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House of Distraction

V/A (Schematic)

For the third year in a row, Schematic Records has dropped another amazing compilation of mind-expanding techno and hip hop-influenced metal machine music. Following on the heels of their previous compilations, 1999's Ischemic Folks and 2000's Lily of the Valley, 2001's House of Distraction once again proves that this Miami-based camp has the dopest digital beats you're likely to hear this year. Once again, it compiles some of its heavyweight artists, such as the ever-present RICHARD DEVINE and TAKESHI MUTO, with new artists from its ever-expanding roster. There are some surprise contributions from Schematic-friends MATMOS and RADIO BOY, and expectation-surpassing tracks from their sophomore superstars 09 and DELAROSA & ASORA, both highlights from Lily of the Valley.

The only thing missing from this year's Schematic comp are contributions from the label's supergroup, Phoenecia. As if an attempt to make us crave their upcoming Brown Out cd, the lack of their bold, hyper-chaotic presence ultimately leaves Distraction without the edge the previous compilations enjoyed. Otherwise, this collection is just as inventive, and its more subdued moments top-notch in the digital-architecture department.

JAKE MANDELL's two contributions, sounding hauntingly-similar to Truth Is Born of Arguments-era Locust with their swelling choruses and dark moods, comes closest to exposing the inner-soul of cold machine funk. 09's delightful "Happy Bot" is a shuffling, shimmering pop song that sticks out like a ray of sunshine among the many thunderstorms found elsewhere on Distraction. Anyone familiar with Atlanta-native Scott Herren's music, won't be surprised to hear that his opening DELAROSA & ASORA track "Paper Rout" is a jazzy head-nodder with resonating, backwords vibes and breath-propelled rhythms. The MANNEQUIN LUNG track "Tea With Jeswa", while befitting in mood, stands out among the pack as this Plug Research artist is alone in applying the clicks and cuts method of minimalism.

There are some interesting experimental numbers, as is to be expected, but fortunately House of Distraction comes through in the big beat department. In Phoenecia's absense, and as always, TAKESHI MUTO comes through with the chest-pounding, rhythm-workout. On "Freeblox", Takeshi nicely crafts a detailed, futuristic hip hop instrumental with his signature, rhythmic sense of melody. The biggest in-your-face freakout comes from OTTO VON SCHIRACH, whose harsh, spastic constructions spew forth digital breakbeats at a dizzying velocity. "Mr. Magnesium Falls In Love", as his track is called, hit me like a rush of caffeine, and left me wanting another fix after the breakbeats sputtered and crashed. It's that particular feeling that makes each new Schematic record so exciting. House of Distraction, as with the previous samplers, alters your psyche in a way that leaves you looking towards the future of electronic music with greater anticipation.

- SK

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