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Big Numbers "Let's not make things more difficult," screams Big Numbers vocalist/guitarist Nat Rabb during "The Violent Lads," the first track on their Now, Everything EP. The music of Big Numbers, though, is anything but easy; it's a chaotic yet controlled blast of angular energy. On this release, the Brooklyn-based band--consisting of Rabb, his brother Jeff Rabb on bass, Alex Holden on guitar, and Jeffery Ledbetter on drums--plays songs that combine hard-driving punk riffs with a knack for experimentation. Want some reference points? The Ex, Fugazi, and early Wire come to mind, but Big Numbers clearly have their own identity. Difficult? Maybe. Intriguing? Definitely.

Big Numbers (with new drummer Ryan Sawyer) will be performing at Brownies on Friday, September 21st along with Udet, Brought Low, and Easy Action.

Now, Everything is available at http://www.frogmanjake.com and Other Music.

-- Eric Schneider

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