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Please let us know of any other
services that we failed to mention.

The bible of apartment listings is published online every Tuesday at Noon. New listings are added every night at Midnight except for weekends. Whether online or in print, it is the single most essential resource available.

*The following sites advertise themselves as "free" - and they are, kind of. It is free for you to submit an ad for a roommate and to preview room listings but the contact information for any available rooms WILL cost you. That is where they get you. *

For $59, this nationwide service gives you 24/7 access to current and detailed apartment share listings for 45 days. They will also notify you via e-mail of any shares that meet your search parameters. The bonus: if within two months you are ready to hang yourself in the apartment they helped you find, they will open up their databases for you again for FREE.


For a one time registration fee of $99, RoommateAccess will provide you with frequently updated and more detailed listings, but you will have to go to them: they provide no e-mail notification service. However, you will be able to fill out a personal profile, which they will use to create matches with like-minded potential roomies.

$100 gets you anytime access to their database for three months. Personal profile and e-mail notification are included. If they do not provide you with ten matches within the first month, they will refund you 50% of the registration fee.


At $39.99 for three months, Greendemon is the bargain of the bunch. Unfortunately, their database consists mostly of people looking for apartments. "I Have the Apartment Already" postings can run the gamut from someone's life story to a minimal description of the apartment and nothing about the person who lives there. Proceed with caution.

Gay roomate resources:
Rainbow Roommates: www.RainbowRoommates.com
Gay Roommate Information Network http://home.earthlink.net/~gayroommate

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