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TV on the Radio
An Interview with David Andrew Sitek

TV on the Radio's debut EP, "Young Liars" is the first record I have listened to COMPULSIVELY this year. 2003 has had some solid releases (Lightning Bolt, Luomo, Ted Leo, and Calexico come to mind) but "Young Liars" hasn't left my disk player in weeks. Released in July by Touch and Go and featuring Dave Sitek (engineer for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) at the controls, "Young Liars" simply put, fucking rules. A completely original blend of pre-cheese Genesis, Maxinquaye-era Tricky, and traditional gospel music, TV on the Radio's debut has me longing for more. Best of all, "Young Liars" concludes with a bonus track; an a capella version of The Pixies' "Mr. Grieves." And yes, it fucking rules too.

TV on the Radio are:
David Andrew Sitek (keyboardist/sound manipulator)
Tunde Adebimpe (vocals)
Kyp Malone ("plays instruments" and has a cool afro)


How did you come up with the band name?

Our friend Martin said, "You guys should be called TV on the Radio." We said, "Okay."

Where are you all from and where do you live currently?

Kyp and Tunde grew up in Pittsburgh, and Dave grew up in Baltimore. Now Kyp and Tunde live in Williamsburg, and Dave lives in New Jersey.

You guys just did a bunch of shows at Luxx and the press so far has been worshipful. Has the mainstream media been contacting you?

Not really. We would do an episode of "Elimidate" in a hot second, though.

I keep hearing TV on the Radio compared to the Talking Heads and the vocals are reminiscent of Peter Gabriel. Did they influence the band?

Not consciously, but the entire catalogue is up for sale, should either of these legendary entities decide to ditch the world music jaunts and once again "kick it for the kids."

Fill in the blank.... It would be an honor to have TV on the Radio compared to _______.

Functional household appliances, erotic dreamcatchers.

How'd you get Aaron Hemphill (Liars), Nick Zinner and Brian Chase (Yeah Yeah Yeahs) involved on the EP?

They came over to our loft and heard what we were working on, and we invited them to lay down some tracks.

Has your music ever gotten you laid?

If by "music" you mean, " my big black dick", then yes.

What's the most embarrassing record in your collection? The most cherished?

Most embarassing: Prodigy's "Firestarter" single.
Most cherished: Original cassette recording of Pussy Galore
covering Exile on Main Street.

Do you get fucked up before you play shows or go into the studio?


Do you have a band van? If not, what would your band van look like?

We don't have a van yet, but hopefully it will be jet black with tinted windows and a crimson stripe screaming down both sides. Oil slick, smoke screen, retractable blades in the hubcaps.

The EP has some of the crispest production I have heard in a while. How does your sound translate when performing live?

I'd say we're more crunchy than crisp, heard live.

What's your opinion on the much-hyped NY music scene? Any local favorites?

There's good music happening everywhere, and that's good enough for us. Local favorites: Ty Braxton, Gerard Smith, Omega Moon, The Screw, Big Numbers, Victory Riot Youth Orchestra, Jen Dogg, The Fakers, Younger, Faith no More.

Was there a runner-up to the band name TV on the Radio?

Handjob Ninjas. see?

Do you have any pop vices (reality tv, etc)?

Thalia. (The hot Latino pop star)

Any plans to release a full length?

Yes, in February, it looks like.

Where can peeps see you play this fall?

We're touring in November. Everyone take a look at tvontheradio.com for details. Thank you thank you thank you.

Don't miss:
09-13 - Saturday 8pm at Pianos:
s'up magazine party

--Robert Lanham

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