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The first thing I will say about the CD Explosion by "The Modernist" AKA Jorg Burger, is change your fucking name. The Modernist? What kind of moronic, pretentious, and meaningless nomenclature is that. I almost didn't open the promotional package when it came in the mail.

The second thing I want to say is buy it, steal it off Napster, record it from a friend - whatever it takes - just get it now because it is a must have.

Some may know of Burger from his collaboration with Mike Ink on Las Vegas. Both artists are from the Cologne school of techno which tends to be very minimal in style. Not surprisingly, Burger follows in suit with a record that may be minimal in technique but is very ambitious in scope.

This album is nothing less than hypnotic. From its opening track "Victor Lodorum," to the very last song on the CD, Burger textures his pulsing beats with the subtlety of a master. There is seldom an unnecessary note on the record and each song creates a sense of beauty with it use of restraint. Another track worth mentioning is "Eurojah" which slows thing down a bit with its almost trip-hop flavor.

Like His colleague Mike Ink, Jurg has helped to create a sound that is sparse yet funky. Depending on the volume you select on your stereo, Explosion can make you want to shake your ass or sit on it and relax.

Originally released in Germany in December of 1999, Explosion is now available as an American release on Matador. The Matador version has 3 additional tracks not found on the German version.

A note of warning - if you are the type of person who thinks the best electronic music is being played at raves using James Brown samples - this record may not be for you.

--Robert Lanham


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