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At Last, a Club That You Actually Want to Join....
The Screener's Club

Cubemusic at The Screener's Club

Every other week the wonderful people at Level X turn off the World Wrestling Federation, Loony Tunes, and Survivor and hand total control of their giant projection TV over to one man, Steve Lee. Beginning in April and continuing indefinitely, The Screener's Club meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month. The club is a spankin' new forum where independent and amateur film-makers can show off their latest works.

What makes the club so cool is that there are no restrictions on the length or genre or substance of the pieces. There is also no criticism, and no pre-screening of the work. The atmosphere is completely chill and void of attitude. It's about as friendly and low key as it could possibly be.

The club is looking for anything on film. Shorts, animation, experimentals, four hours of static, what-have-you, it's all good. With no restrictions, or screening criteria, the club hopes that anyone with a finished product will feel comfortable submitting their films.

"I really just wanted to create an open and on-going venue where all the local artists could screen their work," Lee told me in a recent interview. And the result is that any one whose got a fascination with film, of any variety, will find something cool to watch at The Screeners Club. Two meetings old at this writing, the club has shown documentaries, narratives, experimental works and even a demonstration of the latest in underwater hi-definition cameras.

In attendence this past Thursday, I saw a wide variety of films. While I'm not sure what I was supposed to glean out of watching two silo's being demolished, I must admit it sure looked cool. A short black and white piece titled I Can Make Things Happen by Steven Eastwood showed some real promise and the experimental American Livin' was disturbingly twisted. I'm still cursed with the image of a two-hundred-pound baby eating plate after plate of spaghetti in a bodega that looks curiously like where I eat lunch.

It was a fairly small, but very dedicated crowd. Most of the people had either submitted a video of their own or were groupies of those who had. Despite this, the energy was high. Over the course of the evening a few stragglers wandered in and by the end of the night we saw a crowd of about twenty. Not too shabby considering there was almost no press about the event.

The next two installments of the club fall on the 9th and 23rd of May. Submissions must be on VHS and are welcome up to the night of the screening, but can also be mailed in advance to the following address:

The Screeners Club
c/o Steve Lee
P.O. Box 1174
Peter Stuyvesant P.O.
New York, NY 10009-1174

They have already received a good number of submissions for the next session, so get them in fast kids! In addition to films, The Screeners Club is dying for volunteers to help out in any way. Steve is currently working the submissions, the equipment, the website and the press releases all on his own. Anyone interested in helping out can contact the club at [email protected]. There is tons more information on the club at the website,, where you can also view many of the movies shown at past meetings.

It's still finding its baby legs, but The Screeners Club is showing a huge amount of promise. With an absence of attitude and a real love of film Steve Lee could very easily turn The Screeners Club into a Williamsburg institution.

-B.C. Edwards


The Screener's Club
Every 2nd and 4th Thursday
8pm - 10pm
At Level X
107 N. 6th St. Williamsburg
between Berry and Wythe Ave. (next to Sweetwater Tavern)


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