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Yawn. You make me so damn tired, Sam Prekop.

It's not your lazy vocals either. I have always enjoyed your voice. In fact, The Sea and Cake, circa 1996, were among my favorite of the Chicago bands. The problem is the laziness of the music. The latest disk Oui is a sleepy, return-to-work after-an-enormous-lunch kind of a cd. I am bored just writing about it.

And what a disappointment this long-anticipated release will be to fans. The Chicago super-group featuring John McEntire, Sam Prekop, and Archer Prewitt have returned from their 3 year absence to create the years biggest bore of a cd. With a sparkling smooth production that just sounds too seamless for its own good, Oui ventures deeper this time into the Brazilian sound that subtly flavored prior releases. John McEntire is a slick as ever on the drums and effects, but the rest of the instrumentation is merely servicable.

My advice is to go out and buy and buy The Biz or Nassau, two wildly superior disks created before the band made the shift from mellow to comatose.

Fans of last year's solo release by Sam Prekop (I was not among them) may have more patience than I with the disk. Oui feels like the outake session for this disk, featuring only the less compelling songs.

Excuse me. I must sleep now.

Robert Lanham

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