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MTV Sucks
By Grant Moser

When was the last time you saw a video on MTV? I mean, really. I think I gave up on it about 10 years ago, and from my present cursory knowledge, the best thing about it nowadays is MTV2 - which has some issues of its own. While some friends point to "Subterranean" as worthy, there's still not a whole lot of "different" videos being played anywhere.

Well, luckily enough for the Big Apple, two video shows are available that are both well worth your time - if you only even have a passing interest in music.


Cliktrax is the oldest, so we'll start with it. And when I say oldest, I mean about six months old. Jen Amadio, the executive director of the show, decided this past spring that she was just sick and tired of all the video shows playing all the same stuff. So she absolutely went in the other direction, showing videos that you, by all accounts, won't see anywhere else of new and still up-and-coming bands such as Moldy Peaches, Ted Leo, The Walkmen, Enon, Black Heart Procession, Spoon, Enon, French Kicks, and The Rapture.

Originally, the show centered around New York bands, but has expanded to include acts from across the nation. It shies away from mainstream bands, but Amadio admits: "If I like it, I'll play it."

The show is very DIY - in her apartment, on her Apple. She does go on location around the city to have bands promo the show, but this year she is evolving the idea a bit more. She'll have several guest hosts (the first was Carlos from Interpol two weeks ago, look for the Super Furry Animals in the near future); interviews with bands (Vietnam is coming soon); and while there's never a "theme" to each show (except exciting, new music) this year's programming will use the New York scene more and more for background.

She loves seeing new music have this outlet. "These bands are worth it. I enjoy this music and I hope other people do too. I just want to expose new things."

Cliktrax can be seen on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network (MNN - Time Warner Channel 56/RCN Channel 108), Sundays @ 9:30pm or on Brooklyn Community Access TV (BCAT - Time Warner Channel 56 /Cablevision Channel 69), Saturday/early Sunday mornings @ 12:30am.

For comments, suggestions, or submissions, contact Cliktrax at: [email protected].

New York Noise

The old city cable network, Crosswalks, has been re-christened NYC TV and features a raft of new, original programming, including New York Noise. The hour-long program will play clips from very well-known artists (Flaming Lips, Sonic Youth) to emerging bands (Radio 4, Liars, Ted Leo, New Pornographers, Northern State).

"This is New York-centric: from the city or extremely closely related. These are videos that aren't getting a lot of play anywhere else," said Shirley Braha, producer. "We hope this show will help stimulate the NYC music industry."

"This is what New York is producing now, and while new bands will be the focus, older music will be worked in," explained Seth Unger, executive director of creative development for NYC TV. Hopefully, Unger said, this will let people that aren't heavily wrapped up in current music to find the new energy, see what's out there, and get out to clubs and participate in the scene. Right now, it will be strictly videos, but New York Noise hopes to add live shows and interviews in the future.

New York Noise will air every Saturday night at 11pm on NYC TV 74, then repeat Sunday at 10pm and Friday at midnight. The premiere show is October 11.

For information, suggestions, or submissions, visit http://www.nyc.gov/tv or email [email protected].


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