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Mary Ann Christiano

1. How have you been spending your days?
Trying to find work, writing, cooking, seeking comfort from friends/trying to comfort friends.

2. Have you been exercising and doing yoga, or drinking and smoking?
I didn't exercise the week of the tragedy, was too shaken and glued to the news. I started again on Monday. My normal routine of light weights and yoga.

3. What books, music, or videos have helped you escape the news?
Anything light. Stupid magazines that I haven't read since Iwas a teenager, like "Glamour", "Us", "Mademoiselle". TV shows that make me laugh, like "Three's Company" or "Blind Date". Nothing that made me think. Music was another story. I listened to songs that made me thing and got my emotions out: "When the Angels Sing" by Social Distortion; "Open Your Eyes" by Lords of the New Church; "Hate & War" by The Clash, a lot of The Clash in fact.

4. What should readers do to have fun in the upcoming days?
I recommend exercising. It gives you a natural high and helps put your life into perspective. A lot of people are drowning their sorrows in alcohol. I don't think this is too wise.

5. Recommend a tourist attraction, gallery, museum, park, music show, or whatever else you know about going on in New York City.
I don't know about the night life, with so many bands canceling. And who really wants to party at a time like this? Not many. I'd say experience the New York City restaurants. There are so many great ones. I like the ones that feature vegetarian cooking like: Souen (my favourite) Plum Tree, and Candlelight Cafe.

It's extremely hard for me to cope. I'm a freelancer and a lot of companies aren't dealing with business right now. I'm taking one day at a time. Continuing to be healthy as I look for work, take the focus off myself and try to help others. I've been trying to help find WTC pets homes via email.

I've been writing in my Live Journal, relating my feelings to others. I'm rethinking my lifestyle because of the sad economical situation we are facing. I'm considering, for the first time in many years, to get a roommate.

--Mary Anne Christiano


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