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"Whiskey & Rye" (ra)
  "Emily, O, Emily" (ra)
The Boggs are utterly true to their roots, and tracing the lineage of American Music to it's next place. We spoke with Jason Friedman about "O' Brother Where Art Thou" and the Nashville Machine:

FW: The Boggs remind us of the Pogues who likewise took traditional music and made it a little more punk rock. Is your name a play on words.... the bluegrass Pogues, or are you all just big Dock Boggs fans.

Jason: The band was named after Dock Boggs. I don't think that we actually are a bluegrass band. That was another revival from another time--one centered on purest aesthetics in the face of an increasingly commercial country establishment. I think we look back to an earlier period when country, blues and all of the other rural folk idioms were not so compartmentalized. That music was punk, or Archival No-Wave, we end up being louder and more aggressive because we fail in the same way that the Stones did as a blues band--it's all accidents.

FW: What is your take on the folk, country, and bluegrass revival going on these days?

Jason: Hippies and the Nashville machine ruined so much of what was good about American roots music. Likewise the Rock historians cut out all but the blues from the lineage. It's good that we are all getting past that. I only hope that the O' Brother hillbilly clown doesn't become the accepted personality of country/blues. Those people were serious. I would hate to be sitting next to a young Dock Boggs or Roscoe Holcomb during that movie.

FW: Every band gets influences hung on them, but lets do the opposite. Finish this sentence: "If you hate (insert bands here) you'll love The Boggs"

Jason: If you hate Hank Williams Jr. and/or Soviet, you'll love The Boggs.

FW: Would you rather open for Ralph Stanley or The Ramones in their prime.

Jason: The WHO, circa 68. I'll just sit and watch Mr. Stanley, thank you.

FW: Being in a band is much better than working a shitty job. What's the
shittiest job you ever had?

Jason: Aurelio Valle of CALLA and I spent a summer day hauling and tossing hundreds of garbage bags stuffed with dirt. That was bad. Busking in the winter is also pretty harsh. My hands were always chapped and cut, but I was my own boss. For sheer drudgery, the hours logged over three years at KIMS was the shittiest.

FW: Do The Boggs have a band van? If so, please describe.

Jason: No.

FW: Who would be your dream cameo on your next record?

Jason: A duet with Chan Marshall.

FW: What's your biggest pop culture vice?

Jason: I am a religious English football fan. A Manchester United supporter. I probably would have been disowned if it had been any other way. My father was a professional footballer back in the old country (South Africa) so I had tales of Georgie Best and Bobby Charlton told to me whilst laying about the crib. Thus I will tuck myself away early on a friday or saturday night so I can awake to watch the footie (sometimes 6:30 a.m.).

What are The Boggs‚ upcoming projects?

Jason: I'm always writing new material and there is already more than enough for a new record. The last record was made quickly (2 days) so I would like to make the next one over a long period of time. We'll see. I have been meaning to do some recording with Phillip of ON AIR LIBRARY, although not necessarily for the public. I've also played some electric guitar in our new Banjo player Dave DeVoid's band CAUSE FOR APPLAUSE. It's very much on the Richard Hell/Gang of Four side of things. So far Dave has been pretty set on only playing secret shows in burned-out warehouses, but he may be doing an e.p. and i may or may not play on that.

FW: Would you say your music comes from the heart, the soul, or the loins?
Please explain.

Jason: :Fucking hell! Your'e not getting me to fall for your Cartesian delusions.

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