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"I will act as if what I do makes a difference." -William James

You may have moved here recently, you may consider yourself quite transient and consequently don't really give a shit, you may have lived here for a while and still don't really give a shit. You still get a vote.

Registering to vote is painfully simple. Here's how to do it:

1) You can register at the motor vehicle office when you renew your license, or at a state office when you are applying for public assistance.
2) You can mail in your registration. Call the Kings County Board of Elections to have a form sent to you. The number is (718) 330-2260.
3) You can register in person at the Board of Elections Office. It is open from nine to five, Monday through Friday, and is located at 345 Adams Street.
4) You can also request an application online, or download one, at

In order to vote in an election, your registration form has got to be postmarked at
least 25 days before the election. The next election is for the senatorial primaries, and is on September 12th, which means that only voter registration forms sent before August 18th will be accepted. New York primaries are closed, so only voters registered as members of a certain party may vote in that party's primary. The general senatorial election is on November 7th, which means that voter registrations must be postmarked no later than October 13th. Now get on it.

Also, here is a list of your elected officials and numbers at which to reach them:
U.S. Senators and Representatives
-Senator Charles Schumer (D)
(212) 486-4430
-Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan (D)
(202) 224-4451
-Representative Nydia M. Velasquez (D) (Congressional District 12)

State Officials
-Governor George E. Pataki (R)
(518) 474-8390
-Lieutenant Governor Mary O. Donahue (R)
(518) 474-4623
-Secretary of State Alexander F. Treadwell
(518) 474-4750

----By Rebecca Scheer

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