On that sun shine burn summer day
I swear she thought
(Lofty thoughts, dark forebodings)
Her mind had eclipsed
Collapsed and in ruin
Her lips had covered her smile
And empty space was only left.
She thought
She thought this
When any second rate mind
(Though hers was toned, extraordinary)
Any cataract eye
Any muted stale ear
Any arthritic appendage
Any sense
Could see hear taste smell touch feel so much more in her.
The question: is there darkness-
When the moon joins path with the sun?
For her pupils had eclipsed
Deep black centers with a fiery ring
And her eyes were blinding
In blazes too strong to behold.
And beneath this phenomenon,
It is always like this
It is always like this
There was ancient Carnival
With costumes and drumming
Beating some pagan life into me.


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