My Super-Friend Princess Perilous and I, Ultra Lady, decided to go out superheroine-style and hand out surveys to Clevelanders on the street, to find out how the general public really feels about caped crusaders.

Due to our hectic schedules, we were only able to try out our new identities for an hour or so, but managed to get 45 surveys filled out and pick up lots of interesting comments from passersby.


Initially, we had hoped to take out superlady roles to the next level: helping old ladies across the street, assisting small children in search of their parents, that kind of thing. Once we entered the public sphere however, it became clear that such actions might get us beat up rather than garnering gratitude. Many parents with small children shot us alarmed looks and pulled their youngsters in the opposite direction. Can't say I blame them, really: with our brightly colored tights, hot pants and black wigs we sort of resembled the Power Puff Girls' delinquent older sisters. During our first five minutes on the street, a carload of guys drove by, yelling "Hey, superman!" as we approached our first survey filler-outer: a nice woman with two little dogs.

At first we drew a large crowd of teenage and twenty-something guys (they just love a girl in uniform, it seems) but soon we were busy accosting all kinds of passers-by, including lots of ladyfriends ranging in age from 14 to 55. We had planned to make our way down the street two blocks to the Arabica coffeehouse, but got so swamped with superlady fans halfway there that we ended up staying put for at least half an hour -- employees from the nearby art supply store and coffeshop even ran out to fill out surveys while they worked. We met all sorts of interesting people: a drunk guy who engaged us in conversation about "superhero day" for several minutes, a lady selling newspapers to support the homeless who couldn't stop laughing...

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