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Scott Damell

1. How have you been spending your days?
For the first few days after the attacks, my girlfriend and I holed ourselves up in her apartment near Union Square and watched the news nonstop. After a while, we both felt like Axl Rose in the video for "Welcome to the Jungle", so we decided to turn off the news and rent stupid movies for cheap laughs. Still, we had seen the towers burning that morning from the corner of 14th and 6th, and that image was permanently etched in our minds and constantly on the tip of our thoughts. The horror of the collapses, the 24-hour news coverage, the makeshift memorial at Union Square and the constantly rising toll of missing persons were all too much too take and I became mentally exhuasted. I've debated and discussed terrorism, war and politics more than my brain would like me to, so I've decided to get back to normal as best I could, i.e. drinking excessively and making mix cd's for friends.

2. Have you been exercising and doing yoga, or drinking and smoking?
The apocalypse would surely be upon us if I were ever to attend a yoga class.

3. What books, music, or videos have helped you escape the bitter reality of the news?
I picked up two books to help get my mind off of things: "Never Mind Nirvana" by Mark Lindquist and "How to Be Good" by Nick Hornby. As far as music goes, I've been trying to listen to music that does not remind me of the events. For example, Live's "Mental Jewelry" and it's Gulf War references is not currently in my rotation. Here's what's been currently spinning on my headphones: Lenola-- Treat Me to Some Life Sloan-- One Chord to Another Built to Spill-- There's Nothing Wrong WIth Love Afghan Whigs-- 1965 "Pink Houses" (unplugged)-- John Cougar Mellencamp (sorry, it just makes me feel better)

4. What should readers do to have fun in the upcoming days?
Get together with your friends; it reminds you that life is still good and there's a lot of love to go around. There's also a ton of great shows coming up, so try and catch a band or two. I saw Built to Spill last night at Irving Plaza and they closed with the greatest cover of "Freebird" I've ever heard. For the ten or so minutes they were playing it, I completely forgot any of the tragedies that had occured. Probably because I was in total shock that they were actually playing "Freebird".

5. Recommend a tourist attraction, gallery, museum, park, music show, or whatever else you know about going on in New York City.
The CMJ Music Marathon and Film Festival has been rescheduled for October 10-13. If you can get a pass, I'd recommend going. Northsix has some good shows coming up, too. Other than that, bring a good book to Tompkins Square Park, stop reading around 6pm and then head over to Cherry Tavern for a few $4 Specials. I'll be waiting for you at the pool table.

Scott Damell


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