. In the press release we received, Jon Murray, co-creator of the show, says "The Brooklyn season, like the Hollywood season, will focus on what people loved about 'The Real World' when it launched in 1992 - genuine people, meaningful conflict and powerful stories." Really Jon? We're sort of betting it'll be more about the cast taking over bars, fighting with locals, getting drunk and sleeping with roommates -- all as they take their amazingly overpriced living quarters for granted.

    The big question now is: Which part of Brooklyn will have the distinct pleasure of welcoming the new residents? Our guess is they'll be taking over a few luxury condo units in Williamsburg. Perhaps this will unite the hipsters and anti-hipsters of the 'nabe? Either way, get ready to see the production taking over McCarren Pool Parties this summer.

    Of course, this would all be very ironic since MTV threatened us with a lawsuit for running this parody/hoax back in 2000.

    April 21, 2008

    Devo Are Playing McCarren Park Pool


    Tickets go on sale Fri, 04/25/08 10:00 AM. More information at

    Devo on Letterman, 1992:

    April 17, 2008

    Southpaw owner to take over Galapagos space

    From TONY

    TONY has it that Southpaw owner Matthew Roff, currently involved in the final stages of opening new Prospect Heights beer garden Franklin Park, plans to sign a lease tomorrow on the Galapagos space in Williamsburg.
    The name: Natural Selection. “We’re all fans of Darwin, obviously,” says Roff, who will partner with the owners of popular South Slope watering hole Bar Four. “We were originally going to call it Madagascar but we thought that might be too much of a slap in the face.”

    Roff plans to retain the location as a performance space, and tells us the transformation could be “weeks away.” Galapagos, as has been widely reported, will relocate to Dumbo sometime in 2009.

    April 16, 2008

    McCarren Park Pool 2008 Schedule

    McCarren Park Pool

    Since lots of people have been asking about McCarren Park Pool, here's the short answer. Yes, the venue will once again be hosting shows this summer. Sadly, this will be the last summer to enjoy live concerts. [Full story here]. We'll be maintaining the calendar at

    Beginning in June, JELLYNYC and Helio will be hosting free Pool Parties on Sundays. Meanwhile, Ticketmaster will be selling shamefully overpriced tickets for the shows they represent as well. Hopefully, Live Nation won't be transforming McCarren Park into patchouli-infested hacky sack land again this year by booking jambands.

    Confirmed shows thus far include Wilco, M.I.A. and Hold Steady. There are some pretty cool rumors circulating too. Visit for the full schedule.

    [Note: this will also be our last summer to maintain, so attention real estate moguls, we're accepting your highest bid on the site.]

    March 16, 2008

    New Restaurant: Fiore

    image c/o City Search

    There's a great new Italian restaurant on Grand Street, called Fiore. We just got around to posting a menu this weekend. Check it out while the prices remain reasonable since this place is already becoming a local favorite. More information here.

    Also, now you can search our restaurant section to check out what's new and what's recommended. We're overdue to check out Air Pizza, if not for the logo alone.

    image c/o

    March 14, 2008

    Art Talk: John Kessler

    The always great has a great series on one of Williamsburg's first artists, John Kessler. You can check out part one below and the complete series here. Their Soft Focus interview series, hosted by Ian Svenonius of The Make-Up and Nation of Ulysses, is worth checking out as well. Interviewees thus far include Chan Marshall, Will Oldham, Ian Mackaye and many more.

    February 29, 2008

    Hotel Delmano

    Hotel Delmano, image c/o Noah Kalina

    We've been meaning to post about Williamsburg's latest fancy drink establishment, Hotel Delmano. Has anyone been? Let us know in our revamped bar section.

    February 27, 2008

    Pampa Grill

    Pampa Grill
    image c/o City Search

    There's a new South American/Argentinian Steakhouse on Graham Ave. Has anyone been? Let us know what you think in our restaurants section.

    February 25, 2008

    Bridge Vineyards Urban Winery


    image c/o Eater

    A new urban winery just opened beneath the Williamsburg Bridge. Has anyone been? Let us know what you think. Address, reviews and more information here.

    February 11, 2008

    Williamsburg Brooklyn Hotels

    Visit our new Williamsburg Brooklyn hotel and hostel listings at

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