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To say that Oneida "rocks" is accurate, but entirely too simple. Oneida roars.
Their own Fat Bobby spoke to us about being loud, rock critics, and the future of Oneida:

FW: You guys are known for being loud. Are there too many pussy bands coming out of New York these days?

Fat Bobby: Nope. You can never have enough pussy bands. We may be loud and unkempt, but we like OMD as much as the next fella or lass. We like having it all. Plus, it beats having to stomach a bunch of pussy DJs, now, doesn't it?

FW: People call Oneida neo-punk and/or garage rock. Have you actually ever practiced in a garage?

Fat Bobby: Well, we do rehearse in a loading dock. Our recording studio is in said loading dock. And we've played an awful lot of shows in garages, loading docks, warehouses, and a foundry. However, it's important to note that all these garages were built to accomodate large trucks, not just wood-paneled station wagons. I sure hope this convinces a bunch of brilliant rock critics to start calling our music "industrial".

FW: Every band gets influences hung on them, but lets do the opposite. Finish this sentence: "If you hate (insert bands here) you'll love Oneida."

Fat Bobby: Okay: "If you hate (insert bands here) you'll love Oneida", unless you're a major-label A&R guy, in which case you're fucked."

FW: We hear that Oneida recently lost a member? Who was it and what happened?

Fat Bobby: That would be PCRZ, who has decided to focus on his country music exclusively. All of us idiots in Oneida play other music, and have other bands, because life's not complicated enough as it is; Crazee just decided to simplify a little bit. But Oneida is like the proverbial willow tree -- our flexibility is our might. We're also like a willow tree in that we are one of the great icons of pastoral romance. Also, we frequently hang out next to rivers.

FW: Being in a band is much better than working a shitty job. What's the shittiest job you ever had?

Fat Bobby: Hmmm. Before I answer, I'd like to point out that in New York City, being in a band usually entails a commitment to (not exclusion from) shitty jobs. Shittiest of them all would have to be the ones where I had to set an alarm clock. Believe me, Jack, you haven't suffered at a job until you've had to wake up just to get there.

FW: Does Oneida have a band van? If so, please describe.

Fat Bobby: Yes, we do. It is a highly compressed cube of steel, glass and rubber that resides in a Queens scrap yard. It used to be a lovely bone-colored GMC Vandura with a drink-holding credenza and fur on the walls. But it is no longer usable as a vehicle, due to its highly compressed state and its lack of wheels, engine or drivetrain. We currently beg and borrow vehicles to tour. We haven't yet resorted to stealing. yet.

FW: Who would be your dream cameo on your next record?

Fat Bobby: Living: Jim Bouton, author of BALL FOUR. Dead: John Locke, author of SECOND TREATISE OF GOVERNMENT For all I care, they could play tambourine.

FW: What's your biggest pop culture vice?

Fat Bobby: All my vices are "pop culture", although I guess alcohol and drug consumption have long, rich histories interlaced with theology and politics. So I guess everything except alcohol and drugs.

FW: Is rock-stardom bringing in the booty?

Fat Bobby: If by "booty" you mean "goods or property seized by force or piracy," well then, yes. Of course. That's the whole point. Thank you, American Heritage Dictionary, Fourth Edition.

FW: What are Oneida's upcoming projects?

Fat Bobby: We have a new double-LP called "Each One Teach One" that's coming out in April; We're working on the score and soundtrack to a documentary on demolition derby in NJ and Long Island, called "Speedo"; We're writing and recording a baroque-pop album called "The Wedding," probably to be released early 2003 (takes a long time for idiots like us to arrange Left Banke-style string parts, let alone record them);

Other things include a newly-released split single with Brother JT, on the Jagjaguwar label, and a forthcoming split single with the Constantines on ThreeGUT Records out of Toronto.

FW: Would you say your music comes from the heart, the soul, or the loins?

Fat Bobby: Our music comes from head, heart, hands, and health.

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