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What do I do now?

No doubt we’ve all asked ourselves this question since the shit storm of September 11th.

If you’ve not asked yourself specifically this question, you’ve at least realized that your days are precious and that your time should be well spent.

While we make no claims to answering the Big Questions of your existence, FREEwilliamsburg has some ideas on how to get on with the business of living with a new perspective on maximizing the Good Times during bad times. We all need distractions from the bleakness of the last month to maintain our very sanity.

We asked a group of our contributors and friends how they were spending their days since September 11th, what they recommend for diversions, and what they have been doing to keep themselves sane.

Robert Lanham
 "Hate Crimes. Against Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson..."
F Sot Fitzgerald
 "Go Fishing for some viscious Bluefish...each time I step off I feel like Ghengis Khan,
  soaked with Chum and laden with fillets for dinner."
Mark Rozzo
 " I recommend the Champale show at the rescheduled CMJ Marathon..."
Bret Nicely
 " I'm going back to America, NFL football, meat..."
Mary Ann Christiano
 "A lot of people are drowning their sorrows in alchohol. I don't think this this
  is too wise."
 "The Met is Great...I suggest getting lost in the Plate Room with someone
  who is into semi-priviate PDA's"
George Koelle
 "excessive masturbation seems to take my mind off of things along with
  a bit of booze"
Scott Damell
 "The apocalypse would surely be upon us if I were ever to attend yoga class"

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