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Times are tough. A day fails to pass when we don't read about more layoffs, especially in the dot com industry. For many of us this means digging up our old resumes and sending them out again. Monster.com and The Silcon Alley Job Board seem like the best places to start for all you tech nerds (like myself) out there. For a comprehensive resource of online job resources, click here.

Inevitably, the much dreaded cover letters must be written as well. Most resumes that arrive without a cover letter are not even considered by potential employers. Unfortunately, the consensus is writing them is a colossal headache. Because of this, Free Williamsburg wants to include an example of a well-written cover letter that all you techies can use as a template while this diaspora takes place. The cover letter below was received at my last place of employment and is frankly just too perfect to not be authentic. We hope that it is helpful.

And of course, good luck. You are not alone in your search. Just check out the daily postings to Fucked Company to see just who else is going under. They also are featuring a great new game all in the spirit of blowing off some steam.

Hello there -

My name is Arthy and I`m writing to tell you about myself and why I am one of the best applicants. I am young, have great experience, understand the virtual reality inside and out. Always have new ideas (and old too ;).

This is what I can give your company:
- high quality web design with another vision to Internet; your site will be spirited!
- animated banners with high click rates;
- very well and clean HTML/DHTML hand coding;
- Flash animation; - research in Internet;
- hm, hm.. what do you want from me?.................... I can do it!

I live in a very beautiful country, in Russia. For some reasons I am not able to work in your local office. But do not be deeply touched, that`s better for you! You don't need one more place in an office, no social and other expenses for worker. But I'll bet my hat you will feel my virtual presence always!

If you decide to hire an US based web designer you, of course, will be right. But think about me as co- web designer. One designer is good, but two are much better (especially if one of them is me ;)

About salary. Don't worry too much of this. For me money is not the goal, design is the goal.

Shortly speaking, Arthy (that's me) is experienced and always growing web specialist. He has three years solid web experience, proceeded by practical work under the projects, individual customer orders, self study development, personal know-how (not patented). Look no futher, Arthy has the right balance of skills and personal quality to help you. --


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