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Kill Bill
Written / Directed: Quentin Tarantino
Staring: Uma Thurman, Lucy Liu, David Carradine, Daryl Hannah, Vivica A. Fox
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Tarantino Takes a Sensitive Look At Carnage and Ass Kicking

This is a hard review to write. I hate it when movies use promotional quotes like "Adrenaline pumping," or call their film a "roller-coaster ride," or debase all incarnations of the afterlife with such drivel as "kung-fu heaven!"

When I heard that Tarantino was making another movie I thought it was a mistake. Five years ago, when Jackie Brown finished up its run, he should have stopped. He should have shaved his head, donned an orange dress, run off to Tibet and joined the brotherhood. He should have let his name go down in the annals of cinema as the guy who changed the face of movies and then very wisely stepped aside and never let his name get dirty by making anything terrible (Four Rooms doesn't count).

But he didn't.

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When I heard that the new movie, Kill Bill, was about a woman's quest to kill the guy who murdered all her loved ones on her wedding day, I was concerned. When I then heard that he was splitting the movie up into two parts rather than editing it down to one, and that the parts were being called Volumes 1 and 2 instead of part 1 and part 2, I was even more worried. Worried that this guy's ego, which was never truly in check from the get-go, was out of control with no one to stop it.

It is. The ego which once manifested itself as a bit part in Reservoir Dogs, is now an all encompassing directorial mantle. If this guy used to have a reputation for being an asshole before, just wait till you see what he does now.

His ego rears its head throughout. For example, Instead of just saying "A film by Quentin Tarantino" in the titles, it says "THE FOURTH FILM BY QUENTIN TARRINTINO" as if to remind us that even though we might hate this movie, there are three others before it that we liked. Or that The Bride's (Uma Thurman) real name is bleeped out anytime it's spoken for no apparent reason; it all smacks of a head swelled near the point of bursting. The movie feels far more important than it is.

As the title subtly hints at, in order to succeed, Thurman has to "kill Bill" (by "Kill" we mean kick the ass of kung-fu style for about 20 minutes before delivering one final fatal blow that should have been dealt at the very beginning. By "Bill" we mean David Carredine). In order to do that she first must fight her way through all of Bill's minions. And so we have a movie with all the plot of Mortal Kombat (the video game, not the film). The characters are a little deeper than MK's Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Liu Kang or that guy who can steal your soul, but as you watch the movie you keep expecting some menacing voice to come in over the action with a deep and booming "FINISH HIM."

That all being said, it's a pretty sweet flick replete with over saturated colors, brilliant sets, tight action sequences, a wry sense of humor, everything. It feels like a Tarantino movie through and through. It tops the charts of violence and blood and carnage and action. Not like the Matrix 2, however, where the action is so big it's pointless and stupid. This is a kung-fu movie, through and through, with very few obvious CGI effects. The violence and blood are so constant that they become hilarious. Even if you're squeamish around blood, you'll be laughing at this movie.

One Adrenaline Pumping Roller-coaster Ride Through Kung-fu Heaven

Wee Ha!

One Sagging Face Lift
Uma is starting to look pretty damn tired. Her character, BLEEEP, has been in a coma for four years, and maybe it's just the make-up guys trying to be realistic, but she sure does look it.

Three Hipsters Who Used to be Film Buffs
I'm not sure what important message Tarantino is saying with Kill Bill, but it's damn fun. It lacks the depth of character of Jackie Brown had, and the depth of story of Pulp Fiction, but it's the best big budget movie to come out in a very long time. And I'm pretty excited for the next ego driven action extravaganza of a chapter


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