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See George Go! - Our favorite election-time site.
SPUMCO - great interactive Flash cartoons for all you fans of Ren and Stimpy animator John Kricfalusi. If you don't have a fast connection, forget it.
Learn to talk the talk in corporate america
meet-an-inmate.com- Meet the female inmate of your dreams.
Bully Magazine - Visit the Williamsburg-based zine for a monthly burst of angst and humor.
mp3lit.com - Parker Posey and Ione Skye read erotica!

ReBirth Software - Download the free demo and make your own electronica with the most user friendly and addictive software we have found!

Brainwashed.com - A great site for the indie and electronic crowd.
Burninghand.com - A new multimedia site featuring some of our friends.
scarysquirrel.org -for all you squirrel lovers.
Does your car or SUV need a new look?
Soda Constructor - Hours of Fun.
Middelfinger.com - The International Company we all know and love.
The mullet homepage - I had one in high school.
Doodie.com - doodie, doodie, and more doodie.
www.jodi.org/map   - Infuriating but original.