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With their debut record hysterically named IV, The Fucking Champs are the first band since puberty that have prompted me to play air guitar. Thank god my curtains were drawn.

Maybe they are being a bit ironic, but the Fucking Champs have nonetheless put out a debut that simply rocks. If you were ever a metal fan in the Eighties you will love this record. And best of all, it is an all instrumental jam void of the cheesy vocals and lyrics that often make the genre annoying. Think Iron Maiden for the indie crowd.

Wasting no time with pussy intros, the opening track What's a Little Reign" along with "NWOBHM" are the 2 strongest tracks on this consistently good record. And be sure to check out the liner notes all you musician geeks out there to find out the specifics on the equipment used; Marshall amplication and Fender Strats of course.

Many will write this record off as a masturbatory attempt at irony (which it is), but transcending the joke are a dozen strong songs crafted by a very talented band. Most of all, it is refreshing to see a band that is not afraid to be metal.

Oddly enough, look for their tour with Pole (talk about polar opposites) in the Spring. It should be a great show.

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