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Bands Against Bush

Dear Free Williamsburg,

Your concept is Juvenile and silly. If I throw down more than $30.00 for a ticket, I don't want to hear the performers' rants and raves. Please consider more respect for the audiences, and please consider what you may be doing negatively to the career of some musician that considers it hip to support causes that he knows little about. Don't forget what happened to Danny Glover.


--Sincerely, Gary L. DeClue


Dear Free Williamsburg,

FYI: dizzee rascal didn't get shot [as we suggested] he got stabbed in ayia napa alledgedly by c-one from london collective north star entertainment, who was apparently under the influence of so solid crew's asher d, who was a bit pissed that dizzee had 1: become popular, and 2: pinched so solid crew's lisa maffia on the bottom. how rude. hope that was helpful,



Calling Bush a Pig Fucker Makes Us Slanted?

In your "About Us" section you state - "We do not want direction, a mission,
or a political slant. We want to be open."

But then on your mainpage you have a huge "Bands Against Bush" article
(which was very good by the way), and "Bush Rhymes With Pig Fucker" on the
top. It doesn't seem like you're doing a very good job with not having a
political slant.

I'm not disagreeing with your stand, by the way. I just want to read about
music and movies and find a new place to drink a fabulous cocktail. You
cover stuff I love. I just don't love having anyone's politics in my face.

Thanks for my 2 cents. And the Belle and Sebastian record was the best last
year, and yes - thank you for having the balls to say the Outkast record has
a lot of crap mixed in with the brilliance.

--Allison Reynolds

Editor's Note: When we first launched the site in 1998 it was our intent to provide a forum for good writing, regardless of political affiliation. I always find it enriching to read articles and essays written from a counter-perspective as opposed to solely liberal articles which merely reinforce my own opinions. We live in a very liberal community and frankly rarely get submissions from conservatives, only hate mail. In the past two years, I have been appalled by the trampling of the Constitution by the five riders of the Apocalypse (George W. Bush, John Ashcroft, Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld, Dick Cheney) and have become more open about my discontent. We have removed the line in our dated About Us statement that suggested we have no political bias. We are still open to running counter opinions, should we receive them.



Disclaimer from the Editor:
Opinions addressed in FREEwilliamsburg are
not necessarily our own, godammit!

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