Why must I hide in my room? Hah!
I mustn't, so farewell avenue with your beauty monitor,
farewell eveline with your mother's sick jokes.
I am here no more!

I felt my pulse in the dark.
The news was grim but, I slept soundly and rose at six
to pose before the mirror in naked health, but it was dark.
I am invisible.

I am gone.
This turbulent situation is no more.
Noon sun doldrums have settled like painkiller.
Einstein Voted Man of the Century!

He must be happy. We must be happy
for him and thank him for his notions of time
reverberating from the cellar to the attic
keeping me up at night.

Now we don't look at time
the same way we used to.
Funny, it's taking me so long to say good bye.
I always said I hate long good byes.

--Joseph Weissman

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Free Williamsburg | 93 Berry Street | Brooklyn, NY 11211
[email protected] | August 2000 | Volume 6