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Super Stars for Cheap
Luxx - July 6, 2002
The Post
W. I. T.

For only $6 you can see the stars of the future at Luxx. And hey, if they don't ever really become superstars, what does it matter if they make it 100% seem like they will be? I'm talking about W. I. T. (pictured)-- that's Whatever It Takes for those who are too slow to figure out the acronym. These are the teasing, glamour-girl seductresses set to enlighten America.

The lead singer, Melissa Burns, is a mix of Blondie and Marilyn Monroe. Sounds like a hit to me. The backup singer-is a rugged Alyssa Milano-and the backup dancer-is the sweetest, prettiest innocence of . . . herself-can't think of someone to judge her by, so she's spared.

They are such huge teases it's unbelievable. They've brought feminine playfulness and the sweet-bad girl persona to a high art. This alone is worth a million dollar income for the sheer mastery of it and for allowing other females and transvestites to learn from it and straight men to indulge in it. They sing-speak with breathy voices or clear 1960s-styled, faux-naïve girl voices, the mike set to a barely-there echo. The backing is all future electro-techy computer sounds-beeps, swishy sounds-energetic drums; happy, future-y keyboards-a very refreshing mix when smashed up against those hot vocals. All three were wearing replicas of the famous Marilyn Monroe dress that is flung up by the subway vent-and they don't play instruments. It's like the Supremes up there. At one point the two backup singers just held up guitars when screaming "It Kills!" Fighting for their right to hold guitars, but not play them. They have semi or fully choreographed dance (pose) routines for all their songs. That night they unleashed their new hit "I Surrender"-the title describes them perfectly-and played old faves like their cover of The Cars "Just What I Needed" and "Bounce"-and I'm not talking fabric softener here-because they "like it". All enough to drive the three straight men, fifty lesbians, and twenty-three bisexuals in the crowd into convulsions.

Earlier that night, around 10 PM, Argentine [pronounced Argen t-eye-n] played music for the broken-hearted. It was very Lemon-Heady, a pinch of Grateful Dead, and very soulful and soothing all the way. A great start for the evening. I highly recommend checking them out if you want high quality, healing music. They had a drummer, a bass player, and a guitarist-singer whose fingers were frozen by the air conditioner blowing directly into them.

Next was a band from Indiana that was on tour-The Post. They were in the process of delivering themselves around the country. Doesn't it suck when a band comes all the way from Indiana and you have no idea, until you end up finding out because you've talked with them? Happens ALL the time. I spoke with Oliver a little bit. Their music reminded me of Radiohead in their screamed-out vocal days (if they ever had such a period). I remember their music having some thrashing sounds to it with some extended vocals-screamed-out parts. Let me tell you, the bands this night were each from different genres, which was hugely entertaining in itself. The Post are alternative industrial, with a bit of mardy-mook-hey, you expect me to describe this stuff?? Check 'em out at after one of their songs. They'll be releasing a couple songs there soon that will have the most primo production quality, Oliver said.

--Alien Rock!

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