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We are Afraid of You

Dear Free Williamsburg,

Hey. I'd like y'all to buy my work. I'm gonna be very famous one day either from my art or writing or acting or comedy or cult leading or serial killing. Which ever comes first, but I know in the darkest & deepest depths of my bowels(trust me, they're very dark & deep) that it's gonna happen. As soon as I get a camera I'll send some stuff ok? Thanks.
--name withheld

Lots of People Said This:

Dear Free Williamsburg,

Hello, freewilliamsburg. I continue to enjoy reading some of your articles. However, I don't agree with your musical choices, i.e. the 10 top bands/albums of 2002. I definitely think Interpol should have been number one over the Liars. They are that good. Thanks for listening.
--name withheld


Dear Free Williamsburg,

Just writing in response to your top ten list. It's total amateur hour over there. Did you count how many times the writer used the word "dorky" to describe albums? I didn't either, but one is too many. He has no sense of professionalism. The writer is probably one of those guys who was the pathetic loser geek in high school and now can pretend to be cool cos he can hide behind the jaded indie-rock-writer mystique. Whoop dee whoop.
--Sincerely, Lynn

PC comments?:

Dear Free Williamsburg,

Good reviews of the bar/restaurant scene. I feel it is a better site than billburg.com. You all do a good job of easily laying out the format of the site. Thanks for actually telling how much beer and food prices are. In this AL Qeada economy, many people want to know that. There are countless sites that do not get into specifics. List of menus is fantastic-keep it up. Just spare us the PC comments about bars with blacks and hispanics. If it has a certain racial/ethnic mix-so be it. Don't force everyone to "like" it. Some will and some won't-even in the burg.

--Bob Macron-bklyn

Damn G:

Dear Free Williamsburg,

Perhaps J. Stefan Cole should learn how to spell "Muhammad Ali" (as opposed to "Mohammed Ali") before using him as an example to defend such a mind-boggling silly book as "Africa Speaks". If there is anything worse than a book wrote in "black voice" by a white author pontificating on "hip-hop" and the state of black youth (from what he's "heard in the streets") it's got to be another white person reviewing the book and defending it while misspelling "Muhammad Ali".

--name withheld

To the Spelling Whiz,
My apologies for misspelling Mr. Ali's name (AFRICA SPEAKS, Mark Goldblatt). A typo is a typo. While we're at it, how about grammatical correctness: I quote you: "If there is anything worse than a book wrote in "black voice"..." The trouble with stones is they can so easily fly back at you. Also, if you look at the heading, I write non-reviews. I don't defend or denounce books. I discuss them. But thanks for the mail anyway. PS: How do you know if I'm black or not? By my ink?

--J Stefan Cole

It's Ok To Be a Dumbass, You're Just a Teenager

Dear Free Williamsburg,

i think you are all completely sick and twisted yuppies with nothing better to do besides live off of your hard-working parents and piss off the neighbors around you. you're probably all the people who complained about how cliche high-school was and here you are creating another sub-culture of unintelligent sounding slang and a breeding place for some people with an extremely horrible sense of fashion. if you're going to act like you're still fifteen then please try not to impose your immaturity on the rest of the neighborhood, i've had enough of taking the L home and getting funny looks because i am in fact a teenager and have a right to be bobbong between fashion and political statements. -
--williamsburgh resident

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not necessarily our own, godammit!


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