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Hey just a fast update... Gus Van Sant is committed to doing the film of Sarah. I am doing an HBO film thing. And check out my interview with Gus in the Dec. issue of Paper Mag with Snoop Doggy Dog on the cover, it is pretty funny. And really see Gus' new film Finding Forrester, it is really really great. It opens Xmas I think.

Sincerely, JT
JT Leroy, Author of Sarah

Great news-- I will check it out. Though the new one looks kinda syrupy. I'm interested in seeing what he does with Sarah. That will be an ambitious project.

Robert Lanham
Editor Free Williamsburg

The new film is not edgy, but Gus makes it as edgy as it can be. It is still lovely, and the performances are great and it just looks beautiful and the better it does the more support he gets for his very edgy films... so your support is very much appreciated!

Yours, JT!


I saw a flyer for this website at the 14th St station while waiting for
the L train... i was astounded at the photo used in the ad, and thought i'd
write in. The photo is of a group of people in hawaiian garb, sitting around
a round table. All the people sitting at the table are white and the all
the waiters are asian males. You at freewilliamsburg.com should think
about what your ad says to people of color. i'm asian american -- why would I want to join your party when you've made it clear what my job would be at your party? Come on freewilliamgburg, join the year 2000.

i'd love to hear what you have to say.


It was not our intention to offend, but perhaps you are taking things a little too seriously. The poster was obviously kitsch.

Perhaps, I could see your point if the photo was current, but it was taken during the 1950's when Tiki lounge culture was trendy. Should all questionable art from prior decades that fails to conform to today's PC
standards be discarded?

Regardless, it was not our intention to be offensive. Our staff is a mixed bag, representing a wide array of cultural backgrounds (including asian) and no one has voiced any opposition to any of our promotional art.

Robert Lanham

You're right, it was obviously kitsch. I'm glad to hear that your staff is
a mixed bag and that you didn't intend to be offensive.

I just thought I'd let you know that several of us out here find it offensive. I noticed that that it was kitsch, but just because the image is from a certain era doesn't mean it is harmless. Images are very powerful --
they can help or hurt. Asian Americans and people of color are in art
and ads infrequently enough that when I see a brother, I don't want him to
be wearing that same old servant's suit.

Williamsburg Resident
Name Withheld

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If I were as big an asshole as Russ Josephs describes himself in his story, I hope I'd kill myself.

Best, Name Withheld

The story you are referring to, I believe, was when I made one of my weekend excursions into Manhattan, and sampled a bunch of clubs. I hit Joe's Pub, The Bowery Bar and a few others. The only type of condescension I provided (what I assume you mean by calling me an asshole) was to the clientele at some of these places, many of whom were rude, pretentious and, frankly, THE BIGGEST FUCKING ASSHOLES I HAVE EVER ENCOUNTERED IN MY LIFE.

If, in fact, you think I am a bigger asshole than those I wrote about, you are sadly mistaken. Or, perhaps, you were one of those cocksuckers I encountered? Perhaps that was you, the pudgy little yuppie-boy, who wouldn't budge even an inch to let me get a drink at the bar? Or was that you with the receding hairline and the tremendous waistline, striking out left and right with the ladies? Either way, I feel your pain. Not directly of course, but I can imagine what it must be like. Having a small dick is one of the world's worst fates. I offer my condolences. But isn't there some sort of surgery one can get nowadays? At the very least, try a sweatsock or two.

All the best, Russ Josephs
Sex in the Sub-City Columnist


Thank you so much for providing Williamsburg with such a helpful site. I love the listings and all the artwork. This is the coolest site in the coolest neighborhood in New York.

Amanda Sanders

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