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Mark Rozzo

well, first off, "just shoot me" is out because the attacks blitzed the tv (those with cable don't realize this). so, thankfully, i've been forced to rely on npr and the times for news, entertainment, and distraction. mostly, though, i've been scrolling through all the bizarre e-mails from friends and distant acquaintances who've been either passing stuff along or creating their own weirdly revealing diatribes. a musician friend i know sent me a rambling missive about bombing afghanistan with game-boys, not bombs (it's the culture war, stupid!). my aunt in ohio sent me a jpeg of a weeping bald eagle and an editorial allegedly from a canadian newspaper about all the wonderful things america has done for the world (why, why do they hate us?). i've also gotten a million petitions for peace, links to articles about bin laden, pleas for understanding from afghan-americans, and, best of all, phony nostradamus quatrains (i guess they're all phony anyway, right?): you know, "in the great city of york/ in the year of the monkey king/the twin brothers will fall/in a flash of light from out the sky..." yikes. someone in my band received a jpeg of the burning towers in which the face of the devil could be clearly seen in the smoke -- kind of like the virgin mary in the tortilla.

as for the questions:
1. How have you been spending your days?
trying to work but failing
2. Have you been exercising and doing yoga, or drinking and smoking?
drinking, smoking (again), breathing chemical fumes
3. What books, music, or videos have helped you escape the bitter reality of the news?
TheStepfather (on video) -- always a balm in difficult times
4. What should readers do to have fun in the upcoming days?
try to get out to the country and see some leaves
5. Recommend a tourist attraction, gallery, museum, park, music show, or whatever else you know about going on in New York City.
i recommend the champale show at the rescheduled cmj marathon -- sat. oct. 13 at mercury lounge,
with david lowery
6. Too stressed for sex?
depends on your definition of sex

-Mark Rozzo
Lead Singer- Champale


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