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We have entered a new, post-Clinton era, a time where all of us non-God fearing heathens must fear the worst. With Bush in office, I am too afraid on some days to pick up the paper. Sometimes the news is just too discouraging on that daily commute into Manhattan. Overnight, the man who promised a moderate four years is quickly becoming the strong-arm for the Religious Right.

Policy on gays in the military and China aside, I had nothing but admiration for most of Clinton's politics and could care less where his dick was. Alexander Laurence, in an eloquent moment stated the positive side to this new age of conservatism by asserting that at least Bush would force the Left out of hiding. Complacency is now prepared to be replaced by activism.

Below are number of links that Pro-Choicers will find helpful on the Web. I would like to run these links on Free Williamsburg in light of the confirmation of Ashcroft and recent legislation attacking a woman's right to choice. Please inform us of any resources we have overlooked.

The National Abortion and Reproductive Actions League




Pro Choice Web Ring

http://www.bust.com/ - who said activism can't be humorous?

Planned Parenthood

(Opinions expressed in Free Williamsburg editorials are not necessarily endorsed by our organization. But then again maybe they are. We are all freelancers godammit!)

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