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They Might Be Giants
appearing at PNH
Sunday, August 5th
Last month we erroneously ran a link to an article in the New York Times under the headline "Polish National Home Bought by Tramps Owner." This rumor had been surfacing for a while in the neighborhood and we ran the headline without checking our facts thoroughly.

Anyway, the story is this, Steve Weitzman (former Tramps club promoter) will indeed be booking shows at the venue, but the Polish National Home at 261 Driggs Avenue has NOT changed hands. In fact, we recently received information from the Director of the Polish National Home, Mark Chroscielewski, stating that not only has the PNH not been sold but that there is no intention of selling the home in the future.

Weitzman who is currently the promoter for the Village Underground reportedly has ambitious plans for the promotion of this new club at the PNH that will be called Warsaw and we look forward to seeing some great music come to the neighborhood. Having visited this landmark venue in the past, we give it our full endorsement and are excited to see it grow.

Look for a full article next month on the rising music scene in Williamsburg and Greenpoint. There is seemingly a new music venue opening up every weekend as the neighborhood continues to become more popular.

Visit the Polish National Home (also known in Polish as Dom Narodowy) by clicking here. And don't miss the benefit concert for BARC (Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition) featuring They Might Be Giants this Sunday, August 5.


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